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  1. It’s finally official. The weeks of rumors have finally been put to rest as PokerStars is scheduled to put their platform to the real money test on Monday, November 4 and will become the first online operator to offer online poker in Pennsylvania. For PokerStars, the soft launch testing period should take two days before it is officially approved. Once it is, poker players in the Keystone State can get back to their online grind. For a little while at least, PokerStars will be the only operator in Pennsylvania. However, it is just a matter of time before they have competition for the nearly 13 million potential players in PA. Here's a look at the online poker operators that could be next to join PokerStars in the Pennsylvania market. [ptable zone="NJ Online Poker Promos"][ptable zone="888poker"][ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"] WSOP.com One of the most obvious choices to do battle with PokerStars is Caesars Entertainment’s online arm of the World Series of Poker, WSOP.com. Currently the leading online poker room in New Jersey, WSOP.com is powered by 888 software and partnered with Harrah’s Philadelphia, another property of Caesars. World Series of Poker officials have remained tight-lipped about their plans on entering Pennsylvania. When they do, it should only be a two-day testing process for them based on the fact that they already have up-and-running online sites elsewhere in the U.S. WSOP.com would bring a number of exciting opportunities for players in Pennsylvania. Undoubtedly, the ability to satellite into live World Series of Poker bracelet events would be a significant draw, especially in the summer months leading up to the Main Event. In addition to their satellites, WSOP.com offers its own online poker series with big guarantees including seasonal Online Championships as well as Online Circuit Events where players can win an actual ring. Party Poker partypoker’s parent company, GVC, has a deal in place with Valley Forge Casino Resort that would bring the well-known poker brand to PA. Like WSOP.com, partypoker already has a presence in New Jersey, where it shares a player pool with BorgataPoker.com and BetMGM.com. This means that whenever they decide to schedule a soft launch period, it too will only require two days of testing. Going live in Pennsylvania looks to be a piece to a larger puzzle for partypoker. Earlier this year, the Nevada Gaming Commission approved partypoker for an online poker license in Nevada. Currently, there is only one operator in Nevada, WSOP.com. The low population of three million makes it tough for the market to support multiple online poker sites. If partypoker has its sights set on taking over the #1 spot in the U.S. they would need to leverage the same multi-state compact that bolstered WSOP.com. At the same time, they will be looking forward to a time when Pennsylvania may also join the states that have legalized and regulated online poker. Dark Horses partypoker and WSOP.com are two of the most recognizable brands in poker today. But inside the state of Pennsylvania, there are some very popular poker entities that could decide to enter the market. Parx Casino is well-known for its massive Big Stax tournaments and large live poker room. They have also paid the steep $10 million fee to be able to offer online gaming. They are already offering sports betting and online casino games. Should the market warrant it, Parx could leverage their brand to expand into online poker. Rush Street Gaming is the owners of SugarHouse and their interactive arm could bring online poker to PA. Rush Street is already well-known in the poker scene with its televised live cash game Poker Night In America.
  2. The upcoming launch of online poker in Pennsylvania could just a well be a boon to Pennsylvania’s live scene. What started out as a way for a handful of poker vloggers to interact with their fans has turned into an all-out poker movement as ‘Meet Up Games’ continue to pop-up all over the U.S. Notable poker personalities like Brad Owen, Andrew Neeme, Johnnie ‘Vibes’ Moreno and Tim ‘The Trooper’ Watts have brought their online communities out from behind the comments section on their YouTube channels and into the real world to congregate, socialize and play a little poker. For Owen and Neeme, the MUGs have blossomed into a rotating tour of poker rooms from their hometown of Las Vegas to East Coast properties like Maryland Live! and just about every imaginable stop in between. The duo has seen an explosion in their respective online audience in conjunction with the rise of the MUGs. In fact, Owen has recently surpassed his MUG partner Neeme in total subscribers, soaring to over 145,000 fans on YouTube. However, it hasn't always been easy to convince card rooms of the benefits of the MUGs. “Early on it was very difficult pitching the idea of MUGs to prospective properties without a proof of concept,” said Brad Owen. “Most poker room managers weren’t familiar with poker vlogs and didn’t see or understand the value in what we were trying to do. Now that we’ve had success in rooms all over the country, a lot of properties are reaching out to us.” [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="GG Poker"] With some sites seemingly ready to go live, Pennsylvania looks to be a natural fit for an explosion of future Meet-Up Games. The state, which legalized online gaming nearly two years ago, has always had plenty of live options. There are more than 10 properties in the Keystone State that offer live poker, many of which have partnered with a premier online brand to, eventually, roll out an online poker client. Any of these properties would seemingly make for an excellent landing spot for a new batch of online poker streamers to bring their audience out for a night of live gaming. “There are a lot of poker players in and around that area already so I think MUGs should do very well in PA,” Owen said. “Having online poker would open up some possibilities to interact with viewers in a few ways that haven’t been fully explored yet.” Owen and Neeme have a method of targeting locations for possible MUGs. Of course, it’s nice when they are asked by a property to visit or have an established relationship where they can return to, but if the duo is doing the groundwork they have some ideas of what makes for a ‘favorable’ location. “First, we’ll pick a city or region that we know has lots of poker players and vlog watchers. We’ll take into consideration demographics data provided by YouTube analytics as well as comments and message from our followers,” Owen said. “Andrew and I sometimes bring in 200-300 additional people on a weekday so the property that is hosting the event with us has to have lots of open tables and available dealers. This means that poker rooms that are extremely busy almost every night like Aria or Bellagio aren’t ideal since they don’t have much space for us. “A well-trained staff that is willing to let us play bomb pots and double-board bomb pots is also a big plus. Also, it’s a lot of fun to have drinks with everyone after the poker session so it’s nice too if the property has a bar on-site as well.” The casinos in Pennsylvania addresses many of the checklist issues mentioned by Owen. Another popular Twitch Poker streamer, Trevor Savage, knows the area well and is not only looking forward to the launch of online poker in PA, but the possibility of MUGs springing up there when it does. “There are some great places to play poker in PA,” said Savage. “I spent two years playing at Parx every day between 2011 and 2013 in between Black Friday and regulated poker starting in New Jersey. I still have a lot of contacts there and have been in touch with them in regards to getting a MUG going. They are going through the necessary steps with the commission to make this happen so hopefully, we will soon be talking about the first-ever MUG in PA.” Savage is currently living in one of the sweet spots for regulated online poker. He’s a regular in the online games in New Jersey but is planning on capitalizing when online poker in PA finally gets off the ground. “I love in NJ so I already have online poker here but I’m only 15 minutes or so from Philadelphia. When online poker goes live in PA, I may get an office in Philly and commute there a few days a week to play - if it’s only PA player pools and does not include New Jersey. A lot will depend on my schedule with the family and how I feel like things are going in my life more so than the state of the games in PA,” Savage said. The launch of online poker could be a boon for Meet Up Games and vice versa. Players like Owen and Savage could be turning their online audiences into live players and live players being converted to online grinders. “Getting online poker up and operating is huge for the growth of poker everywhere,” Savage said. “Online poker allows people to play in fair, regulated environments from the comfort of their home. Due to the availability of microstakes it decreases the barrier of entry and increases the number of people who can rise up through the ranks.” Savage notes that there may be some hangups by the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board that is stifling the emergence of Meet Up Games due to fact that they are typically filmed and turned into content for the vloggers that organize them. A call to the PGCB legal department was not returned by the time of this publishing. However, if that hurdle can be overcome, Owen notes that MUGs in the Keystone State could become a reoccurring source of excitement for area players. “Once a property has agreed to host with us, the preparation is pretty easy. We ask that they property make the list available as soon as possible for people to add their names to it so that we’ll know how many people to expect and so that we can prepare accordingly. We mostly need to make sure that there will be enough dealers on hand than that there will be enough chips for everyone.” While not yet scheduled to appear in Pennsylvania, Owen and Neeme will be hosting a number of MUGs throughout the end of the year. 10/26 - Southpoint Casino - Las Vegas, NV 11/08 - Cadillac Jack's - Deadwood, SD 11/15-16 - Gratons Resort & Casino - Rohnert Park, CA (No. Cal) 12/10 - Maryland Live! - Hanover, MD 01/23-26 - Aspers Casino - London, UK
  3. It’s not a matter of if online poker will be coming back to the state of Pennsylvania, it’s a matter of when. Currently, online poker giant PokerStars is the frontrunner to be the first to offer online poker players in Pennsylvania a chance to fire up tournaments and cash games in a regulated environment and you can bet that when they do PokerStars Mind Sports Ambassador Jennifer Shahade will be one of the very first to log on. Not only is Shahade a PokerStars ambassador, but she's also a two-time United States women’s chess champion, a poker player and commentator, podcast host, and a mom. She’s also a resident of Philadelphia and one who is ready to get back to the online grind. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="GG Poker"] “I’m super excited to be in Philly during the launch of PokerStars in Pennsylvania and I feel fortunate that I am in one of the first states to regulate online poker, especially as a mom, I can play after I read my son a story," Shahade said. "The timing of online poker tournaments works so well for my schedule so I’m looking forward to the PokerStars PA launch.” It has been a long wait for prospective online poker players in the Keystone State. Nearly two years ago, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf signed the bill that allowed for the regulation and legalization of both online poker and sports betting. July 15 of this year was supposed to be the date when players would be able to get started, but that date came and went without a word. Even though many online gaming services have since launched, poker is not one of them. In recent weeks though, rumors have surfaced that PokerStars is close to testing their poker client and releasing it to the public. “I’m so excited to play on PokerStars from the comfort of my home,” Shahade said. “I can’t wait to bring back the thrill of Sunday evening poker and for that to be brought to players across Pennsylvania.” For Shahade, being both an ambassador for PokerStars and a Pennsylvania resident will place her in a key strategic role for a new, emerging PA online poker community. Shahade notes that the Keystone State has long been a breeding ground for some of the game's top poker players and the return of online poker will likely only contribute to that history. “There are already so many great poker pros from the Philly area, and we’ve had so many world champions and WSOP Main Event final tablists who hail from our parts, including [Scott] Blumstein and [Joe] McKeehen,” she said. “I think a lot of people players who previously lived in New Jersey to play online poker will consider PA as well, especially Philadelphia or Pittsburgh." Certainly, Shahade's excited, but it's not as though she has been just hanging around waiting for poker's return. Shahade spent time this summer in Las Vegas playing in the World Series of Poker, but she's also been receiving quite a bit of buzz over her new podcast, The Grid Poker Podcast. The Grid matches professional poker players with specific starting hands and the conversation dives into specific stories about those hands and what that means to the players. Her guest list reads like a who's who of the poker world including Nick Shulman, Jamie Kerstetter, Ryan Laplante, Lex Veldhuis, and more. “I came up with the idea for The Poker Grid on a sleepless night traveling with my family in the Bahamas for PCA. I was frustrated with the criticism that poker theory and GTO study is boring and is killing the game of poker,” she said. “Rather than shouting from the rooftops that math is beautiful and equilibrium is artistic, I needed a way to express that through content. So it occurred to me to host a podcast with an interview for every cell on the poker grid, an absurdist challenge that could also intrigue people beyond poker, interested in math, literature or art. The idea of using a GRID to improve ties into my passion for chess, where I also have a podcast, Ladies Knight, which celebrates some of the top women in our games.” It not only her guests that have memorable stories attached to specific starting hands. “A few months ago, I spoke about a hand with pocket threes at a sit-n-go at the WSOP, long before I played poker professionally, or worked with PokerStars," Shahade said. "Playing live poker was such a treat for me, so when I got heads-up, I refused to chop, even though my opponent asked me a few times. At a critical moment, I jammed all in with about 15 BBs. My opponent looked down at his cards and promised me that he has a pair and that he would call…or, we could stop the tourney right then and chop - as we were roughly equal in chips. “I said yes after doing some back-of-the-envelope calls, considering that his most frequent holding was deuces, but could easily have 44-66. After I agreed to the deal, I turned over pocket threes, he turned over the other two 3s, and we both roared. I admired his cleverness at getting me to agree to a deal. As with many hands on The Poker Grid, story meets strategy.” There’s going to be plenty of strategy for the Mind Sports ambassador to focus on when online poker finally takes off. She notes that she’s most looking forward to “getting in more volume” while expanding her own understanding of The Grid. “I want to play one session which I ‘play every hand”, except in this case ‘playing every hand’ won’t mean playing 100% of all possible hands, but playing each hand on the Grid at least once,” Shahade said. For a poker pro, navigating every single starting hand possibility could be a fun, exciting challenge. However, that’s not her advice for Pennsylvania players who pick up poker as a new hobby over the next year, of which there could be many of given the new regulated market for PA online poker. “Start small,” she said. “The thrill is still there even if you don’t jump into the biggest tournaments and don’t forget to account for re-entries in your budgeting. “Bankroll management is key to ensure you stay on track and enjoy the experience. Poker is more fun with friends. Find a community of poker players or start a chat group with current poker friends and share interesting hands. PokerStars has many channels that give helpful advice for beginners right the way up to regular players. “The PokerStars School is a good place for some valuable information and they have loads of other fun and complimentary content like Twitch streams, videos, and podcasts, including my own. Ultimately, just start playing, you learn from experience and you can gain experience for very little online.”
