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  1. [caption width="640"] Guarantees were smashed on Day 1 of 888poker's XL Eclipse[/caption] Two weeks worth of anticipated online action kicked off on Sunday as 888poker's mammoth, 197-event online poker series, XL Eclipse, finally arrived. The action got off to a fast start with 16 featured No Limit Hold'em events taking place throughout the day. The $1.2 million in Sunday's guarantees were shattered as over 15,000 entrants took their shots at the approximately $1,389,000 in prize money awarded on Sunday. Perhaps no one was more excited to have the series begin than Germany's 'CllsDntMttr', who after battling through the tough field of 218, came out on top and took home Sunday's largest prize. Not only was Event #10 ($1,050 $250,000 Whale No Limit Hold'em) marked as one of the marquee high-rolling tournaments of the series, but it carried with it a hefty $64,826.50 payday. A number notable online names joined 'CllsDntMttr' in the winner's circle on Sunday. None of those names more well-known than 888poker ambassador and popular online Twitch streamer, Parker 'tonkaaaa' Talbot. While perhaps not the largest payday of his extensive career, Talbot took down Event #12 ($109 $30,000 Sunday Tornado No Limit Hold'em), for $6,450 after besting online grinder 'neverfoldQ5' heads-up for the title. Xuan '888xuan' Liu joined Talbot at that final table, eventually finishing in fifth. The current #3-ranked online player in the world, 'tutten7' (aka 'Lena900') also found his way to finishing out a final table. The Swede took the top spot in the second largest tournament of XL Eclipse's opening day, Event #4 ($215 $150,000 Mega Deep No Limit Hold'em) defeating over 730 runners to take home the $28,050 first place prize. Plenty of PocketFives.com members had success on Day 1, including 'ivljanin', 'Tatko3' and 'LeshiyAS', all of whom started the series off right by ending up with victories. XL Eclipse Day 1 Winners #EventBuy In][poker card="TD"]WinnerPayout 1$30,000 Sunday Lightning NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]Lenochka83$11,109 3$30,000 Sunday Deepstack Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]ivljanin$6,086.85 4$150,000 Mega Deep NLHE$215][poker card="TD"]tutten7$28,050 5$40,000 Mini Mega Deep NLHE$22DreamLikeMe$8,262.58 6$20,000 Sunday Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]gaingrapes$3,626.79* 7$300,000 Opening Event NLHE$160][poker card="TD"]ImTriggered$58,270.50 8$50,000 Mini Opening Event NLHE$12][poker card="TD"]Tatko3$9,091.90 9$45,000 Sunday Monsoon NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]LeshiyAS$8,145 10$250,000 Whale NLHE$1050][poker card="TD"]CllsDntMttr$64,826.50 11$100,000 Sunday Challenge NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]iCrushU556$20,252.10 12$30,000 Sunday Tornado NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]888tonkaaaa$6,450 13$50,000 Turbo Mega Deep NLHE$215][poker card="TD"]p000cket000$10,647.99* 14$20,000 Mini Turbo Mega Deep NLHE$22][poker card="TD"]rama4y20$3,892.15* 15$30,000 Turbo Opening Event NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]RakDoll$5,047.29* 16$10,000 Super Turbo Opening Event NLHE$75NEONTIGER$2,609.75 * denotes final table deal
  2. [caption width="640"] Daniel Negreanu's booking side bets in quest for Poker Masters Purple Jacket (WPT photo)[/caption] Daniel Negreanu went looking for action and action came running. The Poker Masters, a series of five high roller tournaments from PokerGO, runs September 13-20. The series includes five events, the first four re-entry events come with a $50,000 buy-in while the final freezeout tournament is a three-day $100,000 affair. In addition to the heaps of money up for grabs, the honor of being bestowed with the first Poker Masters Purple Jacket is also at stake. The player who ends up with the highest total earnings at the end of the five tournaments will slip on the sleeves of Waraire Boswell tailored coat and be crowned the inaugural Poker Masters champion. For Negreanu, poker's current all-time money leader, a week's worth of high-rolling action, including the minimum $300,000 worth of buy-ins (provided one plays the entire schedule), is simply not enough. 'Kid Poker' wants more and he's not shy about stirring up the high-stakes community in an effort to put up additional cash on himself to be fit for the jacket and the exclusive member of the new Poker Masters club. Fans will be able to watch much of the action as portions of all five events, including featured and final tables will be streamed over on PokerGO. The Poker Masters Purple Jacket will be awarded at the conclusion of the fifth event on September 20.
