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  1. [caption width="640"] Phil Ivey loses court case against London casino[/caption] Phil Ivey has officially lost his £7.7 million UK-based court case against London’s Crockfords Club. As previously reported in The Guardian, Ivey, arguably one of the most famous poker players on the planet, had challenged a 2016 majority decision in the court of appeals which dismissed his multi-million dollar claim against Genting Casinos UK, the parent company of the Crockfords Club in Mayfair. The entire case stems from two days in August 2012 when Ivey and an associate, Chueng Yin Sun, brought £1,000,000 to the Crockfords Club in London to play multiple sessions of Punto Banco, a variant form of Baccarat (also known as “North American baccarat”). At the end of the visit, the duo had won over £7.7 million ($10.2 million USD) from the establishment. The casino assured Ivey that they would wire him his winnings, but instead, only wired him back his original £1,000,000 stake, voiding his winnings based on findings that Ivey and Yin Sun had been using the technique of edge sorting. Edge sorting is a method of “advantage gambling” where players identify unintentional printing abnormalities on the back of cards to determine whether a card is likely to be a high card or low card. Ivey and Yin Sun had the dealer angle the cards during the game, claiming that they were superstitious, and utilizing the technique, was able to gain an edge on the casino. Crockfords, essentially stating they cheated, claimed that this was not a lawful strategy, while Ivey’s position was that his method was completely legal and was owed the full amount. The five justices in the UK supreme court were tasked with considering whether “dishonesty” was an essential element of cheating. Though the initial trial judge, as well as the appellate court, ruled against Ivey, in both cases it was said that Ivey did not act dishonestly. Ivey appealed to the supreme court challenging the notion that he cheated while not acting dishonestly. In the end, though, the supreme court upheld the previous appellate court's dismissal and asserted that the element of being knowingly dishonest is not inherent in the definition of “cheating.” "What Mr. Ivey did was to stage a carefully planned and executed sting," Supreme Court Judge Anthony Hughes stated in the ruling. The court goes on to find that by manipulating the dealer to reposition the cards to assist him with the edge sorting that Ivey's actions were "inevitably cheating." In summary, Judge Hughes writes "If cheating at gambling required an additional legal element of dishonesty, it would be satisfied in this case." “It makes no sense that the U.K. Supreme Court has ruled against me, in my view, contrary to the facts and any possible logic involved in our industry," Ivey said in a statement as reported by Bloomberg. "It is because of my sense of honor and respect for the manner in which gambling is undertaken by professional gamblers such as myself that I have pursued this claim for my unpaid winnings." Though his case versus Crockfords Casino appears to be over, Ivey is still in the midst of a similar legal battle in the United States only this time, he's looking to retain money that was paid out. Over a four day stint in 2012, Ivey and Yin Sun won $9.6 million while playing Bacarrat at New Jersey'sBorgata Hotel Casino & Spa. After hearing about the Crockfords case, officials at the Borgata sued Ivey and his accomplice and ended up winning a judgment of $10.1 million, a sum that included other gaming outside of the Baccarat, in order to put both parties back to even. Ivey has contested the order to return the funds and is seeking to launch an appeal to the decision. Ivey, who has been out of the poker spotlight, recently made comments that he was looking to return to the tournament poker scene in the near future.
  2. [caption width="640"] PokerStars' Power Up gives players a new power packed gaming experience[/caption] Commencing liftoff in 5,4,3,2... PokerStars' much-talked about twist on traditional Texas Hold'em, Power Up, was given clearance for a real-money soft launch on Tuesday. The poker variant combines the principals of traditional NLHE poker, in a three-handed Sit & Go format, with new game-changing “power” that allows players to influence the action in a way that has never before been possible. The majority of the PokerStars player base will find Power Up play money games readily available to take for a spin while those who are using the .EU client will have access to playing Power Up for real money. The initial cash stakes are expected to be $1, $3, $7 and $15. Although no date for a full rollout has been released, players on both the .com and .UK clients can expect real money play to be available in their client relatively soon according to the company. The basics of Power Up follow the time-honored rules of Texas Hold'em. Each of the three players in the Sit & Go get two cards and play them on a five-card board. There's a flop, turn, and river. Standard stuff. The alterations begin as players select from a number of futuristic characters each with their own strengths and weaknesses who will carry out the players bidding. Additionally, players are given three “powers” which, provided your character has enough energy, you can deploy to help your Hold'em cause or hinder your opponents. Cards and some energy are refreshed at the start of each hand and the contest is played out to a winner. “Power Up will greatly add to the poker dynamic and I am especially looking forward to rotating sets of powers as they will keep strategies constantly changing,” said PokerStars Team Pro Igor Kurganov at a recent PokerStars Power Up question and answer session. “In a time when professionals started playing more similarly than they used to, the addition of new dynamics will rock that boat and create a lot of entertainment.” Power cards like “Disintegrate” (eliminate a card on the board), “Intel” (allows you to see the top card of the deck for the entire hand) and “X-Ray” give players weapons never before wielded in a pure game of poker. When asked what he thought the most useful power was, five-time World Series of Poker bracelet winnerJason Mercier selected, “X-Ray, viewing one card of all of your opponent’s seems like a huge advantage and should make it very easy to make decisions throughout the hand.” PokerStars hopes that by adding a new layer of strategy, the management of your powers and ability to execute them, that they can also add a new layer to their customer base. If you are looking to check out the new Power Up, simply fire up your current PokerStars client and look for the Power Up tab right next to your standard Cash, Sit & Go and Tournament options.
  3. [caption width="640"] Timofey 'Trueteller' Kuznetsov won 8K in September playing the nosebleed stakes online.[/caption] It only took 23 sessions for Russian high-stakes online phenom Timofey ‘Trueteller’ Kuznetsov to capture the top spot for online cash game profitability in the month of September, according to the data tracked by HighStakesDB. With a concentration on the PokerStars’ Eight Game Mix tables, Kuznetsov tallied a massive $378,797 in profit over the course of 3,242 hands for the month. This result puts Kuznetsov just shy of $1.5 million in earnings so far this year, making him the most profitable online cash game player to date in 2017. Not far behind Kuznetsov in September, claiming the #2 spot, was ‘RaulGonzalez’ who finished the month on a massive upswing, ending up profitable to the tune of $359,125. His big September spike occurred right at the end of the month when he took home roughly $276,500 in a 24-hour period, much of which was won in battles with online legend Viktor ‘Isildur1’ Blom at the $200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha tables. Surely the uptick helped, as the online grinder had spent the majority of the summer on a downward trend with most of June and July deep in the red. Sweden’s ’WRUUUUM’ also carved out a profitable month with over $211,000 in earnings to take third place on the leaderboard. The majority of his action occurred at the high-stakes PLO tables and thanks to a four-day heater in the middle of the month, where he hauled in roughly $177,000 'WRUUUUM' was able to turn around a recent downswing to find himself, once again, profitable in 2017. After a fast start to the month where he was up roughly $30,000, UK’s Gavin ‘gavz101’ Cochrane was basically treading water, slowly descending on a course to zero profitability. Things then heated up for the Pot Limit Omaha specialist as Cochrane spiked roughly $115,000 over a two-day period. At the end of the month, he again glided upwards to finish the month with a healthy profit of over $165,000, good for fourth on the high-stakes cash game leaderboard for September. After freefalling on a $130,000 downswing earlier in the month, putting him $80,000 in the hole, well-known high stakes crusherLinus ‘LLinusLLove’ Loeliger turned things around to post an impressive profit of $147,788 for September. Loeliger put in nearly double the volume of any other player in the top five, getting over 16,600 hands in over 291 sessions, mostly at the No Limit Hold'em tables. Loeliger, one of the most active high-stakes regulars, is up nearly $450,000 on the year, currently sitting as the seventh biggest winner of 2017. Nine of the top ten profiteers in September managed a six-figure win, including Viktor 'Isildur1' Blom (9th), who managed to bank over $120,000. HighstakesDB Cash Game Results for September RANKPLAYERSESSIONSHANDSPROFIT 1Trueteller233242$378,797 2RaulGonzalez302958$359,125 3WRUUUUM1478464$211,840 4gavz1011868713$165,249 5LLinusLove29116610$147,788 6Cobus831098271$138,248 7NLZWERVERNL1255514$132,959 8ActionFreak21113981$130,794 9Isildur1496033$120,683 10fjutekk40323176$98,772
