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  1. Early bird and killing bird are the two biggest trolls on this site. I must admit they are pretty good at it though.
  2. Trae just owns you motherfuckers. It’s so awesome to see from a neutral point of view. First 3 games Averages 28 poInts 10 assists 3 To (3.3 to 1 ratio) 48% shooting 41% threes Absolute abuse. I almost feel sorry for the Knicks. They have no answer for him. He is toying with them with his game and his mouth. Pure Gold
  3. 3 games now 21 points 14 assists 2 To Abuse. Pretty much owns the Knicks
  4. Doesn’t change the fact that a trash player has made them his bitch the last two games.
  5. I agree but the trash is abusing the Knicks which make them an embarrassment.
  6. Knicks are fucking horrendous. They are letting a decent player absolutely destroy them for two games and get a split
  7. And yet he is thoroughly destroying the Knicks and shit the crowd up the first game If young is nothing special than the Knicks are god awful
  8. I love it They are like a caged tiger finally let loose
  9. what attitude are you talking about? Trae Young is one of the nicest young men in the league. So Knick fans chant fuck Trae Young but Trae is the douche for telling them to shhhh? You sound like a jealous girlfriend and he did do something. He shut the Knick fans the fuck up that game.
  10. which makes his actions even more embarrassing
  11. Fauci is nothing but a political lapdog
  12. Imagone hygiene is Africa has a role in aids being so rampant getting shit on your cock and living in a shithole go hand in hand
  13. Trey young took 9 free throws i remember one specific flail but I’ll give you two. New York lost because Julius Randle was taking horrible shots. We all have bad shooting night but at least a half dozen of his shots were stupid and selfish ones. I’m a huge Randle fan. I remember saying he was a top 30 player a few years ago and people laughed at me. I wasn’t too far off as he clearly is a top 30 player now. but he laid an absolute egg because he forced stupid shots. Young has a few flails and free throws but they paled in comparison to Randles low IQ shootin
  14. Love how IHME adds 300k deaths to say it’s 900k while ignoring all the miscounted deaths and people who would of croaked this year anyway. now they are promoting a fall spike cause 30% will be unvaccinated. Who cares if they are. They know the risks and half of them have had covid anyway. I’m done talking about Covid. Ihme, cdc and who will stop promoting covid for ratings when we stop following them so not going to go to their bullshit again Covid is pretty much over with in the USA and any spike in fall will minute.
  15. its not tiger and Phil’s just reeks of being a dickhead I want to take that stupid thumb of his, turn the son bitch sideways, and stick it straight up his candy ass.
  16. Tits “David Simms” Mickelson is a fake.
  17. Happens here every year for 8 months straight
  18. You win Cloth masks are gold have a nice night
  19. likely similar to the studies found in covid patients. On its own it’s so minimal it’s not statistically significant. But when you lump it together with other potential issues than you start to worry. There is no reason for those under 18 to get the covid shot. The virus is extremely benign statistically to them.

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