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  1. Another tournament, another trophy for Sweden’s Simon Brandstrom. Brandstrom continued to stay white-hot in 2019 as he took down the World Poker Tour UK $3,300 Main Event for $330,000 for his third major title this year. The victory makes him the first player to hold both a WPT Main Tour title as well as a WPTDeepStacks title, after winning WPTDeepStacks Barcelona in April 2019 for €270,000. In addition to both of his WPT victories, Brandstrom’s resume includes a victory in the largest field ever for an EPT Barcelona Main Event this past August for a massive €1.2 million payday. “This feels surreal,” Brandstrom said to the World Poker Tour right after his victory. “It feels like it shouldn’t be possible to have back-to-back wins, and I don’t fee like I am worth it.” [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="GG Poker"] Brandstrom outlasted the 690-entries that piled onto the piled into the Dusk Till Dawn Poker & Casino in Nottingham for the Main Event. When the final nine took their seats, Brandstrom knew he was going to have to battle some top-tier poker talent as both partypoker MILLIONS Nottingham champion Maria Lampropulos and Triton High Roller Montenegro Main Event winner Manig Loeser were also seated to battle for the WPT UK trophy. WPT UK Final Table Results 1st - Simon Brandstrom - $330,000 2nd - Ryan Mandara - $221,650 3rd - James Rann - $168,500 4th - Matthew Eardley - $128,500 5th - Maria Lampropulos - $98,500 6th - Paul Siddle - $76,000 7th - Manig Loeser - $58,500 8th - Leo Worthington-Lesse - $46,000 9th - Paul Jackson - $36,000 At the start of the final day, nine players remained with Brandstom holding the chip lead, however, it wasn't smooth sailing to get to the trophy. It took nearly two hours before players began to hit the rail as Paul Jackson was knocked out in ninth place for $36,000. He was followed out the door by Leo Worthington-Leese in eighth place for $46,000 and finally, three hours from when play began German crusher Maig Loeser hit the rail in seventh place, adding $58,500 to his $10.8 million in career earnings. After a short break, the final six players got to the business of crowning a champion. Paul Siddle’s bustout hand wasn’t really the hand that did him in. About an hour and a half into six-handed play he and Matthew Eardley, nearly equal in stacks, got their chips in the middle with Siddle holding [poker card="jd"][poker card="js"] and Eardley holding [poker card="ac"][poker card="ks"]. The massive flip went Eardley’s way as the [poker card="ad"] appeared on the flop and no additional help came for Siddle. After the chips were counted down Siddle was left with roughly 1/6th of an ante which he put in on the very next hand. Although he had the solid holding of [poker card="ac"][poker card="qh"] he was eliminated as an onlooker in a pot where Eardley made a full house holding [poker card="js"][poker card="jd"] on a [poker card="8h"][poker card="2h"][poker card="2d"][poker card="kh"][poker card="2s"] board. Siddle collected $76,000 for his sixth-place finish. The very next hand Maria Lampropulos shipped her short stack with the [poker card="ah"][poker card="2s"] and was called by James Rann and his [poker card="8c"][poker card="8d"]. The [poker card="kd"][poker card="qs"][poker card="7d"] provided Lampropulos, the 2018 PCA Main Event champion, little help and when the [poker card="5d"] hit the turn she was down to two outs. The [poker card="6s"] came on the river and the accomplished Lampropulos headed for the exit in fifth place taking home $98.500. With four players remaining, Brandstrom has long since lost his chip lead and was in desperation mode as Ryan Mandara and Eardley assumed the top half of the chip counts. Then the chips starting flying with all four players taking turns applying pressure, shoving their short stacks and finding themselves in tricky spots. It took 56 more hands before the next player was knocked out. After a raise from Mandara, Eardley shipped his ten big blind stack holding [poker card="ac"][poker card="9s"]. With the action back to Mandara, he made the call with the [poker card="td"][poker card="9d"]. The [poker card="8h"][poker card="5h"][poker card="qc"] kept Eardley in the lead but the door opened up for Mandara with the [poker card="7h"] turn card. The river was the [poker card="jh"], giving Mandara the runner-runner straight and eliminating Eardley in fourth place for $128,500, the largest cash of his career. Three-handed play lasted for nearly an hour when finally James Rann shoved from the small blind with the [poker card="ad"][poker card="2h"] and was quickly called by Mandara holding [poker card="7d"][poker card="7s"]. There was little drama along with way as the board ran out [poker card="kc"][poker card="jd"][poker card="5c"][poker card="5h"][poker card="kd"] and Rann headed to the cashier to pick up his $168,500 third-place payday. With the score, Rann leaps over $1 million in lifetime live earnings. Mandara held the chip lead headed into heads up play but Brandstrom picked up crucial in the first few hands. Then, only seven hands into heads up, the title was decided. Mandara put in a raise with [poker card="js"][poker card="tc"] and Brandstrom called with [poker card="9h"][poker card="7s"]. The flop came [poker card="9c"][poker card="7c"][poker card="3d"] giving Brandstrom two pair and Mandara a gutshot to the straight. Brandstrom check-called another bet from Mandara. The turn fell the [poker card="4c"], changing nothing. Brandstrom checked it to Mandara who put in a sizable bet which Brandstrom called. The river was the [poker card="kh"] and Brandstrom checked for the third time. Mandara tanked, used a time-bank card and eventually over shipped the pot, putting himself at risk. Brandstrom had Mandara barely out chipped and didn’t take too long to make the correct call. Mandara finished as the runner-up for $221,650. Simon Brandstrom took down the WPT UK Main Event for $330,000 and a $15,000 entry into the 2020 WPT Tournament of Champions. Brandstrom Joins The POY Points Leaders Donald Maloney still holds the pole position in the Hublot WPT Player of the Year but he’s going to have to contend with Brandstrom, who after his WPT UK victory is tied with him Maloney and Aaron Van Blarcum with 1,200 POY points. Maloney and Van Blarcum hold an edge on earnings, putting Brandstrom in third place. WPT UK Runner-up Ryan Mandara also leaps into the top 10 with his $221,650 cash which was worth 1,000 POY points. He takes over the #8 position and that pushes Brian Altman out of the top 10 into the #11 spot despite being the only player in the top 20 with more than a single cash early in this season. 1st: Donald Maloney - 1,200 points 2nd: Aaron Van Blarcum - 1,200 points 3rd - Simon Brandstrom - 1,200 points 4th: Uke Dauti - 1,000 points 5th: Roger Teska - 1,000 points 6th: Nitis Udornpim - 1,000 points 7th: Gueorgui Gantchev - 1,000 points 8th - Ryan Mandara - 1,000 points 9th: Kevin Albers - 900 points 10th: Jared Griener - 900 points
  2. “Please one time…this is destiny!” - Nitis Udornpim The World Poker Tour welcomed a new member to their Champions Club on Wednesday as Baltimore’s Nitis Udornpim topped a field of 495 entries to win the WPT Maryland at Live! Casino title and with it the $319,415 first-place prize. After four days of play, Udornpim’s first WPT cash turned into his first WPT title as he battled from the bottom end of the chip counts to run white-hot at the end of the final table. Eventually, he battled and defeated Stephen Deutsch in heads up play to lock in the win, put his name on the cup and punch his ticket to the WPT Tournament of Champions. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="GG Poker"] “It feels great to be a WPT champion, Udornpim said to the World Poker Tour after it was all over. “I couldn’t have run any better today, so I’m pretty excited with the result. It feels good to win a tournament in my home state. I moved here about a year ago and this had been my home casino ever since.” Along with dealing with Deutsch, Udornpim had no small task in front of him in order to take home the tile. To start the final table he had roughly 25 big blinds, plus he had to find a way to outlast two accomplished WPT champions in Brian Altman and Anthony Zinno. WPT Maryland Final Table Results 1st: Nitis Udornpim - $319,415 2nd: Stephen Deutsch - $202,905 3rd: Brian Altman - $149,515 4th: Anthony Zinno - $111,415 5th: Robert McLaughlin - $83,970 6th: Jeffrey Colpitts - $64,020 The final table got underway and it took nearly an hour and a half before the first elimination took place as Jeffrey Colpitts, who started the day as the short stack, was running on fumes. Deutsch raised from the button with [poker card="ad"][poker card="ts"] and with the majority of his stack already in the middle, Colpitts made the call from the big blind holding [poker card="qc"][poker card="5s"]. The [poker card="qs"][poker card="6s"][poker card="4s"] flop paired Colpitts but he needed to fade plenty of outs to hold on. The [poker card="jc"] hit the turn but it was the [poker card="7s"] that sealed Colpitts fate. Deutsch hit his flush and Colpitts hit the rail collecting $64,020 for his sixth-place finish. It was only fifteen minutes later that Robert McLaughlin found himself all in for his tournament life. McLaughlin limped in the small blind with [poker card="qh"][poker card="9h"] only to be raised by Deutsch in the big blind holding [poker card="kh"][poker card="jc"]. McLaughlin made the call and the pair saw a [poker card="kc"][poker card="qs"][poker card="9c"] flop. McLaughlin checked it over and Deutsch put in a bet. McLaughlin put in a check-raise with his flopped two pair. Then Deutsch shoved his top pair, gutshot straight draw and McLaughlin made the call. The [poker card="6h"] turn changed nothing but Deutsch once again got there when the [poker card="th"] gave him a straight on the river. McLaughlin collected his things and headed to the cage to pick up his $83,970 fifth-place prize. The final four players took turn shipping chips around the table when finally, three-time WPT champion Anthony Zinno could no longer cling to his short stack. Brian Altman put in a raise under the gun and Zinno, holding [poker card="8s"][poker card="8c"], jammed over the top. When the action reached Deutsch, he re-shoved holding [poker card="as"][poker card="kh"] forcing Altman out of the pot. The race was on and the pair watched as the dealer put out a board of [poker card="ah"][poker card="7h"][poker card="2d"][poker card="th"][poker card="td"]. With the spiked ace, Deutsch claimed his third knockout of the day and Zinno falls in fourth place for $111,415, sending his north of $3 million in total World Poker Tour cashes. At three-handed Deutsch was still in control with Brian Altman on his heels. However, Udornpim had other ideas. His heater began as he picked up some key pots and eventually won a flip against Altman to double up. Sitting second in chips, Udornpim raised the button after looking down at [poker card="ah"][poker card="ad"]. Altman put in a three-bet with [poker card="qc"][poker card="qh"] and within seconds the pair had all the money in the middle. The board ran out clean for Udornpim’s aces eliminating Altman from the tournament. Altman falls just short of his second WPT win, collecting $149,515 for this third-place effort. Both Deutsch and Udornpim were deep at the start of heads up play with both sitting on over 100 big blinds. However, it didn’t take long for Udornpim to take a commanding chip lead. Deutsch would battle back but eventually, the affable Udornpim surged ahead once again, this time for good. On the final hand of play Udornpim, with a 5:1 chip advantage shoved his button with [poker card="as"][poker card="3c"] and Deutsch called all-in with [poker card="ks"][poker card="9s"]. The [poker card="5s"][poker card="4c"][poker card="2h"] gave Udornpim the wheel. The turn fell the [poker card="4s"] opening the door for Deutsch to pick up the runner-runner flush but the [poker card="qd"] river ended Deutsch’s comeback bid sending him home in second place for $202,905. Nitis Udornpim was crowned the winner of WPT Maryland at Live! Casino for $319.415 and a $15,000 entry into the WPT Tournament of Champions. Udornpim Enters The POY Race Two of the final six from WPT Maryland at Live! Casino enters the top 10 of the Hublot WPT Player of the Year race. Nitis Udornpim picked up 1,000 POY points for his victory which has him tied with Uke Dauti, Roger Teska and Gueorgui Gantchev who all also have 1,000 points. However, Udornpim’s $319,415 score slots him in fifth place using money earned as a tie-breaker. Brian Altman picked up his second cash of Season XVIII and had accumulated 900 POY points, which puts him in a three-way tie with both Kevin Albers and Jared Griener, but with cashes as a tiebreaker, he is currently in ninth place. WPT Season XVIII Player of The Year Leaderboard 1st: Donald Maloney - 1,200 points 2nd: Aaron Van Blarcum - 1,200 points 3rd: Uke Dauti - 1,000 points 4th: Roger Teska - 1,000 points 5th: Nitis Udornpim - 1,000 points 6th: Gueorgui Gantchev - 1,000 points 7th: Kevin Albers - 900 points 8th: Jared Griener - 900 points 9th: Brian Altman - 900 points 10th: Laszlo Molnar - 800 points
  3. The cheating allegations against California professional poker player Mike Postle while playing on the Stones Gambling Hall live-streamed cash game is attracting the attention of news outlets outside of the poker world. Last Update: Sunday, October 6, 2019 On Thursday night, Scott Van Pelt, one of ESPN's most popular personalities, highlighted the story during the midnight (ET) edition of SportsCenter on his ‘1 Big Thing’ segment. “If a guy were able to cheat his way to six-figure gains playing cards and it goes solved by a bunch of poker sleuths on the internet, is that a story that interests you? Because it did me,” Van Pelt said. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="GG Poker"] Over the next three minutes, Van Pelt masterfully summarized the current state of the Mike Postle controversy. He starts from the very beginning of the initial suspicions by Veronica Brill and into Joey Ingram’s in-depth hand breakdowns on his YouTube channel. “Accusations of cheating are taken very seriously in the poker community, and I credit Ingram for taking great caution to give a guy, who is apparently very well-liked, the benefit of the doubt. But the more than Ingram and others combed through the video, the harder that has become to do.” Van Pelt hits all the major points of the story from theories about Postle having a man-on-the-inside partnership with someone who runs the stream, a possible listening device being stuffed into Postle’s hat, and Stones, after issuing a statement that they had already investigated, being forced to re-investigate as the story got bigger. Van Pelt wrapped up the segment with this analogy. “If you’re the equivalent of a guy who shows up to play pick-up basketball and you never, ever missed a shot for a couple of years…wouldn’t you go play in the NBA? If you’re some kind of poker god who almost never lost, who made the right call or fold virtually every single time - if you were this good - why would you be playing in games only with a video feed and a 1-3 table at Stones Poker Room. Why wouldn’t you be in Vegas winning all the money in the world?” The Ringer Finds Fascination In Postle Controversy Bill Simmons’ sport/pop culture website The Ringer published a headline story on Friday entitled ‘The Cheating Scandal Rocking the Poker World’ as writer David Hill not only breaks down the fundamentals of the story but finds himself “trapped in the wormhole this week, unable to focus on anything else.” The article summarizes the facts but while capturing the feelings of a poker community gripped with the biggest story of 2019. Hill injects himself into the story wondering how so many missed the signs for so long. “But then I start to see things that seem so obvious, but I wonder whether they aren’t just paranoia after hours and hours of digging into the mystery, Like the fact that he starts wearing a hat that has a strange bulge around the brim - one that vanishes after the game when he’s doing an interview in the booth. Is it a bone-conducting headset, as some online have suggested, sending him messages directly into his inner ear by vibrating on his skull? Of course it is! How could it be anything else? It’s so obvious!” CNBC Reaches Out For Comment On October 5, financial news network CNBC published a story on their website which also summarized the entire situation. The story was updated after Postle appeared on Mike Matusow’s podcast where he voiced his side of the argument. "Postle has not yet responded to CNBC’s request for comment. He has defended himself on Twitter as well as on a poker podcast, ‘The Mouthpiece with Mike Matusow,’ saying 'it is absolutely impossible for me to be doing what they’re claiming. It is 1000% impossible.'" The article also pulled from information provided by Matt Berkey on the nature of RFID playing cards. "Berkey said Postle made plays no pro would ever make, and he did them often, and they worked. Poker is a game of incomplete information. Berkey said Postle played ‘as if he had perfect information.’" Local Television Jumps On Story While Joey Ingram was name-checked on the ESPN national broadcast, Doug Polk’s investigation of the allegations was highlighted in Sacramento’s FOX40 televised coverage of the incident. “It’s really hypothetical at this point, it’s just the most logical conclusion,” Polk told Fox40 reporter Eric Rucker.” Somebody in the back was working with one of the players to transmit that information in the middle of the hand to a player at the table so that he knew the exact two cards you would have.” Another local news broadcast, KCRA3 (NBC affiliate) also touched on the news giving a broad overview of the current state of the situation without going into too much detail. The report mentioned that the station had reached out to the California Bureau of Gambling Control for comment, but had not heard back by airtime.
