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  1. You’ve seen it in the movies: a group of soldiers sitting around dealing out a deck of cards, tossing some money in the middle and playing a little poker just to pass the time. It may be cliche, but for Germany’s Torsten 'Jektiss' Brinkmann that is a scene from his life. Torsten, then just 21 years old, was serving in the army when half-a-world away Chris Moneymaker was taking down the World Series of Poker Main Event. The poker boom that turned the game of poker into a global phenomenon reached as far as Torsten and his friends. The next thing he knew he and his crew started playing poker. “We were just playing for fun and nobody really had a clue what to do,” Brinkmann said. [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"] But soon after his time in the army, as Brinkmann began studying economics at school he happened upon PokerStrategy, one of Europe’s largest online poker communities and strategy forums. It was then that he really started diving deep into the game and taking it seriously. “I got some free money to play with and ever since then I’ve been into poker.” That was nearly 15 years ago and a lot has happened to Brinkmann on his poker journey since. He’s been an online grinder and spent some time taking shots playing live. In 2011 he was featured as the runner-up in the European Poker Tour’s Grand Final in Madrid, where he earned a career-high cash of over $1.33 million. Since 2014 though, Brinkmann has turned his attention to grinding online. “I’ve played a lot of live poker and always tried to find a good balance between live and online. I liked playing live a lot but the biggest downside of playing live poker, except tournaments, is that the game starts very late and you have to spend long nights grinding," Brinkmann said. "When you play online you can make your own schedules and jump into the games whenever you have the time and you can do that from anywhere you want. The independence of online poker I like the most.” His love of playing online has recently led him to new opportunities as well. Brinkmann has found a love of streaming his online cash game sessions on Twitch, sharing his ups and downs with an audience. His dedication to streaming has led to him being named as one of GGPoker’s core members of their GG StreamTeam, helping to represent the online poker site. “What I enjoy the most about streaming is the community with other poker players. I love to share what I am doing and I also love to be part of that community from other streamers when I do not stream myself,” he said. Brinkmann's popularity has been building. He now has over 4,200 Twitch followers and his new ambassadorship with GGPoker is helping him expand his audience and share his enthusiasm for online poker while exposing players to the up-and-coming online poker site. “I was playing on GGPoker for a while before I joined the StreamTeam. Especially as a cash gamer you are always looking around for places with a variety of games running, consistent player pools, simple and stable software, and some rakeback. GG is doing a really good job on all these criteria and this is what the viewers are noticing too. People are showing more and more interest for the site which is great feedback and makes it even more fun streaming.” For Brinkmann, even after all this time, he's still finding ways to have fun playing poker. He's grinding online, interacting with fans and being sponsored by a site he respects - what could go wrong? “I think the biggest challenge when you stream poker is to keep spreading positivity when you run bad,” Brinkmann said. “I am really bad at this and maybe I need coaching for this, but most of my viewers know that and don’t take it too seriously if I keep crying and complaining. I try to be a little bit more sarcastic if I am running back to keep it at least a bit enjoyable.” Brinkmann’s stream continues to grow but he’s not overly concerned with what’s down the line. “I do not have any future plans in mind really. I am happy for any day that I can keep doing what I’m doing at the moment.” Catch Brinkmann streaming online on his Twitch channel.
  2. “You know what my first step was? Looking for Cadillacs to buy. Literally, I was on the internet that night looking at Cadillac’s to buy.” That might sound like a good problem to have but for poker pro Zach Schneider, at that time, he didn’t even realize that it was the beginning of a cycle that many poker players face - hitting a huge score and then finding themselves broke. A product of the Moneymaker era, Schneider, now 35 years old, is quick to recall his start in the game of poker. “The whole Moneymaker thing was the end of high school, beginning of college for me. I got caught up in that, like everyone else.” [ptable zone="Global Poker Article Ad"] Moneymaker’s run and the rush of online poker quickly arrived in Schneider’s life but he can pinpoint the moment he knew he was going to take the game seriously for life. “I remember being super into online poker. I had a small bankroll, but I needed to get a job and I had an interview for one - like a pretty good interview lined up and I needed to get a suit,” Schneider said. “I went to stay at my buddy’s house who lived closer to the interview and I played in a tournament that night. I remember it was the Wednesday Quarter Million or something and I got fourth place for $24K, which felt like a million dollars back then. “I ended up not going to the interview and that was pretty much it. Once I won an amount of money that was, at that point life-changing, that was it for me.” The next he knew, Schneider was reveling in that first big score and shopping for a Cadillac. That wasn’t the only potentially reckless idea Schneider had for the money. He was booking flights to Las Vegas to fire live tournaments on the assumption that $24K scores were commonplace. “It was kind of a bad thing in a way. It reinforced the unhealthy part of poker that a lot of people fall into when they find money early. I don’t know,” he said recalling how he moved up and down the stakes many times. “I went broke many times. I was just kind of…the bad player who thinks he’s good.” “One day you have $20,000 and the next two weeks…you have nothing.” The cycle completed itself a number of times before Schneider hit rock bottom. He decided he not only needed to take the game more seriously, but he also needed to get back on his feet by being staked. So he started to study and he started to build a poker network. First other players and eventually he connected with backers. “I look at myself now, ten years later, and I have a pretty vast network and a lot of resources available to me and it really started with finding a stake and building a network.” Five years ago, he connected with Jordan Drummond, the CEO and lead coach of BBZ Staking and Coaching. While Schneider had never before really had a coach, once he found Drummond and started studying with him, he’s never looked back. “From 2014 to 2016 no one attended more of Jordan’s coaching sessions than me,” Schneider said. “I’ve been his student ever since. When you’re getting coached by Jodan, it’s very clear from the beginning that he’s extremely confident and knowledgable in what he’s talking about. It’s a confidence that you know it when you see it and as soon as it hits you it’s very humbling and you have no choice but to kind of submit. Like, it’s very clear this guy knows way more than I do. I just need to shut up and listen.” Schneider did just that. He's been with them for years and he’s now a product of BBZ Staking and Coaching. Schneider finds himself in the same company as notable tournament players like Jae ‘Yugiohpro’ Kim, Parker ‘Tonkaaaa’ Talbot and recent PokerStars Sunday Million winner Conor ‘1_conor_b_1’ Beresford. “I don’t know if I’m capable of stressing enough of how much of a mentor, a friend, and an ally that Jordan has been over the years…even away from poker.” “I called myself a professional poker player and that how I made my very modest and leader living for many years. But it wasn’t until I met Jordan and elevated my game - and the way that I think about the game - that I started to put real money in the bank and feel like the direction of poker was a legitimate one. “He showed me that it was possible and the only thing you need to do is work hard.” Just last year, the dedication that Schneider put into the game paid off in a big way. In October 2018 Schneider booked a career-defining win in the Main Event of the World Series of Poker Circuit event at the Horseshoe Casino in Hammond, Indiana. Schneider took home over $302,000 and his second WSOP Circuit ring in what he calls one of his proudest moments in poker. “The fact that I could share that with friends and family who didn’t quite understand what I’ve been doing for ten years made it more real for everyone else. That was rewarding.” Schnieder continues his work with BBZ Staking and Coaching and recently spent his first summer in Las Vegas, grinding tournaments full-time.
  3. GGPoker is not messing around. The online site has announced their upcoming September online poker series, GGSeries 3 (GGS3) which takes place September 8-29. It’s by far the biggest online series GGPoker has ever attempted featuring $50,000,000 in total guarantees over a gargantuan schedule of 482 events. Non-Stop Nosebleed Action Known for their high-roller action, GGPoker's online series is packed with big buy-in tournaments. Over the three week span of GGSeries 3, there are an incredible 14 tournaments with a $25,000 buy-in and at least a $500,000 guarantee. The final $25K on September 29 features a $1,000,000 guarantee. Perhaps even more jaw-dropping is the fact that the schedule has 67 total $10,000 buy-in tournaments. GGSeries 3 is a high rollers paradise but may test even the deepest of bankrolls, with nearly 250 total tournaments on the schedule carrying a four-figure or larger buy-in. $1M Main Event For All But all the big money isn’t carved out for the nosebleed tournament players. The GGS Championship Event is a multi-flight $250 buy-in with a massive $1,000,000 guarantee. The tournament will need 4000 runners to hit the guarantee but there will be plenty of opportunity for players to fire multiple times as this Main Event has 13 starting flights to choose from. GSS3 Championship Event Starting Flight Schedule DATE EVENT/FLIGHT TIME BUY-IN GUARANTEE Sep 22 GGS Championship: $1M Gtd [Day 1A] 16:00 $250.00 $1,000,000.00 Sep 23 GGS Championship: $1M Gtd [Day 1B] 16:00 $250.00 $1,000,000.00 Sep 24 GGS Championship: $1M Gtd [Day 1C] 16:00 $250.00 $1,000,000.00 Sep 25 GGS Championship: $1M Gtd [Day 1D] 16:00 $250.00 $1,000,000.00 Sep 26 GGS Championship: $1M Gtd [Day 1E] 16:00 $250.00 $1,000,000.00 Sep 27 GGS Championship: $1M Gtd [Day 1F] 16:00 $250.00 $1,000,000.00 Sep 27 GGS Championship: $1M Gtd [Day 1G, Turbo] 20:00 $250.00 $1,000,000.00 Sep 27 GGS Championship: $1M Gtd [Day 1H] 16:00 $250.00 $1,000,000.00 Sep 27 GGS Championship: $1M Gtd [Day 1I, Turbo] 20:00 $250.00 $1,000,000.00 Sep 28 GGS Championship: $1M Gtd [Day 1J, Turbo] 14:00 $250.00 $1,000,000.00 Sep 29 GGS Championship: $1M Gtd [Day 2] 18:00 $250.00 $1,000,000.00 GSS 500 Another spotlight, high-value tournament on the schedule is the $500 buy-in GSS 500 that comes with a $500,000 guarantee. Like the Championship Event, the GSS 500 has multiple starting flights to help them get to the 1000 runners needed to reach the guarantee. There are eight starting flights for the GSS 500 beginning on September 15. However, if a multi-flight tournament simply isn’t for you, GGSeries 3 is running another one-day $500 buy-in $500K GTD tournament at the end of the series on September 28. There are plenty of opportunities for low-to-mid stakes grinders to dive in as well. The schedule is packed with $100 or lower buy-in tournaments with hefty guarantees at those price point. Also, satellites for nearly every GSS3 tournament will be taking place throughout the month of September allowing players who are on a smaller bankroll the opportunity to battle in the big-time tournaments by winning their way in at a smaller buy-in. GGPoker is loading the GSS3 with promotions as well. They will have a $300K leaderboard promotion in three different tier buy-ins (low, mid and high) as well as a $100K GSS3 giveaway for players who meet daily playing requirements. With the addition of GGPoker’s GGSeries 3 September is going to be a hotbed of competition in the world of online poker. GGSeries 3 overlaps with both PokerStars’ massive $75 million guaranteed World Championship of Online Poker as well as 888poker’s upcoming XL Eclipse series.