  4. While players in the state of Pennsylvania await the launch of PA online poker, there has been plenty of action in the live poker scene across the Keystone State. October has offered players multiple opportunities to get out of the house and into the card rooms to battle over large prize pools and the chance to a trophy or two to their collection. In addition to the upcoming WPTDeepStacks tour setting up shop at the Rivers Casino Pittsburgh starting on October 17, the Parx Casino Big Stax XXXI festival Main Event wrapped up this week bringing to a close nearly a month’s worth of action from Bensalem, PA. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="GG Poker"] Grigoriy Shvarts Bounces Back In Main Event New York’s Grigoriy Shvarts topped the field of 370 entries in the Parx Big Stax 1100 to take home the $82,549 first-place prize. It was the second-largest score of Shvarts’ career, right behind his fifth-place finish in the 2017 WPT Maryland Main Event where he picked up a score of just over $92K. Headed into the final table as the chip leader, Shvarts almost didn’t even have the opportunity to get deep in the tournament when, according to PokerNews live reporting, Shvarts fell ill in the middle of a hand on Day 1, even going so far as asking the tournament director to reach out for an EMT. He finished the hand, which he won, and promptly took some time away from the tournament. After returning on Day 1 and finding a bag that night, Shvarts admitted the illness may have been related to a night of heavy drinking the night before. He got the proper rest that evening and returned refreshed for Day 2 where he continues his run for the title. Eventually, it all worked out for him. He took a healthy chip lead into the final table and battled his way to heads up against fellow New Yorker AJ Jamil. On the final hand of the tournament, Shvarts put in a raise on the button only to be three-bet by Jamil who held [poker card="as"][poker card="td"]. Shvarts made the call and the pair saw a flop of [poker card="4s"][poker card="5c"][poker card="6d"]. Jamil shipped his remaining stack and was snapped off by Shvarts who tabled the [poker card="7d"][poker card="3d"] for the flopped straight. The turn was a [poker card="qd"] leaving Jamil drawing dead. Jamil ended up with $57,793 for his second-place finish. Pennsylvania’s Thomas Parkes exited in third place, collecting $37,154 for his efforts. This is only Parkes' fourth career recorded live tournament result and comes on the heels of a 59th place finish in the 2019 World Series of Poker Main Event where he earned a career-best score of over $142,000. Parx Big Stax 1100 Final Table 1. Grigoriy Shvarts - $82,549 2. AJ Jamil - $57,793 3. Thomas Parkes - $37,154 4. Hal Rotholz - $24,402 5. Rafael Yaraliyev - $18,792 6. Peter Ippolito - $15,547 7. Rafal Kordys - $13,028 8. David Whitnah - $10,651 Victor Ramdin Returns To Big Stax 300 Winner’s Circle The Parx Big Stax 300 ended up in a four-way chop with former PokerStars ambassador Victor Ramdin officially finishing in first place and taking home $48,777. Ramdin’s been having a stellar 2019, racking up his 19th recorded cash in the year which includes a victory in this very same event back in February where he earned over $87,000. Langhorne, PA’s Joseph Agron Jr. booked the biggest score of his career by taking the runner-up spot for $45,455 while Bin Weng also took home a career-high cash of $39,493 as the third-place finisher. New York’s Johnny Lau agreed to take home just over $36,000 for fourth place but he also walked away with just a tiny bit more. The final four players agreed to the money split but pulled high cards to see who would add the Big Stax 300 trophy to their mantle. Lau’s nine-hi card was best so despite officially taking fourth, he took home the trophy. Parx Big Stax 300 Final Table 1. Victor Ramdin - $48,777 2. Joseph Agron Jr. - $45,455 3. Bin Weng - $39,493 4. Johnny Lau - $36,030 5. Dwayne Allen - $16,310 6. Po Ying - $12,283 7. Nate Lindquist - $9,423 8. Steven Petitte - $7,249 9. Jose Pereira - $5,718 Tam Nguyen Wins Big Stax 500 A field of 927 entries piled into the $550 Big Stax 500 to create a prize pool of $440,325 ensuring that whoever made the final table was going to earn a fantastic return on investment. Pennsylvania’s Tam Nguyen took home his own career-high cash of $76,500 in an ICM chop with runner-up Jeffrey Grosso who locked up $65,770 in the deal. Long-time East Coast grinder from New Jersey Michael Marder fell in third place after the final three players played a hand in which all three found themselves all-in. Nguyen had pocket aces, Grosso had pocket kings and Marder, who was at risk, held ace-king suited. Nguyen’s aces held and Marder hit the rail, adding $35,931 to his $1.3 million in career live earnings. Parx Big Stax 500 Final Table 1. Tam Nguyen - $76,500 2. Jeffrey Grosso - $65,770 3. Michael Marder - $35,931 4. Vineet Pahuja - $26,331 5. Mitchell Brown - $19,683 6. Russel Rothstein - $14,795 7. Michael Linster - $11,360 8. Michael Kemeter - $8,718 9. Rafal Kordys - $6,913
  5. Despite seemingly persistent rumors that Pennsylvania is on the verge of finally getting an online poker room, another month has passed without a hand of real money regulated online poker being dealt. It’s been two years since Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf signed the bill into law that would allow for legalized online gaming to take place. And it’s been over three months since July 15, the official launch date of online gaming in the state. While citizens of the Keystone State have been able to bet on sports and play in various online casinos, poker is still nowhere to be seen in the market. In fact, Pennsylvania online casinos arrived right away. Parx Casino and Hollywood Casino launched their online casino immediately with SugarHouse Casino rolling out their online site just two days later on July 17. Over the past three months, there have been whispers that online poker was close to arriving. The latest had the industry anticipating online poker giant PokerStars to enter testing as early as the first week of October. But rather than that coming to fruition, the big news regarding PokerStars came in the form of their parent company The Stars Group being acquired by Flutter, Inc. “We’re working with our partners and the authorities to finalize plans and bring our leading brands to PA’s players as soon as possible,” said a PokerStars representative when asked about a launch date. “There’s a lot to look forward to, so rest assured we’ll be in touch with more details as soon as they’re available.” FOX Bet, the online sports betting arm of The Stars Group, has been available to Pennsylvania bettors since the first week of September. "It is a bit surprising that no operator has yet launched online poker in Pennsylvania, especially considering that Parx and SugarHouse have launched iCasino and have leading retail poker rooms in the state," said USBets Senior Reporter Brian Pempus. "Additionally, poker players have been clamoring for regulated Pennsylvania online poker for the better part of this decade. "On the other hand, with the sluggish nature of the Pennsylvania live poker market, coupled with the years-long struggles for New Jersey's online poker market, it's hard to imagine ring-fenced online poker in Pennsylvania being super attractive for any casino at the moment. The hope is that Pennsylvania is currently working behind the scenes on an interactive gaming reciprocal agreement with New Jersey, as authorized by the 2017 law. In the meantime, I still expect online poker to launch in Pennsylvania while the agreement is explored." Time is running out if PokerStars, or any approved online operator for that matter, would like to deal a hand in October. If an online operator already has an online poker presence, as PokerStars does in New Jersey, that company needs to undergo a two-day stress test of their Pennsylvania operations. Would-be online poker operators that do not have an established platform will require an extra day. As for when will that testing begin, the PA Gaming Control Board appears to be standing by. “When an operator is ready to offer online poker, we will schedule testing,” said PA Gaming Control Board Communicators Director Doug Harbach. Harbach will likely be one of the very first people to know when that testing will take place. When pressed for what he does know right now, he’s not giving any specifics but he does seem to be optimistic that online players will have some good news soon. “We expect the first test to occur with at least one operator very soon,” Harbach said.
  6. It’s another month at the top of the PocketFives United States Online Poker Rankings for New Jersey online poker grinder Yong ‘ykwon17’ Kwon. After taking the first couple of weeks in August off, Kwon soon himself back on the online grind picking up PLB-qualifying scores in bunches. Throughout the second half of the month, Kwon racked up four qualifying scores and nine cashes worth four-figures or more. Kwon’s highlight score was a final table finish in the August 14 edition of the WSOP.com Tuesday Showdown where he picked up $4,810. In total, he amassed of over $27,000 in cashes for the month. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="GG Poker"] Kwon’s September is shaping up to be more of the same with two first-place finishes already under his belt including a victory in the September 10 Super Tuesday on PokerStarsNJ for $4,806. His success not only has him as the #1-ranked player in the U.S., but he also sits at #55 in the world. United States Online Poker Rankings Top 10 RANK PLAYER POINTS 1 Yong 'ykwon17' Kwon 5409 2 Daniel 'centrfieldr' Lupo 5339 3 Vladimir ‘Donate_here’ Alexandrov 4847 4 David ‘dehhhhh’ Coleman 4586 5 Ryan ‘shipthesherb’ Hohner 4267 6 Jon ‘itsmejon’ Borenstein 3592 7 Michael ‘JohnnnyDrama’ Haberman 3579 8 Jason ‘JLaw’ Lawhun 3496 9 Michael 'Gags30' Gagliano 3327 10 Matthew ‘MattEMenz’ Mendez 3282 In past months, since his WSOP online bracelet win, Kwon has held a commanding lead in the rankings. This month, however, the #2-ranked Daniel ‘centrfieldr’ Lupo closed the gap and currently sits only 70 PLB points behind Kwon. It’s been a good month for Lupo who finds himself sitting at a career-high rank of #57 in the world. His rise in the rankings can be attributed to nine PLB-qualifying cashes, three of which were outright victories. His largest score in August was his victory in the August 12 edition of WSOP.com’s $30,000 Weekly Sunday Six Max where Lupo took home a $12,852 score. Two weeks later he nearly repeated the feat, coming up just short finishing as the runner up in the same tournament for another $7,229 payday. Another New Jersey player sitting at a career-high in the Worldwide Rankings is Vladimir ‘Donate_here’ Alexandrov. Alexandrov maintains his #3 ranking in the U.S. for another month but rose to #87 in the world on the back of 11 PLB-qualifying cashes in August. In total, he accumulated 1,220.63 points and just over $66,500 in the month. Even though he had four victories in the month, his largest score came from his runner-up finish in the August 19 edition of WSOP.com’s $100,000 GTD Sunday where he won $17,624 and 222.47 PLB points. David ‘dehhhhh’ Coleman jumped up one spot in the U.S. Rankings to #4 by amassing a string of four-figure score in August. Coleman grinded his way to 22 four-figure scores in a month where he added over $76,000 to his already impressive $2.29 million in career online earnings. Coleman also picked up a five-figure cash when he defeated Daniel Lupo heads up in the August 26 WSOP.com $30,000 Weekly Sunday and picked up $12,852. Like a number of his peers, Coleman is enjoying a career-high rank in the Worldwide Rankings, currently sitting at #104 in the world. After taking some time off in July, Ryan ‘shipthesherb’ Hohner added a little more volume in August. Dropping to the #5 rank, Hohner still managed to pick up some impressive scores as well three outright victories. His spotlight score for the month came on August 14 when he took down the WSOP.com $20,000 Weekly Tuesday for just over $9,000 and 178.01 PLB points. Hohner’s September is headed in the right direction as well having just locked up a five-figure score in the September 9 $30,000 Weekly Sunday on WSOP.com for $13,870. Below are the current top 5 rankings for the U.S. regulated states of New Jersey, Nevada, and Pennsylvania, which is expected to go live with regulated online poker this October. New Jersey Online Poker Rankings Top 5 New Jersey online poker players. RANK PLAYER POINTS 1 Yong ‘ykwon17’ Kwon 5409 2 Daniel ‘centrfieldr’ Lupo 5339 3 Vladimir ‘Donate_here’ Alexandrov 4847 4 David ‘dehhhhh’ Coleman 4586 5 Ryan ‘shipthesherb’ Hohner 4267   Nevada Online Poker Rankings Top 5 Nevada online poker players. RANK PLAYER POINTS 1 Jed ‘JCHAK’ Hoffman 2975 2 David ‘bewater’ Goodman 2916 3 PunnyYouSayThat 2618 4 Tanner ‘Bamatide88’ Bibat 2518 5 Bobby ‘bcm4924’ McLawhorn 2302 Pennsylvania Online Poker Rankings Top 5 Pennsylvania online poker players. RANK PLAYER POINTS 1 Thai ‘thaiha91’ Ha 1314 2 Chris ‘Billypoker101’ Bilinsky 810 3 RyJS 763 4 sr86 604 5 Head218 578
  7. It’s true that the promise of online poker in Pennsylvania has, once again, been slightly delayed. July 15 came and went without the opening of a new online card room, disappointing many of those players were are eager to get back into the online game. There is some forward momentum and some rumblings that one of the major online poker operators will open their virtual doors in the not-too-distant future, giving online grinders their first taste of the new frontier of legal, regulated online poker in the Keystone State. Since it’s been a little while since some of you have had the opportunity to earn an online poker deposit bonus we wanted to take the opportunity to give you some insight on taking that first step when online poker goes live. Ways To Deposit Regulation of online poker has its benefits, one of which is the ease in how players can move their bankroll around. Here are the most popular ways players will be able to get started. Visa/Mastercard For some, putting their first deposit on an online site will be as easy as reaching in their wallet and using their own major credit card. Visa and MasterCard are, for the most part, the most accessible forms of payment in regulated states including Nevada, New Jersey, and Delaware. A couple of items of note when using a Visa/MasterCard to make a deposit: when you use this method to deposit, however, it usually is not the same method used when you withdraw. This means that online sites don’t put money back on a card as payment. Also, there are some banks that will have a limit or even restrict credit cards from being used in an online gaming situation. Those instances will be bank-specific, so if that happens to be your bank there are plenty of other ways to get funds online. Pre-paid Credit Cards If your bank is one that restricts payments to online poker sites, a pre-paid credit card is another valuable option. These cards can be bought in many mainstream convenience stores and are used just like a credit card with funds being deposited online instantaneously. Cash At Cage Every online operator is paired with a land-based casino. For example, PokerStars PA is a partner of the Mount Airy Casino Resort Spa. Traditionally, those casinos allow players to pay in cash, on-site, for deposit into their online account. So, if a player is looking to put money on WSOP.com, they will be able to do so while they are playing at Harrah’s Philadelphia by simply taking their cash to the cage, then heading home to play online. Online Banking/Instant eChecks Instant eChecks are just like regular checks, but online, with funds being transferred from a checking account electronically (ETF electronic funds transfer). Just like a paper check, those funds aren’t taken out of a checking account immediately, it will usually be overnight and sometimes up to seven days for the deposit to clear. In many cases, the online poker site will credit your account right away, allowing you access to those funds to play. But a player cannot withdraw those funds back until the check officially clears. If the balance in your account is greater than the amount of the eCheck, a player can withdraw the difference. However, only once the eCheck clears are the eCheck funds free to be taken back. eChecks are one of the methods of deposit that is also available to use for withdrawal. PayNearMe The PayNearMe option is available at 7-Eleven stores in Pennsylvania and allows players to use cash to deposit online, similar to paying cash at the cage. Players obtain a barcoded PaySlip from their online casino and can then go to any local 7-Eleven with the PayNearMe service and present both the PaySlip and the cash for an instant transfer of funds to an online account. Other Possible Deposit Methods All of the above deposit methods are currently in use for online gaming in Pennsylvania. However, as online poker expands, popular deposit methods may make their way into the community as additional ways to get money onto poker sites. Skrill Skrill is a popular electronic wallet that allows players to hold funds online and transfer back and forth from an online poker site and their own bank. Skrill accounts are funded from a variety of payment methods, including bank transfers and debit cards, and then used as an intermediary to make payments for purchases or, in this instance, deposit funds on an online site without having to provide credit card information. VanillaDirect VanillaDirect is similar to PayNearMe where you obtain a barcoded slip from the online poker cashier and then present the slip and the amount you wish deposited to a VanillaDirect retailer like Dollar General. PayPal One of the most popular electronic money transfer services on the planet is PayPal. It has had an on-and-off relationship with online poker, including being a former deposit method for a number of online poker sites. Currently, PayPal is widely available for both deposit and withdraw in the regulated states of New Jersey and Nevada and so players in Pennsylvania can be optimistic that PayPal will be up and running when online poker goes live. As you can see, regulation really opens the doors on methods for depositing to your favorite online poker site. There will still be some popular options that are unlikely to make their way into the PA online poker landscape. Direct Crypto Players who have been dealing with the effects of Black Friday by playing in off-shore, unregulated sites are likely to have has some interaction with cryptocurrency and Bitcoin as a method of getting funds on and off those sites. In Pennsylvania, not only will that not be necessary but it’s nearly the opposite of what officials are looking for when they are talking about regulation.