  4. With the announcement that after 16 years PokerStars is putting an end to the long-standing PCA, there’s now room for new festivals to pick up where the PCA left off. Since before Black Friday, the PCA was a cornerstone of the poker calendar with players planning on grinding tournaments in the Bahamas at the beginning of the year. January belonged to the PCA. Now, without it, players are beginning to see that there are other options emerging on how to escape their winter situations and pick up a score that could set them up until the World Series of Poker. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="PokerStars NJ"] [ptable zone="GG Poker"] Here are a few of the festivals taking place this January that could fill the void left by the PCA. Aussie Millions Of course, the Aussie Millions is another poker calendar mainstay and it’s been a popular one for years. The difference in 2020 is that players may be more inclined to make the trip to the Crown Melbourne than in years past. Players who were wrapping up in the Bahamas and wanting to make their way to Melbourne were facing a flight time of no less than 19 hours. With connections in Miami and stops in the West Coast of the U.S., it could take well over a full day of travel before dealing with the extreme jetlag. However, other than the travel, by all accounts, the Aussie Millions has everything. A premier poker room with nearly 100 tables of action, a full slate of tournaments including high rollers to attract the best players in the world, and it’s located in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. In January, Australia is in peak summer and those looking for things to do outside of the poker room will have no shortage of options including the start of the Australian Open. This year the Aussie Millions takes place from January 4-24 with the $10,600 Main Event kicking off on January 17. MILLIONS UK The newest addition to January’s poker calendar is partypoker’s MILLIONS UK which boasts a $10,300 Main Event with a $5 million guarantee. Taking place from January 4-12 at Rob Yong’s Dusk Till Dawn card room in Nottingham, MILLIONS UK is a succinct set of tournaments with an eye at attracting the high rollers. In addition to the Main Event, the series has a $25,500 Super High Roller and a $10,300 High Roller both of which come with a $1 million guarantee. Additionally, there is the $1,100 MILLIONS Open. The tournament a $1M guarantee and also promises 20 seats to the $10K Main Event. Players can play the opening flight of the MILLIONS Open online as well as find satellites to the Main Event online. World Poker Tour Gardens Poker Championship The World Poker Tour is keeping it close to home as they bring back their Gardens Poker Championship from January 9-13 at the Gardens Casino in Hawaiian Gardens, CA (just outside of L.A.). The tournament is the first of the televised event of the current WPT season where the final table will be put on pause and moved to the HyperX Esports Arena at the Luxor in Las Vegas. The $10,000 buy-in assures that even with a modest turnout, the first-place prize will be a hefty six-figure sum. With the PCA out of the picture, it could be a good sign for the WPT as players from L.A., Las Vegas and even the East Coast may opt to spend their allotted PCA budget on a trip to So. Cal and take a shot at a WPT title. Lucky Hearts Poker Open Florida is another premiere warm-weather destination in January and the Seminole Hard Rock in Hollywood, FL has been bringing players to their sun-soaked Lucky Hearts Poker Open festival since 2012. In 2020, the LHPO runs from January 9-21 and features a $1,000 World Poker Tour DeepStacks Main Event that begins on January 9 with a $1,000,000 guarantee. While the full 2020 schedule is still pending, players can expect more of the same from the LHPO. Traditionally the festival features modest price buy-in tournaments and more than your standard No Limit Hold’em spread as mixed games are sprinkled throughout the schedule. More To Come…? These are just four of options for players at the start of the year, but is there something else yet to be announced? Will PokerStars jump back into the frey? On a recent episode of DAT Poker Podcast, former PokerStars ambassador Daniel Negreanu hinted that there may be something new announced on the horizon. Speaking about the demise of the PCA Negreanu said, “I do believe that something will replace, how do I say this all cryptic…I think there will be something that we see in that time slot in January that will offer players something to play.”
  5. It’s time once again for NJ online poker players to clear their October calendars and prepare to play in the PokerStars 2019 New Jersey Championship of Online Poker. Running October 12-28, PokerStars NJ is bringing back its state-wide championship online poker series featuring 50 events and $1,000,000 in total guaranteed prize pools, anchored by a $300 buy-in No-Limit Hold’em Main Event with a $100,000 guarantee. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker"][ptable zone="PokerStars NJ"] The 2019 schedule boasts three more events than it did in 2018, offering tournaments with buy-ins ranging from $50 up through the $1,000 No Limit Hold’em High Roller Six Max (October 16). It should be no surprise that the series is packed with NLHE events including the popular Progressive Knockouts, short-handed tournaments, turbos and more. However, No Limit Hold’em isn't the only variant on the schedule as players have the opportunity to win an NJCOOP title in Fixed Limit, Pot Limit Omaha, Mixed Game tournaments and more. PokerStars is pulling out the stops to get players excited for the 17-day series by offering low/no-cost avenues for new and existing PokerStarsNJ players to participate. One of easiest ways to win a seat into the Main Event is to get qualified for the $7,500 Main Event Depositor Freeroll. Players that make a deposit using the promo code 'NJCOOP' between 10:00 ET on Friday, October 11 through 18:59 ET on Saturday, October 26 will pick up a ticket to the freeroll tournaments. Then on October 26, the qualified players will battle for one of 25 free tickets to the $300 buy-in NJCOOP Main Event. Second Chance Freerolls are returning to NJCOOP in 2019. Players who play any NJCOOP event but bust out short of the money will receive a ticket to a secondary freeroll that pays out $1,250 in entires to subsequent NJCOOP events. The Second Chance Freerolls will be taking place daily from October 13-28 and, in total, will be giving back over $20,000 in free entries to NJCOOP events. While not a free entry, PokerStarsNJ will be offering NJCOOP Spin & Go’s where a player can turn a $3 buy-in into a $300 Main Event seat. PokerStars NJCOOP Tournament Schedule DATE EVENT # EVENT TIME GTD 10/12 1 $100 NL Hold'em [Nightly Stars - NJCOOP Warm-Up] 6:00 PM $18,000 2 $200 NL Hold'em [Turbo - NJCOOP Warm-Up] 8:00 PM $16,000 10/13 3 $200 NL Hold'em [Deepstack, 8-Max] 2:00 PM $27,500 4 $150 NL Hold'em [Progressive KO] 3:30 PM $22,500 5 $250 NL Hold'em [Sunday Special SE] 5:00 PM $55,000 6 $100 PL Omaha [6-Max] 7:00 PM $10,000 7 $150 NL Hold'em [Sunday SuperSonic SE, Hyper-Turbo] 10:00 PM $18,000 10/14 8 $100 NL Hold'em [4-Max, Progressive KO] 7:00 PM $12,500 9 $75+R PL Omaha Hi/Lo [8-Max] 8:00 PM $12,000 10/15 10 $250 NL Hold'em [Super Tuesday SE] 7:00 PM $35,000 11 $30 NL Hold'em [Mini Super Tuesday] 7:30 PM $10,000 12 $150 NL Hold'em [Escalating Antes] 8:00 PM $16,000 13 $100 NL Hold'em [Bubble Rush] 9:30 PM $12,000 10/16 14 $100 NL Holdem [Progressive KO] 7:00 PM $15,000 15 $1,000 NL Hold'em [High-Roller, 6-Max] 8:00 PM $50,000 16 $150 NL Hold'Em [6-Max] 9:00 PM $10,000 10/17 17 $200 NL Hold'em [Thursday Thrill SE] 7:00 PM $22,000 18 $50+R NL Hold'em 8:00 PM $12,000 19 $100 NL Hold'em [Turbo] 9:30 PM $10,000 10/18 20 $300 Eight-Game [6-Max] 7:30 PM $12,500 21 $150 NL Hold'em [Bubble Rush, 6-Max] 9:30 PM $10,000 10/19 22 $100 NL Hold'em [Deepstack, 8-Max] 5:00 PM $12,500 23 $200 NL Hold'em [Bigstack Turbo] 8:00 PM $10,000 10/20 24 $100 NL Hold'em [Marathon] 1:00 PM $10,000 25 $100 Mixed NLHE/PLO [6-Max] 2:00 PM $10,000 26 $150 NL Hold'em [Progressive KO, 6-Max, Big Antes] 3:30 PM $20,000 27 $350 NL Hold'em [Sunday Special SE] 5:00 PM $60,000 28 $200 NL Hold'em [Progressive KO] 7:00 PM $32,000 29 $100 NL Hold'em [Sunday SuperSonic SE, Hyper-Turbo] 9:00 PM $10,000 10/21 30 $300 NL Hold'em [4-Max] 7:00 PM $30,000 31 $500 PL Omaha [High-Roller, 6-max] 8:00 PM $18,000 10/22 32 $200 NL Hold'em [Super Tuesday SE] 7:00 PM $30,000 33 $100 No Limit Omaha Hi/Lo [8-Max] 8:00 PM $8,000 10/23 34 $30+R NL Holdem [6-Max] 7:00 PM $10,000 35 $200 NL Hold'em 7:00 PM $20,000 10/24 36 $250 NL Hold'em [Thursday Thrill SE] 7:00 PM $28,000 37 $150 NL Hold'em [Turbo] 9:00 PM $15,000 10/25 38 $200 FL Holdem [6-Max] 9:00 PM $8,500 39 $200 NL Hold'em [Deep, Hyper-Turbo] 9:00 PM $10,000 10/26 40 $300 NL Hold'em [6-Max] 6:00 PM $25,000 41 $75 NL Hold'em [Zoom] 9:00 PM $12,500 10/27 42 $100 NL Hold'em [Big Antes] 2:00 PM $12,500 43 $300 NL Hold'em [Main Event, 2-Day Event] 5:00 PM $100,000 44 $50 NL Hold'em [Main Event Structure] 6:00 PM $22,000 45 $100 NL Hold'em [Win the Button] 8:00 PM $12,500 46 $150 PL Omaha [6-Max] 9:00 PM $12,500 47 $75 NL Hold'em [Sunday SuperSonic SE, Hyper-Turbo] 10:00 PM $8,500 10/28 48 $150 NL Hold'em [Nightly Stars SE - NJCOOP Wrap-Up] 7:00 PM $16,500 49 $100 NL Hold'em [Phase Day 2] 8:00 PM $20,000 50 $100 NL Hold'em [Deep, Hyper-Turbo, 6-Max] 9:00 PM $10,000 all times ET
  6. One of Europe’s largest tournament series, The Battle of Malta, returns in October and its title sponsor, 888poker, is bringing out their big guns for an all-out war on the felt. Nearly the entire roster of 888poker ambassadors will be making the journey to the beautiful island of Malta from October 15-22 to enjoy some sun, sand, and the on-the-felt competition. [ptable zone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="888poker"] Vivian Saliba, Ana Marquez, Sofia Lovgren, World Series of Poker Main Event champion Martin Jacobson, and the newest addition to the roster, Daria Feshchenko are headed to Malta to play host to the players and take their seat in the €555 Battle of Malta €1,000,000 guaranteed Main Event. “Malta is a wonderful island and the casino is located next to the sea,” Sofia Lovgren said. “You can take a swim in the seat or a morning jog along the beach and walk there before the poker tournament. You can also enjoy a nice dinner with a nice sea view at the dinner break.” In fact, it wasn’t a difficult sell to get the 888poker pros to agree to make the trip to Malta. It’s not only the amazing weather, the fantastic food, and the island life that attracts players to the tournaments, it’s the competition and the camaraderie. “The live stops are amazing for so many reasons, being able to visit new places while playing poker and also getting to see friends and other poker players are one of those aspects,” said Vivian Saliba. “Poker is still a social game and I can say that some of the closest people in my life I’ve met in the poker world.” “It’s truly a privilege to get to travel the world and represent and give poker the attention it deserves,” Martin Jacobson added. “Interacting with fans always fuels me with energy and the passion I have for the game.” Those very same people that are happy to meet the pros away from the table are the ones that are sitting between them and the Battle of Malta trophy. It’s a minefield for the ambassadors, as most players know who they are and what they’ve accomplished in poker. “I find for the most part people tend to play more cautious but then you have others who can’t wait to run a big bluff against you. It’s important to pay close attention to be able to differentiate between the two,” said Jacobson. “I’ve experienced players acting and playing very weird against me and I’m pretty sure that was personal,” said Saliba. ”On the other hand, some players may think a pro makes magic with the cards so they decide not to play a hand against you because they might feel intimidated. “We are all there to play our best and at the table, there is no mercy,” said Lovgren. The Battle of Malta Main Event is a five-day affair but throughout the entire week, there are plenty of side events with buy-in starting as low as €60 and going as high as the €1,320 High Roller. Both in the card room and outside there’s something for everyone to look forward to. “To speak honestly, I feel like a tourist!” said Daria Feschenko who will be representing 888poker in her first event outside of her home country of Russia. “I’ve never been to Malta, but I’ve seen the pictures. The area looks great and the weather should also be awesome.” “I’m super excited to explore Malta as it will be my first time there,” Saliba said. “I am also looking forward to meeting my teammates and play live poker!” “I’m looking forward to being able to play a relatively small buy-in with a huge prize pool. I’ve never player Battle of Malta but I’ve heard that it’s a great atmosphere and a lot of fun all around.” For Ana Marquez, the weather may be nice and she enjoys hanging out but she’s got her eye on one thing and one thing only. “Getting the Battle of Malta trophy. It’s pretty cool.” The 2019 Battle of Malta takes place from October 15-22 at The Intercontinental Hotel in the seaside town of St. Julian’s. Online satellites are running right now on 888poker.