  4. [caption width="640"] Online poker players in New Jersey should be making plans for NJCOOP in early October.[/caption] Just as soon PokerStars’ World Championship of Online Poker is wrapping up, the world’s largest online poker site is all set to fire up a new poker series and this time...it's all for you, New Jersey. The New Jersey Championship of Online Poker returns September 30 - October 16 and they are bringing with it an all-encompassing 46-events spread out over 17 days and $1.2 million in guarantees. The New Jersey series, like the WCOOP before it, aims to provide a variety of tournaments to suit every type of poker enthusiast. Of course, there’s a healthy dose of No Limit Hold’em, but also plenty of poker variants are spread throughout the schedule. Pot Limit Omaha, Triple Stud, Eight Game Mixed and Limit Hold’em all have NJCOOP titles up for grabs. Additionally, all of the popular formats are blended into the mix as well - Progressive KO, Six Max, Turbos, Hypers and Deepstack - so no matter what you enjoy, there’s a title on the line for you to take a shot at. The buy-ins for the championship series range from $50 up to the $1,000 High Roller. While you can, of course, buy your way directly into any contest you choose, there are plenty of satellites to help you punch your ticket for less. Standard satellites, which you can jump into right now, start for as little as $1. PokerStars is also offering special edition $4 Spin & Go’s where you could find yourself awarded entry to the $500 NJCOOP Main Event on October 15. Members of Team PokerStars are also planning on being out in force to support the Garden State. According to PokerStars, Chris Moneymaker, Jason Somerville, Jennifer Shahade and one of the newest Team PokerStars Online Pros, Jeff Gross, are all set to jump in the action. Look for both Somerville and Gross to stream much of the action on Twitch. NJCOOP will also include daily Second Chance Freerolls. Players who don't make the money in any given tournament are going to get a little something extra to pick their spirits up. In any NJCOOP tournament when a player fails to cash, that will get awarded an entry into the daily Second Chance Freeroll which awards tickets into satellites or even direct entry into another NJCOOP event. While there will be plenty of money to be won online, PokerStars will be doubling down in New Jersey in October when they run the PokerStars MEGASTACK mini-series at the Resorts Casino & Hotel in Atlantic City. From October 6-8, PokerStars is putting on a pair of live No Limit Hold'em tournaments (the $220 Sunday Special and the $120 Cheap And Deep) that, combined, will have $120,000 in guaranteed prize pools. Whether you play poker online, live or both PokerStars is bringing the action to NJ and all you need to do in order to participate is simply find yourself located in New Jersey. Start DateStart Time (ET)Event #TournamentGuaranteed Prize Pool 9/3018:0001$100 Nightly Stars - NJCOOP Warm-Up$20,000 9/3020:0002$200 NL Hold'em [Turbo] - NJCOOP Warm-Up$10,000 10/114:0003$200 NL Hold'em [Progressive Super KO]$30,000 10/115:3004$150 NL Hold'em [Deepstack, 8-max]$25,000 10/117:0005$250 NL Hold'em [Sunday Special SE]$85,000 10/120:0006$100 PL Omaha [8-max]$15,000 10/122:0007$150 Sunday SuperSonic SE [Hyper]$15,000 10/218:3008$100 NL Hold'em [Speed-Down]$20,000 10/220:0009$75+R PL Omaha Hi/Lo [8-max]$15,000 10/319:0010$250 NL Hold'em [Super Tuesday SE]$30,000 10/320:0011$300 NL Hold'em [Heads-Up]$20,000 10/321:3012$100 NL Hold'em [Bubble Rush]$10,000 10/418:3013$100 NL Hold'em [Progressive Super-KO]$20,000 10/420:0014$200 Limit Hold'em [6-max]$10,000 10/518:3015$300 8-Game [6-max]$10,000 10/520:0016$50+R NL Hold'em$20,000 10/521:3017$100 NL Hold'em [Turbo]$10,000 10/620:0018$200 Triple Stud$10,000 10/621:3019$50+R NL Hold'em [3-Max, Hyper, Rebuy]$10,000 10/717:0020$100 NL Hold'em [Deepstack, 8-max]$20,000 10/720:0021$200 NL Hold'em [Bigstack, Turbo]$15,000 10/814:0022$100 Mixed NLHE/PLO [6-max]$15,000 10/815:3023$150 NL Hold'em [Win the Button]$20,000 10/817:0024$350 NL Hold'em [Sunday Special SE]$80,000 10/819:0025$200 NL Hold'em [Progressive SuperKO]$35,000 10/821:0026$100 NL Hold'em - No Late Reg! [Shootout, 6-max, Turbo, CAP 216]$10,000 10/918:0027$300 NL Hold'em [4-max]$40,000 10/920:0028$500 PL Omaha [High Roller, 6-max]$30,000 10/1018:0029$150 NL Hold'em [1R1A]$20,000 10/1019:0030$1,000 NL Hold'em [High Roller]$80,000 10/1020:0031$100 NL Omaha Hi/Lo [8-max]$10,000 10/1118:0032$25+R NL Hold'em [Rebuy]$15,000 10/1119:0033$200 NL Hold'em [Win the Button]$20,000 10/1220:0034$50+R PL Omaha [6-Max, Rebuy]$10,000 10/1221:0035$150 NL Hold'em [Turbo]$20,000 10/1320:0036$100 PL 5-Card Omaha [8-max]$10,000 10/1321:0037$200 NL Hold'em [Deep, Hyper]$15,000 10/1418:0038$300 NL Hold'em [6-max]$30,000 10/1421:0039$75 NL Hold'em [Zoom]$15,000 10/1514:0040$100 NL Hold'em [Big Antes]$15,000 10/1517:0041$500 NL Hold'em Main Event [Day 1]$200,000 10/1518:0042$50 NL Hold'em [Main Event Structure]$35,000 10/1520:0043$100 NL Hold'em [Win the Button]$15,000 10/1522:0044$75 NL Hold'em Sunday Supersonic SE [Hyper]$15,000 10/1619:0041$500 NL Hold'em Main Event [Day 2]$200,000 10/1619:0045$150 NL Hold'em [Nightly Stars SE - NJCOOP Wrap-Up]$20,000 10/1621:0046$100 NL Hold'em [Deep-Hyper, 6-Max]$10,000
  5. [caption width="640"] Players helped raise much-needed funds on Tuesday during 888poker's XL Eclipse[/caption] On Tuesday, 888poker's XL Eclipse offered giant guarantees with enormous payouts, but the main focus of the day was raising money for those in need. Of the 11 events on the day's slate, three were branded as “Chip-In!” tournaments – where all the tournament fees would be donated to the REG charity of choice, Against Malaria Foundation. The Against Malaria Foundation takes 100% of all donations and uses the funds to purchase long-lasting insecticidal nets, distributing them to people in need and helping ensure that they are used properly in an effort to help protect people against the very preventable disease of malaria. There was a lot of money to be raised as the biggest buy-in event of the entire series, Event #126 ($5,200 $500,000 Super High Roller Chip-In!) ensured that $200 for every player would be used to help those in need. With 87 players (and their 37 re-entries – which had the donation of fees attached) the players helped raise over $24,000 in this event alone. It was certainly a worthy cause for Belarus' 'spider4444'who took home the largest cash of the entire series thus far with his $170,500 first place prize. Russia's 'EvonmiYa' earned himself $114,700 for finishing as the runner-up and while he certainly would have liked to win it all, the score is the current largest of his profitable career. PocketFiver 'Zebest7r' also made the final table and took home a career-best cash for over $43,000, good for fifth place, as did well-known live and online pro Mike 'SirWatts' Watson, who finished in eighth. The players in Event #127 ($215 $150,000 Mini Chip-In!) were also in the giving mood. The contest drew 585 runners, 360 of which found themselves re-entering. The result of which was another generous amount of money being donated – over $14,000. Current Worldwide #6-ranked player, Joao 'Ineedmassari' Paulo Simao, ended up being crowned an XL Eclipse champion and earning $35,702.10 for first place, adding to his already impressive $6 million in lifetime earnings. The final event that had players chipping in was Event #130 ($55 $15,000 Turbo Chip-In). The turbo format brought in an additional $1,850 in donations as 277 players (and their re-entries) fought for the $3,783.25 cash up top. 'SweetDeuce' defeated the UK's 'Entropally' for the title, while the Brit cashed for $2,775 as a consolation. All told, the day brought in over $40,000 for Against Malaria Foundation. With the long-lasting insecticidal nets (LLIN) costing $2.50 each the players at 888poker helped people in need with over 16,000 new nets. For information on the Against Malaria Foundationvisit them on their website. XL Eclipse Day 10 Winners #EventBuy In][poker card="TD"]WinnerPayout 120$15,000 Lightning 6-Max NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]plotka_voxa$5,720 121$15,000 Breeze NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]Kaktus26rus$3,134.70 122$15,000 Deepstack Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]mr.fanera$3,163.60 123$40,000 Crocodile NLHE$160][poker card="TD"]bowdownfish$8,736.52 124$15,000 Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]JonBones96kg$2,872.79* 125$20,000 Monsoon NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]Plotsch2$4,560 126$500,000 Super High Roller NLHE$5,200][poker card="TD"]spider4444$170,500 127$150,000 Mini Chip-In NLHE$215][poker card="TD"]Ineedmassari$35,702.10 128$40,000 Tuesday Challenge NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]Gandalf_MRS$8,626 129$15,000 Tornado NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]the_HOBIT_$3,572.67 130$15,000 Turbo Chip-In NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]SweetDeuce$3,783.25 * denotes final table deal
  6. [caption width="640"] There were 13 new tournaments on Monday during 888poker's XL Eclipse.[/caption] In addition to the return of PLO to the XL Eclipse schedule, 888poker unveiled their latest tournament theme catered to those players who always want to know “what'd you have?” A pair of “ShowMe!” tournaments added a new wrinkle to the game where every winning hand would be revealed. Every bluff, every value bet and everything in between – if it dragged the pot, the table got to see it. In Event #118 ($55 $10,000 ShowMe! NLHE) it would be Russian player 'ElGradiente' who not only showed his cards, he was showed the money. Outlasting the field of 226 and taking down 'UrBadBeat' in heads-up play, he took home $2,310.85 as well as the XL Eclipse champion title. The mini version, Event #119 ($5 $3,000 Mini ShowMe! NLHE), was one of the best bang-for-your-buck tournaments over the entire XL Eclipse series. At only $5, 641 players flocked to the fun-themed tournament whereYaDaKiss'' won it all and made 100x his buy-in with his victory. PocketFiver 'gifuhorna' joined the two-time champion club on Monday as he took down Event #117 ($109 $15,000 Tornado NLHE). The former Top-30 ranked professional from Finland claimed one of the largest cashes of the day, over $5100, when he defeated Brazil's Alexandre 'Cavalito_' Mantovani heads-up. Notable finish in this one includes 888poker ambassador Parker '888tonkaaaa' Talbotjust missing out on the final table, finishing in 14th. A pair of PocketFivers took home their first wins of the series as well. Osmas Alves 'Chipss182' Martins Junior from Brazil won over $2,000 in Event #116 ($22 $10,000 Monday Flush NLHE) while 'marko2710' ended up on top in Event #109 ($109 $15,000 Deepstack Swordfish), the largest tournament of the day. XL Eclipse Day 9 Winners #EventBuy In][poker card="TD"]WinnerPayout 107$15,000 Lightning 6-Max NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]trickeiries$4,966 108$15,000 Breeze NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]nutcracker95$3,134,70 109$15,000 Deepstack Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]2701marko$3,340.22 110$20,000 Crocodile NLHE$160][poker card="TD"]bezfrke$6,450 111$15,000 Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]crossthervr$3,179.18 112$20,000 Monsoon NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]CoCoMic$4,838.40 113$10,000 Omaha Hi-Lo PLO8$109][poker card="TD"]doyleb102$3,458 114$5,000 Mini Omaha Hi-Lo PLO8$12][poker card="TD"]lebeniss$951.27* 115$10,000 Monday Royal NLHE$22][poker card="TD"]decaff$1,569.67* 116$10,000 Monday Flush NLHE$22][poker card="TD"]Chipss182$2,056.32 117$15,000 Tornado NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]gifuhorna$5,117 118$3,000 Mini ShowMe! NLHE$5][poker card="TD"]YaDaKiss$566.70 119$10,000 ShowMe! NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]ElGradiente$2,310.85 * denotes final table deal
