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  1. A fucking shame ab Ferguson. Why trade your career for letting Gaethe land 1 thousand punches cause you can Please Khabib come back and fight Oliveira. Charles will fuck his shit up. I want to see Khabib take a loss like a mf
  2. I'd take her and The Huckster down. Deeeep strokes
  3. This is Lil Baby's world rn. The 🐐
  4. This Biden administration sucks at being President for sure. If this is the way its going to be pubs are going to have it easy in the coming elections
  5. This shit with the press has to come to an end. Wtf???
  6. Name the region where girls are worse. Like 3
  7. Who gives a fuck?
  8. Can we get some Russian or Brazilians wanta? Asian girls are some of the ugliest bitches on the planet. Thanks!
  9. I just read that 9 out of 4 Biden voters regret their decision. I find that interesting
  10. Biden SOTU gets 75% less viewers than TRUMP? But Biden is supposed to be the most popular candidate in US history? Mmk
  11. Imagine typing this out then thinking "good shit"
  12. Khabib vs Usman is the only fight to make. Never would happen but still
  13. Masvidal was begging to get ko'd. I don't think he wanted any part of the man
  14. Most entertaining card I can remember Damn lost Ferguson and now Masvidal. Brutal sport
  15. I never considered Rose winning. Amazing
  16. Not cool to interview her after a ko
  17. Omg sweet chin music. Rose is the goat

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