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  1. oh btw can we have a webcam shot of u doing the random draft of teams? In something green as it is St pattys day
  2. yes 2 more please sending on ft and if dizzo sends on paypal ill ship his too
  3. u can paypal me and ill send 4 u also i ll take 2 more if available lmk ill ship
  4. I will do 2 teams....random SENT ON FT Also don best or cris for lines i say cut and paste em hr before 1st tip off....newspaper lines are too old by game time
  5. pm me your email... then i invite u
  6. skoal


    My friend Spiro has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. He begins chemo/radiation treatments this week. Take a moment to say a prayer for him and his family and to count your own blessings.
  7. yes 60 for 3 cbs has only allowed max 3 brackets per cbs acct.
  8. Same as it has been for last couple years. Send to me on Stars(skoal) or Full tilt (apinchbetter). Please pm me after u send with ur name on ur entry or post here w ur screename that sent the $ On cbssportsline... If u were in last year u will get an auto invite rules: Deadline for submitting your brackets is Noon EST on Thursday prior to the start of Round 1 games. Tiebreaker is the total score of the final game. ScoringRound Weight Bonus Round 1 1 None Round 2 2 None Round 3 4 None Round 4 8 None Round 5 16 None Round 6 32 None Max brackets per user: 3 Constitution: $20 each entry fee Tiebreaker is total points in the championship game Winner gets 80% 2nd place gets 20% $20 returned to worst record
  9. Transcript for game #25000000000 *********** # 1 ************** PokerStars Game #25000000000: Omaha Hi/Lo Limit ($1/$2) - 2009/02/16 4:35:36 ET Table 'Susilva' 6-max Seat #3 is the button Seat 1: NeonFrost ($7 in chips) Seat 2: tupapi777 ($112.25 in chips) Seat 3: FrtSpkndMn ($22.25 in chips) Seat 4: n47j25s ($43.25 in chips) Seat 5: chris12080 ($43 in chips) n47j25s: posts small blind $0.50 chris12080: posts big blind $1 Confedrate: sits out *** HOLE CARDS *** HostJeff [observer] said, "Congratulations, everyone!" Confedrate said, "ty" n47j25s said, "woot" tupapi777 said, "YES!!!" Confedrate said, "ya baby" tupapi777 said, "a dream come true!!!" chris12080 said, "wow" HostJeff [observer] said, "We're about to award $250,000 in milestone prizes to this table" Confedrate said, "i 2nd that" HostJeff [observer] said, "We'll give a few minutes for a crowd as big as the Super Bowl to gather to watch you. :D" tupapi777 said, ": )" NeonFrost said, "this is unreal" HostJeff [observer] said, "And then, the winner of the hand will win $100,000 and some great tournament entries. Everyone else will split $100,000." tupapi777 said, ": )" StaffBryanS [observer] said, "Good luck to each of you! Congratulations, as well!" tupapi777 said, "THANK YOU" tupapi777 said, "!!!" FrtSpkndMn said, "Flipping for 150K :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" Confedrate said, "ty" tupapi777 said, "not bad lol" tupapi777 said, "; )" HostJeff [observer] said, "I'll restart the hand shortly. Is everyone calmed down enough now to start?" n47j25s said, "i m just workin on points for an ipod" tupapi777 said, "oh man, trying to lol" tupapi777 said, "lol" Confedrate said, "lol" NeonFrost said, "congrats everyone" chris12080 said, "u2" Confedrate said, "u 2 man" tupapi777 said, "thanks, u2" tupapi777 said, "!!!" NeonFrost said, "anyone else have about 17 tables up at once? all beeping like crazy?