  4. For online poker giant PokerStars, there was a time when the ability to mass multi-table online poker was a major part of their marketing plan. On Tuesday, a large part of that came to an end. PokerStars has announced that they are dropping the ring game table cap from 24 down to 4 tables at a time. According to a post on the PokerStars blog, the change is being made in an effort to maintain "a healthy poker ecosystem" and "ensure that every poker player has a safe and enjoyable poker experience." According to the post written by The Stars Group Managing Director Severin Rasset, PokerStars notes that the majority of their players play on one table at a time. “Without careful management, we risk ending up with an environment where the majority of players find themselves at tables disproportionately populated by multi-tabling players,” the post reads. “This can lead to a difficult playing experience. Action at the table can be regularly interrupted, and many players can feel outmatched and that their chances of winning are diminished.” With an eye on protecting their recreational players, PokerStars tested a 6-table cap in their ringfenced cash games in Italy. After reviewing the data the company has moved to cap the cash games at 4 tables effective immediately. This effects the worldwide client as well as all of their country-specific clients (.be, .bg, .com, .desh, .dk, .ee, .eu, .uk, .ro, .cz, .se, .fr, .es, .pt, .it). “We want to maintain a sustainable poker ecosystem and a platform that players of all abilities are excited to play on well into the future. Attracting and retaining new poker players is crucial to the future of the game.” The post outlines that the change will lead to a reduction of multi-table grinders across the cash games giving “more casual one-table players” the ability to last longer in the games and experience more a community by meeting players like themselves. All the while the strongest players at these tables should continue to have high win-rates. Overall, PokerStars feels that the games will have a longer life as players have a greater chance of booking a win. “We’re poker players ourselves,” Rasset writes. “We understand that this change will have a very real impact on many players, particularly those of you who rely on multi-tabling as professionals. We haven’t taken this decision lightly, and we are confident that is the right thing to do for the future of the game." To read the PokerStars post in its entirety, click here.
  5. Hosted by Lance Bradley and Donnie Peters, The Fives Poker Podcast runs each week and covers the latest poker news, preview upcoming events, and debate the hottest topics in poker. The Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open's 'Big 4' tournaments played down to their respective winners this week and Lance and Donnie have the lowdown on all of the notable names that took home one of the rockin' trophies. Plus, the World Series of Poker added a number of events to the WSOPE that could seriously affect the 2019 Player of the Year race. Catch up on all of the latest news from around the world of poker on a brand new episode of The FIVES Poker Podcast! Download, tune in and subscribe to never miss an episode. Subscribe: Apple Podcasts * Google Podcasts * Stitcher
  6. 888poker’s popular XL Eclipse is back for 2019 and the 34-event schedule is packed with events that will appeal to grinders with every size bankroll. XL Eclipse series gets underway on September 12 with a time-tested schedule that has proven to be quite popular. The XL Championships are packed with events that crush their guarantees and provide bankroll-boosting power for those grinders who make deep runs and especially for those that add an XL title to their poker resumes. So clear your calendars and check out these five spotlight tournaments on the upcoming XL Eclipse schedule. Event #1 - $50,000 Opening Event Buy-in: $109 Date: September 12 There’s plenty of excitement at the beginning of any poker series and XL Eclipse will be no different. Typically, for the XL championships, the Opening Event provides tons of value as players pile into the lobby and create one of the larger prize pools of the entire series. For May's 2019 XL Inferno Opening Event, the prize pool swelled to $72,600 - over $22,000 more than the posted guarantee - making it one of the largest prize pools of the entire series when all was said and done. ‘sh4xuR7’ took home the XL title and over $13,700 for their efforts as the 534 entries made it so everyone at the final table secured at least a four-figure score. Event #10 - $100,000 Tune Up Buy-in: $160 Date: September 15 The $100,000 Tune Up is one of the largest buy-in tournaments of the series but, thanks to that larger buy-in, it also becomes one of the most attractive thanks to its ability to dramatically increase a player’s bankroll. For those willing to take a shot in the $100,000 Tune up, the guarantee promises a number of five-figure scores for those that make it deep. Just last May, ‘prebzzz’ took down the XL Inferno $100,000 Tune-Up and turned his $160 into a $23,76 payday. In fact, the top three players all earned five figures making it one of the most lucrative tournaments on the schedule. Event #30 - $20,000 Mini 6-Max Buy-in: $16.50 Date: September 21 There are plenty of larger buy-in tournaments that have made this list in the past, including the $100,000 High Roller, but for those that can’t regularly take shots in tournaments over $20 - this event is for you. The $20,000 Mini 6-Max comes with a very affordable $16.50 buy-in and with 6-Max being such a popular form of poker, players are happy to fire away in this tournament promising those that make the final table the opportunity to 100x their original buy-in. Event #32 - $500,000 Main Event Buy-in: $250 Date: September 22 It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that the $500,000 XL Eclipse Main Event is a can’t miss tournament for anyone who is able to play it. It's a big one and on 888poker, a $500K guarantee simply doesn't come along all the time. The XL Eclipse Main Event will be stacked with qualifiers which will help juice the prize pool. However, the real reason to play the Main Event is it may just be one of the best shots that mid-stakes grinders have at earning a career-altering score - especially at a $250 price point. In 2019, both of the previous XL Championship Main Events have given those that make the final table paydays that rival the best scores of a Sunday Major. This past April, ‘.RUIT’HORA.’ took down the 2019 XL Blizzard Main Event banking over $91K. Then in May, a deal was made at the XL Inferno Main Event final table securing the final three players over $50,000 each. The hefty guarantee to buy-in ratio may make it may be one of 888poker's best tournaments of the year. Event #34 - $15,000 Micro Main Event Buy-in: $5.50 Date: September 22 Taking a step back, the fact is that, for many, $250 is too much of a bankroll stretch to play in the Main Event. There are plenty of micro-stakes grinders out there putting in the work, squeezing out their ROI, and dreaming of a time when they can move up to play in higher stakes tournaments in the future. For those putting in the work, the Micro Main Event is for you. It’s very difficult to find the kind of tournament where you can turn a $5 bill into thousands of dollars but that is exactly what is possible in the $15,000 GTD Micro Main Event. Traditionally, players have enthusiastically taken to this tournament and made so that some lucky microstakes player will more than 500x their buy-in and take the next step in their poker career. Take a look at the full schedule of 888poker’s XL Eclipse right here.
  7. There will be plenty of online poker action to be had this fall as 888poker has announced the return of their popular XL Eclipse championship series set to take place from September 12-22. For those who regularly participate in 888poker's XL events, the upcoming XL Eclipse schedule is a familiar one. It’s 34 events of value-heavy tournaments with buy-ins that afford just about everyone an opportunity at adding an XL title to their poker resume. The whole schedule leads into one of 888poker’s best bankroll-builder tournaments of the year, the $250 buy-in XL Eclipse Main Event with a $500,000 guarantee. In total, the series promises over $1.4 million in total guarantees featuring some of the most popular No Limit Hold'em game types that the site has to offer. Are You Qualified? It was just three months ago that the last XL championship series, XL Inferno, took place and nearly every tournament on the schedule smashed its guarantee. It's a testament to how many qualifiers the online site is able to help get into their premiere tournaments for cheap (or free). The satellite program on 888poker is famous for allowing players to get started winning tournament tickets to events for as little as $0.01. However, in addition to their standard satellites, the 888 is offering a pair of free daily XL Eclipse Qualifiers offered to players that make a deposit to play on the site. Every day, at 20:00 GMT, recent depositors will have access to a free entry into the XL Eclipse Main Event Qualifier that gives the top 10 players a $250 ticket into the $500,000 GTD Main Event. The second special XL Eclipse freeroll takes place each day at 18:05 GMT and gives the top 25 players a $16.50 seat to the XL Eclipse Mini Tune Up Event. Between the two qualifiers, thousands of dollars are being put back into XL Eclipse on a daily basis right up through the beginning of the Main Event. Schedule Highlights There’s plenty to look forward to on the 2019 XL Eclipse schedule no matter what your preferred game type is. Every day of the 11-day schedule features a theme with three different buy-in levels to give players of all bankroll considerations a tournament to take a shot in. Of course, the bounty hunters have something to battle over during the XL events with three different days that feature the popular Progressive Knock Out format, highlighted by the $160 PKO 8-Max with $50,000 GTD on September 19. For those eager to get a piece of a big guarantee, there are eight events that promise a prize pool of $50,000 or more. As previously mentioned, there’s the $500,000 GTD Main Event and the aforementioned $160 PKO 8-Max, but one of the other spotlight tournaments is the $320 High Roller with a $100,000 guarantee. The fact that the High Roller has the highest price point on the schedule will likely also have the smallest field to get through in order to take home one of XL Eclipse’s several five-figure scores. For those who like a fast pace of play, there are three days feature short-handed play. One of the most popular tournaments on the schedule is the $109 6-Max with a $30,000 guarantee. The latest installment in the 888poker XL Championship tournament series is set to begin on September 12 with a full schedule that can be seen below. 888Poker XL Inferno Schedule DATE TIME GMT EVENT BUY-IN Sep-12 6:00 PM XL Eclipse #1 - $50,000 Opening Event $109 6:00 PM XL Eclipse #2 - $20,000 Mini Opening Event $16.50 8:00 PM XL Eclipse #3 - $20,000 Late Opening Event $55 Sep-13 6:00 PM XL Eclipse #4 - $30,000 PKO $55 6:00 PM XL Eclipse #5 - $20,000 Mini PKO $22 8:00 PM XL Eclipse #6 - $10,000 Late PKO $33 Sep-14 6:00 PM XL Eclipse #7 - $30,000 8-Max $109 6:00 PM XL Eclipse #8 - $10,000 Mini 8-Max $8.80 8:00 PM XL Eclipse #9 - $15,000 Late 8-Max $55 Sep-15 6:00 PM XL Eclipse #10 - $100,000 Tune Up $160 6:00 PM XL Eclipse #11 - $50,000 Mini Tune Up $16.50 6:30 PM XL Eclipse #12 - $10,000 Micro Tune Up $5.50 8:00 PM XL Eclipse #13 - $20,000 Late Tune Up $55 Sep-16 6:00 PM XL Eclipse #14 - $20,000 R&A Event $33 6:00 PM XL Eclipse #15 - $10,000 Mini R&A $5.50 7:00 PM XL Eclipse #16 - $15,000 Late R&A $16.50 Sep-17 6:00 PM XL Eclipse #17 - $100,000 High Roller $320 6:00 PM XL Eclipse #18 - $30,000 Mini High Roller $55 8:00 PM XL Eclipse #19 - $20,000 Late High Roller $109 Sep-18 6:00 PM XL Eclipse #20 - $50,000 PKO $109 6:00 PM XL Eclipse #21 - $20,000 Mini PKO $16.50 8:00 PM XL Eclipse #22 - $10,000 Late PKO $33 Sep-19 6:00 PM XL Eclipse #23 - $50,000 PKO 8-Max $160 6:00 PM XL Eclipse #24 - $20,000 Mini PKO 8-Max $22 8:00 PM XL Eclipse #25 - $20,000 Late PKO 8-Max $55 Sep-20 5:00 PM XL Eclipse #26 - $30,000 DeepStack $55 5:00 PM XL Eclipse #27 - $20,000 Mini DeepStack $16.50 7:00 PM XL Eclipse #28 - $10,000 Late DeepStack $33 Sep-21 6:00 PM XL Eclipse #29 - $30,000 6-Max $109 6:00 PM XL Eclipse #30 - $20,000 Mini 6-Max $16.50 8:00 PM XL Eclipse #31 - $15,000 Late 6-Max $55 Sep-22 5:00 PM XL Eclipse #32 - $500,000 Main Event $250 5:30 PM XL Eclipse #33 - $50,000 Mini Main Event $33 6:00 PM XL Eclipse #34 - $15,000 Micro Main Event $5.50
  8. Just ahead of the start of the 888poker LIVE SOCHI Festival Main Event, the online site has announced the signing of a brand new addition to their roster of ambassadors in 26-year-old Russian poker pro Daria ‘Scarlett_D’ Feshchenko. Born in Moscow, Feschenko and 888poker teamed up last year during 888poker’s ‘8-Team’ competition that took place during the 2018 World Series of Poker. Now, the pair have taken their working relationship to the next level as Feshchenko steps into the role of a full-time ambassador. “I hope that they enjoyed me so much [in 2018] that they decided to make me their ambassador,” Feshchenko said. Feshchenko may be young, but she boasts plenty of poker experience having discovered the game roughly 10 years ago in the underground games of Russia. “I fell in love with the game immediately,” she said. “I never heard about forums and online poker so I just went to the biggest book show and bought all the books about poker. For a long time, I was playing only underground cash games.” Her cash game prowess has progressed over the years turning her into a regular in the $50/$100 No Limit Hold’em games, as well as having taken shots as big as $300/$600. “Around four years ago I decided to start a new chapter in my career, a more official one. So, I started to travel and play poker. For the last two years, I’ve almost never unpacked my luggage because of my busy schedule of live events.” One look at her recorded tournament results proves the point. Feshchenko has cashes from all over the world from Barcelona to the Bahamas, Sochi to the World Series of Poker. In total, since 2015, she has amassed over $236,000 in live tournament earnings with her career-high cash coming in the 2018 $1,000 WSOP Little One For One Drop where she finished in 12th place for $37,530. Now, in her new role as an 888poker ambassador, Feshchenko can expect to be even busier making appearances at 888poker LIVE events and traveling the circuit to represent the online site, which is something she’s excited to be a part of. “There were a lot of reasons to say yes,” Feshchenko said when speaking about signing on with 888poker. “First of all, their content is very warm and personal. I feel that is a great opportunity to do something good for the poker industry, to share my life and story, and try to inspire some people. Also, I like the crew a lot, they are like family but, at the same time, very professional. And, of course, 888poker is a big name in the industry and I am proud to be a part of it.” Feshchenko joins a roster of popular pros who already represent the site including Kara Scott, Vivian Saliba, Dominik Nitsche, Chris Moorman, Sofia Lovgren [pictured above, left], Ana Marquez, and World Series of Poker Main Event champion Martin Jacobson. Read: Ana Marquez Looks To Leverage Ambassadorship To Give Back To Poker “The team is very cool! Even though I don’t know them personally, yet, they welcomed me with open arms.” Part of Feshchenko’s role will, of course, be helping to put a face to the brand in for the ever-growing Russian market. A challenge she seems ready to take on. “In my country, not all people understand that poker is not gambling. It is an intelligence game and can be a profession,” she said. “I’ll be very glad to try and show them my life and share my opinions and experiences. Even if you are not a poker players, 888 ambassadors show that everybody can choose the life they want - even if it is not necessarily understood by society. “For me, it will be a very interesting experience, a new chapter in my life. I love poker a lot and I am very excited that I have the opportunity to do something useful for the community.”