  7. Every week The PocketFives Milestone Report looks at the online poker players who are achieving career-best achievement or reaching new heights in the rankings Jon ‘apestyles’ Van Fleet Flys By $9 Million Thanks to his headline-making run in the partypoker MILLIONS, old-school grinderJon 'apestyles’ Van Fleet not only surpassed the $9 million lifetime earninsg mark, he’s practically made it halfway to $10 million. His seven-figure victory in the mammoth online event, netting him $1,027,000 for first place, was the largest of his prestigious career - one that includes a WCOOP title, an FTOPS victory, and a PokerStars Sunday Millions final table. The win also jettisoned Van Fleet back deep into the top 100 of the PocketFives Rankings. Last week, Van Fleet was sitting just outside the top 100 bubble, ranked at #101, but now he sits at his current position of #36, due mostly to the enormous 2,266.05 PLB score that accompanied the MILLIONS win. His next challenge is the hike up the steep mountain to $10 million lifetime and he’s well on his way. Only six players have hit that mark to date and after his million dollar score, now only three players are closer to touching $10 million than Van Fleet. Sweden’s ‘Ariados’ Tops $8 Million Hailing from the online powerhouse country of Sweden, ‘Ariados’ is the latest of the current crop of Swedes to pass a major milestone. The qualifying cash was his fourth-place finish in the PokerStars $2,100 Sunday High Roller for $20,588, helping him surpass $8 million in lifetime earnings as well as a six spot jump in the PocketFives Rankings, landing him at #20. To bookend his week, ‘Ariados’ also had a runner-up finish in the Hotter $215 for a second five-figure score in the week, bringing in an additional $13,226. Make It $4 Million for UK’s Billy ‘BillyChat’ Chattaway UK-based mid-stakes grinder Billy ‘BillyChat’ Chattaway clawed his way over the $4 million lifetime earnings mark helped by a pair of top three finishes while grinding on PokerStars. The first ws his runner-up finish in the Sunday $22 Double Deuce for over $14,000 and then he bowed out in third place during the Hot $215 for an additional $4,366. Also of note this week, Top 100 ranked Joseph ‘Jughead11’ Lacasse, Ottawa, Canada’s #1 ranked player, just passed the half million mark. Brazil’s ‘sitpro2011’ Win’s PokerStars Half-Price Sunday Million, Surges in Top 100 Perhaps it’s because the holidays are almost here but there was relatively few players making new career-high marks in the PocketFives.com Worldwide Top 100. In fact only three players, hit new heights, the most notable is ‘sitpro2011’who, after winning the PokerStars Half Priced Sunday Million for $197,163 rocketed up the charts from #86 all the way to #31 due to the 1,377.43 PLB points that come with a major victory. Career High Rankings In Top 100 'sngwonder’ - #51 to #47 ’sitpro2011’ - #86 to #31 ’DamageAP’ - #19 to 17
  8. [caption width="640"] Conor Beresford is the current king of the UK rankings. Photo: PokerStars.[/caption] As an online poker powerhouse country, the UK continues to be in the conversation of producing some of the best poker players in the world. Just as the country itself has been a major world influence in popular culture, players hailing from UK have helped shape the modern-day poker landscape including old school veterans like David ‘Devilfish’ Ulliott,Neil Channing and Roland de Wolfe, high-rolling regulars like Sam Trickettand Charlie Carrell and even some of the most recognizable faces of the game in PokerStars Team Pro Liv Boeree and online poker legend, Chris Moorman. The current crop of Top 10 online players from the United Kingdom uphold the tradition of influential talented grinders and current at the top of the list is Conor ‘1_conor_b_1’ Beresford (6,76.34 PLB Points). Beresford is not only the #1-ranked player in the UK, but also currently sits as the #15-ranked player in the world, according to the PocketFives.com Worldwide Rankings. His last month is highlighted third-placed place finish in Event #8 of the PokerStars High Rollers Series ($2,100 8-Max No Limit Hold’em) where he took home $57,781. Beresford, constantly grinding a schedule of the largest online MTTs, cashed 30 times for four-figures or more in November and looks to out do that pace here in December already notching nine four-figure or more paydays including a sixth place finish in the PokerStars $1,050 Super Tuesday for $10,929. Despite Beresford’s amazing stats and consistency, he’s being hotly pursued by Team partypoker ambassador Patrick ‘pleno1’ Leonard (6,612.64). The former Worldwide #1-ranked superstar, currently sits as the UK’s #2-ranked player having just recently reached a new personal benchmark of eclipsing over $4 million in lifetime earnings. Leonard also did a good deal of damage in the PokerStars High Rollers Series cashing in five of the events for over $130,000. He final tabled three of the events and his largest score of the month came with his seventh place finish in Event #6 ($10,300 No Limit Hold’em - $1M Gtd) for $55,635. David ‘davaman’ Lopez (5,894.23) has ascended to the UK’s #3 spot. While there’s a pretty big gap between him and the duo of Beresford and Leonard, that could be in part due to a lighter play schedule in November. Originally from Spain, but currently playing out of London, Lopez reportedly at one point earned the title of Supernova Elite on PokerStars in only three months but with only a handful of scores for the month of November it looks like the pro is simply taking some time off after a month of everyday scores in October. Still sitting in the Worldwide Rankings at #40, his best recent score was a tenth place finish in the partypoker High Roller back on November 13 for $3,000. Literally right behind Lopez is the UK’s #4-ranked player Jonathan ‘proudflop’ Proudfoot (5,874.55). Proudfoot has been making waves in the Worldwide rankings, climbing just about every week in the month of November, where he currently resides at #41. Proudfoot has been putting in the time and his results have shown it. On the precipice of conquering $1 million in lifetime earnings, Proudfoot racked up 25 four-figure scores in November, not including his victory in the partypoker High Roller on November 28 for $19,734. Sitting less than 20 PLB points behind Lopez, he could, once again, climb the rankings in no time. Charlie ‘chaz_man_chaz’ Combes (5,843.76), caps off the UK’s Top 5, having recently taken down the partypoker High Roller on November 23 for $12,170. Combes is the third of the UK trio that occupies virtually the same space in the Worldwide rankings as he currently stands only 2 spots back from Proudfoot at #43 and as of now is trailing him only 30.79 PLB points, meaning things can change in a hurry on both the UK and Worldwide rankings list. Combes’ December is off to a hot start as well as the daily mid-high stakes tournament grinder has won nearly $40,000 in the first week of play. There’s a little breathing room between the #5 and #6 spots, where Owain ‘sngwonder’ Carey (5,581.54) ranks. Carey was recently featured in the PocketFives.com Milestones column for surpassing the $3 million lifetime earnings mark and he also is enjoying his highest placement in the Worldwide Top 100, currently sitting just outside the Top 50 at #51. Playing out of Glasgow as its #1 player, Ludovic ‘ludovi333’ Geilich-Jonsen (5,554.91) checks in at #7. After a light November schedule, Geilich-Jonsen emerged to cash in the PokerStars High Rollers Event #19 for over $7,800. PokerStars WCOOP Event #1 Champion‘carpediem200’ (5,426.14) checks in at #8. While still benefitting from the massive points boost a major victory like a WCOOP will give you, he’s not sitting idly by having put in a full schedule over the past two months raking in over 20 four-figure scores in that time period. Bristol’s Oscar ‘MendaLerenda’ Serradell (5,408.48), a former #2-ranked Worldwide professional, occupies the #9 spot. His victory in PokerStars Bounty Builder on November 14 for $7,297 was his highest PLB points score of November and is basically the difference between him and the #10 spot which belongs to…Chris ‘moorman1’ Moorman (5,278.54). As we previously mentioned, Moorman is one of the UK’s most popular and accomplished tournament grinders. The 888poker ambassador recently published his second book as well as took down one of the side events at the World Poker Tour Five Diamond (Event #9 $1,100 No Limit Hold’em Turbo) for $37,132. Even with all of his media duties and live play, he still finds the time to grind and add to his over $14 million in lifetime earnings. His most recent only victory came just days after his live win as he took down the PokerStars Bigger $162 for over $5,200. UK Online Poker Rankings Top 10 RANKPLAYERPOINTS 11_conor_b_16,6776.34 2pleno16,612.64 3davaman5,894.23 4proudflop5,874.55 5chaz_man_chaz5,843.76 6sngwonder5,581.54 7ludovi333r5,554.91 8carpediem2005,426.14 9MendaLerenda5,408.46 10moorman15,278.54
  9. Every week The PocketFives Milestone Report looks at the online poker players who are achieving career-best achievement or reaching new heights in the rankings #5-Ranked ‘Sheater’ Has Huge Week, Passes $9 Million One week after fellow countryman ‘lena900’ crossed the $8 million mark, Sweden’s #3-ranked player ‘Sheater’ did him one better and sped past the $9 million lifetime earnings milestone. The former Worldwide #1 (currently ranked #5 in the world) absolutely shattered the high money mark with his runner-up finish in Event #12 of the PokerStars High Rollers Series ($2,100 No Limit Hold’em) for $77,405. In addition to the cash, the score also brought ‘Sheater’ over 480 PLB points, bringing him dangerously close to overtaking Brazil’s Joao Simao in the Worldwide rankings, now only trailing him by less than 40 points. The score was part of a solid week for ‘Sheater’ that included four final tables and just over $100,000 in earnings. The next step for the Swede is a step-by-step uphill climb to joining the prestigious $10 million club. ’nilsef’ Puts $6 Million In The Rearview Mirror German grinder ‘nilsef’ rocketed past the $6 million lifetime earnings mark this week by putting in a massive amount of volume and posting a string of seemingly non-stop results. The exact tournament that helped him make the mark was his first-place finish in the PokerStars $109 No Limit Hold’em on November 30 for $4,491. While for many, even for ‘nilsef’, $4,491 is a solid score, the #1-ranked German player had himself a fantastic week by taking home massive five-figure scores in two of the recent PokerStars High Rollers. The first was a runner-up finish in Event #5 ($1,050 No Limit Hold’em) for $30,700 and then less than a week later, once again. finishing in second during Event #14 ($1,050+R No Limit Hold’em) for another $49,600. ‘nilsef’ recorded 66 cashes this week, including five outright victories in over 25 final tables. $5 Million Lifetime Badge For Jonatan 'Pot4teUS' Hellman Like ‘Sheater’ before him, Jonatan 'Pot4teUS' Hellman, yet another Top 10 Swedish beast, passed a major milestone when he took 14th place in the PokerStars $1,050 Super Tuesday for $3,666 and passed the $5 million in lifetime earnings. Currently sitting in the Top 20 Worldwide (#18), Hellman kept busy at the online tables taking in 12 four-figure scores this week and amassing total earnings of over $33,000. ’proudflop’ Enters Top Half of Top-100, ‘kofi89’ Scratches Top-25 The UK’s Jonathan ‘proudflop’ Proudfoot continues to march into the upper echelon of the Worldwide Top 100, making one of the largest leaps of the week, right into the top half of the rankings, currently sitting at #41. Joining him in making major moves is Argentina’s #1-ranked player, ‘kofi89’. Just last week we announced his surpassing the $2 million lifetime mark, this week he enters the Top 25 in the Worldwide rankings. His upwards move is in part to his victory in the PokerStars $530 Bounty Builder High Roller for $23,355 and 363.32 PLB Points. In addition, eight others reached new career highs in the PocketFives.com Worldwide Top 100 rankings. Career High Rankings In Top 100 Gary ’quiditbear’ Hasson - #96 to #92 ’untaktik’ - #98 to #91 'lofidream' - #93 to #82 'aziz.mancha' - #94 to #80 ’imlucknuts’ - #75 to #74 Patrick ’thebigdog09 Brooks' - #79 to #73 Owain ’sngwonder’ Carey - #55 to #51 Jonathan 'proudflop' Proudfoot - #51 to #41 'drupalucker'- #41 to #33 'kofi89'- #30 to #25
  10. [caption width="640"] The World Poker Tour's Five Diamond World Poker Classic returns next week.[/caption] On December 5, the World Poker Tour returns to the Bellagio Resort & Casino in Las Vegas for the $10,400 buy-in WPT Five Diamond World Poker Classic Main Event. The six-day affair promises to be a massive event as the tournament has made a millionaire out of every winner since 2012. Looking to take a dive into the deep end? Here’s what players need to know about the tournament itself: the Five Diamond Main Event is one of the deepest offerings on the WPT schedule lasting a full six days with Day 1 starting on December 5 and cards in the air at Noon Las Vegas time. With 90-minute levels (up until the Final Table) and 30,000 in chips, there’s plenty of room to maneuver but should the deck turn cold on you, players are allotted unlimited re-entry through Level 9. That isn’t expected to hit until approximately 5:15 pm on Day 2. Late registration runs until that time as well should your travel schedule keep you from arriving earlier or you’re simply adverse to those pesky “early levels.” One of Las Vegas’ premier poker destinations, the Bellagio Resort and Casino plays host to the tournament as it has since it’s inception as the first event of Season I when a young Danish poker player named Gus Hansen bested the field of 146 to claim the first WPT title and $556,460. In fact, it can be argued that the Five Diamond World Poker Classic is the most recognizable of the WPT tour stops due to it’s rich history of massive prizepools and final tables packed with superstars. A list of past winners of the event reads like a fantasy team of poker all-stars that includes Daniel Negreanu, Joseph Hachem and Eugene Katchalov (when it was briefly re-branded as the Doyle Brunson North American Poker Classic), David ‘Chino’ Rheem, Daniel Alaei, James Dempsey and Antonio Esfandiari. In more recent years, as the number of entries began to swell, some of the most talented rising stars helped solidify their names as top professionals with victories including Mohsin ‘chicagocards1’ Charania, Ravi Raghavan and regular high roller “King” Dan Smith. One of the players to watch here in 2017 is last year’s winner, the defending Five Diamond champion, James Romero. Last year Romero bested a record field of 791 players, including fellow final tablists Justin Bonomo and Jake Schindler to take home over $1.9 million. The victory easily represented the largest score of the young Oregonians career and it not only launched him into the poker spotlight but sent him into a year of live grinding that brought him over $200,000 in earnings in 2017. This is the final event of the calendar year, but it’s just past the halfway point in the WPT season. Still, the chances are fewer for players to catch the current runaway WPT Player of the Year, Art Papazyan. But if history is an indicator, the field is expected to be on the larger size and, with it being the first $10,000 buy-in of the season, first place could be more than double any other first-place prize this season, including the Guo Liang Chen’s $789,058 take home for his win at the Borgata Poker Open. Preliminary events are running now with a pair of $25,000 High Rollers scheduled for December 8 and 9. For those looking to win their way into the Main Event, the Bellagio is holding a series of $1,100 satellites from December 3-6. The Final Table, set to take place on December 10, will be filmed for television complete with anchor Lynn Gilmartin and commentators Vince Van Patten and Tony Dunst on hand. Additionally, every hand will be streamed live via the PokerGo app.
  11. [caption width="640"] World Poker Tour and 888poker annouunced a new global partnership that will ultimately send players to WPTDeepStacks events[/caption] A new global partnership between 888poker and the World Poker Tour will allow players from all over the world to qualify for select live WPTDeepStacks events while playing on 888poker. The WPTDeepstacks brand aims to offer players a global tour that features mid-stakes buy-ins for their Main Events with deeper, "bang-for-your-buck" structures. Now, with WPTDeepstacks partnership with 888poker, certain international stops will be augmented with even more online qualifiers. The first event players will have an opportunity to satellite into will be the Main Event of WPTDeepstacks Berlin held at the Casino Spielbank Berlin in Germany. It's a three-day, €1,500 tournament that marks the start of the Season XVI European Championship Festival. WPTDeepstacks Berlin kicks off the New Year, running from January 5-8 2018, and features a €500,000 guaranteed prize pool as well as a live-streamed final table. Qualifiers are available now on 888poker. Players can win their way into the Main Event starting as little as $.01 by clicking on the Live Events tab in the player client. 888poker is providing two options for players to help them with their shot at the big one in Berlin. First, players can opt to satellite into the $1,750 "seat-only" qualifier where 888poker will provide winners a seat in the tournament with no hotel or travel provided. Additionally, there is a larger $2,400 WPTDeepStacks Berlin package that provides not just a €1,500 ticket into the tournament, but an additional €300 to assist with accommodations as well as €250 in travel expenses. Take note: While entry to the satellite is made in USD, the tournaments entries and additional funds are in Euros. The $109 seat-only satellite runs every Monday night at 7:35pm GMT now through December 24 and awards one seat for every $1,750 included in the prize pool. The $160 package to Berlin is scheduled to run every Thursday, also at 7:35pm GMT and also through December 24. One package is awarded for every $2,750 collected in the prize pool. The €1,500 WPTDeepStacks Berlin Main Event is part of a larger festival that hopes to keep players in action all week long with 11 additional side events. The schedule includes a pair of €10,000 High Roller tournaments, a €500 Pot Limit Omaha tournament, a number of one-day NLHE Turbos, as well as the €3,300 World Poker Tour European Championship, a five-day event with a €1,000,000 guarantee that begins on January 10. The WPT European Championship event will be filmed for inclusion in WPT's televised Season XVI. WPTDeepStacks Berlin is the penultimate event in the current WPTDeepStacks Season IV one that, when completed, will have seen 28 events taking place while making a mark on five Continents. Although Berlin is thus far the only announced stop in the new partnership between WPT and 888poker, with both companies touching worldwide audiences, it is expected that more online-to-live event qualifying between the two will take place in WPTDeepStack Season V in 2018.
  12. [caption width="640"] The Bellagio plays host to the World Poker Tour Five Diamond World Poker Classic[/caption] Through the recently announced partnership between the World Poker Tour and playMGMPoker, New Jersey players have the unique opportunity to satellite online into one of the most esteemed live tournaments in any given year - the World Poker Tour Bellagio Five Diamond World Poker Classic Main Event. For the first time, New Jersey residents can qualify for the major Las Vegas tournament by winning a $12,000 package that includes an entry into the $10,400 Main Event, $1,600 in cash to help cover travel and accommodations, and the first-night-free stay at one of the flagship MGM properties, the Bellagio Hotel & Casino. Whether you are a deep-pocketed shot taker or a value-seeking grinder there are a number of ways for playMGMpoker players to earn their shot at what will likely be the seven-figure first place prize at the WPT Five Diamond. It all starts for as little as $10. Looking to work your way to the top? playMGMPoker is running $10 Daily Qualifiers into the $55 Bellagio Qualifier. The first step starts every day at 5:40pm and 8:40pm ET where the $10 tournament guarantees at least two entries into the $55 step. Roughly one out of roughly every six entries into the $10 starter tournament will win entry into the $55 Bellagio Qualifier. The $55 Bellagio Qualifier is also running every day. At 7:20pm ET, players compete to win their way into main $535 Bellagio Super Satellite to WPT Bellagio Five Diamond. With at least one seat to the main satellite guaranteed, approximately one out of every 11 participants will gain entry and get their shot at the $12,000 package. In addition to the daily $55, there is a once-a-week Turbo Qualifier taking place on Sundays at 5:20pm. The turbo takes place right before the $535 Super Satellite is set to begin. Players can win or buy their way into the to the final step, the $535 Super Satellite to WPT Bellagio. There are four more opportunities left to vie for the grand prize at 6:20pm ET on the following Sundays: November 12 November 19 November 26 December 3 Roughy one out of every 24 will pick up a $12,000 package, escape the New Jersey winter and be on their way to sunny Las Vegas for the Main Event. Whether it's daily qualifiers or buying directly into the Super Satellite, playMGMPoker has a path for those looking to make their dreams of playing the WPT Five Diamond a reality.