  7. Sunday was the final day of 888poker’s XL Eclipse championship online poker series and with it came one of the biggest tournaments the online site will hold all year - the $500,000 guaranteed XL Eclipse Main Event. Not only was the XL Main Event one of the biggest, it was also one of the best. It promised players a shot at a career-defining massive five-figure score for a buy-in of just $250. In fact, all of Sunday's 'Main Event' tournament provided 888poker players with maximum value with grinders of every bankroll range finding a tournament that could take their game to the next level. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker"][ptable zone="PokerStars NJ"] XL Eclipse #32 - $500,000 Main Event Buy-in: $250 Entries: $1,647 Prize pool: $508,540 Grinders were quick to pick up the value in the $500,000 Main Event as pros and shot-takers alike battled for what could have been the biggest first-place prize of the entire series. 1,647 players entered with 517 rebuys creating a prize pool of $508,540 and promised the top seven players score of $10K or more and a first-place prize of over $85,000. However, as the tournament neared its fourteenth hour, the final four players decided to reduce their own variance and strike a four-handed deal. In the end, Brazil's Francisco 'chiconogue' Nogueira became the official winner of the Main Event taking home the XL Eclipse Main Event title and a payday of $57,826.45. He defeated German grinder 'amaze1' who finished as the runner-up settling for a score of $49.751.05. Russia's 'si1entb0b' could easily call himself the real winner. Although he finished in third place, he secured himself the most prize money as he ended up with a $61,622.20 score. The fourth member of the four-handed deal was Russia's 'Lucky_Frutti'. Currently the #71-ranked player in the world, 'Lucky_Frutti' earned $57,660.77 for his fourth-place effort. His finish in the Main Event marks his thirteenth career XL championship cash and it is by far his largest result on the site. Other notables that made the money include Sweden’s 'Inho' (179th, $559.39), Russia’s former #1-ranked PocketFiver ‘veeea’ (167th, $559.39), ‘Farrugia_1’ (124th, $813.66), 888poker ambassador Chris ‘888Moorman’ Moorman (90th, $1,017.08) and Andreas ‘r4ndomr4gs’ Berggren (54th, $1,322.20), XL Eclipse #33 - $50,000 Mini Main Event Buy-in: $33 Entries: 1,901 Prize pool: $78,630 The $50,000 Mini Main Event and its $33 buy-in hit a sweet spot with mid-stakes grinders as 1,901 players fired in the tournament for an opportunity to take home a five-figure score. The $50K posted guarantee was shattered as players rebought 720 times pushing the prize pool to $78,630. Ukraine’s ’SpielerKind’ emerged as the winner, taking home the XL Eclipse title after a three-way deal was made. Even with a deal in place, the Ukranian managed to lock up $10,886.69, settling for just over $1500 less than the original first-place prize. Russia’s ‘1sharb’ finished as the runner up and took home $9,552.49 for his part in the deal. The #114-ranked Russian grinder added the four-figure bankroll boost to his already impressive $678,000 lifetime online career total. The score is the Russian’s largest ever on 888poker and with his earlier min-cash in the $250 Main Event, it was just his third ever result in an XL series. It was a big day for third-place finisher ‘k29mario’ from Belarus. He was the third player involved in the chop, earning $8,065.18 for his bronze medal finish - easily his largest ever score on 888poker. But he also took home an XL title in the $5.50 Micro Main Event, resulting in a day where he made over $10,000 for under $40. XL Eclipse #33 Final Table 1. SpielerKind - $10,886.69* 2. 1sharb - $9,552.49* 3. k29mario - $8,065.18* 4. fortunato2b - $5,071.63 5. Paquitooo - $3,727.06 6. 555ATurROI - $2,972.21 7. 1doisi3de0 - $2,217.36 8. Rabaan - $1,486.10 9. bolodocaco - $919.97 XL Eclipse #34 - $15,000 Micro Main Event Buy-in: $5.50 Entries: 2,536 Prize pool: $17,865 In case you missed it above, ‘k29mario’ from Belarus made two of the day's ‘Main Event’ final tables. First taking third place in the $33 Mini Main Event and then winning it all in the $15,000 Micro Main Event for the first-place prize of $2,664.26 and the XL Eclipse title. It marks his ninth career XL cash. The micro-stake grinders turned the $5.50 buy-in Micro Main Event into one of the most popular tournaments of the entire series as 2,536 players created a guarantee-beating prize pool of $17,865. Joining ‘k29mario’ on the podium was Brazil’s ‘guga3355’ who finished in second place and picked up a nice four-figure score of $1,947.28. Finally, Romanian grinder ‘mariusghet12’ wrapped up the tournament in third place and walked away with $1,411.33. XL Eclipse #34 Final Table 1. k29mario - $2,664.26 2. guga3355 - $1,947.28 3. mariusghet12 - $1,411.33 4. pok3m3t4l - $1,054.03 5. Hangoover9 - $739.61 6. As_Stars_p - $535.95 7. Roda_PFC23 - $357.30 8. Heikogen - $214.38 9. ForzaMilan26 - $160.78
  8. On Monday, Caesars Entertainment Corp CEO Tony Rodio announced the sale of the Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino to New York real estate company Imperial Companies in a deal for $516.3 million. According to Caesars, the deal is expected to close in the first quarter of 2020. However, Caesars will retain a lease and maintain and operate the Rio for the next two years paying rent of $45 million per year. In the third year, Imperial Companies can pay Caesars $7 million and have the option to extend the arrangement for an additional year. Although they have purchased the building, the New York real estate firm has not bought the World Series of Poker, which will remain under control of Caesars Entertainment and return to the Rio for the 51st Annual series in 2020. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker"][ptable zone="PokerStars NJ"] “The World Series of Poker will be hosted at the Rio in 2020 and Caesars will retain the rights to this event,” an internal company-wide Caesars memo states.”The site of future WSOP events will be announced at a later date.” “The retention of the World Series of Poker and retention of Caesars Rewards customers are all factors that make this a valuable transaction for Caesars,” Rodio said in the press release. With operations expected to remain intact for at least the next two years, it seems likely that the WSOP could have the Rio as its home as far out as 2022. “Many of you are probably aware that discussion and negotiations regarding the sale of the Rio have been underway for a long time. I want to emphasize that this action is not related to the recent merger agreement with Eldorado." In June of this year, Caesars and Eldorado announced a merger that has Eldorado acquiring Caesars Entertainment to create the largest owner of U.S. based gaming assets. “We see this sale as enabling us to focus our resources on strengthening our attractive Strip portfolio.” The sale of the property is not expected to “result in any changes to the guest experience.”
  9. The penultimate day of 888poker’s XL Eclipse championship online poker series took place on Saturday as players registered for a trio of 6-Max tournaments in a final bid to capture an XL title before the $500,000 GTD Main Event on Sunday. Players seemed happy to stay in on a Saturday night as all three tournaments exceeded their promised guarantees. Rather than play for the promised $65,000 in guarantees, the players pushed the total prize pools on the evening over $87,000. XL Eclipse #29 - $30,000 6-Max Buy-in: $109 Entries: 296 Prize pool: $43,200 It took just under eight-and-a-half hours for Brazil’s Charles ‘CharlesUlman’ Ulman to best the field of 296 runners in the $30,000 6-Max en route to a victory that allowed him to walk away with the day’s top prize of $9.504.00 and his first XL Eclipse title. The high four-figure score, which is a career top-ten cash for the Brazilian, puts the #810-ranked player in the world over $890,000 in lifetime scores. Malta’s ‘stroposoz’ finished as the runner-up, taking home $6,631.20 for his $109 buy-in and Sweden’s ‘Mr_coyote’ made yet another XL Eclipse final table, earning $3,456.00 for third place. Event # 29 Final Table 1. CharlesUlman - $9,504.00 2. stroposoz - $6,631.20 3. Mr_Coyote - $4,968.00 4. YSoSerious7 - $3,456.00 5. JoaquinRuiz - $2,592.00 6. BreakFISHt - $1,728.00 XL Eclipse #30 - $20,000 Mini 6-Max Buy-in: $16.50 Entries: 1,180 Prize pool: $23,895 Once again the Mini version of the spotlight tournament broke the 1,000 runner mark as 1,180 players hung out on a Saturday night in hopes of turning their $16.50 buy-in into a four-figure score worth celebrating. Romania’s ‘robertpirvu’ took home the top prize of the Mini hauling in $3,909.92 and the XL Eclipse title for his first-place finish. Hailing from Greece, ‘DoctorPoker4’ wrapped up the tournament as the runner-up, earning $2,986.87 for his efforts. Brazil’s ‘NaoInTendo’ took home the bronze, adding $2,270.02 to his already accumulated $120,000 in lifetime online scores. He’s currently the #506-ranked player in all of Brazil and with his second career XL cash, it's likely he will see a bump in his ranking. Event # 30 Final Table 1. robertpirvu - $3,909.92 2. DoctorPoker4 - $2,986.87 3. NaoInTendo - $2,270.02 4. ItaDapeeza - $1,553.17 5. bornsinner01 - $1,075.27 6. SexMeLater - $716.85 XL Eclipse #31 - $15,000 Late 6-Max Buy-in: $55 Entries: 299 Prize pool: $20,650 The $15,000 Late 6-Max saw 299 players generate a guarantee-beating $20,650 prize pool, ensuring that five of the six members of the final table would earning more than $1,000 for their $55 buy-in. It took just six hours and thirty-eight minutes for Slovakia’s ‘gdesupare’ to lock up the victory and add $4,543.08 to his bankroll for the first-place finish. Kazakhstani grinder ‘Cstl01’ made a final table appearance and finished in second place for $3,169.77. ‘mashomis’ added to the myriad of Canadians that have performed well during the series as he took home the bronze for $2,374.75 Event # 31 Final Table 1. gdesupare - $4,543.08 2. Cstl01 - $3,169.77 3. mashomis - $2,374.75 4. g3r4rrr - $1,652.00 5. bah23 - $1,239.00 6. yrkkk - $826.00
  10. Friday was DeepStack Day for 888poker’s XL Eclipse championship online poker series as $65,000 worth of guarantees were packed into a trio of tournaments with starting stacks that promised plenty of play. Even though it was a Friday night, that didn’t keep the online grinders from taking one of their final shots at picking up an XL title. All three tournaments proved popular and, once again, beat their posted guarantees. With the XL Eclipse $500,000 GTD Main Event only two days away, players packed the tournament lobbies with an eye on picking up momentum heading into the weekend. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker"][ptable zone="PokerStars NJ"] XL Eclipse #26 - $30,000 DeepStack Buy-in: $55 Entries: 532 Prize pool: $35,300 The spotlight tournament of the day was the $30,000 DeepStack which saw 532 entries post their $55 buy-in helping push the prize pool to a guarantee besting $35,300. Nearly the entire final table was able to walk away with four-figure scores as the top seven were all promised a payday of greater than $1K. It was Germany’s ‘killakolor’ who took home the biggest piece of the pie securing $6,196.95 in a deal that was made with ‘rickybarbosa’ when the final two players got heads up. For his end of the deal, ‘rickybarbosa’ earned $5,363.80 for second place, nearly $475 more than the original second-place posted prize. The UK’s ‘Kondogbia’ bowed out of the tournament in third place for $3,600.60. XL Eclipse #26 Final Table 1. killakolor - $6.196.95* 2. rickybarbosa - $5,363.80* 3. Kondogbia - $3,600.60 4. nyagaaan - $2,718.10 5. NotPlaying - $1,906.20 6. TonyLipS - $1,500.25 7. Ilovetyumen - $1,147.25 8. Streusalz - $794.25 9. shadowmoon3 - $540.09 XL Eclipse: #27 - $20,000 Mini DeepStack Buy-in: $16.50 Entries: 1,274 Prize pool: $25,050 With two-thirds the guarantee of Event #26 but at one-third the buy-in, the $20,000 Mini DeepStack proved to be too value-heavy for players to ignore. The prize pool rose toe $25,050 as 1,274 players took their shot at turning less than $20 into a bankroll boosting four-figure score. The second heads up deal of the night was made as Ukraine’s ‘loveU2baby’ and Russia’s ‘ch0mba’ agreed to chop it up. ‘loveU2baby’ gave up a couple hundred dollars, locking in a payday of $4,068.77 while ‘ch0mba’ took better than the posted amount for second place, adding $3,321.32 to his bankroll. Brazil’s ‘YetiCara’ missed out on being a part of the deal but still took in $2,377.32 for their $16.50 investment. XL Eclipse #27 Final Table 1. ‘loveU2baby’ - $4,068.77* 2. ch0mba - $3,321.32* 3. YetiCara - $2,377.24 4. fishachek - $1,703.40 5. ExOrXiSt_89 - $1,239.97 6. Matu_ - $989.47 7. jdcorte - $738.97 8. Chubalero - $488.47 9. busting you - $270.54 XL Eclipse #28 - $15,000 Late DeepStack Buy-in: $33 Entries: 473 Prize pool: $18,000 There was one last chance to pick up an XL title on Friday and 473 players piled into the $15,000 Late DeepStack to take a stab at it. ‘SunComeUp’ took down the tournament outright, walking away with $3,420 for first place. Romania’s ‘TheGambler30’, who fired two bullets in the tournament and made the second one count, finished as the runner-up for $2,5020. The UK’s ‘treilly71’ also booked a four-figure score, banking $1,845.00 for his third-place finish. Event #28 Final Table 1. SunComeUp - $3,420.00 2. TheGambler30 - $2,520.00 3. treilly71 - $1,845.00 4. MHighton - $1,404.00 5. effuno99 - $990.00 6. SPortsDudeDK - $765.00 7. Multllift - $595.00 8. Bullonhenki - $405.00 9. ShftWrk - $298.80