  9. The 2019 WSOP Global Casino Championship crowned its winner on Thursday as Ryan Eriquezzo bested the 128 player field of WSOP Circuit grinders to capture his historic second career national title, a World Series of Poker bracelet, and the $279,431 first-place prize. Taking place at Harrah’s Cherokee Casino Resort in North Carolina for the fifth year in a row, the $1M guaranteed WSOP Global Casino Championship (formerly known as the World Series of Poker National Championship) saw a final table packed with poker talent which included 2012 WSOP National, seven-time WSOP Circuit Ring winner Joshua Turner and the current king of the Circuit Ring, 13-time WSOPC champion, Maurice Hawkins. France’s Adam Cedric started the final table with the shortest stack and after losing a big hand to Hawkins, he quickly found himself all in and at risk holding [as][8h] against Eric Salazar’s dominating [ad][jc]. The pair saw a flop of [ah][qs][qh] providing Cedric some chop opportunities, however, the [6s] turn and the [8s] river was of no help, ending Cedric’s run. Cedric finished in sixth place for $46,546, the second-best score of his career right behind his victory in the WSOP International Circuit, St. Maarten Main Event, the very tournament that qualified him for the GCC in the first place. Paulius Vaitiekunas had a rollercoaster tournament prior to the start of the final table and Day 3 proved to be no different for the Lithuanian. Vaitiekunas started the day with a healthy chip lead, but after a few hours of play, he saw his stack dwindling. After finding himself on the losing end of a big flip, he was left with roughly ten big blinds. Eventually, he stuck his short stack in the middle holding [ac][8h] and was called by Hawkins’ [kh][kd]. The flop fell [9h][6c][tc] providing Vaitiekunas some gutshot outs in addition to his one overcard. However, when the turn came [ks], he was down to just four outs to the straight. A cruel [ah] hit the river and Vaitiekunas hit the rail in fifth place taking home $62,023, for a new career-high cash. Minutes later another all in clash occurred when Joshua Turner put in a raise from the cutoff and was shoved on by Eriquezzo. Turner, covering Eriquezzo by a single big blind, made the call only to see his [ah][9d] out-pipped by Eriquezzo’s [as][ts]. The [8h][9c]9td] board gave both players a pair but the [js] turn and the [6c] river gave the hand to Eriquezzo. Left with his single big blind, Turner got it in on the very next hand and lost when the rest of the table limped and checked it down. Turner finished in fourth place for $84,961. After a short break in the action, three-handed play began leading to the next elimination. After Salazar folded his button, Hawkins limped in the small blind with [ah][8h]. Eriquezzo put in a raise holding [as][jc] and Hawkins made the call. The flop came [ad][4h][2s] and the action checked through. The [9s] hit the turn and Hawkins put out a bet which Eriquezzo called. Hawkins then checked the [4s] river and Eriquezzo moved all-in. With fewer than 10 big blinds behind, Hawkins made the call for his tournament life only to see that he was outkicked and, consequently, out of the tournament. Hawkins headed to the cashier in third place for $119,555. Holding a slight lead heading into heads-up play, Eriquezzo had his eye on making WSOP Circuit history as the first two-time champion. Salazar and Eriquezzo battled for the better part of two hours until Eriquezzo was able to close it out. From the button, Eriquezzo put in a raise with the [kd][td] and Salazar defended his big blind with [ac][6d]. The [jd][7d][3d] gave Eriquezzo the flopped flush. Salazar check-called a bet from Eriquezzo. The turn was the [2h] and Salazar checked again. Eriquezzo pushed out another bet which prompted Salazar to make a move and check-raise all in drawing dead. Eriquezzo snap-called for the victory. Salazar finished as the runner-up, adding $172,431 to his bankroll. Ryan Eriquezzo earned $279,431 for first place and added a second WSOP bracelet to his resume. It’s one of the largest scores of his prolific career, second only to the first WSOP Global Casino Championship he won back in 2012. Final Table Payouts 1. Ryan Eriquezzo - $279,431 2. Eric Salazar - $172,431 3. Maurice Hawkins - $119,555 4. Joshua Turner - 62,023 5. Paulus Vaitiekunas - $62,023 6. Adam Cedric - $46,546
  10. Hosted by Lance Bradley and Donnie Peters, The Fives Poker Podcast runs each week and covers the latest poker news, preview upcoming events, and debate the hottest topics in poker. The FIVES Poker Podcast is back! This week Lance and Donnie dive deep into the conclusion of the biggest buy-in tournament of all time, the Triton Million and how Bryn Kenney became poker's new All Time Money List leader. At the same time news broke this week that Nick Marchington, the 21-year-old seventh-place finisher in the 2019 World Series of Poker Main Event, is facing a lawsuit from a backing group alleging fraud for backing out of a deal that would owe them 10% of his $1.525 million score. Download and listen in! Subscribe: Apple Podcasts * Google Podcasts * Stitcher
  11. 888poker’s summer tournament schedule continued to reap rewards for PocketFivers in the month of July. Grinders at every level took advantage of 888poker’s plentiful promotions in an effort to run it up and take home some of the biggest scores of the summer. Sitting at the top of the 888poker July earners leaderboard is Poland’s #4-ranked pro, ‘ksieciunio’. Playing under the screen name ‘GramNaKartke’, he leveraged two deep runs in 888poker’s marquee Sunday Mega Deep to haul in over $20,000 in earnings. First, he hopped into the July 7 edition of the RakeLESS $100,000 Mega Deep, a massive value tournament where no rake is taken and all of the money goes directly to the prize pool. He finished as the runner-up, taking home $15,134. ‘ksieciunio’ made the final table of the Mega Deep once again on July 28, falling in sixth place for $4,400. Over the course of July, he pulled in eight cashes on 888poker for a total of $20,470, just $25K short of topping $1.5 million in career cashes. Not that far behind ‘ksieciunio’ is the well-known Swedish grinder ‘machiavelli3’. Once again, the $100,000 Mega Deep provided a PocketFiver with a healthy five-figure score as the Swede finished in second place in the July 14 edition of the tournament for $14,500. In total ‘machiavelli3’, playing under the screen name ‘cuadrado12’, pulled in $15,872 over the course of five results putting him in striking distance of $3.5 million in career cashes. Currently sitting ranked #119 in the world, ‘machiavelli3’ was ranked inside the top 20 in the world just last year and with more scores like he had in July, he could be back there again in 2019. Romania’s ‘BulhZeye’ takes the #3 spot on the 888poker earners leaderboard. Rather than having one massive score, he accumulated twenty different results in July to earn $12,078 in total cashes. His spotlight score came in the July 14 of the $100,000 Mega Deep where he finished in fourth place for $8,250. He added another nice four-figure result with his runner-up finish in the July 19 edition of the $33 BIG Fish, adding $1,938 to his bankroll. 888poker Top Earners of July 2019 USERNAME TOTAL WON CASHES WINS ksieciunio $20,470.90 8 0 machiavelli3 $15,872.60 5 0 BulhZeye $12,078.40 20 0 jancsi69 $11,836.02 9 0 Anao19 $11,074.47 6 1 icf043 $9,099.73 28 1 poepKind $8,459.74 21 1 CheckNorris $8,379.00 2 0 gunning4you $7,450.36 5 1 Resilience32 $7,421.21 4 1 Another month, another stay at the top of the 888 most cashes list for Russia’s ‘Neverhood007’. A master of micro stakes, 'Neverhood007' is an absolute grinder. Month after month he never ceases to put in an amazing amount of volume. In July, he produced 93 results, cashing for $3,612. That’s 28 more cashes than his closest competitor and 20 more cashes than the last time he topped this list back in May. Slowly but surely the Russian grinder is building his bankroll as his career cashes is now up over $185K. ‘DoperHarley’ is no stranger to racking up cashes as well. A regular on this leaderboard, he comes in at #2 in July packing on 65 cashes for $1,199 in earnings. The Russian can regularly be seen splashing around in the micro and small-stakes tournaments adding scores to his over $50,000 in career earnings. Russia went 3-for-3 in July as Denis ‘DENGER’ Kuznetsov finished in third on the most cashes list having racked up 64 total cashes for $5,773 in earnings. An 888poker reg, Kuznetsov plays a little higher than his counterparts on this list, routinely firing in the mid-stakes tournaments. This propelled him to his fourth-place finish in the July 8 edition of the $33 BIG Fish where he won his monthly high score of $1,052. 888poker Top 10 Cashers of July 2019 USERNAME TOTAL WON CASHES WINS Neverhood007 $3,612.70 93 3 DoperHarley $1,199.23 65 4 DENGER $5,773.18 64 7 AntonBaguette $900.60 50 3 JefersonLA $1,447.49 50 1 Peter Martin $1,597.37 49 4 sizzlinbetta $1,611.92 46 3 Iambl1tz $1,409.49 44 0 fmocci $974.63 44 1 keribazas $1,903.13 43 2 'DENGER' not only finished the month of July the top three on the most cashes list, he turned plenty of those results into outright victories. The Russian tops the first-place finishers list having turned seven of his 63 cashes into wins. The rest of the top ten consists of multiple players sharing the #2 and #3 place honors. ‘volkogrich’, ‘griura’, ‘Peter Martin’ and the aforementioned ‘DoperHarley’ all finished in first place four different times. ‘griura’ topped out the earnings of the four players, having pulled down $2,879 over the course of his 32 finishes. ‘volkogrich’ had the highest percentage of wins, having only played in 14 tournaments for his four wins. On the second half of the list ‘frostinho’, ‘AntonBaguette’, ‘krckamopomalo’, ‘sizzlinbetta’ and most cashes leader, ‘Neverhood007’ all wrapped up July with three victories. ‘frostinho’ had the most earnings out of the five, taking home $6,313 while ‘krckamopomalo’ had the highest percentage of victories, taking down the tournament three times out of the eight he played. 888poker Top 10 First Place Finishers of May 2019 USERNAME TOTAL WON CASHES WINS DENGER $5,773.18 64 7 volkogrich $989.26 14 4 griura $2,879.14 32 4 Peter Martin $1,597.37 49 4 DoperHarley $1,199.23 65 4 frostinho $6,313.39 34 3 Neverhood007 $3,612.70 93 3 AntonBaguette $900.60 50 3 krckamopomalo $443.21 8 3 sizzlinbetta $1,611.92 46 3