  8. New Jersey online grinder Yong ‘ykwon17’ Kwon’s reign atop the PocketFives United States Online Poker Rankings continues. After a busy October filled with both the WSOP.com’s Fall Online Championships and PokerStars NJ’s New Jersey Championship of Online Poker, Kwon sits atop the leaderboard with 5,227 points. Since our last update, Kwon accumulated eight more PLB-qualifying scores including a victory in the October 25 NJCOOP Event #37 ($150 NLHE Turbo) for $3,438 and 122.51 PLB points. His largest score over the past month came during the WSOP.com’s Fall OC $50,000 Special Tuesday Showdown where a final table finish brought him $5,382 and another 94.46 PLB points. During the month of October, Kwon racked up 19 five-figure scores for a total of more than $70,000 in earnings. In addition to being ranked #1 in the U.S., he currently sits ranked at #73 in the world and is rapidly approaching $2.7 million in career online earnings. U.S. Online Poker Rankings Top 10 RANK PLAYER POINTS 1 Yong ‘ykwon17’ Kwon 5,227 2 Daniel ‘centrfieldr’ Lupo 4,912 3 David ‘dehhhhh’ Coleman 4,828 4 Vladimir ‘Donate_here’ Alexandrov 4,586 5 Jon ‘itsmejon’ Borenstein 4,299 6 Mike ‘Lav519’ Lavenburg 4,198 7 Ryan ‘shipthesherb’ Hohner 4,031 8 Jason ‘JLaw’ Lawhun 3,924 9 Michael ‘Gags30’ Gagliano 3,731 10 Michael ‘JohnnnyDrama’ Haberman 3,634 Daniel ‘centrfieldr’ Lupo (4,912 points) once again sits right behind Kwon in the U.S. rankings. Like all serious New Jersey grinders, Lupo was active in the major online series, putting up big results and taking down titles. On October 17, he took down the PokerStars NJCOOP Event #19 ($100, NLHE Turbo) for $2,370 and 100.00 PLB points. Then, the very next day, he claimed a WSOP.com Fall OC title by winning Event #28 ($10,000 Pot Limit Omaha Six Max) for $3,643 and 110.20 PLB points. Lupo did capture a five-figure score with his runner-up finish in NJCOOP Event #15 ($1,000 NLHE High Roller Six Max) for $11,489, good for another 147.53 PLB points. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="GG Poker"] Less than 100 points behind Lupo is David ‘dehhhhh’ Coleman (4,828) who not only ranks #3 in the U.S. but is sitting at a career-high ranking of #93 in the world. Coleman has been putting in heavy volume and it has been paying off. During the last week of October, Coleman finished top-three in four different NJCOOP tournaments. He won Event #32 ($200 NLHE Super Tuesday) for $6,554 and Event #47 ($75 NLHE Sunday SuperSonic SE) for $2,009. On the same day as his second NJCOOP title, Coleman also took down the WSOP.com $50,000 Monthly Sunday for another $23,408 and 270.46 PLB points. Coleman’s heater continued into the beginning of November as, since October 22, he has 12 top-three finishes - eight of which are good for wins. This includes a victory in the November 6 edition of the WSOP.com Tuesday Showdown for $17,036 and another 244.49 PLB points. Vladimir ‘Donate_here’ Alexandrov (4,586) keeps his spot at #4 in the U.S. again this month. Alexandrov also managed to pick up a pair of titles in October. First, on October 13 he won NJCOOP Event #7 ($150 NLHE Sunday SuperSonic SE) for $2,927 and 109.54 PLB points. Then three days later, he topped the field in WSOP.com’s Fall OC Event #22 ($20,000 NLHE R&A) for $8,179 and 173.05 PLB points. Alexandrov has had a nice start to his November, picking up a final table finish in the November 6 WSOP.com Tuesday Showdown for $4,782. Wrapping up the USA top 5 is Jon ‘itsmejon’ Borenstein (4,299), who moves up one spot from last month. Borenstein holds the honor of being the only player to capture three 2019 NJCOOP titles. His first came on October 15 in Event #10 ($250 NLHE Super Tuesday) for $7,341. He followed that up the very next day by taking down Event #15 ($1,000 NLHE High Roller Six Max) for $20,893. Then he wrapped up his series by winning Event #50 ($150 NLHE Dee Hyper-Turbo Six Max) for $2,775. New Jersey Online Poker Rankings Top 5 New Jersey online poker players. RANK PLAYER POINTS 1 Yong ‘ykwon17’ Kwon 5227 2 Daniel ‘centrfieldr’ Lupo 4912 3 David ‘dehhhhh’ Coleman 4828 4 Vladimir ‘Donate_here’ Alexandrov 4586 5 Jon ‘itsmejon’ Borenstein 4299   Nevada Online Poker Rankings Top 5 Nevada online poker players. RANK PLAYER POINTS 1 David ‘bewater’ Goodman 3394 2 Tanner ‘Bamatide88’ Bibat 3234 3 Jed ‘JCHAK’ Hoffman 2823 4 PunnyYouSayThat 2207 5 Bobby ‘bcm4924’ McLawhorn 1960   Pennsylvania Online Poker Rankings Top 5 Pennsylvania online poker players. PokerStars PA launched in Pennsylvania last week and PocketFives expects to have the tracking data soon. In the meantime, we are keeping up with all of the action from Pennsylvania’s Sunday Majors. If you are an online poker player in Pennsylvania and have yet to register your PokerStars PA screen name, here’s how you can set yourself up to battle to be a top-ranked player in the state.
  9. A 15-year veteran of the online poker scene, 34-year-old Andrew 'Head218' Carnevale is one of many top-ranked online poker players in Pennsylvania looking forward to the impending launch of legalized and regulated online poker in his home state. Carnevale, who currently works full-time in providing investment products to investment professionals, has been playing long enough to remember the heyday of online poker and the pain of Black Friday. The return of online poker to Pennsylvania represents a big step for the evolution of US online poker as well as the next step in Carnevale's own poker journey. “I guess my first experience was obviously kind of playing at the dinner table with my grandma and grandpa…stupid card games, probably like five card draw and whatever game the old times used to play," Carnevale said when reflecting on his start in poker. “I really didn’t get into Hold’em until I was in college. I went to school in Washington, DC and I was of the age when the World Series of Poker was on TV,” Carnevale recalls. “Watched that. It might’ve been even before Moneymaker won and I just fired up an account on PokerStars. Just kinda…got going.” Like many who took a flyer on the fledgling field of online poker, the game provided him an avenue of entertainment and competition. He played small stakes cash and tournaments, just looking to bink a tournament or two. “I would just fire online and probably didn’t even have any idea what I was doing.” But over time, Carnevale leveled up, taking online poker more seriously and he even thought about taking a shot at going pro. “I had some aspirations [of turning pro]. After I graduated college I was a caddy for a private golf club. I had cash on me and we would go down to Atlantic City and play live. That was when I was 21, 22, 23 and I thought about it. But as much as I loved the winning sessions, I couldn’t stand losing. I didn’t have the right mentality to handle the swings that you need to in order to be a professional,” he said. But those swings didn’t stop him from staying in the game. Not by a long shot. Carnevale has been a member of PocketFives since 2007, playing small-mid stakes tournaments whenever his busy schedule would allow. He currently has over $200,000 in lifetime earnings and sits as the #4-ranked player in Pennsylvania. Nowadays, he continues to play tournaments on off-shore sites like America’s Card Room and he’s been splashing around in PLO cash games. Having spent some time in New Jersey, he’s ready to take the plunge into the soon-to-be alive regulated online sites of PA. “I’ve been waiting for it for quite some time now,” Carnevale said. “To be honest, I would much prefer to play on the regulated sites, such as the New Jersey sites, then the non-regulated sites - just based on my experience there. "But, yea, I’m totally excited. I don’t know if it’ll change my schedule as far as how much time I spend with it, but it will certainly add an option that I’m looking forward to.” Having played on the regulated sites in New Jersey, Carnevale is hoping that not only will online poker in the U.S. continue to grow but the online operators that are currently offering poker in New Jersey and are coming to Pennsylvania will continue to grow as well. “I just hope that these companies, if they decide to get into it, really spend time with the software,” he said, expressing frustration at some of the current options that are currently rolled out in New Jersey. “I also hope it becomes a competitive landscape that does right by the online community that wants to play and offers the best services that they can in order for everybody to have the best capability to log on and enjoy it.” Carnevale has long since put those pro aspirations behind him, but he continues to 'log on and enjoy' online poker. Although he not sure how often he’ll be playing, he still does have ideas of what may be next for him. “I’m really enjoying PLO cash games in general. One thing though, especially in live poker, I’d love to have a big score again…kind of get your name out there. I’d love to take a trip to the World Series of Poker and have the opportunity to play the Main Event."
  10. “I definitely don’t consider myself a pro. I’m a school psychologist.” Chris ‘Billypoker1’ Bilinsky may not be a professional online poker player, but he’s not your typical school psychologist either. Bilinsky is a long-time New Jersey online grinder who has recently made the move from his home in Pennsauken, NJ to the City of Brotherly Love - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Now, in just under a year of making the move, he’s taken Pennsylvania online poker by storm. “Honestly, it all got started because I had a couple of good sessions over at our local [card room]. That led me to play online. I was like, 'I’m gonna get better playing really low stakes online so that I can do better live'...but I just started doing really well online. It’s so much more convenient. So, I just kinda stuck with [online] more than live. Live is still fun but you can’t beat the convenience of your house.” He’s done really well online indeed. He currently sits as the #8-ranked player in the Keystone State and is rapidly approaching $400,000 in total lifetime online cashes. However, despite having more success than most in the online poker arena, Bilinsky keeps it all in perspective. “This is my second year working full-time, and poker is definitely a nice little side job. At this point I’m doing so well with it, it’s not really a side job...actually, it’s kind of like a second income. But I definitely like the [work/poker] balance because I don’t know if I would be able to sustain being a professional for a long period of time.” Online poker's place in his own life isn’t the only thing he has a good perspective on. Having played in the legalized, regulated online poker market of New Jersey, Bilinsky also has a first-hand view of what to expect when online poker finally goes live in Pennsylvania on July 15. Having spent much of his twenties regularly playing on sites like PokerStars NJ, Borgata Poker and WSOP.com he has experienced how potential players gravitate to online sites in a regulated U.S. market. “I think it’s really important that they get the word out and let people know that it’s regulated now. They talk about the population of Pennsylvania and how that’s supposed to drive customers, but that alone isn’t just going to bring people in. They really have to market this and make sure that people are aware this is happening.” He’s certainly aware that his online options in his new home state are about to open up dramatically, with as many as seven online operators, including online poker heavyweights PokerStars, partypoker and WSOP.com, approved to offer online poker in the state. “I’m just waiting for regulated online to start,” Bilinsky said when talking about what he hopes will follow the impending launch. “Short term, I really have no idea what to expect. I hope to see something every Sunday, like a $100K [guarantee]. Maybe more than $100K! New Jersey and Nevada have $100K every Sunday and I’m hoping that there’s something in Pennsylvania to match it, we’ll see. “Long term, you really want everyone to get together. It’s fairly obvious you want Pennsylvania to get together with New Jersey and Nevada and just build that network. You want New York to be involved and, hopefully, California. All that stuff seems to very slowly be making progress.” For now though as he waits to see what is in store for the Pennsylvania online poker community, Bilinsky continues to occasionally make it out to Sugarhouse Casino for some live tournaments and occasionally dabble online. “I like to stay sharp, I like to keep playing so that when the launch does happen, I’m not rusty at all,” he said. That said, life stays hectic for Bilinsky and poker is just a part of it. From coaching a middle school baseball team and balancing his full-time job, he has scaled back a bit from of his former volume in New Jersey. It has been a good thing for him, both personally and for his poker game. “I am very excited by there finally being a lunch date and I’m watching the New Hampshire lawsuit closely,” Bilinsky said. However, Bilinsky, the school psychologist, is good at keeping perspective. “It’s also important to keep doing other stuff.”