  11. It was back-to-back nights for the 888poker bounty hunters as Thursday night’s XL Eclipse schedule once again featured a trio of PKO tournaments. Proving the continued popularity of Progressive Knockouts, all three tournaments more than handily bested their posted guarantee including the $50,000 PKO 8-Max spotlight tournament which crushed its guarantee by more than $20,000. The only major difference between Wednesday’s and Thursday’s schedule was that all three Thursday tournaments came in at a slightly higher price point, resulting in more money up for grabs. Also, all of the events were eight-handed, letting play flow a little faster. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker"][ptable zone="PokerStars NJ"] A note: due to a technical problem, the bounty payouts in the tournament lobbies were not displaying properly. XL Eclipse #23 - $50,000 PKO 8-Max Buy-in: $160 Entries: 368 Prize pool: $70,200 It finally happened - Finland’s ‘dmg34’ became the first two-time XL Eclipse title winner in 2019 after outlasting the 368 players in the $50,000 PKO 8-Max. The Finnish grinder took home the lion’s share of the guarantee-shattering $70,200 prize pool and walked away with $6,756.75 for first plus the bulk of the $35,100 bounty prize pool. PocketFiver Jonathan ‘nutcracker95’ Matthewman nearly picked up his second career XL Eclipse title but instead finished as the runner up, good for a $5,001.75 payday. The UK grinder will be adding his nice four-figure score to his career online lifetime total of $558,000. Canada’s ‘sasasa137’ finished the tournament in third place, turning their $160 buy-in into a $3,773.25 score. Event #23 Final Table 1. dmg34 - $6,756.75 + $35,100.00 2. nutcracker95 - $5,001.75 3. sasasa137 - $3,773.25 4. illcinnnnn - $2,720.25 5. casual_win - $1,842.75 6. opapro - $1,316.25 7. RaiseOnceAli - $965.25 8. Vomani - $789.75 XL Eclipse #24 - $20,000 Mini PKO 8-Max Buy-in: $22 Entries: 1,023 Prize pool: $27,980 When you put the words “Mini” and “PKO” in the same tournament title, the players are sure to show up. Players registered early and often creating a grand total of 1,023 entries and a total prize pool of $27,980 on a $22 buy-in. ‘mateuszek115’ ended up on top taking home the top prize of $2,578.89, the bulk of the bounties and the XL Eclipse title. Right behind him, Lithuania took the second and third place spots as ‘RiLucas’ finished as the runner up for $1,818.70 and ‘Edikas07’ grabbed $1,399.00 in third. Event #24 Final Table 1. mateuszek115 - $2,578.89 2. RiLucas - $1,818.70 3. Edikas07 - $1,399.00 4. Nilly95 - $1,049.25 5. MorayEEEEEL - $699.50 6. Ganjamannnn - $489.65 7. batai1234 - $314.77 8. NSP14 - $212.64 XL Eclipse #25 - $20,000 Late PKO 8-Max Buy-in: $55 Entries: 397 Prize pool: $26,650 It took just a few minutes over seven hours for Russia’s ‘Roma3Pari’ to take down the $20,000 Late PKO 8-Max for a first-place haul of $2,531.97 and the XL Eclipse title. The tournament saw 397 runners bolster the prize pool to $26,650, half of which was dedicated to the bounties. Brazil’s ‘Rose Gambit’ took home her largest score ever on 888poker with her runner-up finish worth $1,865.50 plus her share of the bounties. The Brazilian, who just last year cracked the top 1000 players in the world, sees her lifetime online total jump to over $335,000 with the score. Finally, Germany’s ‘weh_chr’ took home the bronze, earning $1,399.12 for their efforts. Event #25 Final Table 1. Roma3Pari - $2,531.97 2. RoseGambit - $1,865.50 3. weh_chr - $1,399.12 4. ehbaron68 - $999.37 5. chinpola - $666.25 6. wh4ishat3 - $466.37 7. AGelinski - $333.12 8. ElGradiente - $266.50
  12. All good things must come to an end. And that end has come for the PCA. As PocketFives reported, when PokerStars announced the return of the PSPC in 2020 they also, unceremoniously, announced that the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure would not be back in 2020, ending its run of 16 years. For many, the PCA kicked off the yearly poker calendar with players making plans to escape their winter hardships for weeks of poker, sun and waterslides. At the height of the poker boom, the PCA was one of the most popular stops on the tour as winners of the Main Event added millions to their career earnings and a marquee victory to their resumes. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker"][ptable zone="PokerStars NJ"] However, as many tour stops experienced, the numbers began to decline after Black Friday and the fatigue of making the trip to the Atlantis Resort & Casino began to weigh on the players. Now, PokerStars has pulled the plug on one of the most enduring poker stops of the last two decades. But even though it’s gone, it certainly won’t be forgotten. With that, we’ve compiled nine of the most memorable moments in the history of the PCA. Gus Hansen’s On A Boat Before the PCA became the flagship stop for PokerStars, it has a very different look. In fact, in 2004, the first year it ever took place the PCA was then a World Poker Tour event. Also, it took place on a boat. The Royal Caribbean Voyager of the Seas to be exact and just as poker was about to hit mainstream a young up-and-coming player from Denmark, Gus Hansen, was in the middle of making a reputation for himself, a reputation that lasts to this very day. Hansen bested the likes of Daniel Negreanu for the $455,780 first-place prize and his third WPT title. Right from the get-go, the PCA drew premier poker star power and eventually the PCA would be the engine to create that star power. Ryan Daut And Isaac Haxton Take It Outside In 2007, rising online phenom Isaac Haxton was in prime position to take down the 2007 PCA Main Event and it’s massive $1.5 million first-place prize. Ryan Daut had other ideas and the pair put on a famous heads up battle at the final table which took place…outside. The weather outside was nearly as volatile as the play on the felt. The winds whipped as evening fell and it looked like the sky was going to open up and pour at any moment. In the eye of the storm was Haxton and Daut who played an iconic hand where both players had “absolute Garfunkel!” Haxton won the famous battle of the bluffs but Daut took home the PCA title. ESPN Took The PCA Live The PCA made history in 2011 when PokerStars struck a deal with ESPN to bring ‘near-live’ coverage of the PCA final table to the network. The final table was shown on ESPN2 and online on ESPN3.com on a one-hour delay so viewers could see the hole cards. According to the PokerStars Blog, it was the first time that poker fans were able to see a final table, every hand, every decision completely unedited. “For the first time viewers at home will see a poker telecast from start to finish, with all the strategy of world class-poker players playing in real-time,” said ESPN’s Matt Volk back in 2010. Galen Hall Finds A Fold Not only did 2011 produce one of the first unedited accounts of a final table, but it also produced one of the finest folds every caught on camera. Former #1-ranked PocketFiver Chris ‘Getting Daize’ Oliver was cruising in the PCA Main Event and at the start of heads up play he had a 3:1 chip advantage over fellow online pro Galen Hall. On the third hand of play, the pair both make monster hands by the river. Hall rivered a straight while Oliver had just gone runner-runner to a full house. After being checked to by Oliver, Hall put out a bet and was check-raised for his tournament life. “If Hall calls it’s all over,” said commentator James Hartigan. “I don’t see Hall getting away from this hand,” declared Daniel Negreanu. After minutes in the tank, Hall makes the laydown of his poker life and ended up turning the tables on Oliver to become the 2011 PCA Main Event champion for $2.3 million. Antonio Esfandiari DQ’d From Main Event Antonio Esfandiari loves to prop bet. So does Bill Perkins. When the two of them got together at the 2016 PCA they agreed to a bet that had Esfandiari only able to perform lunges when moving for 48 hours. Sore and not wanting to lunge himself to the bathroom, Esfandiari made the unfortunate decision to go to the bathroom in a bottle…under the poker table. When officials caught wind of Esfandiari’s makeshift restroom he was quickly disqualified from the Main Event. However, the prop bet continued and he got up and lunged his way out of the tournament area. Read: Antonio Esfandiari Disqualified from PCA Main Event Vanessa Selbst’s Big Bet So the story goes…after a night of having (perhaps too much) fun in the Bahamas, Vanessa Selbst made a big bet against her friend Jason Mercier that he couldn’t win three WSOP bracelets the following summer. It’s hard enough for pros to count on winning one WSOP bracelet, much less three and so she ended up giving 180:1 odds on a $10,000 wager. The bet was made in a bit of an 'altered state' and when Selbst woke up the next day, she tried to cancel it but according to Mercier, the bet was booked. She offered Mercier a $1K buy-out, he declined. Mercier went on to pick up two bracelets that summer and finish second in another tournament nearly completing the challenge that would have paid him $1.8 million. Christian Harder Battles Bax Long-time online and live pro Christian Harder became a bit of a footnote in PCA history in his 2017 Main Event win. That’s because, technically, it wasn’t the PCA. That year PokerStars shelved their popular PCA brand and tried to rebrand the tour stop the ‘PokerStars Championship Bahamas’. That is the year Harder fought through the field of 738 entries to find himself heads up for the title. When he looked up he saw he sitting across from him was his former backer (and PocketFives Legacy Award winner) Cliff ‘JohnnyBax’ Josephy. Josephy was a bit of a mentor to Harder and had put him in the PCA in the past so when they got heads up, a deal was quickly struck between the two friends with Harder going on to take home the extra $10K and the first (and last) PSC Bahamas trophy. Maria Lampropulos First Woman Winner of PCA Argentina’s Maria Lampropulos made PCA history in 2018 by becoming the first-ever female to capture a PCA Main Event title. She overcame a 2:1 heads up chip deficit to defeat Canadian crusher Shawn Buchanan and take home the $1,081,100 first-place prize, her second seven-figure score in under 12 months. The Main Event final table was not only notable for who won the title but how she won it. Lampropulos was quite visibly extremely sick throughout the final day, having fits of coughing and seemingly struggling to stay focused. This also led to her taking a long time on many decisions, which prompted other players to call the clock on her on a number of occasions. In the end, she fought through the sickness, made the right decision and won some crucial flips to become the first (and now last) female PCA champion. The PSPC Breaks Records In 2019 PokerStars has a plan to revitalize the PCA and that was by hosting the largest ever $25,000 buy-in tournament - the PokerStars No Limit Hold’em Player Championship. The PSPC was the culmination of a year-long marketing campaign. One that doled out over 320 Platinum Passes, a ticket worth $30,000 that allowed players from all over the world to live their dream of playing in a tournament with life-changing money on the line. When the event got underway, the tournament room was electric with players of every skill level giddy with excitement over such a special event. The tournament exceeded all expectations with 1,039 players registering for the event creating a prize pool of $26,455,500. In fairytale fashion, Platinum Pass winner Ramon Colillas from Spain ended up as the winner and took home the massive $5.1 million first-place prize.