  12. Triton Poker set out to make poker history this week and they most certainly will and in more ways than one. Not only does the Triton Million’s £1,050,000 buy-in ($1,273215) make it the largest buy-in tournament in history, but with 54 players helping generate a prize pool of £54,000,000 ($65,611,361) the first place prize of £19,000,000 ($23,085,479) makes it the largest single tournament payout of all time. Million Dollar Payouts It’s not just first place that is going to find themselves flush after the Triton Million comes to an end. With an astronomical buy-in, Triton officials decided to flatten out the payouts opting to award 11 of the 54 registered players (20%) some piece of the prize pool. Granted, the players that just squeak into the money will be earning little more than their money back ($1,335,923) but a final table finish, resulting in a payday of $1,457,371 would make for a career-high cash for 20 of the participants including pros Andrew Robl, Vivek Rajkumar, Michael Soyza, and Matthias Eibinger. Triton Million Official Payouts Place Approx USD 1 $23,074,354 2 $14,176,836 3 $8,743,966 4 $5,355,679 5 $3,643,319 6 $2,671,767 7 $2,088,898 8 $1,700,266 9 $1,457,371 10 $1,335,923 11 $1,335,923 Eight-Figure Paydays The massive payouts of the Triton Million will add two more players into the extremely elite club of poker players who have earned themselves an eight-figure payday at the poker table. The addition of the first and second place scores makes for a total of ten $10M+ paydays in history and offers the current All Time Money List leader Justin Bonomo and the UK’s Sam Trickett the honor of being the first player to accomplish that remarkable score twice in their career. Until the Triton Million only the World Series of Poker’s $1 Million buy-in Big One For One Drop and the WSOP Main Event offered players the opportunity to hit such heights. The only exception was the 2016 Big One For One Drop Monte-Carlo Extravaganze one-off where Elton Tsang took home over $12.2 million in the invite-only tournament that excluded all of the world’s top players. History of Eight-Figure Paydays Year Event Place Player Payout 2019 Triton Million 1st TBD $23,085,479 2012 WSOP Big One For One Drop 1st Antonio Esfandiari $18,346,673 2014 WSOP Big One For One Drop 1st Daniel Colman $15,306,668 2019 Triton Million 2nd TDB $14,176,836 2016 Monte-Carlo One Drop Extravaganza 1st Elton Tsang $12,248,912 2006 WSOP Main Event 1st Jaime Gold $12,000,000 2012 WSOP Big One For One Drop 2nd Sam Trickett $10,112,001 2014 WSOP Main Event 1st Martin Jacobson $10,000,000 2018 WSOP Big One For One Drop 1st Justin Bonomo $10,000,000 2019 WSOP Main Event 1st Hossein Ensan $10,000,000 All Time Money List Possibilities With so much money in the prize pool, there are bound to be some major ramifications to the ever-shifting All Time Money List. At the start of the Triton Million, there were seven players that could possibly surge to the top of the list and overtake current list leader Justin Bonomo. Bonomo himself could put an amazing amount of distance between himself and the rest of the field as he currently holds a roughly $3.1 million lead over the #2-ranked Daniel Negreanu and over $9 million from the #3-ranked Erik Seidel, neither of which are in the Triton Million field. Here’s a look at the players that could make major moves on the ATML should Bonomo not be able to hold them off. Bryn Kenney - With over $34.9 million in total earnings, Kenney could become the new king of the ATML with a win or even a second-place finish. A third-place finish and he will leapfrog Negreanu for second place on the list and any cash will vault him over Seidel in third place, where he only sits $716,117 behind the legend. Jason Koon - The Triton ambassador has been steadily climbing the ATML, currently sitting in 8th place with $28,925,059 in earnings. A victory would send him north of $51 million and into first. A second-place finish in the event is not good enough to take over the top spot but it would put him in second place and within striking distance of #1 at $43 million. Dan Smith - A last-second invite from Bill Perkins puts Smith into the ATML leader mix, where he currently sits at #9 with $27,921,940. His situation is identical to Koon's - a win and he soars to over $50 million. Mikita Badziakouski - The nosebleed crusher from Belarus recently climbed into the #15 spot on the ATML and a win could put him in the top spot with over $48 million. A second-place finish would put him at just over $39 million, currently good for third place. Stephen Chidwick - Generally considered one of the very best tournament players on the planet, the UK savant has the exact same situation as Badziakouski as he only sits less than $3,000 behind him on the ATML. David Peters and Fedor Holz - Peters currently sits at #5 on the ATML and the German phenom, Holz sits right behind him at #6. Both players were among the first five players eliminated from the tournament ending their bid to climb the ATML ladder. Becoming An Instant Legend To say that first place in the Triton Million is massive is an understatement. But just how big is it? To put this first-place prize in perspective, had a player never cashed before, the first place prize alone would put you ranked at #19 on the All-Time Money List. That’s ahead of one of the most famous poker players on the planet, Phil Hellmuth, who has spent over 30 years accumulating his career total of $22,999,083. Second place also puts you in the midst of legends. The over $14 million payday would slot you in at #41 all-time, just ahead of recent bracelet winner Joseph Cheong and right behind 2009 WSOP World Champ Joe Cada. Finally, if the Triton Million third-place prize of over $8.7 million was your first Hendon Mob entry, you would just make it inside the top 100. You start your career at #100 all-time and you’d be the player to knock poker legend Johnny Chan out of the top 100.
  13. The Triton Super High Roller Poker Series is about to make history. On Thursday, August 1 the Triton Million: A Helping Hand For Charity tournament will begin and it’s £1,050,000 buy-in will make the three-day event the biggest buy-in in poker history. Some of the biggest names in the game of poker will make their way to the UK to participate in this historic event that blends nosebleed stakes with an effort to raise money for a host of charitable causes. From every buy-in, £50,000 will be raised to benefit charities that include REG, the Caring For Children Foundation, Healthy Hong Kong, Credit One World Charity, and One Drop. Invitations Please It’s not just the super-sized buy-in that makes playing in this tournament unique. The Triton Million was searching for a way to make sure the event wasn’t simply packed with pieced-out pros. They wanted to give recreational players and business professionals a reason to participate, so that made the event invitation only - with a twist. A Triton Poker Series committee handed out invitations only to non-professional players and then allowed them to invite one player each, which could be a pro player. The result is a field consisting of one half ‘recreationals’ and the other half, super high roller poker pros. For the first six hours, each half will be separated. The pros will only play against other pros and the recs will battle the recs. Then, there will be a redraw and the tournament will proceed as usual. With only 23 business professionals signed up, pro players needed to find themselves an invite from a like-minded counterpart. Here are those pro players that made a connection or two and will be taking a seat at the Triton Million. Bryn Kenney [caption id="attachment_625864" align="alignnone" width="903"] Bryn Kenney (photo: Triton Poker)[/caption] Bryn Kenney is in the midst of a career year. The regular super high roller and former #1-ranked GPI player has spent the better part of 2019 destroying the biggest buy-ins in the world, claiming three seven-figure scores this year alone. In addition to taking down the 2019 Aussie Million Main Event for over $914,000, Kenney has posted some of the biggest results of his career in previous Triton Poker Super High Roller Series. In March, he finished as the runner-up in the Triton Jeju Main Event for a career-high cash of $3,062,513. He followed that up with back-to-back victories during Triton Montenegro bringing him scores of $1.4 million and $2.7 million in a three-day span. His incredible run has vaulted him to the rarified air of the top 5 on the All-Time Money List, where he currently sits at #4. He is also currently resting as the #2 player on the 2019 Money List, second only to the winner of the World Series of Poker Main Event, Hossein Ensan. Kenney was invited to the Triton Million by Poker Central founder Cary Katz. Tom Dwan [caption id="attachment_625865" align="alignnone" width="903"] Tom Dwan (photo: Triton Poker)[/caption] Tom Dwan is arguably one of the most popular poker players in the history of the game. When his exciting, aggressive style of play was featured in the pre-Black Friday televised cash games heyday, the young man known as ‘Durrrr’ became iconic as the representative of the young crop of online grinders who helped push the game of poker to the next level. Nowadays, a Tom Dwan sighting is rare. Especially in a tournament. It’s generally understood that Dwan spends his time grinding the largest cash games in the world in Macau, only buying into tournaments when the stakes are at their highest, like the Triton Million. In fact, Dwan only has five recorded tournament results since 2011, two of which were invitational events. His last tournament cash was from June 2018 where he had a final table finish during the Triton Jeju Short Deck event for $252,320. In April 2019, Dwan was named an official Triton Poker ambassador. Dwan was invited to the Triton Million by the founder of the Triton Series himself, Paul Phua. Justin Bonomo [caption id="attachment_625867" align="alignnone" width="903"] Justin Bonomo (photo: Triton Poker)[/caption] It wouldn’t be a Super High Roller event without the current king of the All-Time Money List, Justin Bonomo. For roughly a two year stretch between 2017-2018, it seemed like there wasn’t a nosebleed tournament where Bonomo didn't end up with all the chips. With just over $45 million in career earnings, Bonomo has a trophy case filled with super high roller scores including the 2018 Super High Roller Bowl China for $4.8 million, the 2019 Super High Roller Bowl title in Las Vegas for $5 million and the 2018 $1M The Big One For One Drop at the World Series of Poker for $10 million. Bonomo’s last outright victory took place this past March when he conquered the field in the first Short Deck event of the 2019 Triton Juju SHR Series taking home just over $586,000. Bonomo was invited to the Triton Million by Ferdinand Putra. Fedor Holz [caption id="attachment_625869" align="alignnone" width="903"] Fedor Holz (photo: Triton Poker)[/caption] Despite having ‘retired’ from poker, German poker savant Fedor Holz is still very much categorized as a pro. Hailing from a country packed with some of the greatest minds in the game, Holz sits at #1 on Germany’s All-Time Money List (#6 in the world) thanks to his over $32M in career