  13. [caption width="640"] Ferguson elicits a polarizing range of emotions as he steps back into the spotlight[/caption] Chris ‘Jesus’ Ferguson won his sixth World Series of Poker bracelet on Wednesday when he took down WSOPE Event #7 (€1,650 Pot Limit Omaha 8 or Better) for €39,289. With the victory, Ferguson, the current WSOP Player of Year points leader, extended his first place margin over both Ryan Hughes and John Racener, the players nearest to him in the race. Shedding his traditional urban cowboy garb, Ferguson took to the table with a navy T-shirt with a single word silkscreened in the center chest reading “love.” While Ferguson clearly loved the result, not everyone who received word of his victory was feeling what his shirt was preaching. Ferguson, a central figure in the Full Tilt Poker financial collapse, has yet to publicly comment on the fiscal disaster that left thousands of poker players funds trapped in limbo for years. His silence has led to resentment by some members of the poker community, while others have opted not to hold a grudge against Ferguson since he’s returned from his self-imposed exile. Both sides took to social media to comment on the bracelet win for the controversial champion. Comments directed at Ferguson himself were at a minimum early on. It was actually 14-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth’s congratulatory tweet that seemed to generate the most buzz. Ferguson continues to march to the 2017 World Series of Poker Player of the Year as the final points will be tallied at the conclusion of the WSOPE Main Event which begins on November 4.
  14. [caption width="640"] Catalin Pop took home the first 888Live title in 2017[/caption] 2017 was a year of big fields and bigger prize pools for the popular series of 888Live Events. As the current 888Live Season comes to an end we look back on the major events and the players who found themselves fortunate enough to lift the 888Live trophies and call themselves champions. In February, the King’s Casino in Rozvadov played host to the first 888Live Festival of the year. In the Main Event, 531 entries put up the brand appropriate €808 +80 buy-in to create a prize pool of over €407,000. The broad coalition of international players included some big names and top-tier professionals including William Kassouf (23rd), Ludovic Geilich (4th) and Niall Farrell (3rd). But it was Germany’s affable Catalin Pop that outlasted them all to take home €80,000 ($86,246) and be crowned 888poker’s first festival champion of 2017. Just two months later, in April, 303 runners hopped into the 888Live Easter Edition at Aspers Casino Stratford in London generating a prize pool of £121,200 ($151,438). 888poker brought out their ambassadors to play host as Sofia Lovgren (30th) and Chris Moorman (13th) found their way into the money for the first time in the season. At the final table with five players left, local grinder Krzysztof Pregowski found himself at the bottom of the pack. He laddered up to make the final three where a deal was made guaranteeing him £15,000. Finally, he battled all the way to the winner's circle, defeating runner-up Terry Jordan for a grand total of £21,118 ($26,386). While Jordan didn’t get to take home the trophy, he was the chipleader when the deal was made and ended up celebrating with, basically, a first place of £21,000 ($26,239). 888Live Events continue to emerge as one of the premiere poker circuits of any given year. Now that 2017 is in the books, all that’s left is to wonder is...where will 888Live land in 2018?
  15. [caption width="640"] PokerStars includes New Jersey in their efforts to bring more qualifiers to the PCA.[/caption] New Jersey residents looking to escape the dead-of-winter winds may have just gotten their wish. For the first time since their re-entry into the United States online poker market, PokerStars is offering New Jersey online poker players a way to win a premiere package to fly to the Bahamas and take a seat in their flagship live event, the 2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure (PCA). As a part of PokerStars' greater effort to qualify “at least 400 players” to the revitalized $10,300 PCA Main Event in January, they are running a $1,000 1-package guaranteed satellite for all their players in the Garden State on November 5. With plenty of ways to qualify, every poker player in New Jersey has a path to taking their shot at winning the grand prize $15,855 PCA package to one of the premiere poker getaways of the year. For players that don't want to mess around, they can, of course, buy directly into the $1,000 PCA Qualifier through their PokerStars account and be assured a shot at the PCA Main Event seat and everything that comes with it. For those players looking to maximize their bankrolls and play their way into the $1K, PokerStars is running a series of $100 satellites to the PCA Qualifier. Additionally, and perhaps most alluring of all, from October 27-November 4 PokerStars is offering the PCA Freerolls, a daily super-satellite opportunity for players to win their $100 ticket. To grab a pair of PCA freeroll tickets, use the bonus code 'PCA' when reloading $10 or more between 10:00 ET on October 27 and 1:59 ET November 5. If you want to play the PCA Freeroll every day, just break up those reloads as you can claim additional tickets with every reload during that time. Earlier this year, officials at PokerStars announced a series of changes to the event at the request of the players. The changes made include streamlining the number of events, bringing back the PCA name (as opposed to the PokerStars Championship Bahamas) and a lower rake structure that will save players an estimated $300,000. An additional upgrade is all the benefits included in the $15,855 package. Naturally, players receive the $10,300 buy-in for the PCA Main Event. The PCA Qualifier Grand Prize also affords you nine nights stay for two at the home of the PCA, the Atlantis Resort, as well as $1,000 applied to that room to cover food and drink costs. Additionally, the winning player will have $1,000 deposited to their PokerStars account to assist with all travel expenses. Travel arrangements are the responsibility of the player in this case but a cursory look at flights from New Jersey to the Bahamas from January 6-14, the dates of the festival, find that one can fly round-trip for around $400. The travel budget is plenty to ensure enough coverage for a pair of attendees. Or perhaps just one baller who prefers travel in style. So take aim New Jersey, the PCA Qualifier tournament takes place on November 5 at 19:00 ET with $100 satellites and freeroll tournaments taking place daily. The 2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas runs from January 6-14.
  16. [caption width="640"] Chris 'Jesus' Ferguson feeling the Player Of The Year the pressure[/caption] This year's World Series of Poker Europe begins Thursday at King's Casino in Rosvadov, Czech Republic and along with it the race for the 2017 WSOP Player of the Year is enters its final lap. Players have 11 bracelet events left in which they can rack up cashes and add-on to their current point totals from this past summer. The player who finishes in first will be crowned the 2017 WSOP Player of the Year, get free entry into the 2018 WSOP Main Event, and have a banner of themselves draped in rooms of the Rio for 2018 and years to come. Former Full Tilt Poker officer Chris 'Jesus' Ferguson has returned to the spotlight and this time he's looking to get away with the WSOP Player of the Year award. After an impressive summer of results, having cashed in 17 events and posting 898.46 points, Ferguson sits atop the current leaderboard putting him in the driver's seat to take the title. Giving Ferguson an extra leg up on those that would overtake him is a free entry into the €10,350 WSOPE Main Event, one of the benefits of being the points leader after the summer in Las Vegas. Right behind Ferguson sits two-time WSOP bracelet Winner, Ryan Hughes (876.35). Hughes is only 22.11 points out of first and after a stellar summer of his own, making three final tables in the midst of 16 cashes, the Arizona grinder find himself in the best position to make a move on first place. Capturing his third WSOP gold bracelet in 2017 in Event #22 ($10,000 No Limit Deuce to Seven Championship) helped put well-rounded poker pro John Monnette (865.21) in third place in the POY race. Only 33.25 points out of first, should Monnette decide at the last minute to make the trip to Rozvadov rather than stay in the States to root on his beloved Los Angeles Dodgers, he would be one to watch down the stretch. Former November Niner John Racener (853.16) also won a bracelet, his first, in 2017. His victory in Event #17 ($10,000 Dealers Choice Championship), along with a monster summer, complete with 17 scores at the Rio, catapulted Racener into fourth place – 45.3 points behind Ferguson. The recently-married Racener is currently on honeymoon in Europe, perhaps planning to wrap up the celebration of love with a stop at King's Casino. Over the course of two weeks, Raymond Henson (768.49) sat at 4 final tables and posted a string of five-figure scores allowing him to round out the POY Top 5. His nearly 130 point gap is by no means insurmountable. Using the 2015 WSOP as a barometer, it would require something akin a deep run in the Main Event or an outright victory in a side event, while those above him stay static, in order to make the leap. It seems unlikely though that the Houston resident will make the trip abroad to take a crack at getting the banner. The second half of the top 10 is littered with top-tier pros, all who could make a real run at the crown if the right amount of heat is applied. Two-time bracelet winner Ben Yu (766.49) sits right behind Henson in sixth and poker pro Alex Foxen (754.36) has already confirmed that he'll be in Rozvadov trying to finish strong. Two-time WSOP Player of the Year winner Daniel Negreanu (717.26) has never made any pretenses that he would like to win it yet again. To get there the six-time bracelet winner would need to post some serious results, perhaps even adding a seventh bracelet to his collection could do it. Despite his previous intentions, Negreanu has confirmed that he plans on skipping the WSOPE this year. Italy's Dario Sammartino (710.96) and tournament director turned poker crusherKenny Hallert (686.81) complete the top 10. The fact is, as the formula to determine points this year is based on ROI, taking into account buy-in and amount won, if any of these players, or even some further down on the list, make amazing strides and win all the money they may find themselves earning the prestigious title of World Series of Poker Player of the Year. The sprint to the finish begins when those who make the trek to Leon Tsoukernik's King's Casino take their seats on October 19.