\" tupapi777 said, "lol" n47j25s said, "only 3 for me" HostJeff [observer] said, "OK, here we go..... good luck, everyone!" tupapi777 said, "i got 4" Confedrate said, "i had 4" n47j25s said, "too late here - cant focus" tupapi777 said, "here we go baby" FrtSpkndMn said, "had 3, just closed them" HostJeff [observer] said, "It might take a short while for the game to restart." Confedrate said, "closed them all" tupapi777 said, "what happens if its a split pot?" Confedrate said, "lol" tupapi777 said, "high gets the prize?" Confedrate said, "h /l" FrtSpkndMn said, "who f'ing cares?" Confedrate said, "lol" tupapi777 said, "lol" HostJeff [observer] said, "tupapi, because it's Omaha, there's good news, and bad news. " tupapi777 said, "i'll be happy with 20k, no problem there : )" HostJeff [observer] said, "The bad news is, the $100K winner's share is split amongst main pot winners. That share will be smaller if a low qualifies." n47j25s said, "are there 5 or 6 players to split?" HostJeff [observer] said, "But, all main pot winners win the Tourney packages." tupapi777 said, "that's great news!" HostJeff [observer] said, "Indeed it is." tupapi777 said, "100k more to split if there is two main winners!!!" tupapi777 said, "so instead of 20k, each can get 25k if there is two winners, ok guys, NO SCOOP!!! LOL" tupapi777 said, "this is indeed a blessing in the sky!!!" HostJeff [observer] said, "The tourney packages are worth $50K each (WSOP main event, PCA, WCOOP ticket, EPT Monte Carlo)." Confedrate said, "neon this is ur 2nd right" Confedrate said, "right on" NeonFrost said, "my 2nd what?" Confedrate said, "2nd time making it" NeonFrost said, "nope first" Confedrate said, "right on" NeonFrost said, "i cant even type" Confedrate said, "nervous" NeonFrost said, "excited!" Confedrate said, "just kknocked over my drink" HostJeff [observer] said, "Thanks for your patience, everyone." Confedrate said, "np" tupapi777 said, "ok, confedrate doesnt get anything right? cuz he isnt dealt in?" Confedrate said, "no way" n47j25s said, "no offense but i was wondering that too." n47j25s said, "u might be voted off hte island ." HostJeff [observer] said, "Unfortunately, Confedrate, it looks like that's right. You were waiting to post your blind, and didn't get dealt in. I'm very sorry." Confedrate said, "thats cra-p" tupapi777 said, "sorry about that brotha" n47j25s said, "bad beat." tupapi777 said, "very bad beat... ugh" n47j25s said, "is ps taking this long to make sure we have an xtra crazy hand" n47j25s said, "like a joker on river or something" n47j25s said, "2 str8 flushes?" NeonFrost said, "whats the ETA on the flop?" HostJeff [observer] said, "There's a problem in restarting the game, we're working on it. Thanks for your patience." NeonFrost said, "no worries im in no rush!" NeonFrost said, "time for a crown rocks!" tupapi777 said, "chucks, already 2am here in cali, all bars are closed! dammit!" tupapi777 said, "haha" FrtSpkndMn said, "4 am in texas" n47j25s said, "5am here . bars open soon" FrtSpkndMn said, "classes in 4 hours :)" n47j25s said, "recession over!" NeonFrost said, "yup got work in 4 hours" n47j25s said, "economically stimulated!!" FrtSpkndMn said, "not being a poor college student = win" HostJeff [observer] said, "Not long now" HostJeff [observer] said, "Good luck, players!" NeonFrost has timed out while being disconnected NeonFrost: folds NeonFrost is sitting out tupapi777: raises $1 to $2 FrtSpkndMn: raises $1 to $3 tupapi777 said, "oh ooh" Moderator56 [observer] said, "Hello Caller....Please email support@pokerstars.com with your issue. Moderators only handle chat issues. Thank you." n47j25s: raises $1 to $4 Betting is capped NeonFrost has returned Moderator56 [observer] said, "Players....Please excuse the interruption, Good luck and please enjoy your poker game now." chris12080: calls $3 NeonFrost said, "wtf??" tupapi777: calls $2 FrtSpkndMn: calls $1 *** FLOP *** [2s 7s Kh] NeonFrost said, "what happened to my hand" n47j25s: checks NeonFrost said, "something is wrong with your server" Confedrate said, "ya tell me about it" chris12080: checks NeonFrost said, "this isnt right" tupapi777: bets $1 FrtSpkndMn: raises $1 to $2 n47j25s: calls $2 NeonFrost said, "no way" chris12080: calls $2 tupapi777: raises $1 to $3 FrtSpkndMn: raises $1 to $4 Betting is capped