  13. 888poker’s 2019 XL Eclipse championship online poker series has officially hit the halfway mark as players begin to get hyped up for Sunday’s $250 buy-in $500,000 guaranteed Main Event. That’s not to say that there aren’t still big-time tournaments to be played and Tuesday’s XL Eclipse schedule was proof of that as players, including the current #1-ranked player on the All-Time Online Money List, battled for over $150,000 in prize pools across three different ‘High Roller’ tournaments. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker"][ptable zone="PokerStars NJ"] XL Eclipse #17 - $100,000 High Roller Buy-in: $320 Entries: 223 Prize pool: $100,000 For the players that could afford an entry to XL Eclipse’s highest buy-in tournament on the schedule, it was a very good day. The string of tournaments breaking their guarantee came to an end as 888poker's $100,000 High Roller had 223 entries register in hopes to take home a five-figure score. There was an unexpected bonus for the players: with 223 entries, including the rake, the prize pool totaled just over $71,000. That meant for the first time in the entire series, there was an overlay. A lot of overlay. A total of $28,640 in pure overlay meant that players were getting maximum value which drove plenty of players to fire multiple shells to try and get a piece. Players who took multiple shots include well-known poker names like Former #1-ranked PocketFiver Andreas ‘r4ndomr4gs’ Berggren, current worldwide #2-ranked ‘tutten7’ (aka ‘lena900’) and World Series of Poker Main Event champ and current 888poker ambassador Martin Jacobson who managed to finish in 13th place for $1,350. The UK’s ‘Kroat.’ found himself heads up for the High Roller title, a situation he was very familiar with. In April, he battled 888poker ambassador Chris ‘moorman1’ Moorman in the XL Blizzard $100,000 Tune Up. Moorman, who was the reigning All-Time Online Money List Leader at the time, bested ‘Kroat.’ who settled for second place and just over $15,000. Here 'Kroat.' was again, locked in a see-saw heads up battle, for a hefty five-figure payday and the situation was even more similar than he could have anticipated. His opponent was Hungary’s ‘kiskutya23’ (aka ‘Belabacsi’) the NEW All-Time Online Money List leader. Earlier this year, 'kiskutya23', a ten-time PocketFives Triple Crown winner, finally entered all of his online screen names. The result catapulted him past Moorman into the lifetime #1 spot with $16.875 million in career scores. Unfortunately for the UK’s ‘Kroat.’ history repeated itself and he fell to yet another online earnings list leader. ‘Kroat.’ was forced to settle for $15,000 as the runner up, while 'kiskutya23' added $20,450 to his enormous lifetime sum putting him just shy of $16.9 million. ‘joaobarb’ finished in third place, still taking home a five-figure score of $11,300 for his $320 investment. XL Eclipse #17 Final Table 1. kiskutya23 - $20,450.00 2. Kroay. - $15,000.00 3. joaobarb - $11,300.00 4. sweet_dr34ms - $8,500.00 5. 01tdr - $5,800.00 6. F3nix35 - $4,500.00 7. Imrunningh0t - $3,500.00 8. sikosomatik - $2,500.00 9. chazcombes - $1,900.0 XL Eclipse #18 - $30,000 Mini High Roller Buy-in: $55 Entries: 648 Prize pool: $45,950 Perhaps the $320 buy-in of the spotlight tournament was a little rich for some grinders, but the Mini High Roller seemed to hit the sweet spot. The $30,000 guarantee was more than crushed as 648 players pushed the prize pool to $45,950 assuring that eight of the nine players at the final table would turn their $55 buy-in into four-figure scores. Brazil’s ‘Dred_Rednose’ emerged from the pack to take home the XL Eclipse title and a nice payday of $8,679.95. Just missing out was Canada’s Jason ‘JayMow30’ Maurer. The PocketFiver settled for runner up but still took home a healthy $6,295.15 score to add to his lifetime online total of over $424,379. The payday is Maurer’s best-ever result, in terms of money, on 888poker. Malta’s ’SouTheMan’ finished in third place, picking up $4,640.95. XL Eclipse #18 Final Table 1.Dred_Rednose - $8,680.15 2. JayMow30 - $6,295.15 3. SouTheMan - $4,640.95 4. steamraise1 - $3,492.20 5. RAGATTACK - $2,453.73 6. bLEENk7 - $1,952.87 7. bluffing420s - $1,493.37 8. RejamSam - $1,033.87 9. chipchipnuts - $689.25 XL Eclipse #19 - $20,000 Late High Roller Buy-in: $109 Entries: 215 Prize pool: $28,900 The $20,000 Late High Roller sped to a conclusion as the 215-entry field crowned a winner in just over six-and-a-half hours. ‘IHaveNoBoss’ from Costa Rica fired the $109 entry fee twice only to see it pay off with an XL Eclipse title and a $6,213.50 payday. Right behind him was Ukraine’s ‘fakery’ who banked $4,479.50 as the runner up and Russia’s ‘opapro’ took home the bronze for $3,395.75. XL Eclipse #19 Final Table 1. IHaveNoBoss - $6,213.50 2. fakery - $4,479.50 3. opapro - $3,395.75 4. pactamah23 - $2,528.75 5. Ilikepugs - $1,734.00 6. pokanuktus - $1,445.00 7. Clay_Born - $1,156.00 8. Mamba_black - $867.00 9. sunkenluck - $578.00
  14. Hosted by Lance Bradley and Donnie Peters, The Fives Poker Podcast runs each week and covers the latest poker news, preview upcoming events, and debate the hottest topics in poker. After taking a week off, Lance and Donnie return with a jam-packed episode of The FIVES Poker Podcast covering the news and views from all around the world of poker. This week, the Venetian Poker Room in Las Vegas is feeling the heat as players take to social media to express displeasure with the new rake tactic of 'Total Prize Pools'. Plus tournaments are wrapping up all over the world including the WPT Legends of Poker in Los Angeles, the British Poker Open and Super High Roller Bowl in London and tons of action taking place online in PokerStars' WCOOP. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker"][ptable zone="PokerStars NJ"] Subscribe: Apple Podcasts * Google Podcasts * Stitcher
  15. PokerStars ambassador, and one of the most popular Twitch poker streamers in the game, Lex Veldhuis brought his viewers deep into WCOOP Event #30 High ($2,100 NLHE Eight Max) as he battled through the field of 327 to find himself heads up in search of his first-ever WCOOP title. Veldhuis’ final opponent was the UK’s ‘GODofHU’, who proved - at least in this tournament - to be worthy of his chosen name. The Brit denied Veldhuis the victory, taking the tournament down for himself and walking away with the $121,542.24 first-place prize. Veldhuis was forced to settle for second place and take home a staggering $91,694.92. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker"][ptable zone="PokerStars NJ"] The largest tournament to wrap on Friday was Event #28 High ($5,200 NLHE Progressive KO High Roller) which saw Finland’s ‘WRUUUUM’ survive the 262-entry field to take home the first-place prize of $125,848.24 + $79,189.43 in bounties for a total payday of over $200,000. As one might expect, the final table in this high roller was flush with crushers including runner-up Rui ‘RuiNF’ Ferreira who earned $95,514.26 + $71,689 in bounties. The #1-ranked player in the world Andras ‘probirs’ Nemeth finished fourth in this contest for a total of over $68,000 and partypoker sponsored pro Anatoly ‘NL_Profit’ Filatov took sixth for $31,591.76 + $45,486.75 in bounties. ‘Zagazaur’ also took home a healthy six-figure score and a WCOOP title by winning Event #28 Medium ($530 NLHE Progressive KO Thursday Thrill SE) for $107,975.16 + $77,492.30 in bounties. The online pro, currently playing out of the Netherlands, made a final table on Thursday in Event #25 High ($25,000 NLHE Eight Max High Roller) where he banked over $112K. Between the two results ‘Zagazaur’ took in nearly $300,000 in 48 hours. In heads up play he defeated longtime online pro ‘MountainRo$e’ who earner $76,967.18 + $19,616.77 for his runner-up effort. Other players who took home a WCOOP title on Friday include ‘brunilsks’, ‘Murkovic’, ‘MAMbl4’, ‘Tonimonntana’, ‘karel2’, ‘Sajanas23’, ‘Antiya.Z’, ‘pierrec_m’, and ‘botteonpoker’. Event #28 (Low): $55 NLHE Progressive KO, Mini Thursday Thrill SE Entries: 15,207 Prize pool: $760,350 1. brunilsks - $43,592.22 + $18,452.28 in bounties 2. Divinity88 - $31,063.49 + $3,729.03 in bounties 3. LegendCB - $22,143.10 + $3,219.07 in bounties 4. 7jujuba7 - $15,784.33 + $2,594.03 in bounties 5. mishulanu7 - $11,251.58 + $5,435.07 in bounties 6. ppmaster - $8,020.51 + $2,022.68 in bounties 7. Rosenberg77 - $5,717.29 + $800.77 in bounties 8. OtavioSnuts - $4,075.47 + $1,279.84 in bounties 9. TottiLitti - $2,905.14 + $3,107.11 in bounties Event #28 (Medium): $530 NLHE Progressive KO Thursday Thrill SE Entries: 2,981 Prize pool: $1,490,500 1. Zagazaur - $107,975.16 + $77,492.30 2. MountainRo$e - $76,967.18 + $19,616.77 3. heyalisson - $54,864.78 + $1,562.50 4. P0KERPR02 - $39,109.52 + $5,180.66 5. gtrevisc - $27,878.53 + $12,194.08 6. Manni1822 - $19,872.76 + $12,244.62 7. mahairong - $14,168.01 + $2,649.91 8. GROSZEK 5 - $10,097.98 + $4,234.38 9. vidanilo - $7,198.14 + $2,269.91 Event #28 (High): $5,200 NLHE Progressive KO High Roller Entries: 262 Prize pool: $1,310,000 1. WRUUUUM - $125,948.24 + $79,189.43 2. RuiNF - $95,514.26 + $71,689.47 3. silentm0de - $72,434.35 + $41,035.15 4. probirs - $54,931.44 + $13,554.69 5. jobetzu - $41,657.93 + $19,453.13 6. NL_Profit - $31,591.76 + $45,468.75 7. APonakov - $23,958.00 + $12,500.00 8. SuchADegen - $18,168.78 _ $10,312.50 9. eisenhower1 - $13,778.51 + $24,218.75 Event #29 (Low): $22 PLO8 Six Max Entries: 3,032 Prize pool: $60,640 1. Murkovic - $7,621.61* 2. xQuantum1 - $7,221.61* 3. PamPamPake - $4,246.18 4. cladarth - $2,958.61 5. UPGRAYEDD420 - $2,061.48 6. Juicy_J_93 - $1,436.37 Event #29 (Medium): $215 PLO8 Six Max Entries: 697 Prize pool: $139.400 1. MAMbl4 - $23,908.95 2. Juicy_J_93 - $16,764.53 3. yaboybush - $11,755.18 4. 007pavel007 - $8,242.65 5. spieler52 - $5,779.69 6. jutrack - $4,052.67 Event #29 (High): $2,100 PLO8 Six Max Entries: 157 Prize pool: $314,000 1. Tonimonntana - $63,642.19 2. theNERDguy - $48,440.18 3. Lena900 - $36,869.50 4. iamivar - $28,062.65 5. 1bloodflood - $21,359.44 6. SirWatts - $16,257.41 Event #30 (Low): $22 NLHE Eight Max Entries: 6,436 Prize pool: $128,720 1. karel2 - $18,297.13 2. Totejuan - $13,038.75 3. Chitara162 - $9,294.45 4. EFHenn - $6,625.41 5. VIDss - $4,722.81 6. Ricks097 - $3,366.56 7. DC2408 - $2,399.80 8. deyuchamp - $1,710.65 Event #30 (Med): $215 NLHE Eight Max Entries:1,793 Prize pool: $358,600 1. Sajanas23 - $47,652.81* 2. justholdplz - $45,093.61* 3. frankwhite42 - $27,514.05 4. StupidFr3nch - $19,612.94 5. Duraircwb - $13,980.77 6. tiarc - $9,965.96 7. emptyspot - $7,104.08 8. reidimar88 - $5,064.00 Event #30 (High): $2,100 NLHE Eight Max Entries: 327 Prize pool: $854,000 1. GODofHU - $121,542.24 2. Lex ‘L.Veldhuis’ Veldhuis - $91,694.92 3. P0KERPR02.0 - $69,177.30 4. MuckCallOK - $52,189.39 5. KKremate - $39,373.15 6. elmelogno4 - $29,704.28 7. EEE27 - $22,409.76 8. Lincownz - $16,906.61 Event #33 (Low): $5.50 NLHE Heads Up Turbo Entries: 15,149 Prize pool: $74,230.10 1. Antiya.Z - $2,959.83 in bounties 2. wilham17 - $714.43 in bounties Event #33 (Medium): $55 NLHE Heads Up Turbo Entires: Prize pool: $259,450 1. pierrec_m - $15,165.20 - in bounties 2. LeafsItachi - $6,407.23 - in bounties Event #33 (High): $530 NLHE Heads Up Turbo PKO Zoom Entries: 621 Prize pool: $310,500 1. botteonpoker - $40,283.17 in bounties 2. chtrumfeinz - $6,042.97 in bounties
  16. 888poker’s XL Eclipse championship online poker series continued on Monday as players looked to start their week off on the right foot by adding an XL title to their resume. Another $45,000 worth of guarantees were at stake as the trio of schedule tournaments were all ‘Rebuy & Add-On’ tournaments. With players having the option to fire multiple times as well as tack on extra chips, all of the buy-ins were modestly priced, including one of the cheapest tournaments on the schedule in the $5.50 Mini R&A. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker"][ptable zone="PokerStars NJ"] XL Eclipse #14 - $20,000 R&A Event Buy-in: $33 Entries: 428 Prize pool: $29,520 Anyone who thoughts that XL Eclipse’s momentum might slow down on a Monday was forced to think again when the $20,000 R&A tournament crushed its guarantee by an additional 50%. The 428-entry field pushed the prize pool to $29,520 and made it so the top six players were going to turn their initial $33 buy-in into a nice four-figure score. ‘heroes333’ walked away with the largest XL Eclipse payday on Monday. It took just under six-and-a-half-hours for him to haul in the $5,664.89 first-place prize as well as the XL championship title. Right behind him was Brazil’s ‘bailando1904’ finished the night as the runner-up walking with $4,206.60. The Netherlands ‘Gotyoudude’ got third place and picked up $3,099.60 for his efforts. XL Eclipse #14 Final Table 1. heroes333 - $5,664.89 2. bailando1904 - $4,206.60 3. Gotyoudude - $3,099.60 4. habfer - $2,361.60 5. Mr_green_13 - $1,653.12 6. Imrunnig0t - $1,254.60 7. Aveprisma - $959.40 8. ReSoulZ - $664.20 9. MarcooPooloo - $490.03 XL Eclipse #15 - $10,000 Buy-in: $5.50 Entries: 1,132 Prize pool: $11,515 The low-stakes grinders were happy to get involved with the XL series by registering early and often for the $10,000 Mini R&A. 1,132 entries packed the tournament lobby which pushed the timetable for the Mini to over seven hours and forty minutes, nearly an hour longer than either of the other tournaments. Ukraine’s ‘kostia0105’ was certainly happy to spend that extra time grinding as he turned that $5 bill into a massive bankroll boost of $2,013.42 for finishing in first place. ‘Mortek’ also picked up a nice score for their minimal investment, earning $1,462.40 as the runner-up. ‘heysweety’ finished in third place and took home $1,093.92 for the deep run. XL Eclipse #15 Final Table 1. kostia0105 - $2,013.42 2. Mortek - $1,462.40 3. heysweety - $1,093.92 4. 3betOTW - $817.56 5. dateza - $575.75 6. crzcrazyb - $460.60 7. comant76 - $345.45 8. MarcusCosta1 - $230.30 9. Veterok384 - $132.42 XL Eclipse #16 - $15,000 Late R&A Buy-in: $16.50 Entries: 468 Prize pool: $15,585 Perhaps a little fatigue had set in by the time the $15,000 Late R&A began. The tournament did indeed continue the series long trend of guarantees being exceeded but the 468 runners in this one made it so it just crept over the promised prize pool of $15,000 by $585. Even so, the value was there as four players were able to turn less than $20 into well over $1K. Ireland scored another XL title as ‘Chuckyryan31’ took first place and the $2,961.40 that came with it. Finland’s ‘winlikefedor’ made another deep run in an 888poker event, taking second place and adding $2,181.90 to his bankroll. Finally, ‘poepKind.’ took home the bronze for a $1,597.46 score. XL Eclipse #16 Final Table 1. Chuckryan31 - $2,961.40 2. winlikefedor - $2,191.90 3. poepKind. - $1,597.46 4. nice1fish - $1,215.63 5. Ph4N888 - $857.17 6. Iffris - $662.36 7. Loner420ok - $506.51 8. GoPKNF - $350.66 9. stockfish9 - $258.71