  11. PokerStars PA wasted zero time in bringing excitement to the online poker scene in Pennsylvania. Less than two weeks after launching in the Keystone State, the online poker goliath announced that Pennsylvania would be getting its own $1 million guaranteed Championship of Online Poker. The first-ever PACOOP kicks off next week, running from November 30 through December 16. For over two weeks, online grinders will battle over a schedule that features 50 events with buy-ins ranging from $30 up to $750. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zgone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="GG Poker"] In a bid to attract poker players from across the state, the schedule offers tournaments that cater to bankrolls of every size. However, for those players who are still riding high on the return of online poker and are planning on firing in every event, some serious bankroll management may be necessary as the total buy-ins for all 50 events are just north of $8,000. Satellites For Everyone Luckily, whether you plan on a series-long grind or simply taking a shot in just a couple of events, the PACOOP schedule has plenty of satellite options to help you get into tournaments for the bare minimum. The PokerStars satellite system is plentiful and easy to navigate. Simply launch the PokerStars PA client and select the new PACOOP tab. From there you will see the Events tab on the left, which lists every event and buy-in for the entire series. The Satellites tab is on the right. Once you look inside the Satellites lobby you’ll be presented with an abundance of options for playing your way into the event of your choosing. Another easy way of finding a satellite that fits your schedule is to simply click on the lobby of the event you want to play. Right inside the tournament lobby you can see, and click-thru to, all of the satellites offered of the event. Take for example the satellite options for PACOOP Event #1 ($100 NLHE Nightly Stars Warm Up $20K GTD). At the time of this writing, there are nine total announced satellites. The majority of satellites for Event #1feature a buy-in of just $10 and when all is said and done, no fewer than 25 seats will be guaranteed. If you don’t want to plan too far in advance, each event also features Deadline Satellites. A Deadline Satellite is a turbo or hyper tournament played out just before the featured event. It will end right as the featured event is getting started so should you win a seat, you’ll jump right into the event you were targeting. Main Event Mania One of the must-play events of the series is the $300 buy-in Main Event. With $100,000 guaranteed, it will be the biggest tournament held in Pennsylvania to date and PokerStars is offering up non-stop satellites to help shot-takers of every levels win a seat. Every night, PokerStars is holding at least one event where a seat to the Main Event is guaranteed. Buy-ins for the nightly satellite hover in the $25-$30 range. They are also offering $10 super satellites that give 1 in 5 players a ticket to a $50 Main Event satellite. As the event draws closer, more $50 satellites kick in, each guaranteeing 5 seats. In total, the currently available satellites promise no fewer than 95 seats guaranteed. In addition to the regularly running tournaments, a pair of Main Event Sit & Go’s are consistently available should they fill up. The first is a $107 Six Max Sit & Go that awards two seats. The second is a sixteen player $40 Four Max Sit & Go that also awards two seats to the Main Event. Freeroll The Main There’s one more way to pick up a seat to the Main Event and it doesn’t cost a thing. The PACOOP Main Event Depositor Freeroll is a $7,500 tournament that will give away 25 seats to the Main Event to players who make a deposit of $50 or more on the site using the code ‘PACOOP’ before 1:59pm ET on December 15. For a complete schedule of event for the 2019 PokerStars PACOOP, click here.
  12. It was a tight race at the top of the 888poker top-earners list for October as PocketFivers ‘HanTheMan’ just barely out-cashed out one of Sweden’s top pros in Jerry ‘perrymejsen’ Odeen. Finland’s ’HanTheMan’ finished the month with $19,810 in total earnings, the bulk of which came with his victory in the October 27 edition of the $100,000 Sunday Sale Mega Deep where he took home $19,729. The score is only his second career five-figure cash, both of which have come on 888poker. The large score comes over seven years from his first five-figure cash which took place in 2012 for $24,332. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="GG Poker"] The result not only made ‘HanTheMan’ the top 888poker earner in October but also helped push him over the $ 550,000-lifetime online earnings mark. He currently sits as the #2,111-ranked player in the world. Only $410 behind ‘HanTheMan’ is a player who is no stranger to binking five-figure cashes. Jerry ‘Perrymejsen’ Odeen is an elite online grinder, currently ranked #39 in the world with over $6.1 million in career earnings. In October, the Swedish grinder earned $19,400 despite only cashing in two tournaments on 888poker. One was the October 20 edition of the $100,000 Sunday Mega Deep which was good for a $19,350 score. It’s Odeen’s fourth-best score on 888poker and his first five-figure score in 2019. Canada’s Jonathan ‘JonnyKilo’ Kyriakides takes third on the top-earners list with four cashes and $17,503 in total earnings. Playing under the screen name ‘JonnyJamz’, Kyriakides picked up a victory in the October 13 $100,000 Sunday Mega Deep PKO edition for $17,075. He padded that with a few smaller cashes in the $10,000 Monsoon throughout the month. As a result, Kyriakides currently sits at a career-high ranking of #389 in the world and is less than $60,000 away from earning his $500K badge. 888poker Top Earners of October 2019 PLAYER EARNINGS CASHES WINS HanTheMan $19,810.09 3 1 perrymejsen $19,400.00 2 1 JonnyKilo $17,503.92 4 1 cairob $16,796.00 1 0 Iambl1tz $13,404.88 48 2 zufo16 $13,095.90 8 3 shakentoucan $12,532.40 1 0 LIk3az0mbY $9,992.20 42 4 cedrick1 $9,768.28 17 1 BulhZeye $9,604.57 11 1 Austria’s ‘Lockerl71’ took the top spot in on the most cashes list wrapping up the month of October with 88 in-the-money finishes. A small-stakes grinder earned $1,803 during the month and took down four tournaments, the largest of which came on October 4 in the $200 GTD NLO8 Six Max where he picked up $104. Not far behind him was Lithuania’s ‘gailius46’ with 82 cashes. Despite picking up fewer cashes, he outperformed the list leader by earning $3,219.67 in the month. ‘smooke28’ squeezed out 79 scores in October with eight total victories and a grand total of $1,864 in earnings. 888poker Top 10 Cashers of October 2019 PLAYER EARNINGS CASHES WINS Lockerl71 $1,803.46 88 4 gailius46 $3,219.67 82 3 smooke28 $1,864.60 79 8 Neverhood007 $2,874.89 73 3 sizzlinbetta $1,757.36 60 4 steveysee $1,327.07 55 3 FlyinFinn $3,062.17 53 0 Morinni $3,470.76 52 3 Durval Santos Silva Neto $2,489.39 48 1 Iambl1tz $13,404.88 48 2 Those eight victories for Russia’s ‘smooke28’ was good enough to put him on the top of the players who earned the most victories. It was three victories ahead of Finland’s ‘urgh’, a small-stakes grinder who took down five tournaments and added $873 to his career online earnings of just over $187,000. Russian grinder ‘JonnyWhite1’ also earned five victories over the course of 22 cashes. 888poker Top 10 First-Place Finishers of October 2019 PLAYER EARNINGS CASHES WINS smooke28 $1,864.60 79 8 urgh $873.55 39 5 JonnyWhite1 $1,349.28 22 5 sizzlinbetta $1,757.36 60 4 Lockerl71 $1,803.46 88 4 LIk3az0mbY $9,992.20 42 4 zyabEL $741.60 23 4 MaratTash1 $1,657.60 15 3 zhunda $1,132.61 32 3 steveysee $1,327.07 55 3
  13. February was another fantastic month for PocketFivers crushing the multi-table tournament scene over on 888poker. There were a number of promotions throughout the month, including a two Sundays of rake-free contests. Those promos drew huge fields into 888poker's marquee tournaments with the largest guarantees. Perhaps no PocketFiver was a bigger beneficiary of the RakeLESS tournaments than Latvia’s Rihards ‘Rihard4a’ Dobelis. Dobelis took down the February 17 edition of the $100,000 RakeLESS Sunday Mega Deep for a career-high cash of $27,670. That win propelled him to the top of the 888poker earnings list as he amassed $29,922 in total winnings. That sum included a bronze medal finish in the February 20 edition of the $15,000 GTD Big Fish where he tacked on another $1,700. The Latvian currently sits inside with worldwide top 1000 and had just eclipsed over $600,000 in total lifetime earnings. Right behind Dobelis is another RakeLESS winner. Michael ‘Wywrot’ Wywrot picked up a victory in the February 3 $100,000 RakeLESS Sunday Main Event, taking home $25,137 for his efforts. Wywrot, a PocketFiver since 2006, also binked a fourth-place finish in the February 10 Sunday Challenge bringing in another $2,196 to make a monthly total of $28,045. The Canadian is closing in on an impressive $4 million in total lifetime earnings. Rounding out the top three earners of the month is ‘kudesnik2012’ from Belarus. His runner-up finish to Dobelis in the February 17 $100K RakeLESS Sunday Mega Deep not only brought him a career-high score of $20,276 but it also wrapped the tournament with a one-two finish for PocketFivers, both of whom earned new career-topping cashes and paid no rake to do it. 888poker Top 10 Earners of February 2019 Username Total Won Cashes Wins Rihard4a $29,922.49 8 1 wywrot $28,045.75 3 1 kudesnik2012 $20,515.73 5 0 ksieciunio $18,225.48 14 0 lena900 $17,539.60 2 0 Kaktus26rus $17,171.92 28 2 tim kelly $16,458.50 2 0 JonnyStep $15,405.64 30 3 gifuhorna $14,957.51 29 1 IgorK $14,500.00 1 0 Russia’s ‘Neverhood007’ has, for the third month in a row, topped the list of players who finished in the money. As we have mentioned in the past, as a micro-grinder, ‘Neverhood007’ puts in an amazing amount of volume. Even though this month he ‘only’ finished in the money 66 times (last month he touched 115 cashes), it is still good enough for him to claim the top spot. He pulled in $1,927 in earnings this month, including four top-three finishes. February was the two year anniversary for Austria’s ‘Lockerl71’, who takes second on 888poker's most cashes list. With one fewer cashes than ‘Neverhood007’, his 65 times in the money brought his over $8,600 in earnings. Playing mostly small-to-mid stakes, he picked up two four-figure scores including his monthly highlight of a runner-up finish in the February 5 edition of the $15,000 GTD Big Fish for $2,654. If he continues to put in the kind of volume that he did in February, he will be earning his $500K lifetime total badge before the end of the year. Felipe ‘flocci’ Mocci finds himself up five spots on this list from last month. The Brazilian grinder notched 63 cashes in the month and pulled down just over $1,400 while grinding the micros. Mocci earned 13 top three finishes in the month, five of which were victories. 888poker Top 10 Cashers of February 2019 Username Total Won Cashes Wins Neverhood007 $1,927.40 66 1 Lockerl71 $8,612.63 65 2 fmocci $1,414.44 63 5 DoperHarley $1,250.90 62 3 zon3x $4,862.61 56 1 gailius46 $4,442.77 52 9 evenstacknow $10,814.65 49 1 sizzlinbetta $2,313.88 47 4 Flavio Felipe $2,907.53 45 1 BLaaZeKuSH $4,281.09 42 4 Lithuania’s ‘gailius46’ went on a heater in February, locking down nine total wins to top the list of top first-place finishers. ‘gailius46’, who plays nearly exclusively on 888poker, put together a nice string of results in the month, but none better for him than on February 18. He went back-to-back-to-back with three consecutive victories. First, he won the $1K GTD R&A for $285. He followed that up with a victory in the $1,000 10+10 Knockout for another $282. He wrapped up his day by taking down the $1,000 GTD 8-Max for another $218. In total, he brought home over $4,400 in the month, pushing his lifetime total to more than $330,000. ‘JonnyWhite1’ from Russia sits at number two on this list with six total victories. The small-stakes tournament grinder earned himself just over $1,200 with 14 podium finishes out of 22 total cashes. Mocci also finds himself tied for third on this list with Brazil’s ’cllaytoon’, both of whom earned five total victories in the month. ‘cllaytoon’ added $1,975 to his total career earnings, pushing it to just up over $20,000. 888poker Top 10 1st Place Finishers of February 2019 Username Total Won Cashes Wins gailius46 $4,442.77 52 9 JonnyWhite1 $1,206.01 22 6 cllaytoon $1,975.70 26 5 fmocci $1,414.44 63 5 BLaaZeKuSH $4,281.09 42 4 FerDJin $2,649.07 11 4 sizzlinbetta $2,313.88 47 4 Cherman9 $1,763.83 40 3 keribazas $2,255.61 38 3 vsmithc413 $5,260.99 27 3