  17. [caption width="640"] Leon Tsoukernik, owner of King's Casino, battles high-stakes mainstay Matt Kirk in Nevada courts[/caption] Clark County's Eighth Judicial Court ruled for a partial dismissal in the ongoing court battle between high-stakes grinder Matthew Kirk and the owner of King's Casino, Leon Tsoukernik. The lawsuit, filed by Kirk, seeks to recover $2,000,000 of an alleged $3,000,000 loan Kirk gave to Tsoukernik during a heads-up battle at the Aria Hotel & Casino this spring just prior to the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. According to court documents obtained by PocketFives.com, on the morning of May 27 2017, Kirk and Tsoukernik were engaged in a high-stakes heads-up poker game that seemingly was going Kirk's way. So much so that on four occasions during that session, Kirk “loaned casino chips to Mr. Tsoukernik so that Mr. Tsoukernik could continue playing the heads-up poker game against Mr. Kirk.” In total, Kirk handed over $3,000,000 in chips to Tsoukernik. At the conclusion of the match, Tsourkernik seemingly refused to pay the amount back and only after “repeated demands” handed over $1,000,000 on June 3 to Kirk. Looking to obtain the remaining $2,000,000 debt, Kirk filed a lawsuit in the state of Nevada will allegations of “breach of contract, breach of implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, fraudulent inducement, and unjust enrichment.” Partial Dismissal & Nevada Revised Statue 463.361(1) Tsourkernik's legal team looked to have the entire lawsuit dismissed, mainly, on the back of Nevada Revised Statue 463.361(1). The basic breakdown of NRS 463.361(1) is that the state does not enforce gaming debts between non-licensed parties. For licensed parties (e.g. major casinos) there are legal remedies should someone opt not to pay back a gaming debt. But for two unlicensed participants like Kirk and Tsoukernik, their early morning heads-up battle and subsequent loaning of chips is classified by the state as a gaming debt as there was money won and lost. That gaming debt, and therefore the “contract” between them, is not legally enforceable. In response to the motion, Kirk claimed that the loaning of the physical chips was not, in and of itself, the gaming debt and therefore needed to be repaid. The court determined that, no matter the currency, it didn't change the nature of the debt. The court therefore dismissed Kirk's claims of “breach of contract” and “breach of implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing.” Tsoukernik Not Off The Hook Even though Tsourkernik had counts 1-8 dismissed and had the debt declared a nonenforceable gaming debt, the court found the Kirk had enough to proceed with the lawsuit on the final two allegations of “fraudulent inducement and unjust enrichment.” Fraudulent inducement is, essentially, the entering of an agreement by one party with no actual intent on holding up their end of the bargain. While the Court has deemed that it would not enforce an illegal or unenforceable contract, such as the gaming debt here, that it is not without exception. In this case, there was no illegality, no “serious moral turpitude” and Kirk's allegation that Tsourkernik had no intention of paying him back from the very start is at the very least viable, citing text messages from Tsourkernik to Kirk allegedly sent less than 20 minutes after the match, where Tsourkernik acknowledges that he took the money but stating that the debt is invalid. Here's a look at what constitutes “Fraudulent Inducement”, according to the court document: “First, a false representation; second, knowledge that the representation is false; third, an intent to induce consent to contract; fourth, justifiable reliance on the misrepresentation; and fifth, damages resulting from such a reliance.” Basically, Kirk is claiming that Tsourkernik represented that he would pay him back and took the money with no intention to do so because he thought that recovering the debt would be completely unenforceable. Finally, Kirk's claim of “unjust enrichment” was also survived. If “fraudulent inducement” is proven, then it stands that it could be found that Tsourkernik also had “greatest moral fault” in the incident and therefore, by not paying back $2,000,000 of the debt, has been unjustly enriched. In Summary The first eight counts relating to the breach of contract claims have been dismissed. The Court views the agreement as an unenforceable gaming debt between the two parties. That said, if Tsourkernik was banking on that when he entered the gaming debt, Kirk still has remedies available to him and therefore the final two counts of fraudulent inducement and unjust enrichment can proceed. Matthew 'Aussie Matt' Kirk, is still playing in the Las Vegas high-roller scene having appeared on the reboot of Poker After Dark in August while Tsourkernik, as the owner of King's Casino, is preparing to host the World Series of Poker Europe in Rozadov, Czech Republic starting on October 19. The two have even played against each other on partypoker's high stakes cash games.
  18. [caption width="640"] The Punta Cana Poker Classic offers players a little bit of poker paradise[/caption] “Sun, fun, amazing poker and good people...” As the Punta Cana Poker Classic (PCPC) enters its eighth year, Phil Nagy, President of the PCPC, says players can expect more of the same good times they've experienced in the past when the five-day festival kicks off on October 24. “...and a bar at the cash games,” Nagy adds. “It makes for better games.” The desirable tropical destination of the Dominican Republic's Punta Cana combined with a full slate of cash and tournament poker action has made the PCPC one of the most anticipated poker vacations of the year. Besides the guaranteed great weather and incredible amenities, the PCPC boasts prize pools worth playing for including their $500,000 Guaranteed Main Event, the $1K Second Chance, the $3200 High Roller and new for 2017, something extra for players that like to test their heads-up skills. “Every year we like to switch things up,” Nagy said “This year we have a multi-day high-stakes heads-up tournament that runs basically all day. As soon as two people sign up, they'll play to move on to Day 2.” The new event, along with the constant refinement in the PCPC marquee events, is a direct result of Nagy being open to the wants of his player base, one that consists of a wide international gathering that the festival has historically enjoyed. “We definitely have built a following over the years for an overall great tournament that lets you take a break from the regular casino grind,” Nagy explained about the festival's evolution. “But listening to what the customer wants and letting it evolve into what people wanted it to be. It's amazing what happens when you just listen to your customers and do what they ask you to do to.” This includes the experience away from the table. The PCPC is headed into its second year at the Melia Caribe Tropical Resort, providing an all-inclusive experience (except for the poker buy-ins). With a year under the PCPC's belt, players can expect an even smoother experience between the poker and the outdoor pools with Nagy and his team constantly working to enhance the player experience. “We made some changes to the restaurants, more nightlife, and some super-secret fun stuff,” Nagy said. “Most importantly year after year our customer knows what quality experience they can expect. I joke about being the 'King of the PCPC' but we really work to make the players the Kings and Queens.” When it comes to those 'super-secret' activities planned, Nagy wouldn't budge “You'll have to ask your VIP Host, Irene.” Looking to the future of the festival Nagy seems hopefully for another historically successful event. In addition to all of the action, “I'm hoping to see some new faces...and beer pong,” Nagy added, “Two years ago it was amazing and I'm looking to bring that one back.” The 2017 Punta Cana Poker Classic takes place from October 24-29 with the $500,000 Guaranteed Main Event kicking off on October 25.
