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  1. Trues what’s your PayPal? I’ll send today.
  2. Is this going? Haven’t paid yet
  3. Sweets running survivor pool this year?
  4. Congrats! I took him Wed night. He went to 70/1 Thursday morning tho
  5. Are you fucking stupid? She came off as drunk and or batshit crazy
  6. Just picked up 4 tickets to Tampa at Raiders. Doubt I’ll get to use them tho. Just in case.
  7. I wish there was a tell all book from the online poker days of 2004-2009. There’s got to be some amazing stories/scandals that have gone unearthed
  8. I hope we’re back to normal here by sept. I don’t see it though unless we get a vaccine. Over 3/4 million ppl on average per week from all over the world in a 4 mile radius. What could go wrong?
  9. There will be no packed stadiums until there’s a vaccine. Vegas strip is trying to make a plan where some properties open and the rest remain closed. The open properties would be limited in what they offer. There will be no poker. Only limited slot machines. 2-3 ppl per BJ table. No pools. No clubs. No dining.
  10. Pm @DONKWOOD. He’s handling all questions
  11. Lol. I play with Lynne Mitchnick quite a bit. She’s always talking shit about Lee Childs and how he screwed her over. She use to stake him I guess
  12. PM @DONKWOOD. He has done this and can assist you further.
  13. Everyone disagrees with Hacker just like the 2016 election thread. Some of you guys haven’t recovered from that ass whooping yet and are doubling down against him. Suckers never learn
  14. Lol. Just saw the bone got owned by Trues again. Happy Easter
  15. Our neighbors turned their garage into a weight room. Everyday 4-5 cars park in front of our house and go over there and lift weights. My wife and I are expecting a baby girl on May 1st. We have 3 boys right now and no family here. My mother in law is flying here next weekend from west side of Michigan. We’re not picking her up from the airport and we made her get a VRBO for 2 weeks before we let her stay here and watch the boys while we go to the hospital. Once we get to the hospital we won’t be allowed to leave. If I were to leave I wouldn’t be allowed back. We’re expected to be there for 3 days
  16. someone has to be the first to get the direct deposit but I’ve not seen or heard of anyone else getting it. It does seem weird though. not weird enough to argue about tho 😂
  17. Cooker and I did. Page 131. Great thread to relive during the quarantine
  18. Lol. I can’t believe the PM donk wood thing is still going. I started that when I told Tone Loc to pm him about getting his money back from that crackhead you guys sent to Vegas
  19. I had 100 on Matsuyama 28/1 at TPC. Shot course record in round 1 and then got cancelled.

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