  17. Former #1-ranked online poker player in the world ‘girafganger7’ added another line item to his already incredibly packed resume by taking down the PocketFives Monthly Leaderboard for August. While some online players may have been taking one last chance to go on vacation before summer ends, ‘Giraf’ (2399 PLB points) was putting in maximum volume accumulating over 120 results for a total of just over $125,000 in earnings. His highlight score came on the back half of the month when he outlasted the 284 runners in the August 21 edition of the PokerStars High Roller Club: $530 Bounty Builder HR, taking home $13,519 for the win. He accomplished the same feat just 10 days later, winning the same tournament on August 31 for another $9,721. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker"][ptable zone="PokerStars NJ"] In total, ‘Giraf’ picked up four-figures or more in 21 of his results, three of which were good for over $10K. Adding to those results, he earned eight PLB qualifying scores making up 1,398.74 of his total August PLB of 2,399 points. His PLB point accumulations have helped the UK-based pro to keep himself among the elite players in the world, where he currently sits at #14 in the world. This is the third time in 'Giraf's storied career that he has picked up a Monthly PLB award. His first came back in April of 2017 and his second PLB badge was awarded in February of this year. Just 62 PLB points behind ‘Giraf’ was another former #1-ranked PocketFiver, Chris ‘Gettin Daize’ Oliver (2,337). Over the past few months, Oliver has been making strides back up the PocketFives Rankings, where he currently sits as the #8 player in the world. He kicked off August with a bang, taking down the August 1 edition of the PokerStars High Roller Club: $530 Bounty Builder for $17,397 and 309 PLB points. Oliver picked up his second five-figure score of the month on August 11 when he had a final table finish in the PokerStars High Roller Club: $1,050 Sunday Warm-Up for $15,023 and 182.99 PLB points. He added two more five-figure scores en route to amassing $134,000 over the course of 123 in the money finishes. Russia’s ‘papan9_p$’ (2,194) is enjoying a career-high ranking of #10 in the world after a stellar month of August as well. Coming in at #3 on the Monthly PLB, ‘papan9_p$’ earned his highlight score of the month by taking down the August 4 edition of the PokerStars High Roller Club: $1,050 Sunday Warm-Up for $32,862 and 403.73 PLB points. After his over $118,000 in earnings in August, he is days away from breaking past the major milestone of over $5 million in total career online earnings. Another player enjoying career-high online poker success is noted live tournament crusher Kristen ‘krissyb24’ Bicknell, who comes in at #4 for the month of August. Bicknell recently just smashed through into the top ten in the PocketFives Rankings and is coming off an all-time high of #6, currently landing at #7 in the world. Unlike some of her peers on this list, Bicknell was not putting in tons of online volume in August - notching just 30 tournament results in the month. But when she did play, she routinely crushed. A partypoker sponsored ambassador, Bicknell started the month off with a five-figure score in the POWERFEST #21 High Roller for $14,857 and 184.16 PLB points. She followed that up just days later with a final table finish in the POWERFEST #38 Super High Roller, picked up another $20,000 and 220 PLB points. Her third and final five-figure score came in the August 11 POWERFEST Super High Roller where she earned another $29,082 and 306.26 PLB points. Her total earnings for the month wer over $119,000 with eight PLB-qualifying cashes. Bicknell's stellar month was just enough to help her soar past $3 million in lifetime online earnings to go with her more than $4 million in cashes on the live circuit. Rounding out the top five for the month of August was emerging Brazilian online superstar Geraldo ‘geraldocesar’ Cesar. Cesar racked up 129 total cashes in August for a total of over $115,000 in earnings. This included a runner-up finish in the August 18 PokerStars High Roller Club: $530 Bounty Builder for $28,595 and 321 PLB points - his largest score of the month. He followed that up with a victory in the August 26 GGPoker Sunday Blade for another $15,546 and 273.86 PLB points. PocketFives August Monthly PLB RANK PLAYER POINTS 1 girafganger7 2,399 2 Gettin Daize 2,337 3 papan9_p$ 2,194 4 krissyb24 2,187 5 geraldocesar 2,171 6 funwheel 2,076 7 YugiohPro 1,872 8 pleno1 1,866 9 s.totuli 1,852 10 x_zola25 1,847
  18. It was opening day for 888poker’s entry into September’s online poker frenzy as the 34-event XL Eclipse series got underway on Thursday. Boasting over $1.4 million in total guarantees, the value-heavy series gives grinders another championship tournament series to add to their calendars. Traditionally, the Opening Events for 888poker’s XL tournaments bring in big numbers. The start of XL Eclipse held that tradition with all three tournaments on the schedule crushing their guarantees and providing big returns for those players who were able to fade the jam-packed fields. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="GG Poker"] XL Eclipse #1 - $50,000 Opening Event Buy-in: $109 Entries: 505 Prize pool: $68,600 The series got off to a fast start with 505 players taking a shot in the $109 buy-in Opening Event. The $50,000 guarantee fell by the wayside as the prize pool swelled to $68,600 offering up the first five-figure payday of the young series. It took just a few minutes over ten hours for Canada’s ‘JonnyJamz’ to take home the first of the 2019 XL Eclipse titles, taking home $12,965.40 for his victory, easily the largest score of the day. It was just a few months ago that ‘JonnyJamz’ found himself at a final table during XL Inferno, where he fell in sixth place. This time, he was able to put the pieces together and lock down the win. It wasn’t a bad day for Ukraine’s ‘forvardok’ who finished as the runner-up and taking home $9,501.10 as a consolation prize. Austria’s ‘M4zlTov’ went home with the bronze in this one, adding $6,997.20 to his bankroll. 888poker ambassadors Sofia Lovgren and Chris Moorman were also in the field. Lovgren failed to make the money, however the current king of the PocketFives Triple Crown Moorman finished in 49th place, adding $274.40 to his over $16 million in lifetime earnings. Event #1 Final Table Results 1. JonnyJamz - $12,965.40 2. forvardok - $9,501.10 3. M4zlTov - $6,997.20 4. wilhasha13 - $5,282.20 5. IOwnU999 - $3,704.40 6. Bambooo - $2,915.50 7. IlovePickles - $2,229.50 8. Phemo - $1,543.50 9. sNap36484 - $1,049.58 XL Eclipse #2 - $20,000 Mini Opening Event Buy-in: $16.50 Entires: 1,266 Prize pool: $25,260 The $20,000 Mini Opening Event also proved to be quite popular with 1,266 players putting up their $16.50 buy-in in a bid to turn their lunch money into a four-figure score. Germany’s ‘maltzitT’ managed a 260x return on his investment by winning the tournament outright, and taking home $4,294.20 for first place. PocketFiver Belea ‘RazvyB’ Razvan finished as the runner-up, adding the $3,157.50 second place prize to his $930,517 lifetime online earnings. Razvan is the #26-ranked player in his country and the cash represents his largest online cash on 888poker in 2019. Brazil’s Daniel ‘CabecaTilt’ Costa took home the third-place prize of $2,397.17. A PocketFiver for over five years, Costa has over $100,000 in cashes on 888poker and this score puts him at $1.35 million in total lifetime earnings. Event #2 Final Table Results 1. maltzitT - $4,294.86 2. RazvyB - $3,157.50 3. CabecaTilt - $2,397.17 4. hackket - $1,17.68 5. IsaiaFTW - $1,250.37 6. cosmiNik - $997.77 7. Angi231 - $745.17 8. Feinkoster - $492.57 9. dvmfz - $272.80 XL Eclipse #3 - $20,000 Late Opening Event Buy-in: $55 Entries: 367 Prize pool: $25,200 The $20,000 Late Opening Event only took seven hours to determine a winner as Finland’s ‘dmg34’ bested the field of 367 entires to turn his $55 buy-in into a $4,835.88 payday. The tournament was another great value for players as the guarantee was exceeded by more than $5,000, allowing the top six players to take home a four-figure score. Joining ‘dmg34’ on the podium was ‘BhadizUlue’ who finished as the runner-up, banking $3,591 for their efforts and right behind him in third place was ‘Margetik‘ who walked with $2,646. Event #3 - Final Table Results 1. dmg34 - $4,835.88 2. BhadizUlue - $3,591.00 3. Margetik - $2,646.00 4. gifuhorna - $2,016.00 5. bowladay - $1,411.20 6. begood9999 - $1,071.00 7. Clay_Born - $819.00 8. nufcexile - $567.00 9. Mr.Fonzi - $418.32
  19. The Venetian Poker Room in Las Vegas has drawn the ire of the poker community and this time it has nothing to do with the politics of online poker opponent Sheldon Adelson. The Venetian’s upcoming Lucky Shot Poker Series and Drawing takes place beginning on October 21 and promises players a series of seven tournaments, six of which have an attractive ‘Total Prize Pool’ number attached. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="GG Poker"] For example, the spotlight tournament of the series boasts a $150,000 ‘total prize pool’ for a mere $250 buy-in. The is a discussion centered around the use of the term ‘total prize pool’ which is being used in place of the industry-standard ‘guarantee’. The Venetian is using this wording for good reason as a closer look at the fine print on the tournament structure sheet reveals. “100% of all funds collected will go to meet the $150,000 Total Prize Pool. Any funds collected above and beyond the total prize pool will be the sole property of The Venetian Poker Room.” No matter how many players show up for the tournament, the prize pool will be $150,000. Yes, it's a guarantee of sorts in that it's both a minimum but it’s also a maximum. No matter how much money players put into the tournament, the most money The Venetian will payout is $150,000 - it's a guarantee unlike any poker tournament before it, one that limits the upside of the players and gives the house unlimited potential to rake. The Venetian Poker Room confirmed Friday afternoon that no matter how many players show up and buy-in, the prize pool will not go up or down. The Venetian Poker Room is disregarding the industry-standard model of a guarantee where there’s a minimum prize pool with the upside of even more money being added depending on player attendance. The Lucky Shot Series $250 spotlight tournament has an enticing structure for recreational players with a 25,000 starting stack and 30-minute levels for Day 1. With so much time and opportunity for players to enter, the $150,000 prize pool could be considered a modest number with theoretical unlimited upside for collecting rake. In a traditional model, the $250 tournament would likely be broken down into $200 for the prize pool and $50 going to the house as rake. In that model, 750 players would need to show up to hit the $150,000 guarantee as the Venetian would collect $37,500 in that scenario. For every player above that, $200 goes into the prize pool and the Venetian would take their standard cut of $50. In this ‘total prize pool’ model - 600 players are needed to hit the prize pool number and after that, the house begins to collect. The next 150 players to enter bring the Venetian what they would have made in the traditional model. Every player after that is 100% rake. Every entry after #750 makes the tournament less valuable for everyone already playing and more valuable for the house. Players need to battle through larger fields without the promise of larger rewards while the Venetian reaps more money per player with every entry. There is a caveat to this math and this series in particular. For the Lucky Shot Poker Series, The Venetian is also holding a drawing at the end of the series where every $250 tournament entry gives players a ticket for a drawing of $52,000 in prizes. Should that be $52,000 in cash prizes (and not $52,000 worth of prizes like meals, rooms and other items with more arbitrary value), that’s another 208 players at $250 each needed to cover that portion of the prizes. It appears that the Venetian is betting on two things. The first, that they can bring in more than 750 players for the series Main Event. If they fail to hit 750, but the field still exceeds 600, then they simply make less money than they would with a traditional guarantee. If somehow the field is less than 600, then they don't have a traditional rake to help cover any potential overlay. The second thing they are betting on is that players will see the $150,000 headline number and either not see the ‘total prize pool’ qualifier (thinking it's a traditional guarantee) or they simply will not care. Many professionals players continue to support the Venetian poker room despite the well-known anti-online poker stance of Las Vegas Sands Chairman and CEO Sheldon Adelson. The Lucky Shot Poker Series may indeed be aptly named. Not for the potential earnings players may win in a tournament or drawing but for the Venetian itself. If the poker room knocks it out of the park, the windfall of rake could be more than any traditional tournament of its size could hope for.