  19. [caption width="640"] 888poker returns to London for the 888Live London Poker Festival[/caption] Mark your calendars and book your flights as 888Live returns to the city of London from October 5-16. Hosted once again by one of the best casinos in London, Aspers Casino in Westfield, Stratford City, 888Live in London promises perpetual poker action and over $800,000 in guaranteed prize pools spread out over 10 events. With a wide variety of buy-ins and events, there are plenty of opportunities for players to get into the action. The 12-day festival is highlighted by a number of huge-value events. The kickoff event, the '888Live London Festival Opening Event', comes with a modest £220 buy-in that carries with it a massive £120,000 guarantee. The 888Live London Festival Main Event does one better offering £400,000 in guaranteed cash for its £1,100 entry fee. The festival also contains a High Roller, Pot Limit Omaha and Ladies Tournament. Also, live versions of 888poker's popular online tournaments The Swordfish, The Whale and Lightning Six Max will run. 888poker ambassadors will be out in full force to play host and compete on the felt. Poker personality Kara Scott, Swedish superstar Sofia Lovgren, three-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner Dominik Nitsche and the most successful online poker player in history, Chris '888Moorman' Moorman will all be on hand, and, often times, in hands. To keep the action moving at a quick pace, 888poker is debuting their new shot clock. No more staring into oblivion while an opponent tanks incessantly for minutes at a time. The shot clock keeps the game humming right along, allowing players 30 seconds at a time to make decisions, ensuring a faster-paced game and more hands per hour. When the clock expires, so does your hand. But it's not as if there's no mercy when it comes to the shot clock as sometimes there are decisions need a little extra consideration. Players are allotted a number of time extensions, which can be used when faced with a tougher spot, like when you are unexpectedly check-raised on a river you thought you just bet for value. As is usual with 888poker, there are plenty of ways for you to qualify for the biggest events of the series. Of course, players are welcome to simply buy their tickets directly but if you are one who wants to take a shot at, as UK's William Kassouf would say, getting “in for the min to get the max” there are plenty of satellite options. Online satellites start for as little as 1¢ and you can work your way up and step into qualifiers for both the 888Live Opening Event as well as the £1,100 Main Event. Players can also head to the Aspers Caniso to participate in the live satellites. For the Opening Event players have nine shots costing only £30 and the Main Event has another seven opportunities to claim a seat for as little as £50. The 888Live London Festival is set to be one of their biggest yet with fast-paced poker action, plenty of opportunities to qualify and $800,000 up for grabs. For more information on 888Live London Festival, visit 888poker live events. 888Live London Festival Schedule of Events Start DateStart TimeTournamentBuy-InGuaranteed Prize Pool 10/215:00Satellite to Opening Event 1£303 seats 10/219:00Satellite to Opening Event 2£306 seats 10/315:00Satellite to Opening Event 3£303 seats 10/319:00Satellite to Opening Event 4£306 seats 10/415:00Satellite to Opening Event 5£303 seats 10/419:00Satellite to Opening Event 6£306 seats 10/515:00Turbo Satellite to Opening Event 1£306 seats 10/518:00888Live London Opening Event 1A£220£120,000 10/615:00Turbo Satellite to Opening Event 1£306 seats 10/618:00888Live London Opening Event 1B£220£120,000 10/712:00Turbo Satellite to Opening Event 1£306 seats 10/714:00888Live London Opening Event 1C£220£120,000 10/718:00888Live London Opening Event 1D£220£120,000 10/813:00888 Live London Opening Event Final£220£120,000 10/818:00The Hurricane£50£5,000 10/914:00Satellite to Main Event£502 seats 10/918:00The Swordfish£60£3,000 10/920:00Satellite to Main Event£503 seats 10/1014:00Satellite to Main Event£503 seats 10/1018:00The Turbo Deepstack£80£8,888 10/1020:00Satellite to Main Event£503 seats 10/1114:00Satellite to Main Event£502 seats 10/1118:00The Lightning 8-Max£60- 10/1120:00Satellite to Main Event Day 1£503 seats 10/1119:00High Roller Day 1£2,200£50,000 10/1215:00Super Satellite to Main Event Day 1£1005 seats 10/1217:00High Roller Final Day£2,200£50,000 10/1218:00888Live London Main Event 1A£1,100£400,000 10/1315:00Super Satellite to Main Event Day 1£1005 seats 10/1318:00888Live London Main Event 1B£1,100£400,000 10/1413:00Super Satellite to Main Event Day 1£1005 seats 10/1415:00888Live London Main Event 1C£1,100£400,000 10/1420:00Omaha Pot Limit£150- 10/1514:00888Live London Main Event Day 2£1,100£400,000 10/1517:00The Whale£110£10,000 10/1519:00Ladies Event£55£10,000 10/1614:00888Live London Main Event Final-£400,000
  20. [caption width="640"] 888poker's XL Eclipse offers over 0,000 in guarantees on Saturday.[/caption] The penultimate day of 888poker's XL Eclipse was one of their biggest yet. With over $300,000 in guarantees spread over 13 tournaments, including a trio of 6-Max tournaments, there was plenty of money up for grabs before Sunday's super-sized schedule and the $1,500,000 XL Eclipse Main Event. While not the biggest tournament score of the day, Russia's 'Kaktus26rus' took down the first event on Saturday, Event #168 ($109 $15,000 Lightning 6-Max NLHE), for $4,576. If that screen name sounds familiar it may be because just two days ago he made headlines by taking his first XL Eclipse title along with $26,000. Saturday's victory puts the red-hot Russian in the exclusive two-time champions club and primed to make a run at Sunday's Main Event. In what has become routine over the course of the series, Sweden superstar 'tutten7' found himself at another final table, finishing in seventh place. The day's largest haul belonged to Brazil's Rui 'Grobbshinit' Rodrigues who outlasted the 310 runners in the afternoon's headlining tournament, Event #176 ($160 $60,000 6-Max). His $18,183 first place finish not only marks the largest cash of his career, it more than doubles his recorded lifetime totals which, prior to this event, was $14,000. His last recorded cash prior to Saturday: $8. 'ARARAT800' had an enviable day at the online felts as well. While the Swedish grinder, and XL Eclipse winner, didn't take home any titles today, 'ARARAT800' did make two final tables, agreeing to final table deals in both. First, in Event #173 ($55 $25,000 Saturday R&A NLHE) a three-way deal was struck. 'tTtexa' was crowned the winner taking home $4,128.33 and their first XL Eclipse title. PocketFiver 'omgjefmonier' added to his $3.2 million in lifetime earnings when he took second for just over $4,000 while 'ARARAT800' took $3,973.30, $1000 more than the original 3rd place prize. Later in the day, 'ARARAT800' chopped up Event #180 ($55 $10,000 Turbo 6-Max NLHE). In this contest, although he officially was the runner-up, he took home more money, $2,210.04, than the eventual winner, 'Ttliquorshop' who surrendered a mere $13.04, banking $2,196.96. The last of XL Eclipse's 197 events wrap up on Sunday with over $2,300,000 of guaranteed prize pools over the last 17 events. XL Eclipse Day 14 Winners #EventBuy In][poker card="TD"]WinnerPayout 168$15,000 Lightning 6-Max NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]Kaktus26rus$4,576 169$15,000 Breeze NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]moments3$3,067.50 170$50,000 Octopus NLHE$215][poker card="TD"]varonislv$14,620.50 171$15,000 Deepstack Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]g3r4rrrr$2,835 172$25,000 Crocodile NLHE$160][poker card="TD"]ribamech15$5,063.25 173$25,000 Saturday R&A NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]tTtexa$4,128.33* 174$15,000 Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]22theman22$2,850 175$20,000 Monsoon NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]SirHennie$3,838 176$60,000 6-Max NLHE$160][poker card="TD"]Grobbshinit$18,183 177$15,000 Mini 6-Max NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]fjreis$2,495.69* 178$25,000 Saturday Challenge NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]n0sferatv$5,565.10 179$15,000 Tornado NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]simonblondi$3,355.84* 180$10,000 Turbo 6-Max NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]TTliquorshop$2,196.96* * denotes final table deal
  21. [caption width="640"] Two More WCOOP Events Wrapped Up On Friday/[/caption] Former PocketFives.com worldwide #1-ranked player Chris 'Big Huni' Hunichen has finally captured his first WCOOP title in Event #40-High ($530 5-Card PLO 6-Max) on Friday. According to the Pokerstars blog, it was Hunichen's fifth trip to a WCOOP final table, twice before he made it to heads-up play, but he previously hadn't been able to take home the trophy. This time though, while sitting at yet another stacked final table, 'Big Huni' finally got the big win he'd been grinding for. Hunichen celebrates with over $53,000 for first and the ability to finally call himself a WCOOP champion. Sitting with Hunichen at the final table were a number of PocketFives.com ranked players including Brazil's 'LgwZ' whose 3rd place finish and healthy $27,515.62 payday pushes him ever-closer to achieving $500k in lifetime earnings. In 4th place finished another former #1-ranked player, the prolific Mike 'munchenHB' Telker. Telker took home nearly $20,000 as he continues to climb to the massive milestone of $8 million in earnings. WCOOP Event #43-High ($215+R No Limit Hold'em 3-Max, Turbo, Zoom) also featured a bit of a redemption story. 'MLS20', who just one week ago fell just short of claiming a WCOOP title, found himself back at a final table, playing for heaps. This time though, someone else would have to take second as 'MLS' won out, taking home the $74,098.39 for first by defeating Pocketfiver Thomas 'kksuckaa' Hoang heads-up. Hoang though, while perhaps a little disappointed, did manage a career-best score with his $42, 780.35 payday. Also of note, the third wheel of the 3-max final table was 2017 World Series of Poker Final Table participant Damian 'pampa27' Salas, winning over $24,000 Event #40 (High): $530 5-Card PLO 6-Max Entries: 609 Prize pool: $304,500 Places paid: 77 Chris 'Big Huni' Hunichen - $53,537.37 WhatIfGod - $38,381.06 LgwZ - $$27,515,62 munchenHB - $$19,726.08 legenden - $14,141,74 RuiNF - $10,138.29 Trabelsi - $7,956.15 Event #43 (High): $215+R No Limit Hold’em (3-Max, Turbo, Zoom) Entries: 820 Prize pool: $428,330 Places Paid: 98 MLS20 - $74,098.39 KKsuckAA - $42,780.35 Damian 'pampa27' Salas - $24,699.22