earnings. Like many players who will be attending Triton Million, Holz found the majority of his success in the high rollers, where he absolutely dominated the scene in 2016. At the time Holz went on his outstanding tournament tear, the poker world had not seen anything like it. Holz took down the 2016 Triton Philippines Main Event title for over $3 million as well as the WSOP’s $111,111 High Roller for One Drop for nearly $5 million in a campaign that brought his over $16 million for the year. Nowadays, Holz spends much of his time working in business endeavors off the felt, including his midset app, Primed Mind. However, it was just last year that Holz finished as the runner-up to Justin Bonomo in the $1M buy-in Big One For One Drop, taking home $6 million for his efforts. Holz was invited to the Triton Mliion by Antanas ‘Tony G’ Guoga. Daniel 'Jungleman' Cates [caption id="attachment_625872" align="alignnone" width="903"] Daniel 'Jungleman' Cates (photo: Triton Poker)[/caption] One of the most unique and entertaining players on the SHR circuit is Daniel ‘Jungleman’ Cates. A regular in the nosebleed cash games in Bobby’s Room at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Cates is known as a fearless player willing to take on anyone, anywhere, and at any stakes. When Cates isn’t busy producing steamy poker themed music videos, he has found plenty of success on the Triton tour. In 2016 he took home the Triton SHR Series Sanctity Cup title, just days before finishing third in the same series Main Event for over $1 million. He also took home another Triton trophy in May 2019 taking down the NLHE/Short Deck Mix event for just over $500,000. Cates was invited to the Triton Million by Malaysian businessman Richard Yong. Plenty of other pro players were able to find an invite into the tournaments and they are listed below, with their businessman/recreational counterpart in parentheses. David Peters (Stanley Choi) Rui Cao (Wai Kin Yong) Jason Koon (Bobby Baldwin) Mikita Badziakouski (Liang Yu) Timofey Kuznetsov (Ivan Leow) Stephen Chidwick (Alfred DeCarolis) Wai Leong Chan (Chin Wei Lim) Christoph Vogelsang (Chow Hing Yaung) Nick Petrangelo (Pat Madden) Sam Greenwood (Sosia Jiang) Elton Tsang (Qiang Wang) Tan Xuan (Zang Shu Nu) Martin Kabrhel (Leon Tsoukernik) Matthias Eibinger (Open Kisacikoglu) Igor Kurganov (Talal Shakerchi) Sam Trickett (Rob Yong) Bill Perkins (Dan Smith) Andrew Robl (Andrew Pantling) Vivek Rajkumar (Rick Solomon) Danny Tang (Winfred Yu) Michael Soyza (Ben Wu) How To Watch the Triton Million Fans from around the world can watch the Triton Million for free on PokerGO. Ali Nejad will call the action, with professional poker player Nick Schulman alongside to provide expert commentary. Action starts Thursday, August 1, at 8 am ET and PokerGO will have coverage for the entirety of the event. If you don’t have a subscription to PokerGO, sign up today using the promo code “POCKET5S” for $10 off the PokerGO annual plan.
  14. Hosted by Lance Bradley and Donnie Peters, The Fives Poker Podcast runs each week and covers the latest poker news, preview upcoming events, and debate the hottest topics in poker. On an all-new episode of your favorite poker podcast, The FIVES, Lance is finally back from vacationing in the Big Easy to reunite with Donnie and talk about what looks to be the biggest buy-in poker tournament in history - the Triton Million. The pair break down the news and notes from this week in poker including a WPT Gardens wrap-up, Dan Bilzerian's recent claims, and the passing of Kevin 'Racks' Roster. Then the guys are joined by PocketFives Senior Writer Jeff Walsh for a Triton Million draft and to talk about how YOU can win yourself a free P5s t-shirt. Listen in and take part in the action! Subscribe: Apple Podcasts * Google Podcasts * Stitcher
  15. August is the time to go 'Big' or go home. The 2019 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open takes place at the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, FL and will run from August 1-13 with a 27-event schedule culminating in the return of their four featured tournaments, dubbed ‘The Big 4’. The schedule gets off to a fast start with a multi-flight $1 million guaranteed $600 DeepStack and is followed by a full slate of tournaments with wide-ranging variants and buy-ins that will attract every level of player, leading up to the starting dates of The Big 4. The Big 4 Since 2015, the Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open has hosted The Big 4, four individual tournaments that all play down to a final table together so they can be live-streamed on the same day at the same time. This year the Big 4 include: $5,250 SHRPO Championship - $3 million guarantee $2,650 NLHE - $1 million guarantee $1,100 NLHE - $500,000 guarantee $25,500 High Rollers - $2 million guarantee. Since 2013, SHRPO has been a favorite destination for poker pros from all over the world. Headed into their fifth year of the The Big 4 promotion, organizers are looking forward to making 2019 the biggest Big 4 yet with all eyes on the $5,250 Main Event. $5,250 SHRPO Championship In 2014, the year before SHRPO Championship was a part of The Big 4, Daniel Colman took down the $5,300 tournament for $1.44 million. The $5 million guaranteed SHRPO Championship event drew 907 runners in 2015 and the big story was that Colman returned to the final table, looking to go back-to-back and defend his 2014 SHRPO Championship title. In the end Colman couldn’t get there, falling in third place for $310,000 as Omar Zazay went on to win the $1,000,000 first-place prize for a career-high score. Pennsylvania’s Paul Volpe also made an appearance at this final table, but he ended up hitting the rail in eighth place for $100,000. Even though registration dipped in 2016, the tournament still held a $5 million guarantee. That meant there was a healthy overlay for the field of top-tier players who made the trip. Ryan Fair and Joe Serock joined regular high rollers Seth Davies and Jason Koon at the final table where Koon ended up taking home the title and his very first seven-figure score of $1 million. In 2017, the tournament reduced the guarantee to $3 million when Australia’s Martin Kozlov picked up the largest cash of his career by winning the $754,083 first-place prize. Matt Berkey finished in third place this year while Aaron Mermelstein, Adam Levy, and Joe Kuether all also had a seat at the final table. Then, just last year, Brandon Eisen denied Jeremy Ausmus the title in 2018, taking home $771,444 for the win. Familiar faces Joseph Cheong, Jared Griener and Ryan D’Angelo also made the final table in what was the largest SHRPO Championship field in The Big 4 era with 914 runners. Big Buy-In, Big Moments The Big 4 have had plenty of standout performances outside of the Main Event over the years. As one might expect, the $25K High Roller has always been flush with big-name pros looking to take home six-figure scores. In 2015, Florida’s All-Time Money List leader, Jason Mercier, took down the $25K High Roller for over $517K in his own backyard, surviving an all-star final table that included runner-up Ian O’Hara, Sean Winter, Ankush Mandavia, Barry Hutter, David ‘Doc’ Sands, and Phil Laak. One year later, Marvin Rettenmaier denied Daniel Colman another SHRPO title by taking first place and over $787K. John Andress took home the High Roller title in 2017 and then in 2018, Jake Schindler topped the 123 player field for a score of over $800K after defeating Shaun Deeb heads up. Another amazing Big 4 feat has been the performance of the GPI #1-ranked player Alex Foxen who, in 2017 took down the $2,650 NLHE for $204,600 and then followed that up by defending his title in that even in 2018 for another $208,452. All the action from the 2019 Seminole Hard Rock Poker Open begins on August 1 with all four of the Big 4 set to be live-streamed on August 13. 2019 SHRPO Schedule of Events DATE EVENT # EVENT TIME BUY-IN 8/1 1A Deep Stack NLH Flight A (Re-Entry) - $1,000,000 GTD 11:00 AM $600 8/1 1B Deep Stack NLH Flight B (Re-Entry) - $1,000,000 GTD 6:00 PM $600 8/2 1C Deep Stack NLH Flight C (Re-Entry) - $1,000,000 GTD 11:00 AM $600 8/2 1D Deep Stack NLH Flight D (Re-Entry) - $1,000,000 GTD 6:00 PM $600 8/3 1E Deep Stack NLH Flight E (Re-Entry) - $1,000,000 GTD 11:00 AM $600 8/3 1F Deep Stack NLH Flight F (Re-Entry) - $1,000,000 GTD 6:00 PM $600 8/4 1 Day 2 1:00 PM -- 8/1 2 Omaha 8 Or Better (Re-Entry) - $30,000 GTD - One Day Event 12:00 PM $400 8/2 3 H.O.R.S.E. (Re-Entry) - One Day Event 12:00 PM $400 8/3 4 PLO 8 (Re-Entry) - One Day Event 12:00 PM $400 8/4 5 Deep Stack NLH (Re-Entry) - $50,000 GTD - One Day Event 12:00 PM $400 8/4 6 Purple Chip Bounty (Single Re-Entry) - $100,000 GTD 3:00 PM $1,700 8/5 6 Day 2 2:00 PM -- 8/5 7 Seniors 50+ (Re-Entry) - One Day Event 11:00 AM $400 8/5 8 Big Stack Black Chip Bounty NLH (Single Re-Entry) - $50,000 GTD - One Day Event 12:00 PM $400 8/5 9 PLO (Re-Entry) - One Day Event 3:00 PM $400 8/5 10 Big Stack NLH (Re-Entry) - $30,000 GTD - $5,250 Championship Seat Added - One Day Event 6:00 PM $150 8/6 11 Six-Max NLH (Single Re-Entry) - $100,000 GTD - One Day Event 11:00 AM $600 8/6 12 Big O (Re-Entry) - One Day Event 12:00 PM $400 8/6 13 Omaha 8/Stud 8 (Single Re-Entry) - One Day Event 3:00 PM $400 8/6 14 Eight-Handed Turbo NLH (Freeze-Out) - One Day Event 5:00 PM $1,100 8/7 15 Eight-Handed NLH (Single Re-Entry) - $200,000 GTD - One Day Event 12:00 PM $2,200 8/7 16 Jeff Conine Celebrity Poker Classic - One Day Charity Event 7:00 PM $300 8/8 17 Six-Max Big Stack NLH (Single Re-Entry) - $100,000 GTD - One Day Event 12:00 PM $1,100 8/8 18 Super High Roller NLH (Single Re-Entry) - $1,000,000 GTD - Held In Salon East 1:00 PM $50,000 8/9 18 Day 2 1:00 PM -- 8/8 19 Six-Max PLO (Single Re-Entry) - One Day Event 3:00 PM $400.00 8/9 20A SHRPO Championship Day 1A (Single Re-Entry) - $3,000,000 GTD 11:00 AM $5,250.00 8/10 20B SHRPO Championship Day 1B (Single Re-Entry) - $3,000,000 GTD 11:00 AM $5,250.00 8/11 20 Day 2 12:00 PM -- 8/12 20 Day 3 12:00 PM -- 8/13 20 Final Table Televised And Live Streamed As Part Of The Big 4 1:00 PM -- 8/11 21 NLH (Single Re-Entry) - $1,000,000 GTD 2:00 PM $2,650 8/12 21 Day 2 12:00 PM -- 8/13 21 Final Table Televised And Live Streamed As Part Of The Big 4 1:00 PM -- 8/12 22 NLH (Re-Entry) - $500,000 GTD 11:00 AM $1,100 8/13 22 Final Table Televised And Live Streamed As Part Of The Big 4 1:00 PM -- 8/12 23 High Roller (Re-Entry) - $2,000,000 GTD - Held In Salon East 12:00 PM $25,500 8/13 23 Final Table Televised And Live Streamed As Part Of The Big 4 1:00 PM -- 8/11 24A NLH Day 1A (Re-Entry) - $50,000 GTD 5:00 PM $150 8/12 24B NLH Day 1B (Re-Entry) - $50,000 GTD 5:00 PM $150 8/13 24 Day 2 - Held In The Poker Room 5:00 PM -- 8/12 25 PLO (Re-Entry) 6:00 PM $2,650 8/13 25 Day 2 - Held In The Poker Room 3:00 PM -- 8/13 26 Deep Stack Turbo (Re-Entry) - $30,000 GTD - Held In Salon East - One Day Event 11:00 AM $400 8/13 27 NLH (Re-Entry) - $500,000 GTD - Held In Salon East - One Day Event 12:00 PM $10,000