  14. For the first time in his prestigious online career, Sweden’s Johannes ‘Greenstone25’ Korsar took down the PocketFives Monthly Leaderboard, taking the honor for the month of October. The fact that this is the first month that Korsar has earned the PLB title is surprising when taking into account how prolific an online grinder he is. He's been a PocketFiver for four years with nearly 8,400 lifetime cashes. He's in elite company as he sits at #6 on the All-Time Online Money List with over $13.6 million in earnings and he's currently the #4-ranked player in the world. One look at Korsar's profile shows you everything you need to know about his online prowess. He has earned a number of High Roller victories in recent years as well picking up a pair of massive six-figure scores, including his runner-up finish in this year’s PokerStars Winter Series Main Event for over $260,000. In October, Korsar picked up nine PLB qualifying cashes including a victory in the October 6 edition of the PokerStars High Roller Club $530 Sunday 500 for $20,296 and 322.49 PLB points. He also scored big in the October 20 edition of the partypoker High Roller Sunday Big Game for another $46,375 and 316.89 PLB points. In total for October, Korsar picked up five five-figure scores and another 25 four-figure scores. When all was said and done, the #2-ranked Swede cashed in 80 tournaments, good for over $237,000. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="GG Poker"] After putting in an amazing amount of volume, Canadian grinder Jimmy ‘JMolloy’ Molloy finished the month less than 200 points behind Korsar. It’s hard to imagine that Molloy had much of a life outside of online poker in October having registered over 325 cashes in the month, playing nearly every tournament on the schedule on both PokerStars and partypoker. He started the month off with a victory in the partypoker Monster Series Event #11 for $3,294 and 167.69 PLB points and he simply never slowed down. He picked up 11 PLB-qualifying cashes with his largest score of the month coming with a victory in the October 20 edition of the PokerStars High Roller Club $1,050 Sunday Warm-Up for $31,905 and 389.87 PLB points. Molloy, also a longtime PocketFiver, has over $7.6 million in lifetime earnings. He’s Canada’s #4-ranked player and currently sits at #50 in the world. Brazil’s Dennys ‘dennysramos2’ Ramos had a solid month in October, good for the #3 spot on the PLB scoreboard. His 12 PLB-qualifying cashes were highlighted by a pair of five-figure scores in the middle of the month. Ramos finished as the runner-up in the PokerStars Bounty Builder Series Event #77 ($1,050 NLHE Eight Max) for $21,125 and 248.61 PLB points, On the same day he ended up winning Event #81 ($530 NLHE) in the same series for another $16,129 and 296.65 PLB points. Finishing in the #4 spot is the former #1-ranked PocketFiver Sebastian ‘p0cket00’ Sikorski. After taking the first half of the month off, Sikorski kicked in his online grind picking up eight PLB-qualifying cashes. He racked up five five-figure cashes including two victories in the PokerStars Bounty Build Series. The first came on October 15 when he took down Event #29 ($1,050 NLHE) for $32,994 and 423.08 PLB points. He followed that up with another victory three days later in Event #68 ($109 NLHE Turbo) for $14,715 and 313.37 PLB points. The final spot in the top 5 belongs to the current #1-ranked online poker player Patrick ‘pleno1’ Leonard. The partypoker ambassador cashed 43 times in the month with his high score coming on October 20 in the partypoker High Roller Gladiator where he took home a massive $78,761 first-place prize and 552.62 PLB points. PocketFives October Monthly PLB RANK PLAYER POINTS 1 Greenstone25 2612 2 JMolloy 2438 3 dennysramos2 2350 4 p0cket00 2180 5 pleno1 2143 6 bah22 2115 7 pvigar 2102 8 inhoo 2039 9 girafganger7 1949 10 lena900 1940
  15. It was a career day for Vinicius ‘viniperri’ Perri as the Brazilian grinder earned his first-ever six-figure score by winning Sunday’s PokerStars $109 Sunday Million for $111,769.63. Perri outlasted the field of 10,890 entries and took home the largest piece of the $1.089M prize pool in an effort that propelled him over $500,000 in lifetime online cashes. Bulgaria’s ‘noob3r’ finished as the runner-up, earning $81,103.38 for the effort and ‘luvictor88’ from Vietnam took home the bronze and $58,856.74. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="GG Poker"] The finale of the PokerStars $2,100 Sunday High Roller was an online poker star-studded affair as Russian crusher ‘hellohellohello’ added to his over $10 million in career earnings by defeating Gianluca ‘Tankanza’ Speranza heads up for the $38,866.98 first-place prize. Speranza, the two-time Spring Championship of Online Poker Main Event winner, took home $30,486.65 as the runner up. Jon ‘apestyles’ Van Fleet finished in third place picking up another $23,913.31 to add to his over $16 million in career earnings, an amount good for fourth on the All-Time Online Money List. The #9-ranked player in the world Tomi ‘elmerixx’ Brouk defeated the field of 745 entrants in the PokerStars $215 Sunday Warm-up for a $25,315.68 payday. Brouk, who hit as high as #3 on the worldwide rankings this year, sits less than $120K away from eclipsing $10 million in total career cashes. Right behind him in the Warm-up was Brazil’s ‘pitaoufmg’ who earned$18,370.98 in his runner-up effort. ‘psyhoagromor’ finished in third place for $13,331.81 partypoker ambassador Roberto ‘R_Romanello’ Romanello collected a nice six-figure score by winning the partypoker $5,200 Sunday Big Game $500K GTD for $129,625. ‘YouGotTheDud’ also took home a healthy score, walking with $91,875 as the runner-up. Only a few players made more money on Sunday than the #1-ranked player in Hungary, ‘Wildace_hun’. The online pro had a spectacular Sunday making the final table of three Sunday Major final tables. His sun run included a sixth-place finish in the $109 Sunday Million for $22,494.27, a seventh-place finish in the $2,100 Sunday High Roller for $9,052.28 and a fourth-place finish in the PokerStars $530 Bounty Builder High Roller PKO for $16,404.78 + $3,292.97 in bounties. ‘Wildace_hun’ currently sits as the #34 ranked player in the world and with these results, he can expect to jettison higher than his previous career-high of #32 in the world. PokerStars $109 Sunday Million $1M Guaranteed 10,890 entrants, $1,089,000 prize pool 1. viniperri - $111,769.63 2. noob3r - $81,103.38 3. luvictor88 - $58,856.74 4. Hitthehole - $42,712.43 5. asker444 0 $30,996.53 6. Wildace_hun - $22,494.27 7. GabiMuguruza - $16,324.21 8. timetopop87 - $11,846.57 9. 1mDonuts - $8,597.00 PokerStars $2,100 Sunday High Roller $85K Guaranteed 80 entrants, $160,000 prize pool 1. hello_totti - $38,866.98 2. Tankanza - $30,486.65 3. apestyles - $23,913.31 4. bencb789 - $18,757.26 5. house800 - $14,712.92 6. omaha4rollz - $11,540.60 7. Wildace_hun - $9,052.28 8. simon1471 - $7,100.48 9. tonkaaaa - $5,569.52 PokerStars $530 Bounty Builder High Roller PKO $350K Guaranteed 1,024 entrants, $512,000 prize pool 1. NatasBG - $41,655.30 + $28,226.11 in bounties 2. Pendall - $30,532.78 + $8,487.89 in bounties 3. BillLewinsky - $22,380.44 + $3,771.49 in bounties 4. Wildace_hun - $16,404.78 + $3,292.97 in bounties 5. gangst3m1 - $12,024.65 + $8,441.40 in bounties 6. husajn54 - $8,814.02 + $7,427.01 in bounties 7. BruinBeer - $6,460.64 + $1,027.43 in bounties 8. ImTheNuts1 - $4,735.65 + $968.75 in bounties 9. kelvin - $3,471.23 + $3,312.50 in bounties PokerStars $215 Sunday Warm-up $115K Guarantee 745 entrants, $149,000 prize pool 1. elmerixx - $25,315.68 2. pitaoufmg - $18,370.98 3. psyhoagromor - $13,331.81 4. slarki1 - $9,674.91 5. stilchuka - $7,021.07 6. Gutlaufen - $5,095.18 7. DonCorleone - $3,697.56 8. Pser33 - $2,683.32 9. Rashad 42412 - $1,947.28 partypoker $5,200 Sunday Big Game $500K Guaranteed 105 entrants, $525,000 prize pool 1. R_Romanello - $129,625 2. YouGotTheDud - $91,875 3. games123456 - $65,625 4. Player1234560423 - $45,937 5. El_Cucuy - $34,125 6. PunchlineEnBata - $26,250 7. sims_or_sins - $21,000 8. Porsche911 - $17,062 partypoker $2,100 High Roller Gladiator $200K Guaranteed 133 entrants, $272,650 prize pool 1. CharlesBarkley - $25,476.84 + $32,361.35 2. NewYorkJimmY - $25,450.15 + $22,123.82 3. ThinnusButyrum - $17,974.20 + $10,910.15 4. Player1234560423 - $12,731.72 5. EmpireMaker - $9,361.56 + $2,100 6. CocaineKiller - $6,216.07 + $8,622.50 7. mogvision. - $4,189.50 + $6,464.06 8. Quantum_Leap - $4,189.50 + $6,464.06 partypoker $530 High Roller Bounty Hunter $250K Guaranteed 483 entrants, $250,000 prize pool 1. jojopoker236 - $18,200.35 + $25,364.31 2. NewYorkJimmY - $18,175.39 + $4,355.88 3. happymermaid - $12,468.47 + $3,822.66 4. MahmoudMokhtar - $8,673.72 + $5,857.04 5. BRAER_71RUS - $6,152.92 + $6,488.70 6. Double_UP - $4,472.38 + $1,689.84 7. HennHuegele - $3,184.88 + $1,632.42 8. TomHuls99 - $2,303.95 + $1,607.81
  16. The final events of the PokerStars 2019 New Jersey Championship of Online Poker wrapped up on Monday as New Jersey’s Tenzin ‘tc_ownz’ Chakdor won the $300 buy-in $100,000 GTD Main Event for a career-high online score of $19,111.88. Chakdor’s victory capped off over two weeks worth of online action in New Jersey as grinders battled in the 50-event series that paid out over $1 million in total prize pools. Chakdor (playing under his PokerStarsNJ screen name ‘Mc_lovin1632’) navigated his way through the 373-entry field to lock up the biggest payday of the entire series. This isn’t the first time Chakdor has found success during NJCOOP. While it may be his largest cash in terms of money in his pocket, just last year he was the winner of the PSPC Main Event All-in Shootout which awarded him a $25K Platinum Pass and a trip to the Bahamas for the 2019 PSPC. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker"][ptable zone="PokerStars NJ"] Multiple NJCOOP Titles With over 50 events, Chakdor has plenty of company when it comes to NJCOOP title winners. Some of those players were lucky enough to take down more than one. New Jersey’s current #5-ranked player Jon ‘toddchipman’ Borenstein racked up the most NJCOOP victories by taking down three tournaments. He earned his first victory in Event #10 ($250 NLHE Super Tuesday) for $7,341.17. Then he followed that up with a first-place finish in Event #15 ($1,000 NLHE High Roller Six Max) after a deal for $16,892.70. Finally, Borenstein captured his third title of the series in the final event of the series, Event #50 ($100 NLHE Hyper-Turbo Six Max) for an additional $2,775.44. His NJCOOP rush will send him up over $1.3 million in lifetime earnings and a career-high ranking of #166 in the world. Borenstein wasn’t the only player to lock up more than one title. He was joined by Anthony ‘FlawlessBINK’ Maio, ‘angel zera’ and ‘snapcallzzz’ all of whom each took down two tournaments. New Jersey’s former #1-ranked grinder David ‘dehhhhh’ Coleman also booked a couple of wins when he took down Event #32 ($200 NLHE Super Tuesday) for $6,553.67 and Event #47 ($75 NLHE Sunday SuperSonic Hyper-Turbo) for $2,008.92. Non-Stop Value Added The 2019 NJCOOP also offered plenty of added value for New Jersey online poker players as aggressive guarantees were routinely missed throughout the entire series. Of the 50 events, 28 tournaments played for the guarantee. In one instance, they hit the guaranteed number right on the nose. In seven others, the prize pool surpassed the guarantee, but the online site needed the rake to cover the number. In these cases, players basically played for a reduced rake as part of their rake was used for the prize pool. In 20 events, PokerStars needed to add money to the prize pool to cover the guarantee. The total amount over the course of the series is just over $39,000 worth of overlays with 13 events needing an infusion of at least $1,000. The largest overlay came in Event #30 ($300 NLHE Four Max) where PokerStars added $5,700 to hit the $30K guarantee. In 2020, NJCOOP may find that it is not PokerStars' only major US online poker series. PokerStars is reportedly on the verge of launching its second regulated online poker site in the state of Pennsylvania. When PA online poker finally does go live, perhaps a PACOOP won't be too far behind. PokerStars 2019 NJCOOP Winners # EVENT ENTIRES PRIZE POOL WINNER WINNINGS 1 $100 NL Hold'em [Nightly Stars - NJCOOP Warm-Up] 242 $22,215.60 sareeBAcoMEHH $4,273.28 2 $200 NL Hold'em [Turbo - NJCOOP Warm-Up] 67 $16,000.00 bgrif32 $4,400.21 3 $200 NL Hold'em [Deepstack, 8-Max] 134 $27,500.00 TeethOfBags $5,725.84* 4 $150 NL Hold'em [Progressive KO] 148 $22,500.00 angel zera $2,847.24 5 $250 NL Hold'em [Sunday Special SE] 201 $55,000.00 CoonG23 $10,814.85 6 $100 PL Omaha [6-Max] 84 $10,000.00 Bortzork $2,404.55 7 $150 NL Hold'em [Sunday SuperSonic SE, Hyper-Turbo] 78 $12,000.00 D.Drumpf $2,926.93 8 $100 NL Hold'em [4-Max, Progressive KO] 213 $19,553.40 DaBirds23 $1,919.90 9 $75+R PL Omaha Hi/Lo [8-Max] 48 $12,500.00 grinder03 $4,904.43 10 $250 NL Hold'em [Super Tuesday SE] 152 $35,416.00 toddchipman $7,341.17 11 $30 NL Hold'em [Mini Super Tuesday] 397 $10,838.10 BrigBeast06 $1,964.58 12 $150 NL Hold'em [Escalating Antes] 122 $16,799.40 L!ghtSout $3,670.44 13 $100 NL Hold'em [Bubble Rush] 