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  1. boy you couldn't wait to pat yourself on the back after 1 game, lol. Could very well be true but gah damn let's get like 20 games in first
  2. trues on a roll today. got tough guy challenges, accusing a doctor of killing people, and pedophile accusations. the trifecta
  3. i mean c'mon. you literally state you didn't read a link then in the same breath accuse people of not reading links, lol. even you can take a step back, realize how ridiculous that is, laugh at yourself, and move on. no need to dig your heels in
  4. #1 is amazing, lol. holy shit at that post. time to take a break from the internet after that one
  5. i confused him with movetimee99 a lot. only because both were very large white dudes with glasses lol
  6. i've wasted a lot of time on this forum and never once saw anything about lobsta mobsta stealing money from a pool
  7. MINOR SPOILER i'm only on ep4 but ep2 was a complete waste of an episode...like seriously what was the point? We knew everyone was going back to play the games, or else there would be no tv series. I mean, they go back home, realize their lives aren't any better, then go back to the games? lol. I just don't get the point of it at all. Some minor character development with the group meeting up, but i mean, bleh. Zero suspense about what was going to happen
  8. and i posted it right after the 3 knockdowns. Wilder knocked down in 3rd, then fury knocked down 2x in 4th. i thought he was done. There's nothing else like epic heavyweight boxing matches
  9. too big. 40lb difference
  10. omg that round lol. what a fight
  11. This fight is bananas http://buffstream.io/boxing-streams/tyson-fury-live-stream
  12. anyone else having fun with CEI? been following since .40, got up to 4.50+, then dumped to .90 last two days...back up to 1.85 today. of course i have zzero skin in the game but will probably get in soon
  13. i randomly went watch that vid on youtube the other day. So good. RIP
  14. shrubbery by far. most entertaining thread ever
  15. pfhh. i'm only 30% down. lmk when we at .50 then i'll panic
  16. lol. is she legit drunk or is that how she always is? or is she just always drunk?
  17. most of the ones that have that attachment are either dead or dying off
  18. spent about 5 days in Cincinatti last week. Went to a Reds and FCC game. Actually a pretty nice city. I went in with zero expectations but they were far exceeded. Oh, the "famous" chili fucking sucks.
  19. what's the wsop vaccine requirements?
  20. you'll be there OP? Is this the WSOP rail thread?? Anyone there dealing with the long lines?
  21. same. i fell asleep. Will give it another shot though. i usually don' thave an issue with subtitles but i had trouble getting into this one
  22. ROW = rest of world. Wanted to see the world stats per age. I went to the source of that graph but couldn't find anything
  23. who recorded that Nichols convo? Is it legal in that state to record a convo without someone knowing? Didn't think her comments were that bad. Lots of companies are doing similar. See it with my own eyes in my industry. I guess you just aren't allowed to talk about it.
  24. no one at my office knew who he was when i said he died...ages were 25-29 and 60+. smh. I was in Atlanta in 2017 for a conference. We were walking with a group to the restaurant and fucking Norm and a guy from seinfeld(a side character, not sure who he was) were just talking on the sidewalk. I was like "holy shit it's norm mcdonald" and everyone just kept walking. I was with a group of about 15 and no one knew who he was, lol

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