n47j25s: calls $2 chris12080: calls $2 tupapi777: calls $1 *** TURN *** [2s 7s Kh] [As] n47j25s: checks chris12080: checks tupapi777 is disconnected NeonFrost said, "OMG seriously this is ridiulous i had Q hi flush what happened to my hand?" NeonFrost said, "why would i ever fold?" n47j25s said, "." n47j25s said, "is frozen??" tupapi777 is connected tupapi777: bets $2 FrtSpkndMn: raises $2 to $4 n47j25s: calls $4 chris12080: calls $4 tupapi777: calls $2 *** RIVER *** [2s 7s Kh As] [7c] n47j25s: checks chris12080: checks tupapi777: bets $2 Confedrate said, "i think the last everyone has shot" Confedrate said, "i think the last hand everyone has a shot" NeonFrost said, "i hope someone boated" n47j25s is disconnected FrtSpkndMn: raises $2 to $4 n47j25s is connected tupapi777 is disconnected chris12080 is disconnected Confedrate is disconnected n47j25s: calls $4 Confedrate is connected tupapi777 is connected NeonFrost said, "i didnt get 120 seconds" chris12080 is connected chris12080: calls $4 tupapi777: calls $2 *** SHOW DOWN *** FrtSpkndMn: shows [Ts 5c 4c Ah] (HI: two pair, Aces and Sevens; LO: 7,5,4,2,A) n47j25s: mucks hand chris12080: shows [4d Qd Ad Tc] (HI: two pair, Aces and Sevens - Queen kicker) tupapi777: shows [Js 6d 5s 3s] (HI: a flush, Ace high; LO: 7,5,3,2,A) tupapi777 collected $31.50 from pot tupapi777 collected $31.50 from pot *** SUMMARY *** Total pot $64 | Rake $1 Board [2s 7s Kh As 7c] Seat 1: NeonFrost folded before Flop (didn't bet) Seat 2: tupapi777 showed [Js 6d 5s 3s] and won ($63) with HI: a flush, Ace high; LO: 7,5,3,2,A Seat 3: FrtSpkndMn (button) showed [Ts 5c 4c Ah] and lost with HI: two pair, Aces and Sevens; LO: 7,5,4,2,A Seat 4: n47j25s (small blind) mucked Seat 5: chris12080 (big blind) showed [4d Qd Ad Tc] and lost with HI: two pair, Aces and Sevens If you have any questions, please contact us at support@PokerStars.com
  10. GL Kevin. I think maybe we will fly down for ft. So much for skippin pca for a year
  11. Cosign what Omaholic says
  12. For those of you need free $ give it a shot. Usaully like 9k peeps in day b4. GL
  13. If you are calling 150 pre w jj23 ds. I am definitely calling 630 on the flop. Your JJ may or may not be good but you have 2 back door flush draws and str8 draws. Can't play scared I prolly ship it on flop and take my chances. worst case you have 627 chips left.
  14. Wow you had your account banned ... I thought you just had diminished skills and hadn't cashed in anything in awhile. Glad to hear you got it back! These idiots flaming what you wrote is funny too. "What would you do if your son was at home Cryin all alone on the bedroom floor cause hes hungry, and the only way to feed him is to: a) sleep with a man/woman for a little bit of money b)open a new account as strippergirlcandy c) be broke for a month Do the right thing get reinstated and get flamed for being honest. He ain't got a job now So for u haters this is just a good time but for Russ its what he calls life! For those of you who haven't had the chance to be broke yet or had your back to a wall with no other outs -cast no stones cause some day you may live in a glass house. Anyhow can't wait till December 8th so you have something else to do besides post on gay topics on here. Oh and thanks for having me in your top 12.
  15. Its been down at least 2weeks. I have found the best cash out method is to align yourself with friends that have lots of money and suck at poker and just transfer to them for cash.
  16. skoal

    David Rheem

    Your just jealous. We all have skeletons in our closet why even post. Chino's a great guy and you show how much an ass you are by posting this while hes on top trying to bring him down. Haters suck. TID CHINO
  17. Matt Congrats!!! I saw they had some nice wsop earrings in store maybe 1 for each nipple to celebrate.

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