  16. Hosted by Lance Bradley and Donnie Peters, The Fives Poker Podcast runs each week and covers the latest poker news, preview upcoming events, and debate the hottest topics in poker. In the wake of another World Series of Poker, Lance vacates the captain's chair in order to take a vacation leaving Donnie to steer the ship and break down this week in the world of poker with PocketFives Senior Writer Jeff Walsh. Daniel Negreanu continued to make news this week, just by making many of his investors happy with his amazing WSOP but by questioning whether U.S. players are 'cheating' when they VPN to online poker sites from inside the U.S. Plus, the guys talk about what happened to the field at the WPT Gardens Poker Festival and share a feel-good story from Main Event final table finisher Alex Livingston. Download and subscribe! Subscribe: Apple Podcasts * Google Podcasts * Stitcher
  17. Just because the World Series of Poker is over that doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty of poker left to be played this summer. partypoker’s popular POWERFEST online poker series returns for its tenth edition from July 28 - August 11 and they are bringing $28,000,000 in total guaranteed prize pools with it. As has been the case in nearly each of the previous POWERFESTs, the schedule, played out over the course of the two weeks, is enormous. There are over 270 tournaments, in 77 different events, with up to five possible buy-in levels for each event. partypoker continues to cater to players with every size bankroll offering tournaments in five different buy-in categories. The Low Events start for as little as $5.50 and from there the buy-ins go all the way up to the $25,500 $2 million guaranteed Super High Roller, with plenty of options at every price point in between. Go Big With Super High Rollers The biggest names in the online poker high stakes community will be clearing their calendars to register for the slate of 10 total Super High Roller events with a price point of $5,200 or higher and $7.8 million in guaranteed prize money. The Super High Roller schedule promises plenty of six-figure scores highlighted by two $10,300 tournaments, each coming with a $1 million guarantee. Additionally, the aforementioned online nosebleed $25,500 SHR and its $2 million guarantee could be big enough to award someone a career-high cash. The SHR schedule also includes a pair of Pot Limit Omaha Six Max tournaments as well as two Progressive Knockouts. Championship Events On the final day of the summer series, August 11, the POWERFEST schedule will be handing out actual physical trophies for those who end up taking down one of their Championship Events. The Championship Events schedule features eight total tournaments - four PKO and four PLO - one each at four of the different buy-in levels. The Low Championship Events comes in at just $11 while the High Roller buy-ins are $2,100. In total, $1.7 million in guarantees is one the line in the POWERFEST Championship Events alone. Guaranteed Seat Satellites Every day from July 21- 27 partypoker is offering multiple satellites to POWERFEST events at every buy-in level. There are so many offered, it’s a seemingly non-stop bonanza for value-hunters to pick up tickets to be able to play in POWERFEST events for a fraction of the cost. There are over 100 satellites over the course of the week. Players can dive into satellites that play to their strengths as the qualifiers are offered in a wide variety of variants and every single satellite comes with guaranteed seats. SPIN and Win Traditional satellites are not the only way to win a seat into a POWERFEST event. Straight through until the end of the series, partypoker is offering a special edition of their SPINS game - their version of the popular fast-paced, three-handed Sit & Go tournaments with varied prize pools. For the special POWERFEST SPINS a buy-in of $5 can bring you tournament tickets of a wide variety of buy-ins from $22 all the way up to the top prize of a $1,050 tournament ticket. The POWERFEST also brings back their Phased Events where players can play multiple flights of a tournament and carry their biggest stack to the finals to battle for big-time guarantees. Also, partypoker is offering a slate of $320 buy-in tournaments that are offering guarantees normally reserved for the high rollers. It's fifteen days of non-stop online MTT action with a variety of ways for players to compete and set their own schedule. To get a full grasp of the entirety of POWERFEST events, check out the full POWERFEST X schedule here.
  18. The World Series of Poker is the biggest stage in the game. The series draws thousands upon thousands of players make their way to the heart of Sin City to put their tournament skills on display in hopes of securing a life-changing score. Every single year a few players not only find themselves in a position to take down a tournament or add a major cash to their poker resume, but also spend some extra time in the poker spotlight due to their overall performance or even just their personality. Here are just a few of this year's participants that found themselves emerge as one of the breakout stars of the 50th Annual World Series of Poker. Garry Gates If one were to select a single player from the 2019 World Series of Poker Main Event to spotlight, you couldn’t blame anyone from choosing the charismatic 2019 World Champion Hossein Ensan or picking the dapper high-stakes pro Dario Sammartino. However, poker industry veteran turned dark horse favorite Garry Gates (and his enthusiastic #LFGGG rail) captured the attention of poker fans everywhere and giving those who, perhaps, put their own poker dream in the rearview mirror, somebody to root for. While Gates is known to many in the industry as PokerStars' Senior Consultant of Player Affairs (aka the go-to guy when it comes to needing a liaison between the online giant and their VIPs), to those that know him he’s the kind of person who would literally give someone the shirt off his back. That attitude of gratitude for the position the Pennsylvania-born Gates was in at the final table was felt through the airwaves. He was painted as a lifelong poker player who was revealing in finally getting his shot. His affable style was easy to connect with and when his run finally came to an end in fourth place, netting him $3 million he didn’t leave disappointed. He turned to his rail, arms outstretched and fell into the embrace of a support system that any poker player would envy. It’s unlikely that Gates will give it all up and hit the road as a full-time pro but while many fourth-place finishers go into the history books but fall from memory, Gates’ run will be remembered by many for a long time to come. Kainalu McCue-Unciano From out of nowhere, Hawaii has a new #1 All-Time Money List leader and that’s Kainalu McCue-Unciano. After four years of traveling to Las Vegas for the World Series of Poker, the Hawaiian took home his first gold bracelet when he took down the $1,500 Monster Stack for a career-high score of just over $1,000,000. But, winning the bracelet was just the beginning for McCue-Unciano at the summer series. The next day, just moments after he accepted the bracelet from Jack Effel, McCue-Unciano, in front of an Amazon room packed full of poker players, dropped to one knee and asked his girlfriend of two years, Nicole, who was there supporting him, to marry him. She happily said yes, putting McCue-Unciano on a freeroll that allowed him to take his biggest shot yet. By all accounts, the newly minted millionaire then ripped off $100,000 and battled against some of the best players in the world by hopping into the $100K High Roller. Having never cashed in a tournament with a buy-in above $3,500 McCue-Unciano climbed into 12th place for a $195,862 score. Indeed that is pretty boss. Robert Campbell Now that summer at the Rio is over, Australian grinder Robert Cambell emerged as the leader in the 2019 WSOP Player of the Year race. He did this on the back of an outstanding 2019 WSOP campaign that saw him cash nine times with five top 10 finishes. Most importantly, Campbell was the only player this year to take home two gold bracelets, one of which provided him a career-high cash of $385,763. Over $679,000 of his career $1.289 million in career earnings was made during the summer and his multi-bracelet performance held off such high profile names as Daniel Negreanu and Shaun Deeb from heading into the World Series of Poker Europe with the POY lead. If Campbell decided to make the (long) trip to Rozvadov this summer and is able to put up a few results he may just forever have a banner hanging up at future WSOPs. Yuri Dzivielevski Most people will probably recognize Yuri Dzivielevski as the tough young Brazilian pro featured multiple time on the ESPN feature tables making a deep run in the Main Event. But it wasn’t just his charismatic camera presence and flowing mane that brought him a number of new fans. He was simply one of the toughest players featured throughout the entire broadcast. In what was supposed to be the Daniel Negreanu show on Day 1B of the Main Event, Dzivielevski stole the show by consistently chipping up and making great play after great play. This trend continued as the field dwindled and he found himself playing on camera for hours until he finally busted in 28th place for over $261,000. Dzivielevski may have been introduced to the world-at-large this summer but PocketFivers have known of his skill for quite some time as the Brazilian is a former worldwide #1-ranked online player. Also, well before the Main Event showcased what he could do, he proved it by taking home his first WSOP gold bracelet in Event #51 ($2,500 Mixed Omaha Hi/Lo 8 or Better. Seven Card Stud Hi/Lo 8 or Better) for $213,750. Dan Zack For the longest time, Dan Zack was known in poker’s inner circles as one of Los Angeles’ best cash game players and a mixed game crusher. But despite a number of final tables in previous years at the World Series of Poker, that breakout score had yet to materialize. Everything changed for Zack in 2019 when early in the series he picked up the first WSOP gold bracelet of his career in Event #6 ($2,500 Limit Mixed Triple Draw) for $160,447. The win put him in the early lead for the WSOP Player of the Year and immediately after he came right out and said that he was gunning for the honor. His desire to win Player of the Year fueled a 2019 campaign that saw him cash 14 times, make three final tables, and earn more than $350,000. He currently sits in fourth place on in the WSOP POY race and after this summer he’s no longer simply considered a ‘cash game pro’, he’s a threat in any tournament he enters.