122 $12,000.00 supremetny $2,630.33 14 $100 NL Holdem [Progressive KO] 216 $19,828.80 FlawlessBINK $2,172.31 15 $1,000 NL Hold'em [High-Roller, 6-Max] 46 $50,000.00 toddchipman $16,892.70* 16 $150 NL Hold'Em [6-Max] 100 $13,770.00 J3tBl!ckP0pe $3,182.85 17 $200 NL Hold'em [Thursday Thrill SE] 109 $22,000.00 zapzer7 $3,036.53 18 $50+R NL Hold'em 74 $12,000.00 rosseg $3,900.00 19 $100 NL Hold'em [Turbo] 100 $10,000.00 AvaGray $2,369.95 20 $300 Eight-Game [6-Max] 55 $15,400.00 D0naldTrump8 $4,620.00 21 $150 NL Hold'em [Bubble Rush, 6-Max] 75 $10,327.50 rosseg $3,050.98 22 $100 NL Hold'em [Deepstack, 8-Max] 146 $13,402.80 1EveryDay1 $2,778.23 23 $200 NL Hold'em [Bigstack Turbo] 54 $10,044.00 R@zzleDazz1e $3,479.64 24 $100 NL Hold'em [Marathon] 104 $10,000.00 snapcallzzz $2,077.31* 25 $100 Mixed NLHE/PLO [6-Max] 74 $10,000.00 KoolerU $2,954.25 26 $150 NL Hold'em [Progressive KO, 6-Max, Big Antes] 143 $20,000.00 snapcallzzz $2,131.50 27 $350 NL Hold'em [Sunday Special SE] 174 $60,000.00 MisAnnthr0pe $12,080.33 28 $200 NL Hold'em [Progressive KO] 140 $32,000.00 bluesnj $4,658.77 29 $100 NL Hold'em [Sunday SuperSonic SE, Hyper-Turbo] 90 $10,000.00 ForTheThr1ll $2,369.95 30 $300 NL Hold'em [4-Max] 81 $30,000.00 angel zera $7,317.22 31 $500 PL Omaha [High-Roller, 6-max] 35 $18,000.00 mmenz08816 $8,072.53 32 $200 NL Hold'em [Super Tuesday SE] 175 $32,550.00 coles93 $6,553.67 33 $100 No Limit Omaha Hi/Lo [8-Max] 71 $8,000.00 1234 fifffff $2,180.00 34 $30+R NL Holdem [6-Max] 118 $10,000.00 hubbiee $2,600.00 35 $200 NL Hold'em 97 $20,000.00 laura33188 $4,739.85 36 $250 NL Hold'em [Thursday Thrill SE] 118 $28,000.00 TiltedHard $3,498.54 37 $150 NL Hold'em [Turbo] 109 $15,009.30 iFoldN0T $3,437.65 38 $200 FL Holdem [6-Max] 37 $8,500.00 MacBlackwood $3,400.00 39 $200 NL Hold'em [Deep, Hyper-Turbo] 55 $10,450.00 JerseyRU $3,726.94 40 $300 NL Hold'em [6-Max] 80 $25,000.00 MartinChatwn $6,812.50 41 $75 NL Hold'em [Zoom] 198 $13,513.50 rayteddy93 $2,653.80 42 $100 NL Hold'em [Big Antes] 126 $12,500.00 Bout2shove $2,739.89 43 $300 NL Hold'em [Main Event, 2-Day Event] 373 $104,440.00 Mc_Lovin1632 $19,111.88 44 $50 NL Hold'em [Main Event Structure] 500 $22,750.00 cl1ckinbtns $4,042.37 45 $100 NL Hold'em [Win the Button] 148 $13,586.40 FlawlessBINK $2,816.28 46 $150 PL Omaha [6-Max] 58 $12,500.00 notabuyer $4,458.02 47 $75 NL Hold'em [Sunday SuperSonic SE, Hyper-Turbo] 130 $9,165.00 coles93 $2,008.92 48 $150 NL Hold'em [Nightly Stars SE - NJCOOP Wrap-Up] 223 $20,471.40 RatherBinAC $3,718.38 49 $100 NL Hold'em [Phase Day 2] 44 $31,212.00 Wsopboy1997 $6,382.91 50 $100 NL Hold'em [Deep, Hyper-Turbo, 6-Max] 81 $11,542.50 toddchipman $2,775.44  
  17. The Venetian Poker Room’s controversial Lucky Shot Poker Series and Drawing wrapped up Sunday with the 'Total Prize Pool' scheme providing mixed results for both the players and the card room. It was just over a month ago that the Venetian's October series earned criticism from the poker community due to its use of ‘Total Prize Pool’ as opposed to a standard guarantee. The Total Prize Pool was a pre-determined amount that would never increase or decrease no matter how many players entered the tournament. While the Venetian would cover any amount under the Total Prize Pool, any amount collected over the prize pool became "the sole property of The Venetian Poker Room.” Members of the poker community swiftly noted that while the poker room was on the hook for the total prize pool, it offered the Venetian unlimited upside in terms of rake collected. The Lucky Shot Poker Series and Drawing offered five events with a Total Prize Pool, the largest of which was Event #1, the week-long, multi-flight $150,000 Total Prize Pool. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="GG Poker"] Early Returns Before the conclusion of Sunday's $150,000 tournament, there were four smaller events held throughout the week. All of these tournaments with the Total Prize Pool model benefited the Venetian. For example, in Event #2 ($125 NLH SuperStack $4,000 Total Prize Pool) 45 players paid the buy-in resulting in a total of $5,625 collected. This meant that $1,625 went to the house and $88.88 of each buy-in was put into the prize pool. That equates to roughly 29% rake. In a standard $125 Venetian event, $20 goes to the house with another $10 for the staff. This calculates to approximately 24% rake. At 45 players, $1,350 would be generated in rake using the standard model. With the Total Prize Pool, $275 extra was collected by the house. Put another way, for this specific tournament each player paid an extra $6.11 in rake. In each of the four of the prelim events that had a Total Prize Pool, the Venetian took in more than their standard rake. Bounty Is Better The biggest boon for the Venetian came in the two scheduled bounty tournaments. The structure sheet says that the bounties are part of the prize pool. So when 69 players registered for Event #3 ($200 NLH Bounty $9,000 Total Prize Pool), it created $3,450 in $50 bounties. Take that away from the $9,000 Total Prize Pool and players were left to fight over $5,550 with the Venetian taking in $4,800 in rake. Instead of each player paying a standard $40 in rake per $200 buy-in ($26 as an entry fee and $14 as a staff fee), players paid an additional $29.56 per player in rake for a total of $69.56 per $200. The tournament was raked just under 35%. As high as that sounds, Event #5 ($125 NLH Bounty $6,000 Total Prize Pool) collected an even higher percentage of rake. Ninety-three players paid $125 to create a prize pool of $11,625. The $5,625 overage was $2,835 more rake than if the 93 players paid the standard $30 rake (in addition to the $25 bounty). Every player in this tournament paid an extra $30.48 in rake, essentially paying $60.48 on a $125 buy-in. Event #5 was raked at roughly 48.3%. Prelim Rake Calculations # Event Total Prize Pool Total Collected Percent Rake 2 $125 NLH SuperStack $4,000 $5,625 29.00% 3 $200 NLH Bounty ($50 Bounties) $9,000 $13,800 35.00% 4 $125 NLH SuperStack $4,000 $5,625 29.00% 5 $125 NLH Bounty ($25 Bounties) $6,000 $11,625 48.30% $150,000 Total Prize Pool The biggest test of the Total Prize Pool came in the $250 buy-in, $150,000 tournament. The tournament had six starting flights taking place throughout the week and early on, the number of entries was less than impressive as only 34 entered on Flight 1A. However, as the week rolled on, the Venetian sent out an ‘Overlay Alert’ on their blog and entrants began to roll in. By the time registration closed on Saturday’s Flight 1F, a total of 645 players bought in. The $161,250 prize pool was enough to cover the Total Prize Pool for the Venetian, allowing them to rake $11,250. However, it was far from optimal for the card room. In a standard model where of the $250 buy-in, the Venetian would take ~20% - $50 ($35 for the house, $15 for the staff) - the room would have collected $32,250 but been forced to cover $21,000 in overlay. This was a huge plus for the players, with each of them essentially only paying $17.44 in rake and picking up an addition $32.55 per person in value for this specific tournament. The biggest winner of the entire series was Portugal's Diogo Bento, who won the event, taking home a career-high cash of $30,750. Not How It Was Drawn Up In addition to the tournaments, the Venetian held a $52,000 drawing at the end of the week. For every $250 in tournament entries, players picked up a ticket to the drawing. According to the Venetian, 516 players earned 710 tickets for 22 prizes. The drawing included 21 $2,000 prizes and a single $10,000 prize. In the end, the overflow of rake was not enough to cover the total $52,000 of the drawing. The total amount of rake collected during the five Total Prize Pool events was $24,925, leaving the card room to cover $27,075. There was a final event in the series that did not contain a Total Prize Pool which did generate rake.
  18. History was on the line Wednesday as 15-time World Series of Poker bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth found himself battling heads-up for a record-extending 16th WSOP title in the 2019 WSOP Europe €25,500 Mixed Games Championship. However, it was not meant to be for Hellmuth on this day as he ran into the heater of Switzerland’s Besim Hot, who defeated Hellmuth in heads-up play and took home the €385,911 first-place prize and his first WSOP gold bracelet. Besim finished Day 2 of the tournament with a massive chip lead and never found himself in very much trouble throughout the final table despite being up against some of poker’s toughest competition. As one might expect, the final table of the €25,500 Mixed Games Championship was loaded with some of poker's elite mixed game talent, including WSOP Player of the Year contender Daniel Negreanu, 2019 PSPC runner-up Julien Martini and 2019 World Series of Poker Main Event third-place finisher Alex Livingston. It took over two hours into the final table for the first player to fall. During a Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better round, Alex Livingston lost a big hand to Daniel Negreanu where Negreanu hit a high hand of two pair holding [poker card="ac"][poker card="kh"][poker card="8c"] and showing [poker card="4s"][poker card="8h"][poker card="qh"][poker card="ad"]. The very next hand Livingston found himself all in and facing elimination against Hot who hit a ten-high straight on sixth street while Livingston made a set of aces. Seventh street didn’t improve Livingston’s hand and he bowed out in seventh place, taking home €38,389. Negreanu’s stack took a big hit in the Omaha Hi-Lo 8 or Better round and he found himself clinging to a short stack as the game changed to Razz. In Negreanu’s final hand of the tournament, he was at odds with Hellmuth, who was battling for the chip lead. Negreanu took the betting lead early in the hand but was raised all-in on fifth street where Negreanu committed the last of his chips. When the card were turned up Negreanu held [poker card="ax"][poker card="9x"]/[poker card="7x"][poker card="3x"][poker card="9x"] to Hellmuth’s [poker card="8x"][poker card="2x"]/[poker card="5x"][poker card="jx"][poker card="3x"]. Sixth street was the killer for Negreanu who double paired his board when he picked up a [poker card="7x"] and Hellmuth grabbed an [poker card="ax"]. Negreanu was drawing dead and exited in sixth place for €54,287. However, his deep run in this pivotal tournament provided him enough points to take over the 2019 WSOP Player of the Year race for the time being. In a Seven Card Stud Hi-Lo 8 or Better round partypoker ambassador Dzmitry Urbanovich mixed it up with France’s Julien Martini. Urbanovich completed holding a [poker card="9x"] and Martini made the call showing a [poker card="kx"]. Urbanovich led out on fourth and fifth street, and as Martini continued to call, his stack was starting to dwindle. Urbanovich bet again on sixth, Martini continued to call and on the seventh card, Urbanovich put Martini all-in. Martini, with less than one big blind behind, was forced to call showing down [poker card="2h"][poker card="8c"][poker card="tc"]/[poker card="kh"][poker card="4d"][poker card="2d"][poker card="7s"] for a pair of deuces and a missed low draw. Urbanovich showed down two pair with his [poker card="qc"][poker card="9h"][poker card="3d"]/[poker card="9c"][poker card="3h"][poker card="ad"][poker card="qd"] hand, taking down a healthy pot and sending Martini to the rail in fifth place for €77,502. With four players left, during a No Limit Hold’em round, Benny Glaser found himself super short stacked. He put in a raise holding [poker card="jc"][poker card="8s"] but left himself a single chip behind. Urbanovich made the call with [poker card="9d"]9c] on the button and Hellmuth called from the big blind. The flop fell [poker card="qh"][poker card="th"][poker card="5h"] and Glaser tossed in his final chip. Urbanovich isolated with a raise and Hellmuth's cards hit the muck. Glaser needed help to remain in the tournament. The [poker card="qc"] hit the turn and as the [poker card="ad"] fell on the river, Glaser said his goodbyes to the table and headed to the cashier to pick up his €111,689 for his fourth-place finish. Despite picking up the knockout, Urbanovich was still looking up at both Hellmuth and Hot on the leaderboard. After losing a couple of big hands, one in O8 and another in Razz, Urbanovich was sitting on under ten big blinds. During the same Razz round that he lost a huge hand to Hellmuth, he found himself all-in, again facing Hellmuth. Urbanovich was drawing live to seventh street hoping to improve on his [poker card="6x"][poker card="2x"]/[poker card="kx"][poker card="7x"][poker card="qx"][poker card="4x"] hand versus Hellmuth’s [poker card="7x"][poker card="4x"]/[poker card="2x"][poker card="9x"][poker card="8x"][poker card="7x"]. But on the final card, Urbanovich picked up a [poker card="6x"], pairing his six leaving him dead to Hellmuth’s hand. Urbanovich busted in third place for €162,463. It was a familiar sight for World Series of Poker fans as Phil Hellmuth prepared to battle in hopes of extending his WSOP record and claim his 16th bracelet. However, Besim Hot was running like his namesake as the duo sat down to close out the tournament. From the onset, Hot continually chipped up as Hellmuth found himself losing hand after hand, no matter what game was being played. The final hand of the tournament was played in PLO as Hot raised on the button holding [poker card="qc"][poker card="js"][poker card="9s"][poker card="7h"] and Hellmuth defended with [poker card="ah"][poker card="9d"][poker card="4h"][poker card="3c"]. The flop came [poker card="tc"][poker card="9h"][poker card="9c"] and Hellmuth checked to Hot who slid out a bet. Hellmuth check-raised and Hot shipped. Hellmuth made the call, putting himself at risk, but holding the best hand. The turn was the [poker card="jc"], improving Hot a full house and leaving Hellmuth drawing to one of the final three aces. The river was the [poker card="4c"] which secured the hand and the tournament for Hot as Hellmuth fell just short of bracelet number 16, finishing as the runner-up for €238,509. In only his third ever WSOP cash, Besim Hot is the winner of the 2019 WSOPE €25,500 Mixed Games Championship for a career-high cash of €385,911 and his first WSOP gold bracelet. €25,500 Mixed Games Championship Final Table Payouts 1. Besim Hot - €385,911 2. Phil Hellmuth - €238,509 3. Dmitry Urbanovich - €162,463 4. Benny Glaser - €111,689 5. Julien Martini - €77,502 6. Daniel Negreanu - €54,287 7. Alex Livingston - €38,389