  3. [caption width="640"] A former #1-ranked player emerged as the August Monthly PLB winner[/caption] In perhaps what has become routine, Russian online crusher 'veeea', earned himself yet another accolade as the current #4-ranked online player in the world found himself sitting on top of the Monthly PocketFives.com Leaderboard for the month of August. His remarkable resume of results in August not only helped him accumulate enough PLB points dominate an impressive list of online poker's elite last month but momentum leading him to victory in PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker Event #6, earlier this week. A large chunk of 'veeea' 2962.32 points came late in the month when he made a push to the final table in PokerStars Half Price Sunday Million. His sixth place finish brought 'veeea' a difference-making 489.11 points as well as a score of just over $39,000. Having notched 63 qualifying cashes in August, 25 of which were of the four-figure or higher variety, the former worldwide #1 banked over $158,000. The Russian's massive month gave him a 365-point cushion over the #2 spot, Malta's current #1-ranked online player, veteran online grinder Steven 'SvZff' van Zadelhoff. A notable month in his own right, van Zadelhoff actually garnered an additional 50 cashes more than 'veeea', including two major victories – one in the PokerStars $215 Sunday Supersonic for over $33,000 and another in the partypoker $100,000 Guaranteed High Roller for nearly $22,000. 'SvZff' completed the month with 2596.87 points, roughly 50 points higher than the #3 and #4 entries 'DeathbyQuads' (2548.85) and Andreas 'r4ndomr4gs' Berggren (2548.01), both hailing from Sweden and their places on the leaderboard separated by less than a single point. Doug 'OU_dlanger610' Lang completes the top five for last month. Not only was it yet another massive month for Lang, who racked up 2352.13 points on the back of his first place finish in the Black Chip Poker OSS Event #43 for over $25,000, but August marked a milestone for the top ranked Canadian as earlier in the month he passed the $4,000,000 mark in lifetime recorded earnings. Also of note, Kenny 'SpaceyFCB' Hallaert who, after coming off yet another incredibly deep finish in the World Series of Poker Main Event in July, turned out enough online results the very next month to place sixth on the leaderboard. Hallaert started the month off red hot with a victory in the PokerStars $1050 Super Tuesday for over $63,000 and less than a week later took down the $120,000 Whale on 888poker for another roughly $44,000. The pair of victories bested eclipsed his 6-figure 2017 WSOP cash. The August 2017 Top 10 RANKPlayerPOINTS 1veeea2,962.32 2SvZff2,596.87 3DeathbyQuads2,548.85 4r4ndomr4gs2,548.01 5OU_dlanger6102,352.13 6SpaceyFCB2,269.21 7apostolis202,173.10 81_conor_b_12,169.47 9Greenstone252,168.32 10MiracleQ2,103.21
  4. [caption width="640"] 888poker's XL Eclipse offers some of the biggest online buy-ins of the season.[/caption] 888poker's massive online tournament series XL Eclipse is right around the corner. With over 197 events in a scant 15 days, starting on Sunday, September 10, and over $9 million in guaranteed money up for grabs, the schedule of events has more than earned it's XL moniker. While there is something for everybody in the varied schedule, for the high-rolling online tournament community it's going to be a September to remember. So whether you are a high-stakes reg or an enthusiastic railbird, mark your calendars for these, the five biggest tournaments on the XL Eclipse schedule. When: September 10 & 17 What: The Whale Buy-in: $1,050 Essential info: 15k starting stack, 20-minute levels, 5 rebuys max allowed through 240 minutes. The Whale is a staple on the 888poker schedule as it is, being run every other week with a $150,000 guarantee. To make things a little more special, for the duration of the XL Eclipse series, the Whale will run in back to back weeks and there is an additional $100,000 in guaranteed money added to both tournaments. When: September 12 What: $500,000 High Roller Buy-in: $2,100 Essential info: 20k starting stack, 20-minute levels, 5 rebuys maximum allowed through 270 minutes. It doesn't take long for the series to bring out the elite players offering a massive guarantee on the 2nd highest buy-in of the entire series on the 2nd day. In terms of buy-ins the $500,000 High Roller is only eclipsed by... When: September 19 What: $500,000 Super High Roller Buy-in: $5,200 Essential info: 20k starting stack, 20-minute levels, 5 rebuys maximum allowed through 270 minutes. With one of the largest buy-ins of any tournament series all year, you can be sure that this tournament will bring out the best in class of tournament poker. Look no further than the first name to sign up: 'tutten7' - you might know him as 'lena900', three-time #1-ranked online poker player (current #2). Then, of course, there is the Main Event. When: September 24 What: $1,500,000 XL Eclipse Main Event Buy-in: $1,050 Essential info: 20k starting stack, 20-minute levels, unlimited rebuys allowed through 300 minutes. With a hefty guarantee like $1,500,000 and the healthy schedule of the satellites feeding into the XL Main Event, somebody is going to win life-changing money as the series wraps up. If these big time events are out of your pay grade, don't worry as there are still 192 other events that may suit your needs.