  20. Day 3 of 888poker’s XL Eclipse featured a trio of 8-Max tournaments with $55,000 of the series $1.4 million in guarantees up for grabs. Even though it was a Saturday night, players came out in force to support the series turning each of the three tournaments into value-heavy contests that could provide a healthy boost to a grinder's bankroll. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="GG Poker"] XL Eclipse #7 - $30,000 8-Max Buy-in: $109 Entries: 319 Prize pool: $44,300 It took just under nine hours for the spotlight $30,000 8-Max tournament to play down to a winner. 319 runners flooded the tournament registration to help crush the guarantee by creating a $44,300 prize pool. 888poker players once again proved that even though it was Saturday night, there was no lack of appetite for that XL action. In the end, ‘saudades123’ had the biggest reason to celebrate as the grinder took home the XL Eclipse title and a great return on his $109 buy-in with the $8,638.50 first-place prize. He defeated Ireland’s ’25BETTER’ who also took home a nice four-figure score of $6,423.50. Finland’s ‘RaiseRaiZe’ made good use of his second entry, finishing in third place for $4,873.00 Event #7 Final Table 1. saudades123 - $8,638.50 2. 25BETTER - $6,423.50 3. RaiseRaiZe - $4,873.00 4. TripleAceIRL - $3,544.00 5. OnTheEdgeT8s - $2,436.00 6. Placebo36 - $1,772.00 7. paraRC - $1,329.00 8. Prof_Plum - $1,107.50 XL Eclipse #8 - $10,000 8-Max Buy-in: $8.80 Entries: 1,238 Prize pool: $13,880 Saturday night Mini tournament was really one for the low-rollers as 1,238 players piled into the $8.80 8-Max in hopes to take down a title for about the price of a pint. The $10,000 guarantee was crushed thanks to players firing multiple times looking to pad their bankroll with one of the three four-figure scores that were up for grabs. The winner was Canada’s ‘bybababy’ who fired twice in the tournament en route to taking the title and the $2,499.00 first-place prize. In fact, all three of the podium finishers were on second chances as well-known 888poker XL participant ‘pokerdave128’ from the UK finished as the runner-up for $1,804.40. Finally, Sweden’s ‘MojackoKing’ took home the bronze for $1,388.00 Event #8 Final Table 1. bybababy - $2,499.00 2. pokerdave128 - $1,804.40 3. MojackoKing - $1,388.00 4. Peter_Martin - $971.60 5. beardowright - $694.00 6. RPTyan - $416.40 7. 888ripoff - $277.60 8. ady_grasu19 - $138.80 XL Eclipse #9 - $15,000 Late 8-Max Buy-in: $55 Entries: 291 Prize pool: $18,750 The Late $15,000 8-Max sped to a conclusion with the 291 entries playing down to a winner in just over seven hours. The string of guarantees being broken continued into Event #9 as the prize pool exceeded the guarantee by $3,750 giving players who put up their $55 buy-in a little extra to play for. Another Canadian took home an XL Eclipse title as ‘FShayne’ booked the win and $3,656.29 for first. Malta's ‘joaof6’ also took home a nice score of $2,718.75 as the runner-up. The top three were rounded out by Russian grinder ‘Darya_Kurt’ who wrapped the tournament in third place, adding $2,062.50 to his bankroll. Event #9 Final Table Results 1. FShayne - $3,656.29 2. joaof6 - $2,718.75 3. Darya_Kurt - $2,062.50 4. guizones27 - $1,500.00 5. papichpoker - $1,031.25 6. 14.0mvs2.85 - $750.00 7. MaximKid - $562.50 8. StrangeRouge - $468.75
  21. Sunday was the biggest day yet of 888poker’s 2019 XL Eclipse Championship online poker series as $180,000 of the total $1.4 million guaranteed money was on the table for the Sunday grinders to battle over. The day featured four ‘Tune Up’ tournaments, each intended to whet players’ appetite in anticipation of next Sunday’s $250 buy-in $500,000 guaranteed Main Event. It doesn’t take much to entice players to fire in high-value contests on a Sunday which 888poker proved as all four of the XL Eclipse tournaments surpassed their guarantees. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"][ptable zone="888poker NJ"][ptable zone="GG Poker"] XL Eclipse #10 - $100,000 Tune Up Buy-in: $160 Entries: 587 Prize pool: $125,100 Sunday’s $100,000 Tune Up was by far the largest XL Eclipse tournament up to this point with 587 players paying their $160 buy-in and creating a prize pool just north of $125,000. The winner of this one was guaranteed to take home the largest payday thus far of the young online series. Not only would the winner be celebrating on Sunday night but every member of the final table was assured a big bankroll boost with each earning a minimum of over $1,800. Sweden’s ‘Inho’, currently the #23-ranked player in the world, built up a commanding final table chip lead. However, after a back-and-forth heads up battle with Russia's 'SiladuS92', ended up making a deal to secure the win. 'Inho' officially took first place and added $21,708.74 to his already impressive $11.75 million in career earnings. He also added a third career 888poker XL Championship title to his resume, his second from an XL Eclipse series. 'SiladuS92' started the heads up match facing a big chip deficit and battled back to take the chip lead a number of times. In the end, he did settle for second place locking in a score of $19,061.35, nearly $2K more than the posted second-place finish. 'advancement' also booked a five-figure score, walking away with $12,635.10 for his $160 buy-in. Event #10 Final Table Results 1. Inho - $21,708.74 2. SiladuS92 - $19,061.35 3. advancement - $12,635.10 4. MojackoKing - $9,507.60 5. 4timesBet - $6,680.34 6. easy_russ - $5,316.75 7. M1k3n70a7 - $4,065.75 8. IceStream - $2,814.75 9. Virgul94 - $1,876.50 XL Eclipse #11 - $50,000 Mini Tune Up Buy-in: $16.50 Entries: 3,065 Prize pool: $59,775 888poker hyped the $50,000 Mini Tune up as they spent a good deal of time freerolling players into the field. The tactic clearly worked as 3,065 players helped push the prize pool to $59,775, well past the ambitious $50,000 guarantee. Russia’s ‘kolbasyan’ took home the top prize of $8,908.02 for the win, receiving a 539x multiple on his $16.50 investment. His fellow countryman ‘G0n3o’ ended up taking second place and also receiving a massive payday of $6,515.47. Romania’s ‘WolfMpA’ wrapped up the tournament in third place, taking home $4,722.22 for their efforts. Event #11 Final Table Results 1. kolbasyan - $8,908.02 2. G0n3o - $6,515.47 3. WolfMpA - $4,722.22 4. griura - $3,526.72 5. noks73 - $2,474.68 6. RaiseOnceAli - $1,793.25 7. maroci22 - $1,195.50 8. donkbluff05 - $717.30 9. Stevie_ray - $537.97 XL Eclipse #12 - $10,000 Micro Tune Up Buy-in: $5.50 Entries: 2,215 Prize pool: $14,750 888poker wanted everyone to be able to afford to get in on the XL Eclipse action this Sunday and the $5.50 Micro Tune Up was the perfect addition to the schedule to attract the low-rollers. Those value-hunters came out in force as 2,215 players tried to turn a $5 bill into a four-figure score. In fact, each player who managed a podium finish was able to walk with over $1k. The best return on their money belonged to ‘3ptAmin’ who ended up on top, earning $2,331.27 and the XL Eclipse title for the win. Ireland’s ‘pr5566’ settled for second place, still managing to take home a healthy score of ‘$1,749.35. Then Russia’s ‘igogogogor‘ claimed the bronze, walking with $1,267.02. Event #12 Final Table Results 1. 3ptAmin - $2,331.27 2. pr5566 - $1,749.35 3. igogogogor - $1,267.02 4. lesnik55 - $951.37 5. Gabokuco - $699.15 6. Cenapatop - $557.55 7. gladkoff1989 - $415.95 8. Oscarrete - $278.77 9. mh2610 - $172.57 XL Eclipse #13 - $20,000 Late Tune Up Buy-in: $55 Entries: 432 Prize pool: $28,400 After a full slate of Sunday XL Eclipse tournaments, 432 players still piled into the lobby of the $20,000 Late Tune Up with the hopes of wrapping up the weekend with a four-figure score. It took seven hours and change for Romania’s ‘1_uPu1_eAc’ to book the win and take home the $5,449.96 first-place prize. The #4-ranked player in all of Latvia, ‘shcirrr’ settled for second place adding $4,047 to his $1.889 million in lifetime online scores. The PocketFiver currently sits ranked at #518 in the world and with his finish may just see himself crack the top 500 next week. ‘xvckneru’ finished the tournament in third place earning $2,982 for his performance. Event #13 Final Table Results 1. 1_uPu1_eAc - $5,449.96 2. shcirrr - $4,047.00 3. xvckneru - $2,982.00 4. ElMariachi8 - $2,272.00 5. Kondogbia - $1,590.40 6. NinyaWarrior - $1,207.00 7. MarcooPooloo - $923.00 8. igrigoletti - $639.00 9. ihaterakes - $471.44
  22. After the successful opening night for 888poker’s XL Eclipse, the online site rolled out a schedule of their popular PKO tournaments to keep the momentum going on Day 2. There was never a doubt that the trio of tournaments would be packed with players, it was just how many would show up on a Friday night. With $60,000 in total guarantees up for grabs, players put off their weekend plans for a few hours and got down to the business of bounty hunting helping each of the three contests crush their guarantees. XL Eclipse #4 - $30,000 PKO Buy-in: $55 Entries: 541 Prize pool: $36,600 The spotlight tournament of the day just proved once again how popular PKO tournaments are. The $30,000 guarantee was crushed as 541 players helped create a prize pool of $36,600 ensuing that the top four players were going to turn their $55 buy-in into a four-figure score. Former PocketFives top-100 grinder Andrey ‘andrey59’ Luis added a 2019 XL Eclipse title to his poker resume as he took down the tournament outright for $3,458.70 + $2,530.97 in bounties. The score is, by far, his largest haul on 888poker this year and he’ll be adding the nearly $6,000 to his $2.7 million lifetime online total cashes. Luis’ fellow Brazilian ‘franguet’ finished the tournament as the runner-up, taking home $2,534.55 + $764.25 in bounties. Prior to the battle of Brazilians, the UK’s ‘555ATurROI’ fell in third place picking up a nice score of $1,866.60 + $300.00 in bounties. Event #4 Final Table Results 1. andrey59 - $3,458.70 + $2,530.97 in bounties 2. franguet - $2,534.55 + $764.25 in bounties 3. 555ATurROI - $1,866.60 + $300.00 in bounties 4. mr.wh1t3 - $1,409.10 + $114.84 in bounties 5. GranaPadano - $988.20 + $823.89 in bounties 6. D.BaBahhh - $777.75 + $375.39 in bounties 7. wh4tisha3 - $594.75 + $507.61 in bounties 8. maradoncik83 - $411.75 + $318.76 in bounties 9. Japa_Bill - $279.99 + $88.28 in bounties XL Eclipse #5 - $20,000 Mini PKO Buy-in: $22 Entries: 981 Prize pool: $25,020 Once again, the Mini version of the Main tournament drew big numbers as 981 runners put up their $22 to battle over a prize pool of just over $25,000. ‘TheMightyGur’ proved their strength by besting the field and taking home a first-place prize of $2,252.25 + $1,240.40 in bounties as well as the XL Eclipse title. Mexico’s ‘ElMariachi8’ just missed out on the victory, falling in second place for a healthy return of $1,626.30 + $558.75. Russia’s ‘notionalist‘s first bullet had him hitting the rail, but the second time was the charm as he took home the bronze for $1,213.47 + $69.45 in bounties. Event #5 Final Table Results 1. TheMightyGur - $2,252.25 + $1,240.40 2. ElMariachi8 - $1,626.30 + $558.75 3. notionalist - $1,213.47 + $69.45 4. Senturis - $906.97 + $362.93 5. ALTUSDOMUS - $630.50 + $216.55 6. airatk - $500.40 + $291.02 7. 7obi490 - $375.30 + $272.67 8. Ph4N888 - $250.20 + $280.57 9. bastian16jeb - $150.12 + $201.75 XL Eclipse #6 - $10,000 Late PKO Buy-in: $33 Entries: 395 Prize pool: $14,580 The $10,000 Late PKO felt like the perfect nightcap to a long day of poker. Not only was it popular with 395 runners helping push the prize pool to $14,580, well above the guarantee, but for a Friday night tournament this was extremely fast with the UK’s ‘Barto7907’ taking out the competition in a mere five and half hours. ‘Barto7907’ took home the lion’s share of the prize pool, turning his $33 buy-in into $1,399.02 + $1,273.07 in bounties. Busting out before him were a pair of grinders from Ukraine as PocketFiver ‘LiverpoolFor’ finished in second place adding $1,038.82 + $447.46 to his lifetime online total of $514,000. ‘LiverpoolFor’ is currently the #8-ranked player in Ukraine and is coming off a career-high ranking of 525th in the world. His countryman ‘PridvorD’ rounded out the top three, earning $765.45 + $262.02 in bounties for third place. Event #6 Final Table Results 1. Barto7907 - $1,399.02 + $1,273.07 2. LiverpoolFor - $1,038.82 + $447.46 3. PridvorD - $765.45 + $262.02 4. AurimasStrak - $583.20 + $207.43 5. brokenleg99 - $408.24 + $239.08 6. 1Bank1 - $309.82 + $60.00 7. quattrohero - $236.92 + $294.02 8. madmac08 - $164.02 + $52.50 9. MadAleks - $121.01 + $248.90
