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  1. Really you chat representatives the all due the auto-response and apologies , months on this horrible situation and what nothing for the players just freeze in the middle the day and the same bs day after day and same excuses day after day
  2. at one point was very nice site to play , since the upgrade the client has become the worst nightmare poker site on history, crash on the morning afternoon nights , and always the same auto-response, 3 days to refund you entry, I mean is too much, and always the player get &^%$#
  3. This site became the biggest scam ever since they updated the client, omg, don't try the jackpots that is the biggest scam ever, example yesterday I play 12 games 10 dollars each on every single game prize was 20 dollars, the spin to get in is shut down that way nobody can get in , everything on you cashier has been gone for months now, you points and everything also is gone , when you ask about it same auto response we working on the issue .. NEVER EVER SEEN SUCH HORRIBLE SITE
  4. omg , nothing works since the change to the new client, day after day same shitt , site freeze every day ,cashier is at the nightmare ,and don't try the spin is been programed for nobody to win, time to leave too much trouble and dark situations
  5. I play daily on ACR , for about 2 years now, since the change the client is been a real nightmare, the jackpots became the most horrible scam ever, example yesterday I play 11 games 10 dollars each, only one out eleven pay 40 dollars, then I try the 2 dollars on differences occasion they all come nothing I never have seen anything over the double amount , then I try the spin to get in , omg I try 5 dollar tourney just to try 9 dollars and nothing the fix this so no one can get in I can't find any other explanation about it or maybe is just me , share you experience on ACR , maybe yours is better then mine, thank you

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