  5. [caption width="640"] 888poker's XL Eclipse hopes to have a set of tournaments in everybody's range.[/caption] Just because you may not be firing multiple bullets into 888poker's XL Eclipse biggest events, doesn't mean that there isn't plenty of amazing value to be found in the super-sized online poker series. With 197 events to choose from, spread out over 15 days, starting on September 10, there is bound to be a few tournaments that are perfect for your buy-in level and sleep schedule. After scouring the schedule, we've procured a near perfect list of the tournaments that will go for huge payouts with a modest buy-in. So, value-seekers and low-stakes shot-takers take note, here's our list of the 5 best tournaments you can enter for less than the price of a movie ticket. When: September 10 What: $50,000 Mini Opening Event Buy-in: $12 Essentials: 15k starting stack, 15-minute levels, unlimited rebuys allowed through 200 minutes. The XL Eclipse gets off to a fast start with this lower buy-in, high-guarantee large field tournament. Sure, there's going to be plenty of runners to fade, but it's hard to find a tournament where you can get such a massive multiple on your money with a victory. When: September 11 What: $5,000 Mini Snap Buy-in: $5 Essentials: 10k starting stack, 6-minute levels, unlimited rebuys allowed through 80 minutes. The $5,000 Mini Snap is going to be one of the best guarantees at it's modest “cup of coffee” price point. Sure, it's turbo with blinds going up every 6 minutes but there may be no faster way to score four-figures for a fiver. When: September 16 What: $20,000 Mini Crazy 8 Buy-in: $8.88 Essentials: 8,888k starting stack, 15-minute levels, unlimited rebuys allowed through 180 minutes. The popular World Series of Poker Crazy Eights tournament presents itself in its smallest iteration. When: September 17 What: $25,000 Mini Tune Up Buy-in: $12 Essentials: 15k starting stack, 15-minute levels, unlimited rebuys allowed through 200 minutes. As the series begins to ramp up into the bigger buy-in events, the Mini Tune Up offers you one of the last chances to score big on a lower buy-in. When: September 18 What: $3,000 Mini ShowMe! Buy-in: $5 Essentials: 10k starting stack, 10-minute levels, no re-buys. “What did you have?” is not a question that will be asked during this tournament. The value in this tournament is with the “ShowMe!” format where all players are able to see the winning cards, every single hand. It's a small price for a lot of information in a tournament that is bound to be incredibly fun. If these tournaments are still outside of your price range, don't worry. 888poker is providing opportunities to satellite into some of the events for as little as $0.50. If, on the other hand, you couldn't be bothered to play a schedule of such a minuscule magnitude, make sure you check out the 5 biggest buy-in tournaments happening during the XL Eclipse series. If you don’t have an 888poker account yet, sign up through this link and you’ll get a 100% bonus up to a maximum of $700. You'll also get a free $10 on top of the first $10 you deposit available to you right away!
  6. This October, bracelet hunters and poker players from around the globe will make their way to the King's Casino in Rozvadov, Czech Republic when the World Series of Poker returns to Europe for the first time since 2015. Boasting 11 bracelet events and over €20,000,000 in guarantees, the WSOP Europe will take over Europe's largest casino. 888poker, one of the official sponsors of the WSOP, not only wants you to be in attendance, they want to help you take your seat in the Main Event. 888poker have put together special $13,000 player packages to the WSOP Europe Main Event which includes the €10,350 Main Event buy-in, five nights accommodation in Rozvadov, and an additional $400 to help pay for travel, food and other expenses. The best part is, you don't have to be the biggest of ballers to get involved. 888Poker has a series of online satellites so that just about anyone can grind their way from the ground floor and end up winning a seat into the $1050 qualifier for the $13,000 package. Sub-satellites start for a little as $.50. You can work your way up through the steps or jump in at a variety of levels including $.50, $12 or $109. Then, at the end of the week, you compete for the seat. Sub-satellites steps to the WSOP Europe Qualifier $0.50 $12.00 $109.00 If grinding steps isn't your thing and you're the type of player that prefers to simply cut to the chase, players can register directly into the $1,050 qualifier to take their shot at the WSOP European dream package. The online qualifiers are already in full swing with a handful of players having already earned their Main Event seat. If previous qualifying tournaments are any indication, this may be one of the more profitable ways to earn a trip to the Czech Republic. In addition to the Main Event, the WSOPE is bringing a number of their signature summer events to the October series including the Monster Stack, the Little One for One Drop and the High Roller for One Drop. All of these well-loved events are likely to bring out some of the biggest names in poker and help make the 2017 WSOPE an international success. The World Series of Poker Europe Main Event takes place from November 4th-9th in Rozadov and features a massive €5,000,000 prize pool guarantee. If you don’t have an 888poker account yet, sign up through this link and you’ll get a 100% bonus up to a maximum of $700. You'll also get a free $10 on top of the first $10 you deposit available to you right away!
  7. [caption width="639"] Mayweather vs. McGregor brings out the bettors this Saturday night[/caption] Mayweather or McGregor? The entire sports world will come to a standstill this Saturday night as the once-in-a-generation boxing talent of Floyd “Money” Mayweather puts his perfect record at risk against the biggest superstar the UFC has to offer in “The Notorious” Conor McGregor at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas. With a fight - nay, a spectacle - of this magnitude, there is plenty of money flowing into the Vegas sportsbooks from those looking to get some additional “action” to the action inside the ring. It’s the kind of big money event that many in the poker community look to take shots on, so we surveyed the #pokertwitter landscape to find out where the edge seeking pros are hoping to place their bets and pad their bankrolls. Mayweather vs. McGregor takes place this Saturday night on Pay-Per-View with the main card starting at 6 pm (9 pm ET).
  8. Chidwick - 4 Petrangelo - 4 Ismirovic - 3 Maio - 2 Manuel - 2

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