  23. It’s been an epic couple of days for Australian online crusher Michael ‘imluckbox’ Addamo. On Sunday, Addamo chopped up the PokerStars $2,100 High Roller for a score of just over $43,000. Then, on Monday he closed out the two-day WCOOP Event #13 High ($5,200 Sunday Million High Roller) for a massive $258,952 score and his first WCOOP title. Addamo not only bested the 272-entry field but has to outlast a final table full of top online poker talent. Former #3-ranked PocketFiver '€urop€an’ finished as the runner up, banking $196,075 for his efforts and high-stakes online grinder ’Ssick_one’ took home the bronze and $148,465.48. It was a notable finish as well for partypoker ambassador Anatoly ‘NL_Profit’ Filatov who finished in fifth place for $85,119 helping push his online lifetime career total to more than $4.5 million. ‘XMorphineX’ picked up the second-largest WCOOP payday of the fifteen tournaments that wrapped up on Monday. The Belgian grinder took down Event #13 Medium ($530 NLHE Sunday Million $1M GTD) for $202,420.81. Canada’s ‘U_Key_U’ also scored big and took home $144,291.37 as the runner-up. China’s ‘h280138’ took out the 1,194 runners of Event #11 High ($530 NLHE PKO) for a $47,618.38 payday and another $43,601.43 in bounties. One of the top poker players in the world, David ‘dpeters17’ Peters came in second place adding $34,573.34 and another $8,124.49 in bounties to his over $6 million in lifetime online earnings. Malta’s ‘Biunnu92’ finished in third place earnings $25,102.38 plus $12,812 in bounties. Malta’s wisopekeño! chopped up Event #12 High ($1,050 NLHE Sunday Warm Up Eight Max) securing a score of #125,950. The UK’s ‘deivid29’ was the other party in the chop, eventually falling in second place but also locking down a six-figure score of $101,130.13. In Event #14 High ($2,100 Five Card PLO Six Max) Finland’s ‘bustoville’ defeated the 220 player field and took home the WCOOP title and $85,020.30. ‘anonymstruts’ fell in second place for $63,209.60 and even though Germany’s ‘Sintoras’ had to fire three times into this one, he came out ahead as he finished in third place for $46,994.20. Former top-20 ranked PocketFiver ‘roo_400’ picked up $77,614.59 for his victory in Event #15 High ($1,050 NLHE) defeating Canada’s ‘RaiseUpBlind’ who settled for second and a healthy $58.163.96 score. Ireland’s #4-ranked pro Sean ‘monkeybudg’ Prendiville finished in third place for $43,587.93. Other WCOOP winners on Monday includ 'Gustavo_spb', 'GoTelesGO', 'GhRibeiro', 'Ebaaa11', 'rmullen', 'Polarizing-1', 'adiprene', 'guga 18735', and 'DanielLUCKY'. Event #11 (Low): $5.50 No Limit Hold'em PKO Mini Sunday Kick Off SE Entries: 14,180 Prize pool: $69,482 1. Gustavo_spb - $4,159.31 + $1,681.22 in bounties 2. yahoraqeasemo?? - $2,937.03 + $982.25 in bounties 3. debross1790 - $2,076.79 + $107.49 in bounties 4. BuffmonsterOne - $1,468.51 + $492.34 in bounties 5. bubule4 - $1,038.39 + $265.37 in bounties 6. cezinhaaaaaa - $734.25 + $190.02 in bounties 7. Matufa13 - $519.19 + $265.71 in bounties 8. JPIZZLEM - $367.12 + $329.33 in bounties 9. R-FDoll - $259.59 + $134.95 in bounties Event #11 (Medium): $55 No Limit Hold'em PKO Sunday Kick Off SE Entries: 7,110 Prize pool: $355,500 1. GoTelesGO - $25,248.20 + $6,037.35 in bounties 2. fflove527 - $17,469 + $3,497.23 in bounties 3. ThoNapalm - $12,090.03 + $4,167.50 in bounties 4. Dimanchezque - $8,367.27 + $3,779.50 in bounties 5. powerpokerBR - $5,790.81 + $850.07 in bounties 6. otaviobraga - $4,007.69 + $1,146.08 in bounties 7. GM_VALTER - $2,773.64 + $367.96 in bounties 8. FelixHao - $1,919.57 + $155.86 in bounties 9. shakentoucan - $1,328.50 + $3,180.18 in bounties Event #11 (High): $530 No Limit Hold'em PKO Mini Sunday Kick Off SE Entries: 1,194 Prize pool: $597,000 1. h280138 - $47,618,38 + $43,601.43 in bounties 2. dpeters17 - $34,573.34 + $8,124.49 in bounties 3. Blunnu92 - $25,102.38 + $12,812.97 in bounties 4. pseftis - $18,225.84 + $2,039.06 in bounties 5. fafafofo - $13,233.10 + $4,834.96 in bounties 6. CupiRuleZ - $9,608.02 + $4,253.91 in bounties 7. Cashcid Linc - $6,976.03 + $3,482.43 in bounties 8. Light_Hamerr - $5,065.03 + $2,035.15 in bounties 9. Il-Giuglia - $3,677.52 + $2,093.76 in bounties Event #12 (Low): $11 No Limit Hold'em Eight Max Entries: 13,570 Prize pool: $132,986 1. GhRibeiro - $16,644.44 2. Kianbrazil - $11,861.36 3. grostony13 - $8,455.18 4. lildani9 - $6,027.15 5. tuninetti2 - $4,296.36 6. manover 7 - $3,062.60 7. zozlenez23 - $2,183.12 8. schayan13 - $1,556.21 Event #12 (Medium): $109 No Limit Hold'em Sunday Warm-Up SE Eight Max Entries: 4,810 Prize pool: $481,000 1. Ebaaa111 - $68,478.97 2. jeanjrg1 - $48,053.72 3. Edison82 - $33,722.62 4. JIZOINT - $23,665.44 5. dionisism1 - $16,607.67 6. Showtime43 - $11,654.77 7. 4FKvothe - $8,178.97 8. medijun333 - $5,739.77 Event #12 (High): $1,050 No Limit Hold'em Sunday Warm-Up Eight Max Entries: 770 Prize pool: $770,000 1. wisopekeño! - $125,950.29* 2. deivid29 - $101,130.13* 3. gynaikologos - $70,298.38 4. brunoporto12 - $51,480.35 5. hneves182 - $37,699.66 6. VakioAssa - $27,607.96 7. StrungOut1 - $20,217.65 8. Kabotajoe - $14,805.63 Event #13 (Low): $55 No Limit Hold'em Mini Sunday Million SE Entries: 11,275 Prize pool: $563,750 1. rmullen - $62,763.77* 2. joaommr - $62,512.47* 3. chrischris44 - $36,250.47 4. DRobinson50 - $25,439.44 5. MarcoMorais - $17,852.60 6. 14teks88 - $12,528.44 7. SPEWTARD - $8,792.13 8. CheckReissu - $6,170.07 9. yaha1308 - $4,329.99 Event #13 (Medium): $530 No Limit Hold'em Sunday Million SE Entries: 2,770 Prize pool: $1,385,000 1. XMorphineX - $202,420.81 2. U_Key_U - $144,291.37 3. games_mail - $102.855.77 4. villainr - $73,319.13 5. WestCliff21 - $52,264.36 6. ArtPokerReg - $36,255.80 7. Speedpokah - $26,557.23 8. MCvisitor - $18,930.87 9. dilimAA - $13,494.60 Event #13 (High): $5,200 No Limit Hold'em High Roller Entries: 272 Prize pool: $1,360,000 1. imluckbox - $258,952.34 2. €urop€an - $196,075.14 3. SsicK_OnE - $148,465.48 4. pokerkluka - $112,416.10 5. Anatoly 'NL_Profit' Filatov - $85,119.95 6. YRWTHMELTHR - $64,451.62 7. IgorKarkarof - $48,801.96 8. imamful - $36,952.28 9. jobetzu - $27,979.82 Event #14 (Low): $22 Five Card Pot Limit Omaha Six Max Entries: 3,301 Prize pool: $66,020 1. Polarizing -1 - $9,494.11 2. Hooded-Mage - $6,612.51 3. ShipityShark - $4,607.41 4. Martijn_co - $3,210.32 5. b8chatz - $2,236.86 6. FONBET_RULIT - $1,558.58 Event #14 (Medium): $215 Five Card Pot Limit Omaha Six Max Entries: 847 Prize pool: $169,400 1. adiprene1 - $28,351.70 2. Noaceforme - $19,754.22 3. doulas12 - $13,764.19 4. Slavik_Krs - $9,590.51 5. KingPaulie - $6,682.40 6. HudsonCE - $4,656.11 Event #14 (High): $2,100 Five Card Pot Limit Omaha Six Max Entries: 220 Prize pool: $440,000 1. bustoville - $85,020.30 2. anonymstruts - $63,209.60 3. Sintoras - $46,994.20 4. Sasuke234 - $34,938.55 5. TheCleaner11 - $25,975.62 6. IAmSoSo - $19,311.95 Event #15 (Low): $11 No Limit Hold'em Entries: 8,057 Prize pool: $78,958.60 1. guga 18735 - $10,179.90* 2. Alvorino - $8,587.81* 3. TokerPoker92 - $5,310.52 4. Alex.Z(A3) - $3,675.30 5. MARCELOWO - $2,542.61 6. kelavi - $1,760.38 7. Leandrocga - $1,218.33 8. AveFenix555 - $843.18 9. andr98n - $583.55 Event #15 (Medium): $109 No Limit Hold'em Entries: 3,222 Prize pool: $322,200 1. DanielLUCKY - $46,419.49 2. gabrielbdo23 - $33,087.97 3. Tamthemanwho - $23,566.23 4. Machadada RS - $16,813.07 5. Jesusisback0 - $11,984.93 6. Nelis020 - $8,543.26 7. slava0778 - $6,089.90 8. gtrevisc - $4,341.09 9. gorzoni - $3,094.50 Event #15 (High): $1,050 No Limit Hold'em Entries: 431 Prize pool: $431,000 1. roo_400 - $77,614.59 2. RaiseUpBlind - $58,163.96 3. MonkeyBudg - $43,587.93 4. olelemaiko - $32,664.67 5. -MortenVM- - $24,478.86 6. bajskoven87 - $18,344.39 7. WATnlos - $13,747.26 8. kofi89 - $10,302.14 9. leitalopez - $7,720.41
  24. 888poker’s fall online poker series XL Eclipse starts this week and plenty of PocketFivers put themselves in prime position to crush the series by building up their bankrolls on 888poker in the month of August. The month’s top earner was Denmark’s Rasmus ‘RAGATTACK’ Gadegaard who pulled in $22,448 over the course of 26 in the month finishes in August. After taking a break from the site, he returned to the 888poker online felts on a mission, putting in heavy volume and getting rewarded for it throughout the month. His spotlight score was a victory in the August 18 edition of the $20,000 Sunday Sale Whale where he picked up a $10,065 score. Gadegaard had four podium finishes in the month all of which were good for four-figure scores or better and went a long way to his 888poker career total of nearly $38,000 in cashes. While Gadegaard put in volume, former #1-ranked PocketFiver ‘lena900’ made the list with a single score. The online poker legend, who plays under the screen name ‘tutten7’ on 888poker, binked a victory in the $100,000 Sunday Sale Mega Deep for a massive $19,892 score. As Sweden’s top player, ‘lena900’ currently sits as the #3-ranked player in the world with over $15.6 million in total career earnings. Brazil’s Leo ‘KaizenStyle’ Filho rounds out the top 3 earners for August after picking up $16,860 in total earnings over eight in-the-money finishes. Filho finished as the runner-up in the August 18 edition of the $100,000 Sunday Sale Mega Deep earning $14,469. Days later he added another $1,649 with a final table finish in the August 25 $20,000 Mini Mega Deep. 888poker Top Earners of August 2019 PLAYER EARNINGS RAGATTACK $22,448.77 lena900 $19,891.90 KaizenStyle $16,860.82 Moray€€l $15,408.70 pinishe45 $14,512.50 Belabacsi $12,582.82 Bejausmis $12,301.11 bah22 $11,330.64 Kovalski $10,715.25 Kaktus26rus $10,317.81 There’s a new name sitting atop the Top Cashers list as Russia’s ‘smooke78’ put in an incredible amount of volume in August and ended up cashing 68 times. ‘smooke28’, like many on this list, is a micro-stakes grinder but he managed to accumulate just over $1,069 for the month - an amount that goes a long way when you are firing in the small stakes. Right behind him is Stephen ‘sizzlinbetta’ Reynolds, the #54-ranked player in all of Mexico. Reynolds racked up 63 cashes for the month and added $1,869 in earnings to his impressive $2.35 million in total career online earnings. No list of top cashers would be complete without Russia’s ‘Neverhood007’. The micro-stakes grinder has spent a number of months in 2019 at the top of this list, but in August he took his foot off the gas for just a little bit to end up in third place with 58 total cashes and $1,955 in earnings. 888poker Top 10 Cashers of August 2019 PLAYER TOTAL WON CASHES smooke28 $1,069.31 68 sizzlinbetta $1,869.42 63 Neverhood007 $1,955.77 58 fmocci $1,131.78 55 DoperHarley $763.23 52 JefersonLA $1,107.49 48 Peter Martin $2,676.98 48 hudfoter $6,536.78 47 Flavio Felipe $6,616.74 47 gailius46 $2,099.16 47 When it comes to closing out tournaments, no player did it more in August than the UK’s ‘William Meaney’. He claimed the gold medal six times in the month, including two tournaments back-to-back on August 28. In total, he earned $2,942 in August and is rapidly closing in on his $100,000 lifetime earnings badge. There’s a three-way tie for second place as ‘hudfoter’, ‘Peter Martin’ and ‘Moray€€l’ all picked up five victories in the month. 888 Poker Top 10 Finishers of August 2019 PLAYER TOTAL WON WINS William Meaney $2,942.01 6 hudfoter $6,536.78 5 Peter Martin $2,676.98 5 Moray€€l $15,408.70 5 tripwards $1,047.42 4 NubreeD69 $827.42 4 zhunda $1,019.19 4 mongregon $2,349.38 4 JefersonLA $1,107.49 4 Flavio Felipe $6,616.74 4
  25. The speculation is over and it’s now official - professional poker player Ronnie Bardah has been announced as a cast member of the upcoming season of the popular U.S. television show Survivor. The 35-year old poker pro from Brockton, Massachusetts will be one of 20 new players stranded on a tropical island hoping to “outwit, outplay, outlast” the competition for the $1 million first-place prize of Survivor: Island of the Idols. Rumors of Bardah’s inclusion in the upcoming season had been floating around for months but his time on the island was confirmed by a cast reveal in Entertainment Weekly. In the profile, Bardah gives mainstream audiences a few ‘get-to-know-me' tidbits about himself including his hobbies of kickboxking, hiking, and beatboxing. [ptable zone="PokerStars NJ"][ptable zone="GG Poker"][ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"] His listed occupation is as a poker pro and when asked about his proudest accomplishment, Bardah calls back to his time on ESPN as he chased history in the Main Event. “Holding the world record for the most consecutive cashes in the World Series of Poker,” Bardah said. “Also, getting my dad out of Brockton and buying him a place in Henderson, Nevada.” Bardah follows in the footsteps of a pair of popular poker players who also have competed on Survivor. Jean-Robert Bellande competed on the 15th season of the show, Survivor: China. Bellande found himself at the center of plenty of controversies during his season and was eventually voted out on the 24th day, good enough to make the jury. Los Angeles based poker pro Garrett Adelstein also made a brief appearance on the show during Survivor: Cagayan, the 28th season of the show in 2013. Adelstein didn’t last long, however. Despite finding an immunity idol in the early days at camp and being at the center of a blindside in one of the first Tribal Councils, Adelstein’s tribemates returned the favor and blindsided him on Day 6, leaving his immunity idol unused back at camp. Other poker players to have played the game includes Jackie Glazier who competed in the Australian version of the game as well as legendary online nosebleed grinder Ilari 'Zigmund' Sahamies who finished in fourth place on Finnish Survivor. When asked what past Survivor cast members Bardah thought he was most like, he didn’t bring up either of his poker contemporaries but likened his game to players who made deep runs in the game. “Jeremy Collins [winner of Survivor: Cambodia] because he’s charismatic, loyal, compassionate and can read players so well,” Bardah said. “Strategically, my approach would be a hybrid of Devon Pinto [contestant of Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers] - bluffing the dumb role sneakily well, and Boston Rob - impeccable timing of making big moves and sniffing out when people are up to something.” Bardah is familiar with what it takes to outdo his competition on the felt having earned over $1.3 million on the live tournament circuit. In addition to his record of five straight cashes in the World Series of Poker Main Event, Bardah owns a WSOP bracelet that he won in 2012 after taking down the $2,500 Limit Hold’em Six Handed event for $182,088. While Bardah's journey on Survivor is already complete, viewing audiences will get to watch what happened when Survivor: Island of the Idols premieres on CBS on September 25.

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