  19. It was nearly a generation ago when there was a deep divide between ‘online’ players and their ‘live pro’ counterparts. Nowadays, just about everyone who knows about the game of poker realizes that, for those that afforded the ability to play online poker, the online and live games complement each other more than ever. While PA online poker players continue to wait for their state-regulated poker sites to launch, there are still a number of options to get in some check-raising and three-betting in the Keystone State. One caveat though, you're going to have to put on pants. Harrah’s Philadephia Located in Chester, PA on the Delaware River waterfront, the spacious 28-table poker room of Harrah’s Philadelphia is noted as the only World Series of Poker-branded room in the state of Pennsylvania. With so many tables, the room often spreads games according to the desires of the players. Standard games include No Limit games starting at $1/3 and $2/5 blinds with the occasional larger $5/10 game being spread. Player bonuses include High Hand, Hot Seat and Bad Beat Jackpot promotions. Basically, Harrah’s Philadelphia is a full-service card room giving most grinders everything they are looking for in a cash game. They also offer daily tournaments. The casino has, in the past, been the site for WSOP Circuit stops with players like Phillip Hui and Kyle Bowker winning circuit rings back in 2014. With Harrah’s Philadelphia being owned by Caesars Interactive Entertainment, the provider of the WSOP.com network in both Nevada and New Jersey, it’s very likely that players in PA will, at some point, have the opportunity to join their larger network of shared liquidity. Once players can compete on WSOP.com, it opens the door for the WSOP to add Philadelphia back into their live schedule as well. Parx Casino Just northeast of Philadelphia, Parx Casino is known as one of the East Coast’s largest poker rooms with 48 poker tables and a full slate of poker tournaments that keeps grinders in action year-round. One of the benefits of having so many tables is the ability to offer a variety of games. Of course, both Limit and No Limit Hold’em are regularly spread with Limit games starting at $4/8 and playing as high as $150/$300. No Limit also starts small at $1/2 and will sometimes run as high as $10/25. Additional cash games include regularly spread Pot Limit Omaha as well as a variety of Mixed Games. Like other larger rooms, Parx has a progressive Bad Beat Jackpot that often sits in the six-figure range. Parx is also known for its tournaments. While they offer regularly run daily tournaments, the room is more well known for their ‘Big Stax’ series. The series is run roughly four times a year and for the past three, they have partnered with the World Poker Tour DeepStacks tour once a year. In May, Dominick Sannino took down the $1,600 WPTDeepStacks Main Event at Parx for over $116,000. Parx Casino has plans to launch its online casino on July 15, with online poker to be added at a later time. They have a partnership with GAN and Kambi that will allow them to build out an online arm of their popular live card room. SugarHouse Casino Home to ‘Poker Night In America’ another major player in Philadelphia’s live poker scene is Rush Street Gaming's SugarHouse Casino. Like Parx and Harrah’s, SugarHouse has space to spread a wide variety of cash games and tournaments in their 28-table card room. Typical cash games include low-limit ($1/2) No Limit Hold’em scaling up to $2/5/10 with a $3,000 max buy-in. Both High Hand and Bad Beat promotions are also in play at SugarHouse. SugarHouse offers tournaments four days a week with an occasional four-day tournament challenge (SugarRush Challenge) which are multi-flight tournaments offering big prize pools for smaller buy-ins. Though it’s been a number of years since holding a tour stop in Philadelphia, the last time PNIA was there they held their King of the Hill 3 heads up battle where Daniel Coleman won $200,000 and still currently sits as the casino’s All-Time Money List leader. SugarHouse’s own parent company, Rush Street Gaming - the producers of Poker Night In America - will be proving the technology for SugarHouse to provide online poker. Rivers Casino - Pittsburgh Those living in the Steel City have a large poker room to enjoy at the Rivers Casino located along the Ohio River. The room features 30 poker tables that offer cash games in multiple variants including NLHE, Pot Limit Omaha and Omaha Hi/Lo with daily High Hand promotions. When it comes to tournaments, Rivers regularly offers two daily tournaments at smaller buy-ins and then they also welcome larger tours to their room, including the World Poker Tour DeepStacks Pittsburgh stop. 316 players registered for the most recent WPT DeepStacks Main Event in April when Erik Lemaquand took home the title and $66,593. Like SugarHouse in Philadelphia, Rivers Casino is owned by Rush Street Gaming and while the company has yet to announce their online poker plans when poker becomes available it’s likely that the online room will feed players into their live rooms and events. Mount Airy Casino With only nine total tables at the Mount Airy Casino and Resort located in the Pocono Mountains is one of the smaller places to play in PA. Of course, No Limit Hold’em is available but according to their website, Mount Airy also offers Mississippi Stud as an option. So, why keep an eye on the small card room of Mount Airy? Because their online poker partner is none other than the industry’s global leader PokerStars. It’s unlikely that Mount Airy has enough room to host something as extensive at the North American Poker Tour, one of the largest PokerStars festivals to take place inside the U.S. back in 2010/11. But the online giant may have ideas on how to expand their live footprint in PA and if they do, Mount Airy could be a big part of that. In addition to these rooms Pennsylvania has a number of other locations where grinders can find a good live game. The PA action is plentiful at the rooms of the Hollywood Casino at Penn National, Mohegan Sun Pocono, The Meadows Racetrack & Casino and the part-time room of Presque Isle Downs.
  20. Hosted by Lance Bradley and Donnie Peters, The Fives Poker Podcast runs each week and covers the latest poker news, preview upcoming events, and debate the hottest topics in poker. The world of poker has a new World Champion and it's Germany's Hossein Ensan who outlasted the second largest Main Event field in World Series of Poker history to take home the $10,000,000 first-place prize. After a well-deserved day off, Lance and Donnie return to the podcast to wrap up an exciting 2019 WSOP Main Event final table as well as give their final thoughts on a summer series for the record books. Make sure you download and subscribe to The FIVES and never miss an episode of the weekly need-to-know news and views from all around the world of poker. Subscribe: Apple Podcasts * Google Podcasts * Stitcher
  21. While the world was watching the final five players compete at the 2019 WSOP Main Event final table there were five more post-lim tournaments still in action. This included the start of the final $5,000 tournament which had plenty of pros show up to the Rio to attempt to squeeze out one last show at summertime success. Two more bracelets were awarded as well as another top-flight pro took home his first and India’s Abhinav Iyer became The Closer of 2019. Abhinav Iyer Takes Down The Closer For $565K India’s Abhinav Iyer ended his summer on a high note after surviving the 2,800 entry field of The Closer ($1,500 No-Limit Hold’em) for a $565,346 payday and his first WSOP gold bracelet. Iyer had a star-studded field to fade on Day 2 as 196 players reconvened after three starting flights to play down to a winner. Plenty of big names were battling after the money bubble burst including Phil Hellmuth (193rd, $3,500), defending champion Joe Cada (147th, $3,840), Bertrand ‘ElkY’ Grospellier (106th, $3,840), Kristen Bicknell (70th, $7,030), Ari Engel (55th, $8,379), Jeff Gross (32nd, $15,018), and JC Tran (10th, $37,215). Former #1-ranked PocketFiver Shaun Deeb continued his push for the 2019 WSOP Player of the Year by reaching the final table. However, his run ended in seventh place, cashing for $80,766. Final Table Payouts 1. Abhinav Iyer - $565,346 2. Sammy Lafluer - $349,417 3. Sergio Martiaguliar - $256,298 4. Carlos Chang - $189,584 5. Patrick Eskandar - $144,860 6. Adam Johnson - $106,418 7. Shaun Deeb - $80,766 8. Steve Yea - $61,834 9. Jason Reels Alan Sternberg Wins $3,000 Pot Limi Omaha 6-Handed World Poker Tour Champions Club member Alan Sternberg has added a World Series of Poker gold bracelet to his poker trophy case after closing out Event #85 ($3,000 Pot Limit Omaha 6-Handed) for $448,392. “Coming into today, my goal was to at least make top four and then I got hit with the deck of cards,” Sternberg said after this win. “I made the best hand a lot so that makes it pretty easy.” It is Sternberg’s first gold bracelet and in order to win it, he had to survive a tough final table. The final six included final table chip leader Millard Hale, bracelet winner Joseph Cheong and eventual runner-up, Greece’s Evangelos Kokkalis. “This by far feels the best, not even close. I’ve won a WPT title which is kind of similar but this feels way better right now.” Final Table Payouts 1. Alan Sternberg - $448,392 2. Evangelos Kokkalis - $227,087 3. John Richards - $187,670 4. Millard Hale - $129.313 5. Ka Kwan Lau - $90,674 6. Joseph Cheong - $64,722 Gal Yifrach Leads $10K Six Max Final Table Gal Yifrach will be looking for his second career 6-handed World Series of Poker bracelet when he takes his seat at the final table of Event #86 ($10,000 No-Limit Hold’em 6-Handed Championship) on Tuesday. Monday saw Yifrach rocket to the top of the chip counts in a short day of play as the 16 returning players paired down to the final six in roughly four hours of play. The final table will be broadcast on PokerGO/CBS All Access beginning at 2 pm local time (PT). Final Table Chip Counts 1. Gal Yifrach - 5,385,000 2. Anuj Agarwal - 4,350,000 3. Dong Chen - 2,540,000 4. Kahle Burns - 1,855,000 5. Leonard Maue - 1,495,000 6. Ben Heath - 710,000 14 Remain In $3,000 H.O.R.S.E. Only 14 of the 301 players that started Day 2 in Event #89 ($3,000 H.O.R.S.E.) with Russia’s Konstantin Puchkov emerging as the overnight chip leader. A number of notable names still remain in the field including two former #1-ranked PocketFivers in Paul Volpe and Patrick Leonard, Andrey Zaichenko, Denis ‘aDrENalin710’ Strebkov, and defending champion of this event, Brian Hastings. Of the remaining 14 players, six are bracelet winners including the chip leader, Puchkov. Play will resume at 2 pm local time and play down to a winner. Top 10 Chip Counts 1. Konstantin Puchkov - 938,000 2. Paul Tedeschi - 822,000 3. Brain Hastings - 620,000 4. Jim Collopy - 528,000 5. Andrey Zaichenko - 505,000 6. Harold Klien - 487,000 7. Nick Guagenti - 386,000 8. Albert Shim - 377,000 9. Nicolas Milgrom - 315,000 10. Patrick Leonard - 293,000 Big Names Take One Last Shot In $5,000 NLHE Turbo The argument as to whether post-lims would continue to be popular has long since been put to rest with massive fields showing up for tournaments at the Rio at the same time as the Pavillion is being cleared out for the next convention up. 608 players jumped into the final WSOP gold bracelet event of the summer, Event #89 ($5,000 No-Limit Hold’em Turbo) including some of the biggest names in the game - all looking for that one last chance to wrap their wrist in a piece of summer gold. Of the starting field, only 44 remain, including overnight chip leader Liran Twito who is the only player to climb to over 1M in chips. Joining him in moving on to Day 2 are a number of notable pros including Kristen Bicknell, Tony Dunst, David ‘ODB’ Baker, Anatoly Filatov, Jonathan Little, Joe Cada, Pat Lyons, Brock Parker, Mike Matusow, and Phil Hellmuth who has secured his 12th cash of the summer. The field reached the money before the end of the night with David Peters (92nd, $7,396), Danny Tang (77th, $7,798), Stephen Chidwick (69th, $8,401), Bryan Piccioli (59th, $9,243) and Loni Harwood (47th, $10,382) being among the players that turned a profit but did not survive the day. Players return for one final day at the Rio at noon to award the $606,562 first-place prize and gold bracelet. Top 10 Chip Counts 1. Liran Twito - 1,452,000 2. Lars Kamphues - 960,000 3. Kristen Bicknell - 882,000 4. Jordan Cristos - 748,000 5. Tony Dunst - 747,000 6. Shankar Pillai - 729,000 7. Will Berry - 714,000 8. Luke Graham - 706,000 9. Carl Shaw - 699,000 10. DID NOT REPORT - 681,000