  22. [caption width="640"] A pair of PocketFivers claimed their second titles during 888poker's XL Eclipse[/caption] On Saturday, during their online mega-series XL Eclipse, 888poker offered three different versions of their popular signature “Crazy 8” event while providing over $330,000 in guarantees. The combination of both helped make Saturday one of the most popular days so far as a completed full week of XL Eclipse action is in the books. The marquee event of the day was Event #86 ($88 $88,000 Crazy 8 NLHE). Boasting the largest guarantee of the day at $88,000, the themed tournament drew 610 runners (and their 415 rebuys). In the end, it would be '_Lord_Xenu_' who defeated PocketFiver'OverTheTop43'for the largest take home cash of the evening at $16,456. 'OverTheTop43', while denied his 2nd title in as many days, earned $12,100 – almost three times as much as his victory score on Friday. The mini version of the “Crazy Eight” contest, Event #87 ($8.80 $20,000 Mini Crazy 8) became one of the more popular tournaments of the series so far attracting 1666 players. Brazil's 'caci53' ended up on top, turning less than $10 into $3781.40 in an afternoon. Chris '888Moorman' Moorman, 888poker ambassador and one of the most successful online player in history, was in the running to capture his first XL Eclipse title of this series, making the final table in Event #80 ($215 $50,000 Octopus NLHE). Moorman though would fall short, falling in third place for just over $9,000 while '1LevelAbove' would go on to defeat 'FlatTopTony' heads-up for $15,916.50, the bulk of the (aptly named) Octopus' $78,600 prize pool. PocketFivers, once again, excelled on Saturday with a pair of online pros taking their second titles of the series in the first week. Ukraine's #5-ranked player, 'Gswarrior30', was the champion of Event #79 ($55 $15,000 Breeze NLHE) for just over $3,000. His victory led to his second 4-figure score in just three days. Also a newly crowned two-time winner is Argentinian grinder Christian 'progree69' Sampaoli. Sampaoli, who was a top-10 ranked player as recent as this year, scored just over $4,000 for his win in Event #89 ($109 $15,000 Tornado NLHE). Other PocketFives.com ranked members to close out their respective tournaments included Bogdan 'Ph4N888' Nicolae who closed out a final table that included the aforementioned Sampaoli and took home $5,504. Sweden's 'Namlleh' bested the first event of the day, Event #78 ($109 $15,000 Lightning 6-Max) for over $6,600 – one of the largest cashes of the day. XL Eclipse Day 7 Winners #EventBuy In][poker card="TD"]WinnerPayout 78$15,000 Lightning 6-Max NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]Namlleh$6,656 79$15,000 Breeze NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]GSwarrior30$3,067.50 80$50,000 Octopus NLHE$215][poker card="TD"]1LevelAbove$15,916.50 81$15,000 Deepstack Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]PascalLadale$2,835 82$20,000 Crocodile NLHE$160][poker card="TD"]Fukuruku$4,143.12* 83$25,000 R&A NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]Ph4N888$5,504 84$15,000 Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]moven050$2,850 85$20,000 Monsoon NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]CoinShipper$3,870 86$88,000 Crazy 8$88][poker card="TD"]_Lord_Xenu_$16,456 87$20,000 Mini Crazy 8$8.80][poker card="TD"]caci532,168.32 88$25,000 Saturday Challenge NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]Habilidade0$5,766.50 89$15,000 Tornado NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]progree69$4,025 90$15,000 Turbo Crazy 8 NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]Matheussulz$3,219.75 * denotes final table deal
  23. [caption width="640"] Knockdown, drag-out action over at 888poker during XL Eclipse on Friday.[/caption] There were bounty hunters abound during the 888poker XL Eclipse schedule on Friday. For the first time since the start of the series, players had an extra incentive to go for the kill in the form of bounty tournaments. In fact, as not to overwork players before a massive online poker weekend, there were only eleven tournaments on tap, three of which were of the popular bounty format. Current Worldwide #3-ranked player, 'tutten7', was back in action poised for his second title of the XL Eclipse series in Event #73 ($30,000 Knockout NLHE) the largest tournament on Friday's schedule. The Swedish phenom had a roughly 2:1 chip lead in the middle of heads-up play but was upended late by Lithuanian's 'Apsauginis' who, in a matter of hands, took the lead and closed out the tournament for the top prize of the day, $6135 (+$328 in bounties). As the runner-up, 'tutten7' banked $4,500 (+$328 in bounties) which should push his lifetime online total to over $7.5 million. Event #75 ($35 $25,000 Challenge NLHE) was the best bang-for-your-buck tournament of the day with its modest buy-in and aggressive guarantee. It attracted the most runners of any tournament on the schedule with 824 entries, all of which were faded by Brazil's 'Naollmin' who turned his $35 into $4,772,60 with his victory. PocketFives members were well represented in the winner's circle on this day capturing no fewer than four titles. Former top-ten ranked online player 'overthetop43' chopped up the first event of the day, Event #67 ($109 $15,000 Lightning 6-Max NLHE), capturing the title but taking a little less, $4051.13, than 'ihavenoboss', who came in 2nd. Gytis 'peledazmogis' Lazauninkas scored victory in Event #68 ($55 $15,000 Breeze NLHE) as did Ukraine's 'Bestolo4' in Event #69 ($30 $15,000 Deepstack NLHE). In the theme of the day, it was Finland's 'gifuhorna' who racked up the bounties and the win in Event #75 ($10,000 Turbo Knockout NLHE) adding $2,311.25 (+ $250 in bounties) to his already over $3 million in lifetime cashes. XL Eclipse Day 6 Winners #EventBuy In][poker card="TD"]WinnerPayout 67$15,000 Lightning 6-Max NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]OverTheTop43$4,051.13* 68$15,000 Breeze NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]peledazmogis$3,067.50 69$15,000 Deepstack Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]Bestolo4$3,007.76 70$20,000 Crocodile NLHE$160][poker card="TD"]germaxii$4,708.50 71$15,000 Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]GOLDandVODKA$2,910.60 72$20,000 Monsoon NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]Ezreaal$3,838 73$30,000 Knockout NLHE$150][poker card="TD"]Apsauginis2,168.32 (+ $328) 74$15,000 Mini Knockout NLHE$35][poker card="TD"]PhilreadsU$3,271.87 (+ $82.50) 75$25,000 Friday Challenge NLHE$35][poker card="TD"]Naollmin$4,772.60 76$15,000 Tornado NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]Baistimo$3,613.37* 77$10,000 Turbo Knockout NLHE$75][poker card="TD"]gifuhorna$2,311.25 (+ $240) * denotes final table deal
  24. [caption width="640"] XL Eclipse continues to offer more action everyday at 888poker[/caption] XL Eclipse was in full swing on Wednesday, offering up another hefty slate of online tournaments with enticing guarantees to match. 888poker fired up another 13 events of their September poker series and with them nearly a quarter million dollars was up for grabs. While not the biggest buy-in of the day at $109, the largest prize offering was in Event #47. The Eight Max No Limit Hold’em format offered a $50,000 guarantee which was quickly annihilated as the 607 entrants (and their 325 rebuys) helped almost double the promised prize pool. The tournament went late into the night until finally ’RendOss’ defeated ‘ALLin_Ranger’ heads-up to claim the $17,428.40 payday, easily the largest of the day. Event #44 ($160 $20,000 Crocodile) saw Zimbabwe’s own ‘Triple_20’ take on a stacked final table for his first place prize of $6,159. ‘Magicooo22’, who chopped up this same tournament just two days ago, found his way to 4th place while former #1-ranked online player Andreas ‘r4ndomr4gs’ Beggren bowed out in 7th. Rounding out the final table was avid Twitch streamer Courtney ‘courtiebee’ Gee, who took 9th. A number of other PocketFivers claimed victory in Wednesday’s action including Stephen ‘sizzlinbetta’ Reynolds, who toppled the largest XL Eclipse field of the day when he outlasted the 1,143 runners in Event #48 ($12 $10,000 Mini 8-Max). Additionally, Argentina’sIvan ‘ivanascasubi’ Vilchez, Sweden’s ‘Ipool’ (who also finished 3rd in Event #47) and ‘vampa500’ from Belarus all went on to win on Day 4 . XL Eclipse Day 4 Winners #EventBuy In][poker card="TD"]WinnerPayout 41$15,000 Lightning 6-Max NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]myhometown$5,252 42$15,000 Breeze NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]Ipoo1$3,217.86* 43$15,000 Deepstack Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]Ladzsos$3,240.58* 44$20,000 Crocodile NLHE$160][poker card="TD"]Triple_20$6,159.75 45$15,000 Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]urinal42$3,693.85 46$20,000 Monsoon NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]Fullhousebob$4,776.80* 47$50,000 6-Max NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]RendOss5$17,428.40 48$10,000 Mini 8-Max NLHE$12][poker card="TD"]Sizzlinbetta$3,503.20 49$30,000 Wednesday Challenge NLHE$35][poker card="TD"]pAAdentr0$6,860.16 50$15,000 Tornado NLHE$35][poker card="TD"]Dontundersta$4,393 51$10,000 Turbo 8-Max NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]vampa500$3,244.72 52$20,000 Americas NLHE$160][poker card="TD"]Mekaljevic$5,857.50 53$5,000 Turbo Americas NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]ivanascasubi$1,677.50 * denotes final table deal
  25. [caption width="640"] XL Eclipse provided an action packed Monday at 888poker[/caption] Monday brought with it a new slate of XL Eclipse tournaments over at 888poker. The online site sought to kick off the work week with $175,000 worth of guarantees spread out over 13 events, including the first Pot Limit Omaha offerings on the XL Eclipse schedule. Online players flocked to the 888poker tables, helping the series, once again, exceed their posted guarantees for the day by well over $50,000. All done, there was roughly $239,000 awarded from the XL Eclipse prize pools. 888poker ambassador Parker 'tonkaaaa' Talbot almost became the first two-time XL Eclipse winner. Talbot made a run at the top spot while of Event #27 ($109 $15,000 Tornado No Limit Hold'em). In the end though, Talbot was denied in a heads-up battle with the current #1 ranked player in the Ukraine, Roman 'Romeopro33' Romanovsky. Talbot had to settle for a second place finish and $3,844 to go along with his victory Sunday. Online legend Chris 'moorman1' Moorman also made a deep run in the event, eventually finishing in 12th. The largest tournament of the day, Event #20 ($160 $20,000 Crocodile No Limit Hold'em), was on pace to offer the largest payout of the day, having exceeded its guarantee by over $10,000. A three-way deal at the final table between 'harrrmonica', 'germaxii' and the eventual winner 'Magicooo22' flattened out the payouts at the top. Even with the deal, longtime online grinder 'Magicooo22' still walked with over $5,000, good for one of the four largest payouts of the day. Also, of note, Nicolas 'PKaiser' Fierro – the current #10-ranked online poker player in the PocketFives.com worldwide rankings – walked away with a victory in Event #17 ($109 $15,000 Lightning 6-Max) as did fellow PocketFivers Kevin 'kevlar1991' Frame and 'pokerdave128'. XL Eclipse Day 2 Winners #EventBuy In][poker card="TD"]WinnerPayout 17$15,000 Lightning 6-Max NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]PKaiser$5,564 18$15,000 Breeze NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]pokerdave128$3,780.43 20$20,000 Crocodile NLHE$160Magicooo22$5,154.61* 21$15,000 Swordfish NLHE$30][poker card="TD"]vavilonu4$3,855.33 22$20,000 Monsoon NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]LarsTheGreat$5,657.55 23$15,000 Omaha PLO$109][poker card="TD"]lilcownz$3,900 24$5,000 Mini Omaha PLO$12][poker card="TD"]lebeniss$953.59* 25$10,000 Monday Royal NLHE$22][poker card="TD"]kkrotov$2,300.29* 26$10,000 Monday Flush NLHE$22][poker card="TD"]kevlar1991$2,531.25 27$15,000 Tornado NLHE$109][poker card="TD"]Romeopro33$5,332 28$15,000 Snap NLHE$55][poker card="TD"]F_Uuu$3,225 29$5,000 Mini Snap NLHE$5][poker card="TD"]kuro555$1,073.71 * denotes final table deal

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