  19. Hosted by Lance Bradley and Donnie Peters, The Fives Poker Podcast runs each week and covers the latest poker news, preview upcoming events, and debate the hottest topics in poker. It's time for another all-new episode of The FIVES Poker Podcast as Lance and Donnie take a look at all of the news from this week in the world of poker. The World Series of Poker Europe is winding down and the 2019 WSOP Player of the Year race is heating up as the guys check in on who has the best shot at taking it down. Plus, former #1-ranked PocketFiver Shaun Deeb sparks an online firestorm from the high roller community after comments about All-Time Money List leader Bryn Kenney. Also this week, a Ladies' Event gimmick had women playing poker at tables across from shirtless male dealers. Download, listen in and subscribe! Subscribe: Apple Podcasts * Google Podcasts * Stitcher
  20. After two full weeks of online poker action, the WSOP.com’s Fall Online Championships concluded this weekend as '49ersuited' took down the $175K GTD Main Event for $55,120. For the better part of October, players from Nevada and New Jersey battled for more than $1 million in guaranteed prize pools over a schedule that saw 36 of the 37 events crush their guarantees. The enthusiasm for the Fall Online Championships saw U.S. based players eager to take shots in nearly every event. The WSOP.com's $1 million total prize pool guarantee was easily met as, over the course of two weeks, players generated prize pools of over $1.5 million. [ptable zone="NJ Online Poker Promos"][ptable zone="GG Poker"][ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"] The majority of the tournaments saw guarantees exceed by thousands of dollars, including the $175,000 Guaranteed Main Event. ’49ersuited’ was the biggest winner of the entire series. They outlasted the 280-entry field of the $525 buy-in, $175,000 guaranteed Main Event for a $55,120 payday. The $212,000 Main Event prize pool offered five of the final nine players five-figure scores including runner-up ‘bustinballs’ who after narrowly missing out on the victory, took home $31,800. ‘Shiraz007’ booked a $18,656 score for their third-place Main Event finish. Five-Figure Scores The Main Event wasn’t the only opportunity for players to take a shot at a high five-figure score. There were a number of Fall Online Championship winners that booked a bankroll boosting win. Very early in the series, ‘pashock’ defeated a field of 325 entries to take down Event #2 ($100,000 No Limit Hold’em Sunday Special Edition) for $27,846. In Event #7 ($50,000 Special Tuesday Showdown), the larger $500 buy-in made it so the 100 players field gave ‘burgersssss’ the opportunity to win the $24,223.29 first-place prize. New Jersey’s Mike ‘Lav519’ Lavenburg added to his $1.5 million in career earnings when on he won Event #18 ($100,000 No Limit Hold’em Sunday Special) for a massive $33,930 payday. The $320 tournament saw 254 entries generate a $130,500 prize pool, giving Lavenburg the third biggest payday of the entire series. Just ahead of Lavenburg was another US online poker pro as David ‘bewater’ Goodman won Event #23 - $85,000 No Limit Hold’em High Roller. The $1,000 buy-in had 78 players and 57 re-entries push the prize pool to over $128K and gave the #1-player in Nevada $36,743.62 for the victory. The amount was good enough to push Goodman up over $1.6 million in career earnings. Big Names Battling Over the course of two weeks, the Fall Online Championships saw some of the top-tier U.S. based online poker talent battle for the titles. New Jersey by-way-of Pennsylvania grinder Anthony ‘flawlessbink’ Maio was the winner in Event #4 - $25,000 No Limit Hold’em w/ Re-entry where he took home $9,435.06 for first while Nevada’s #3-ranked ‘Bamatide88’ took home the gold medal in Event #9 - $20,000 No Limit Hold’em Six Max for over $8,400. The United State’s current #2-ranked grinder Daniel ‘centrfieldr’ Lupo was the winner of the few PLO tournaments offered as he took down Event #28 - $10,000 PLO Six Max for $3,643.20 which helped him inch closer to the $3 million in career earnings milestone. Although he didn’t pick up a Fall Online Championships title, Yong ‘ykwon17’ Kwon, the #1-ranked player in the US, did cash in nine of the events, earning over $10K in the two weeks. WSOP.com Fall Online Championships Winners # EVENT WINNER AMOUNT 1 Fall OC #1 - $25,000 NLH [R&A] Katie1972 $8,582.00 2 Fall OC #2 - $100,000 NLH Sunday Special Edition [Re-entry] pashock $27,846.00 3 Fall OC #3 - $20,000 NLH 4-Max [R&A] wsop1959 $7,824.60 4 Fall OC #4 - $25,000 NLH [Re-entry] flawlessbink $9,435.06 5 Fall OC #5 - $15,000 NLH 8×8 [8R, 8-Max, Turbo] ladyfingers $4,681.60 6 Fall OC #6 - $12,500 NLH [Knockout] Tommy_Nubs $4,406.68 7 Fall OC #7 - $50,000 Special Tuesday Showdown [Re-entry] burgersssss $24,223.29 8 Fall OC #8 - $15,000 NLH [Re-entry, Super Turbo] LeftSid3 $6,015.76 9 Fall OC #9 - $20,000 NLH 6-Max [Re-entry] bamatide88 $8,495.28 10 Fall OC #10 - $10,000 NLH [R&A, Turbo] tc_ownz $4,629.62 11 Fall OC #11 - $15,000 NLH [R&A] zackattack $5,654.04 12 Fall OC #12 - $15,000 NLH [Freezeout] jchak $5,387.98 13 Fall OC #13 - $15,000 NLH 6-Max [Re-entry] pure_reason $5,464.80 14 Fall OC #14 - $12,500 NLH Turbo Deepstack llareuqnoc $4,473.73 15 Fall OC #15 - $20,000 NLH [R&A] Mahakala108 $6,675.76 16 Fall OC #16 - $15,000 NLH [Re-entry] freshness4 $5,762.88 17 Fall OC #17 - $22,222 NLH [R&A] IQ84. $5,444.39 18 Fall OC #18 - $100,000 NLH Sunday Special Edition [Re-entry] mygame $33,930.00 19 Fall OC #19 - $15,000 NLH [Freezeout] letsplay77 $6,912.88 20 Fall OC #20 - $15,000 NLH [R&A] LASVEGAS17 $6,559.28 21 Fall OC #21 - $12,500 NLH Monster Stack [R&A, Super Turbo] CAPPED redsoxnets5 $5,148.55 22 Fall OC #22 - $20,000 NLH [R&A] Quasar $8,179,49 23 Fall OC #23 - $85,000 NLH High Roller [Re-entry, 6-Max] bewater $36,743.62 24 Fall OC #24 - $15,000 NLH [Knockout] avocadotoast $6,166.16 + $1,200 in bounties 25 Fall OC #25 - $20,000 NLH Deepstack Super Addon [R&A] JoelEmbiid21 $7,504.14 26 Fall OC #26 - $15,000 NLH [Re-entry] Panoramic $7,501.68 27 Fall OC #27 - $30,000 NLH 6-Max [Re-entry] Robotbob47 $13,308.96 28 Fall OC #28 - $10,000 PLO 6-Max [R&A] centrfieldr $3,643.20 29 Fall OC #29 - $15,000 NLH [R&A] stewhunger $4,986.24 30 Fall OC #30 - $15,000 NLH [Re-entry] srl50k $6,582.60 31 Fall OC #31 - $15,000 NLH [Re-entry, 6-Max] harry24k44 $5,996.10 32 Fall OC #32 - $15,000 NLH Deepstack [R&A] BIG_MACE $5,913.74 33 Fall OC #33 - $30,000 NLH Special Sunday Deepstack [R&A, Super Addon] lowrider711 $10,593.08 34 Fall OC #34 - $175,000 NLH Main Event [Re-entry] 49ersuited $55,120.00 35 Fall OC #35 - $30,000 NLH [Freezeout] ybluffme $11,236.00 36 Fall OC #36 - $30,000 PLO High Roller [Re-entry, 6-Max] .BEAST. $11,931.85 37 Fall OC #37 - $20,000 NLH Deepstack [Turbo, Re-entry] sri50k $7,435.90
  21. 888poker LIVE is not going to let 2019 go without one final end-of-the-year poker festival. The 888poker party continues as the live tour returns to the UK from November 21 - December 2 offering players a nine-event tournament schedule that culminates in a £500,000 guaranteed Main Event. The final stop of the year is at London’s Aspers Casino in Stratford, London and 888poker is pulling out all the stops to bring recreational players and pros together to an event that is being billed as 888’s biggest live event of the year. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="GG Poker"] Nearly the entire roster of 888poker ambassadors has agreed to make the trip including World Series of Poker Main Event champion Martin Jacobson, Kara Scott, Vivian Saliba, Sofia Lovgren, Ana Marquez, former #1-ranked PocketFivers Chris ‘moorman1’ Moorman and the newest ambassador, Russia’s Daria Feshenko. The schedule is ideal for players looking to give their bankroll a boost without putting it all on the line. There are nine events with buy-ins that range from as little as £60 up to the £2,200 High Roller. The action kicks off with 888LIVE’s popular Opening Event, a £440 buy-in tournament with a £100,000 guarantee that gives recreational players both a deep 30K starting stack and 30-minute levels. In May, the same tournament was run and it attracted 207 runners which generated a prize pool of over £129,480. The UK’s Paul Noble took home the trophy and a career-high cash of £26,530. Of course, all eyes will be looking ahead to the £1,100 buy-in £500,000 guaranteed Main Event. The tournament features a 30K starting stack, 40-minutes Day 1 levels, 60-minute Day 2 levels and the promise of a high five-figure first-place prize. There’s five starting flights and players who end up on the wrong side of variance can re-enter at will. If that weren't enough at stake, the winner of the 888LIVE London Festival Main Event will also take home a package to the 2020 World Series of Poker Main Event in Las Vegas. For those hoping to take a shot in the Main Event but perhaps don’t have the current bankroll to buy in directly, there are plenty of satellite options available on 888poker. In fact, the 888poker satellite tree starts for as little as $0.01. Players can grind their way up to, or buy-directly into, the $109 buy-in 888poker LIVE London Festival Main Event Qualifier where winners take away a $2,200 package to the festival that includes a seat to the Main Event as well as $450 for three nights accommodation and $350 of pocket money to help you get to the event. In addition to the marquee events of the festival, players can dive into live versions of their favorite online tournaments including The Hurricane, The Swordfish and The Whale. Take a look at the entire schedule below. 888poker LIVE London Schedule DATE EVENT BUY-IN GTD 11-21 Opening Event Day 1A £440 £100,000 11-22 Opening Event Day 1B £440 £100,000 11-23 Opening Event Day 1C £440 £100,000 11-23 Opening Event Day 1D Turbo £440 £100,000 11-24 Opening Event Final Day - - 11-24 The Hurricane £110 £5,000 11-25 The Swordfish £80 £3,000 11-26 The Turbo Deepstack £60 £3,000 11-27 High Roller Day 1 £2,200 £50,000 11-28 High Roller Final Day - - 11-28 Main Event Day 1A £1,100 £500,000 11-29 Main Event Day 1B £1,100 £500,000 11-29 Main Event Day 1C £1,100 £500,000 11-30 Main Event Day 1D £1,100 £500,000 11-30 Main Event Day 1E Turbo £1,100 £500,000 11-30 Pot Limit Omaha £125 - 12-01 Main Event Day 2 - - 12-01 The Whale £150 £5,000 12-01 Ladies Event £100 - 12-02 Main Event Final Day 2 - -  
