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  1. I guess the hand is pretty weak, but what im really trying to do with pocket pairs in the early stages of an MTT is set mining, although i did really disregard my usual strategy here. If i hit the 6, its a really well disguised hand and i have a chance of doubling up or otherwise earning some serious chips early on no? Thats why i like to play pocket pairs early on. Having said that, you are right about the fact that my betting wasnt great, i guess thinking back what i was trying to do is make some face cards fold that might outdraw me or lf the other limper is on a straight draw make him fold too.
  2. So this was in the early stages of a deep stacked MTT (if that matters). I'm on the button and two people limp in and i decide to join in to see a flop with my sixes, bb raises to 4x and we all call. Flop comes 234r. Considering the bb raised im putting him on a range which includes a lot of face cards, maybe a big pocket pair. It checks round to me and i bet half the pot, partly to see where im at and partly because i think i might have the best hand. The bb calls and so does one other guy. River comes another 3. BB checks and the other guy weirdly just bets 50, anyway i raise him to half the pot which is about 1000. The bb folds and the other guy calls, which makes me a little uneasy. The river comes a king and once again he bets 50, im a little weirded out by his bet sizing especially considering the fact he called my other raise on the turn, so i just call. He shows K2s and i lose to the two pair. I ended up losing about 20% of my 10,000 stack and this was the first hand of the tournament so it tilted me a little bit. My question is, was i being too confident with my sixes? Should i have kept the pot small considering loads of cards could have nullified my over pair?

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