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  1. Sounds good My favorite time of year too I take my boys out of school Thursday and Friday and we take my dad to sports bar to watch all the games
  2. Same as it has been for last couple years. Send $ to me on Stars(skoal) or Full tilt (apinchbetter). Please pm me with your email address then i will send invite . after u send $ with ur name on ur entry or post here w ur screename that sent the $ On cbssportsline... If u were in last year u will get an auto invite after they announce brackets. 70 entries last year Max brackets per user: 3 Constitution: $20 each bracket entry fee Tiebreaker is total points in the championship game Winner gets 80% 2nd place gets 20% $20 returned to worst record
  3. Please move the 500 fixed hilo to any day but Friday Fridays in September is High School football Got to watch my kids play Also I agree a plo 8 rebuy or cubed would be good
  4. I think there could be a real easy soultion. Have the 30k donated by P5ers. I will ship the 1st 100$ towards it(there has to be 299 more people can pitch in at 100$ ea). My family really enjoyed the updates especially my kids and their friends at school. I know when I wasn't out there I was checking site multiple times each day to check on friends playing. Setup an account on each site to accept transfers and if for some reason enough money isn't raised(which would be a travesty) ship it back. Thanks for all the coverage the last couple years!!!
  5. Spiro(55lucky55) wins 1st 928 tom balla takes 2nd 232 premier was worst and gets 20 back thanks for everyone who played
  6. an email comes from cbs if u dont have a cbs id u will need to create 1 then accept the invite i will resend invite to u now
  7. i got it need ur email addy to send invite 2 hrs till tip off
  8. looks like it look under standings u will see ur name and most possible points
  9. 13 hrs to get picks in
  10. hit time bank go to vip store... order tube of ky jelly under the poker accesories tab shove take the bad beat and the 6th place $ berate player afterwards in chat then go to bed and stare at the ceiling cause u r to pissed to sleep get back up go to cash tables and tilt off the 6th place cash u won then go back to bed even more pissed off
  11. there will be 60+ entries has been the last 3 years have prolly 15 local people that play that have to be entered yet by hand gl if u play norab got ur $ sent invite
  13. got all 4 previous posts glgl
  14. really makes me want to make my 1st payment on next years season tix which is due today!!!

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