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  1. thanks u will get auto invite after brackets post
  2. Same as it has been for last couple years. Send $ to me on Stars(skoal) or Full tilt (apinchbetter). Please pm me with your email address then i will send invite . after u send $ with ur name on ur entry or post here w ur screename that sent the $ On cbssportsline... If u were in last year u will get an auto invite after they announce brackets. 70 entries last year rules: Deadline for submitting your brackets is Noon EST on Thursday prior to the start of Round 1 games. Tiebreaker is the total score of the final game. ScoringRound Weight Bonus Round 1 1 None Round 2 2 None Round 3 4 None Round 4 8 None Round 5 16 None Round 6 32 None Max brackets per user: 3 Constitution: $20 each entry fee Tiebreaker is total points in the championship game Winner gets 80% 2nd place gets 20% $20 returned to worst record
  3. Beware someone sending out bogus facebook emails saying check out yourself in this picture they took at casino. Got 3 today so far from Hevad, henrik, and someone else. There is virus embedding in the picture DO NOT OPEN or else ur computers gonna get virus. Micon posted he got sent same thing Re: Poker "Obviously some scam / virus in this hugely giant "jpg" file. Everyone run http://www.facebook.com/l/fb6f3;malwarebytes.org scanner program as well as an antivirus. This is how ur online br gets stolen. Also report this henrik scammer.
  4. skoal

    Lets go Ohio

    Very well put. I voted no for same reasons.
  5. skoal

    Lets go Ohio

    Cavs owner Dan Gilbert spent more $ (25million)on this vote for campaign then Obama or Mcain did in Ohio in 08. He gets Cleveland and Columbus casinos - wp. Now if he can get LeBron to sign up as a headliner???
  6. Fold preflop You are calling for 4 outs u have no str8 or flush draws after you don't heed that and call ....and flop middle set w 2 flush cards and 2 gut shot str8s and 2 to a low for your opponents I bet pot on flop and fold best hand after raise reraise and go on to next hand
  7. I talked with Spiro couple days ago hadn't had time to post the good news. Truly a great person and our prayers have been answered by his beating the cancer. Makes you stop and think about what is really important in life and too treasure your family and friends.
  8. http://www.pokerstars.tv/movies/6XV/team-pro-chip-orchestra.html
  9. gotta love guy missing bunny layup at end of game to cover by 1/2 point. U Conn FTW
  10. 69 in x 20=1380 20 for last 20 for admin fee leaves 1340 prize pool 1st is 80%- 1072 2nd is 20%- 268
  11. Sry played till 530 est again . just got up. I ll send back if u like
  12. got urs and norms pm me name on bracket so i can mark paid
  13. skoal


    no it doesnt I use evry day
  14. Our Dying Valor local kids making it http://www.myspace.com/ourdyingvalor
  15. usc and we will save 10 % if either the traded teams win if u like
  16. cal plays myld in rd 1 swap me a team? if not nbd. never mind ill take the fate with the knowledge i have 1 team advancing :-)

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