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  1. Pretty cool to see that Willie is still on the road. Always gringe when i open this thread, and want to make fun of you guys, but then i remember i collect baseball cards and jackoff to porn on the reg still. But just lol at you democrat clowns being obsessed with WWF wrestling. You guys love phonyness. you love political theatre.
  2. the scariest part to me is that it really does seem like this virus was designed in a lab and then purposely leaked into the world for agenda 2030 purposes. So that means they probably have other viruses too. Like, what if Delta variant wasn't a natural mutation? what if they release a really nasty virus on the world next. And thats the reason they are trying to vaccinate every single american man women and child. Once all the western society gets fully vaccinated, they release Godzilla variant and wipe out all NATOs enemies.
  3. yeah we've been open. all summer. The question now is , is this our last summer of freedom? Yeah, chances are slim, but the democrats/globalists are really tryin to lock us down again. You need to stop thinking about god dam race. stupid shit. they want you to think the way you think. they want us divided. Skin color does not matter!!!!! People with brown skin come from many different cultures. its racist for you to group them all together. Same as white people. There are actually different races of white and black people. Its like strains of marijuana. Stop being so god dam simple.
  4. i love how every weekend Ed smokes some weed and starts blathering about skin color in OT
  5. this is money though. 650k views already, because its a very well spoken speech right off the top of his head. I remember calling it in 2015. i said Ted Cruz is the best candidate. Then Trump won me over with his exposing of the media brainwash machine.
  6. democrats who i kinda like include Tulsi and Ilhan Omar. Omar says some ridiculous stuff, but i admire her courage.
  7. Ted Fucking Cruz. Never thought i would ever listen and agree with this guy, but he's now one of the only politicians i can stand. Desantis, Ted Cruz, Gym Jordan, Notorious MTG, and a handful of others who i cant remember their names.
  8. Cupoker is so obsessed and jealous of mupp.
  9. If Scarlett is B level, then who is A level?
  10. Yeah and 24 year old all love voting.and when they do vote its vor repiblicans.
  11. Oh dam, was jist thinking tge virus will still spread if we let hundreds of people in per time to shop at Wal-Mart. I have the solution tho... Make them all wear cloth masks. Tgat way nobody will catch this deadly airborne virus ! #longcovidisreal #bidenharris #blm #resist #bluewave Him/her/they
  12. We have got to control tgis beast. Lock us all down again. Close all the businesses... Except walmart. People need groceries.
  13. While u all r wasting time thinking about skin color 350 people in america die per day with a positive covid test. We have got to do something. Mask and vax every child 2 weeksand older. Save our country
  14. My girl Emmy is unbelievable. I love her.
  15. same with you. your subconscious knows .
  16. it appears RT2 is subconsciously realizing Trump wasnt all that bad. And that this covid mass hysteria is a magic trick designed to wreck the western middle class. So he's saying really crazy shit. Over exaggerating to make it appear like thats what he's been doing this entire time. He's posted a negative thing about Trump or republicans every day for 6 years straight.
  17. people paying $3k in eth like its nothing for some supducks. people paying $3k like its torture for some extra rare lebron james panini nfts. The risk with owning panini nfts is that maybe they never get their blockchain developed. There's no way for me to sell these packs right now. the auction system is terrible. there's a lot of negatives. But its panini. seems like eventually they will make it cool... idk. im in deep. This $3k for super rare lebrons during peak nft craze makes me sad
  18. yeah this one is excellent post. this very well broken down
  19. Louis tried to book a show in Wisconsin, but these feminist "comedians" weren't having it. Pretty interesting video
  20. enjoy covering up your hideous face again.
  21. you are bitter at the world, thats why you want to see it burn.

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