  22. The 2019 PokerStars EPT Open Sochi Main Event crowned a winner on Sunday as China’s Yi Ye defeated the field of 879 runners at Casino Sochi to take home his first EPT title and the RUB19,306,000 ($301,378) first-place prize. Only six players remained at the start of Day 4 as final table participants from Russia Vladislav Petrov (7th) and Boris Kitov (8th) were eliminated at the tail end of Day 3. Ye started the day in the middle of the pack, looking up at the overwhelming chip leader Giorgiy Skhulukhiya. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="GG Poker"] The first of the final six to fall was Russia’s Abdul Mamin Abdal Ali Han who moved in over the top of Natalia Panchenko’s initial raise with his last remaining 10 big blinds with his [poker card="ah"][poker card="2h"]. Panchenko asked for a count and made the call holding [poker card="as"][poker card="qh"]. The [poker card="qs"][poker card="5c"][poker card="3c"] flop kept Panchenko in the lead, but offered Han a gutshot straight draw. The turn was the [poker card="8d"] and the river came the [poker card="ac"], pairing both but giving the hand to Panchenko. Han exited in sixth place for RUB3,659,600 ($57,129). Roughly forty-five minutes later Egor Sukhov found himself racing for his tournament life. Ye opened in early position with the [poker card="ac"][poker card="jc"] and Sukhov moved all-in on the button holding the [poker card="8h"][poker card="8s"]. Ye ended up making the call and the pair were off to the races. The flop came [poker card="jh"][poker card="9h"][poker card="9c"] putting Ye in the lead. The turn came the [poker card="2c"] leaving Sukhov looking for one of the final two 8’s in the deck. The [poker card="5s"] river completed the board and completed the tournament for Sukhov who finished in fifth place for RUB4,889,500 ($76,328). Four-handed play lasted for hours as the players took turns doubling through and taking over the chip lead. Eventually, Lidiya Kozenkova, who was sitting on the short stack raised with the [poker card="as"][poker card="8c"]and was called in two spots, by both Panchenko and Skhulukhiya. The flop came the [poker card="ah"][poker card="jc"][poker card="2h"] and when checked to, Kozenkova put in a continuation bet with top pair. Skhulukhiya folded and Panchenko made the call, having Kozenkova dominated with her [poker card="ac"][poker card="qc"]. The [poker card="4s"] fell on the turn and Kozenkov moved all-in. Panchenko ended up calling putting Kozenkov at risk and looking for an eight. The [poker card="7d"] river was no help and after hours of grinding Kozenkova was the fourth-place finisher taking home RUB6,202,000 ($96,817) for her efforts. The final three players returned after dinner and the chips continued to fly when Ye put in a raise on the button with [poker card="Ac"][poker card="8s"] and Panchenko defended her big blind with [poker card="jd"][poker card="tc"]. The [poker card="9h"][poker card="8h"][poker card="3d"] flop was checked through and the pair saw the [poker card="8d"] come on the turn giving Ye trips. Panchenko checked and Yi slid out a bet. After spending some time in the tank, Panchenko check-raised all-in and Yi made the call. Panchenko needed her open-ended straight draw to come in but the river fell the [poker card="3c"] sending Russia’s Panchenko to the rail in third place for RUB8,269,800 ($129,097). As soon as Yi and Skhulukhiya found themselves heads up, deal discussions broke out. Unable to come to a deal, the pair started what would be a very short heads up battle. Two hands after the deal fell through Ye, with the chip lead, raised on the button with [poker card="6s"][poker card="6c"] and Skhulukhiya moved all-in with the [poker card="kh"][poker card="qs"]. Ye made the quick call and Skhulukhiya was at risk. The flop fell [poker card="ad"][poker card="7s"][poker card="5h"], keeping Ye in the lead. When the [poker card="6h"] hit the turn, it was all over as Skhulukhiya was drawing dead to the [poker card="8s"] river. Skhulukhiya finished as the runner-up, taking home RUB11,722,200 ($182,991). China’s Yi Ye closed out the tournament becoming an EPT champion, taking home the trophy and the RUB19,306,000 ($301,378) first-place prize. Final Table Payouts 1. Yi Ye - RUB19,306,000 - $301,378 2. Giorgiy Skhulukhiya - RUB11,722,200 - $182,991 3. Natalia Panchenko - RUB8,269,800 - $129,097 4. Lidiya Kozenkova - RUB6,202,000 - $96,817 5. Egor Sukhov - RUB4,889,500 - $76,328 6. Abdul Mamin Abdal Ali Han - RUB3,659,600 - $129,097 7. Vladislav Petrov - RUB2,573,900 - $40,180 8. Boris Kitov - RUB1,808,800 - $28,236
  23. The current #1-ranked online poker player in the world Sami ‘LarsLuzak’ Kelopuro also took the top spot in the PocketFives Monthly Leaderboard for the month of September. Kelopuro’s reputation as a tournament beast is catching up to his status as a legendary nosebleed online cash game grinder as he continues to pile up massive tournament scores and soar up the All-Time Online Money List. September was a huge month for online poker with multiple big-time online series taking place. But it was simply an astounding month for Finland's Kelopuro. He spent the majority of his time putting in volume on GGPoker for their GGS online poker series while also crushing during PokerStars’ recently wrapped up WCOOP. And the results for Kelopuro are staggering. During the month of September, he picked up 121 cashes for a total of $4.275 million. That’s over $4.275 million in earnings in a single month. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="GG Poker"] He had 14 six-figure scores and another 45 five-figure scores in September. Out of his 38 podium finishes, Kelopuro won eight of those tournaments outright. His spotlight victory came early in the month when on September 9, on the same day that he took down GGPoker’s GGS Event #11 for over $157,000, he went back-to-back and finished off the bigger GGS Event #7 for $458,770. Just days later he did the same thing, again on GGPoker, except this time he added a third consecutive victory. On September 14 he won GGS Event #128 for $121,638 and then picked up the victory in the $25K Blade for $275,344. Not content with two wins, Kelopuro wrapped up the day with his third gold medal, winning GGS Event #129 for $61,924. Kelopuro racked up 14 qualifying PLB cashes for 4,250 points. In addition to sending him to the worldwide #1 rankings for the first time in his career, his September performance also catapulted him over $10 million in career online cashes. With all of the damage Kelopuro did, it’s amazing that ‘Wildace_hun’ (4,044) was just 206 points behind him. The Hungarian grinder took second in the September PLB race by also packing in the volume, having just played a handful of tournaments since May before the start of the month. Once he got going, ‘Wildace_hun’ showed no signs of rust, collecting plenty of PLB points in bunches. He earned PLB points in 19 different tournaments, with his highlight of the month coming on September 21 when he took home a PokerStars WCOOP title in Event #65-H: $1,050 NLHE Eight Max PKO for $83,855 and 716.59 PLB points. That wasn’t the only major title he took down in the month as earlier, on September 9, he topped a field of 575 runners to take down GGPoker’s GGS Event #5 $250K GTD for $41,428.56. Dzmitry ‘DU12’ Urbanovich (3,978) ranked #3 in September but he is also enjoying a career-high worldwide ranking of #32 in the world. Poland’s top-ranked online pro, Urbanovich put in a heavy grind in the month notching 184 total cashes. The partypoker Sponsored Pro picked up a massive score on his home turf by winning the partypoker KO Series #34-SHR for over $192,000 and 966.06 PLB points. He picked up his second KO Series title on September 18 by taking down KO Series #48-HR for another $33,976. In total Urbanovich picked up over $432,000 in total cashes for the month. Sweden’s Johannes ‘Greenstone25’ Korsar (3,972) took the fourth place spot in September, earning just 6 PLB points fewer than Urbanovich. Korsar made a massive leap in the worldwide rankings, vaulting into the #5 spot, a career-high ranking for a player that has accumulated over $13 million in career lifetimes earnings. Korsar’s largest PLB point pickup came in by finishing as the runner-up in partypoker’s KO Series #02-SHR for $72,933 and 584.69 PLB points. In total, the Swede had 13 PLB-qualifying cashes in his 100 total cashes in the month. The top five wraps up with Denmark’s #1-ranked player, Simon ‘IgorK’ Pedersen (3959). Compared to the rest of the top five, Pedersen was pretty light when it comes to volume. cashing only 23 tournaments in the month. But of those 23, he earned PLB points in 15 tournaments. One of those scores was his PokerStars WCOOP victory when he won Event #40-J: $2,100 NLHE Sunday Warm-up for $156,670. PocketFives September Monthly PLB RANK PLAYER POINTS 1 LarsLuzak 4250 2 Wildace_hun 4044 3 DU12 3978 4 Greenstone25 3972 5 IgorK 3959 6 pleno1 3855 7 lena900 3709 8 European 3658 9 fzkk 3552 10 dans170 3525
  24. WSOP.com is planning on keeping online poker players in New Jersey and Nevada busy over the next two weeks as their Fall Online Championships series takes place from October 6-20 and promises over $1 million in guaranteed prize pools. The Fall Online Championships is a 37-event series that invites players of every buy-in level the opportunity to take home a title. The schedule features buy-ins ranging from as little as $11 up to the $1,000 buy-in Six Max High Roller. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="GG Poker"] Win The Strap There's going to be plenty of big-time paydays over the course of the series, however, the real prize will be awarded when the online festival concludes with the $525 buy-in, $175,000 guaranteed Main Event. In the summer at the Rio, World Series of Poker winners wrap a bracelet around their wrist. On the Circuit, players collect rings for wins. In the Fall Online Championships, the winner of the Main Event will be shipped a real-life Championship Belt, just like those awarded to UFC and WWE champions. No Limit Hold’em Bonanza The bulk of the schedule is a dram for the No Limit Hold’em specialist. Every day is packed with opportunities to pick up bankroll boosting scores in NLHE. Even though the series is mostly No Limit Hold’em, there is still plenty of variety in the variant. Tournaments include Four Max, Six Max, Eight Max, Knockouts, Freezouts, Turbos, and Deepstacks to give players a different look each day. For those who are looking for mixed games and more variety, there’s not too much to choose from. But for those looking for a change, there are a pair of Pot Limit Omaha tournaments deeper into the series. PLO fans will want to mark their calendars for Fall OC Event #28 - $10,000 PLO Six Max (October 17) and Fall OC Event #36 $30,000 PLO High Roller, a $500 buy-in tournament on the same day as the Main Event, October 20. Big Shots Over the course of the two weeks, the majority of the tournaments max out at the $100 buy-in price point. However, for those players who enjoy playing higher, there are nine tournaments on the schedule that give online shot takers a chance at some of the larger guarantees of the series. In addition to the aforementioned Main Event and the $1,000 High Roller, which has an $85,000 guarantee, grinders will want to keep an eye on Fall OC Event #18 - the $100,000 guaranteed NLHE Sunday Special with a $320 buy-in. Event #18 has the second-largest guarantee of the entire series and is one of the best value tournaments of the entire series. Fall Online Championship Schedule DATE # EVENT TIME BUY-IN 10-06 1 Fall OC #1 - $25,000 NLH [R&A] 1:00 PM $30 10-06 2 Fall OC #2 - $100,000 NLH Sunday Special Edition [Re-entry] 2:00 PM $215 10-06 3 Fall OC #3 - $20,000 NLH 4-Max [R&A] 3:00 PM $50 10-07 4 Fall OC #4 - $25,000 NLH [Re-entry] 5:00 PM $100 10-07 5 Fall OC #5 - $15,000 NLH 8x8 [8R, 8-Max, Turbo] 6:00 PM $88 10-08 6 Fall OC #6 - $12,500 NLH [Knockout] 4:00 PM $100 10-08 7 Fall OC #7 - $50,000 Special Tuesday Showdown [Re-entry] 5:00 PM $500 10-08 8 Fall OC #8 - $15,000 NLH [Re-entry, Super Turbo] 6:00 PM $75 10-09 9 Fall OC #9 - $20,000 NLH 6-Max [Re-entry] 5:00 PM $100 10-09 10 Fall OC #10 - $10,000 NLH [R&A, Turbo] 6:00 PM $50 10-10 11 Fall OC #11 - $15,000 NLH [R&A] 4:00 PM $30 10-10 12 Fall OC #12 - $15,000 NLH [Freezeout] 5:00 PM $100 10-11 13 Fall OC #13 - $15,000 NLH 6-Max [Re-entry] 5:00 PM $100 10-11 14 Fall OC #14 - $12,500 NLH Turbo Deepstack 6:00 PM $50 10-12 15 Fall OC #15 - $20,000 NLH [R&A] 3:00 PM $30 10-12 16 Fall OC #16 - $15,000 NLH [Re-entry] 5:00 PM $100 10-13 17 Fall OC #17 - $22,222 NLH [R&A] 1:00 PM $11/$22 10-13 18 Fall OC #18 - $100,000 NLH Sunday Special Edition [Re-entry] 2:00 PM $320 10-13 19 Fall OC #19 - $15,000 NLH [Freezeout] 3:00 PM $100 10-14 20 Fall OC #20 - $15,000 NLH [R&A] 5:00 PM $30 10-14 21 Fall OC #21 - $12,500 NLH Monster Stack [R&A, Super Turbo] CAPPED 6:00 PM $50 10-15 22 Fall OC #22 - $20,000 NLH [R&A] 4:00 PM $50 10-15 23 Fall OC #23 - $85,000 NLH High Roller [Re-entry, 6-Max] 5:00 PM $1,000 10-15 24 Fall OC #24 - $15,000 NLH [Knockout] 6:00 PM $300 10-16 25 Fall OC #25 - $20,000 NLH Deepstack Super Addon [R&A] 4:00 PM $30 10-16 26 Fall OC #26 - $15,000 NLH [Re-entry] 5:00 PM $100 10-17 27 Fall OC #27 - $30,000 NLH 6-Max [Re-entry] 4:00 PM $250 10-17 28 Fall OC #28 - $10,000 PLO 6-Max [R&A] 8:00 AM $50 10-18 29 Fall OC #29 - $15,000 NLH [R&A] 4:00 PM $30 10-18 30 Fall OC #30 - $15,000 NLH [Re-entry] 5:00 PM $100 10-19 31 Fall OC #31 - $15,000 NLH [Re-entry, 6-Max] 4:00 PM $100 10-19 32 Fall OC #32 - $15,000 NLH Deepstack [R&A] 5:00 PM $30 10-20 33 Fall OC #33 - $30,000 NLH Special Sunday Deepstack [R&A, Super Addon] 1:00 PM $50 10-20 34 Fall OC #34 - $175,000 NLH Main Event [Re-entry] 2:00 PM $525 10-20 35 Fall OC #35 - $30,000 NLH [Freezeout] 3:00 PM $215 10-20 36 Fall OC #36 - $30,000 PLO High Roller [Re-entry, 6-Max] 4:00 PM $500 10-20 37 Fall OC #37 - $20,000 NLH Deepstack [Turbo, Re-entry] 5:00 PM $100 all times Pacific
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