  22. Hosted by Lance Bradley and Donnie Peters, The Fives Poker Podcast runs each week and covers the latest poker news, preview upcoming events, and debate the hottest topics in poker. The 2019 World Series of Poker Main Event is down to its final three with Ensan, Sammartino or Livingston all ready to battle on one final night to see who will take home the $10,000,000 first-place prize and be crowned the 2019 WSOP Main Event Champion. Lance and Donnie's daily dose of The FIVES Poker Podcast continues as the pair recap all of the action that took place on night #2 of the Main Event, including the emotional departure of the likable poker industry vet Garry Gates. What's in store for the Main Event finale? Download and listen in! Subscribe: Apple Podcasts * Google Podcasts * Stitcher
  23. While the Main Event was in the midst of crowning the 2019 champion, the last of the post-lim events of the summer were winding down. The final three bracelets of the summer were awarded to three first-time winners, including an online crusher that traveled half-way around the world to prove that his online success could translate to the live arena. Denis ‘aDrENalin710’ Strebkov Wins $3K H.O.R.S.E. Russia’s Denis 'aDrENalin710’ Strebkov broke records during PokerStars 2018 World Championship of Online Poker by crushing the series and taking home five online titles. In a 2018 interview with PocketFives Strebkov said was planning on coming to the World Series of Poker this year to try and turn some of his online success into a run at a live title. On the last day of the 2019 WSOP, he did just that. Strebkov outlasted the final 14 participants that started Day 3 of Event #87 ($3,000 H.O.R.S.E.) for his first WSOP gold bracelet and a career-high live cash of $206,173. The Russian had an exceptional summer series cashing in seven events, making three final tables and earning over $474,000 in his first trip to Las Vegas. The final table was packed with talent as a number of notable players climbed their way into the top 8 including the event’s defending champion Brian Hastings, Andrey Zaichenko, and former #1-ranked PocketFiver Paul Volpe. Final Table Results 1. Denis Strebkov - $206,173 2. Paul Tedeschi - $127,419 3. Nick Guagenti - $85,265 4. Brian Hastings - $58,359 5. Andrey Zaichenko - $40,876 6. Konstantin Puchkov - $29,316 7. Jim Collopy - $21,540 8. Paul Volpe - $16,224 Anuj Agarwal Takes Down $10K 6-Handed Championship For $630K Anuj Agarwal headed into the final table of Event #86 ($10,000 No-Limit Hold’em 6-Handed Championship) second in chips but in the end, he collected all of them. The California pro soared to the victory in one of the toughest tournaments of the summer and ended up taking home $630,747 and his first WSOP gold bracelet. The win will now top Agarwal's poker resume as it marks a career-high cash. It comes immediately on the heels of a deep run in the Main Event where he finished in 123rd place for over $59,000. “It feels great to do well back-to-back in $10K events,” Agarwal said. “I had a little bit of a sour taste in my mouth from the Main. I made a small mistake, but overall I felt like I played really well for the six days, and I wanted to continues I could feel objectively I was making good decisions.” Agarwal bested Australia’s Kahle Burns in heads up play, leaving Burns to settle for $389,832 as the runner-up for his fourth cash of the 2019 WSOP. Final Table Results 1. Anuj Agarwal - $630,747 2. Kahle Burns - $389,832 3. Gal Yifrach - $257.533 4. Leonard Maue - $174,252 5. Dong Chen - $120,828 6. Ben Heath - $85,915 Carl Shaw Takes Down Final Bracelet of 2019 The UK’s Carl Shaw wrapped his summer up with a victory in Event #89 ($5,000 No-Limit Hold’em Turbo) for his first WSOP gold bracelet and a career-high cash of $606,562. Shaw, surrounded by family and friends, navigated a tough final table that included runner-up Tony Dunst, Jordan Cristos, and 15-time WSOP bracelet winner Phil Hellmuth. Hellmuth fell just short of extending his record number of WSOP gold bracelets by falling in sixth place for $97,899. Despite having such star power at the final table, Shaw’s support system helped him to the victory. “I think that made me want it more. Having everybody here; it’s my mum’s first time in America. I wanted to make her proud and I know I’ve done that now.” Final Table Results 1. Carl Shaw - $606,562 2. Tony Dunst - $374,886 3. Luke Graham - $259,533 4. Jordan Cristos - $182,575 5. Lars Kamphues - $130,544 6. Phil Hellmuth - $97,899 7. Rami Mornel - $70,156 8. Kaufman Talley - $52,760 9. Kevin Eyster - $40,374 Now that all the hardware has been handed out, 90 events in total, the 2019 World Series of Poker in Las Vegas has officially come to an end.
  24. Hosted by Lance Bradley and Donnie Peters, The Fives Poker Podcast runs each week and covers the latest poker news, preview upcoming events, and debate the hottest topics in poker. Day one of the 2019 World Series of Poker Main Event final table is in the books and only five remain in contention for the $10,000,000 first-place prize. On another daily dose of The FIVES Poker Podcast, Lance and Donnie recap all of the action from the final table including the biggest hands of the night and the first eliminations. Donnie talks about being in the thick of things as he sat in the front row of the rail and the duo break down where they think the final table will go from here. Download and subscribe to The FIVES to always get the best in need-to-know news from the world of poker! Subscribe: Apple Podcasts * Google Podcasts * Stitcher
  25. The 2019 World Series of Poker is quickly coming to a close but that isn’t stopping plenty of players from heading back to the Rio for one last shot at gold plated glory. In addition to the spectacle of the Main Event final table, the WSOP has some of their biggest stars battling in the final events of the schedule including a super-sized field in the WSOP’s final online bracelet event of the summer, won by one of online poker’s best. Summer Saved: Taylor ‘Galactar’ Paur Wins $500 Online Event Former PocketFives #1-ranked online player Taylor ‘taypaur’ Paur earned his second career World Series of Poker gold bracelet after winning Event #88 ($500 ONLINE NLHE Summer Saver) for $149,240.52. With the win, Paur continues to prove that he’s a prolific poker player in both the online and live arenas. He first hit the #1-ranking back in 2010 and then did it again in 2011 en route to a career online earnings mark of over $5M. Back in 2013, Paur picked up the first of his two bracelets by taking down a $1,000 No Limit Hold’em event for over $340,000. Even though his Sunday victory was an online event, it will be added to his career WSOP scores, pushing his live career earnings up over $4.8M. The victory marks Paur’s fifth WSOP cash of the summer, which included a 627th place finish in the Main Event for over $22,000. The final online event of the summer proved to be popular and followed suit with the live post-lims, drawing a massive field of 1,325 players looking to wrap up their summer with a win. Final Table Payouts 1. Taylor ‘Galactar’ Paur - $149,240 2. Francois ‘4everrekt’ Evard - $91.267 3. Satish ‘jfksbh’ Surapaneni - $65,250 4. John ’SquatCobbler’ Parker - $47,181 5. Jason ‘JadedJason’ James - $34,549 6. David ’SobBaget’ Liebman - $25,598 7. Joseph ‘Obamacare’ Harrahan - $19,240 8. Timothy ‘TruthBeTold7’ Rutherford - $14,555 9. Brian ‘Penny6’ Mancilla - $11,209 Tam Nguyen Bags Big On Day 1C of The Closer It was the last chance for players to fire in The Closer and the third of three starting flights saw 1,613 entries attempt to join the 75 players from the first two starting flights in moving on to Day 2. In the end, just 121 of the 1,613 bagged at the end of the night with Tam Nguyen finishing the night as the only player to top 1M in chips, good for the top stack of the flight. Other notable names moving on to Day 2 include former #1-ranked PocketFiver Fabrizio ‘SixthSenSe19’ Gonzalez, Eric Cajelais, Justin Young, Bertrand ‘ElkY’ Grospellier, Mark Radoja, Ryan Tosoc, Dylan Linde, JC Tran, and Phil Hellmuth. Day 2 of The Closer will resume at noon local time with 196 players battling for one of the final bracelets of the summer. Top 10 Chip Counts 1. Tam Nguyen - 1,284,000 2. Steve Yea - 924,000 3. Anton Wigg - 850,000 4. Wai Kiat Lee - 826,000 5. Kevin Killeen - 760,000 6. Fabrizio Gonzalez - 754,000 7. Lawrence Kiang - 748,000 8. Jason Reels - 740,000 9. Ian Simpson - 698,000 10. Shale Khalili - 683,000 Final Table Set For $3K Pot-Limit Omaha 6-Handed Millard Hale finished Day 2 of the $3K PLO 6-Handed with a healthy chip lead and his eyes on his first gold bracelet and the $448,392 first-place prize. However, John Richards, who stared Day 2 with the chip lead, has kept pace and sits right behind Hale on the leader board. Two-time WSOP Circuit ring winner Alan Sternberg will also have a seat at the table, hoping to add a WSOP bracelet to his WPT Shooting Star trophy. Also, Joseph Cheong could become the second two-time bracelet winner of the summer should he spin up his short stack and take down the tournament. Final Table Chip Counts 1. Millard Hale - 5,400,000 2. John Richards - 4,800,000 3. Alan Sternberg - 2,625.000 4. Evangelos Kokkalis - 2,525,000 5. Ka Kwan Lau - 695.000 6. Joseph Cheong - 650.000 16 Remain In $10,000 NLHE 6-Handed Championship Sixteen players are headed to Day 3 of the $10K NLHE 6-Handed Championship with Anuj Agarwal holding the overnight chip lead. The tournament was packed with top-tier talent in what is undoubtedly one of the toughest fields of the entire summer. Despite holding a sizable chip lead the road to the $630,746 first-place prize will still be a difficult one fore Agarwai with players like Markus Gonsalves, Lauren Roberts, Kahle Burns, Ben Heath, and Simon Deadman still in the field. Plenty of big names made the money before busting including Max Silver (38th, $15,111), Yuri Dzivielevski (35th, $16,926), Paul Volpe (29th, $19,565), Jennifer Tilly (24th, $23,315), Jason Koon (23rd, $23,315) and Shaun Deeb (17th, $28,618). Top 10 Chip Counts 1. Anuj Agarwai - 2,171,000 2. Markus Gonsalves - 1,777,000 3. Jeffrey Trudeau - 1,651,000 4. Eric Kurtzman - 1,311,000 5. Vicent Bosca Ramon - 1,125,000 6. Alan Goehring - 1,102.000 7. Lauren Roberts - 1,100,000 8. Kahle Burns - 1,056.000 9. Ben Heath - 937.000 10. James Romero - 936.000 Bracelet Winners Contents In $3,000 H.O.R.S.E. Day 1 of the $3K H.O.R.S.E. saw 127 players from the original 301 entries survive to make Day 2 with Harold Klein holding the overnight chip lead. The remaining field is absolutely packed with talent as 40 of the players headed into Day 2 are bracelet winners, including Daniel Negreanu, Brian Hastings, Chris Ferguson, Greg Mueller, Max Pescatori, Dominik Nitsche, Jeff Lisandro, Scott Clements, Mike Matusow, and Paul Volpe just to name a few. Top 10 Chip Counts 1. Harold Klein - 123,200 2. Justin Liberto - 116,900 3. Yueqi Zhu - 115,000 4. David Lavi - 108,200 5. Christopher Wallace - 102,200 6. Nicolas Milgrom - 101,500 7. Andrey Zaichenko - 97,200 8. Brian Hastings - 95,500 9. John Monnette - 93,500 10. Denis Strebkov - 92,000

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