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  1. Does PocketFives not track Merge anymore? I haven't had any winnings show up in over a month.
  2. Took carbon over a month to get me my cashout via bitcoin. I emailed support and was told that bitcoin is not their preferred cash out method, to just wait.
  3. yea i saw on the rail for sc you have had some nice cashes. congrats on the BR and keep it up.
  4. Money i was owed from last night was in my account when i woke up this morning.
  5. cant wait. haha it seems like it never ends.
  6. How do you even consider calling this. Just venting. I know everyone takes bad beats. Winning Poker Network Game #709037132: No Limit Holdem (1,000/2,000) [2016/08/22 03:45:18 UTC] Table: $4,000 GTD R/A, Table 14 Tournament: 5869060 Seats: 9 Seat 1: GoTakeANap86 (43,310) Seat 3: JSlab24Resurrected (26,550) Seat 4: StefanRaab77 (47,871) Seat 5: azCARDINALS11 (105,178) Seat 6: LuckyMoney8888 (79,997) Seat 7: notgto (28,904) Seat 8: spac3man (59,259) Seat 9: Xellos00 (144,917) Button is seat 9 GoTakeANap86: antes 200 JSlab24Resurrected: antes 200 StefanRaab77: a
  7. Good luck man from another player from sc. Following your thread.
  8. I use Circle. Real easy to setup and deposit/cash out.
  9. You could try Americas Cardroom, Black Chip Poker, Juicy Stakes or Bovada. Those are the only sites available in the US that I know of. Not sure on Bovada because I haven't played there in years but ACR, BCP and Juicy are slow paced per hand compared to Carbon.
  10. Good luck man. Hope you kill it on stars!
  11. How do I get a hand history from HM2? Would like to post a hand I have a question about on here in the hand re-player.
  12. I'll email support this afternoon when I get home. Thanks Jason.
  13. well for some reason the hand history didnt load up.
  14. Nice run man. Keep it up! I don't know if it's just me or not but more than half of my acr cashes aren't being posted to my stats! Are your scores getting posted?
  15. I ended up buying holdem manager 2 bc I didn't really care for poker tracker. Now I just gotta figure out how to use it. Any pointers?
  16. What is the best software out there for US players? Holdem Manager?
  17. pearljammer says this in one of his books. here is another prime example. no matter how i play my hands i pretty much always lose. haad aa lose to 99 all in preflop. idk how to post pics on here thou. idk how to find the url to screenshot.
  18. Going through the same thing everyday. Flopped a set of queens yesterday and bet the flop got retained with A10 and the guy hits runner runner straight cards to win the hand. Everyone says always play ur big hands slow and try to trap them In certain situations Everytime I do I always lose. It's unreal. No matter what I do it seems to never go my way. Just a rant!
  19. its all good man. ive been fightning the same thing myself. ive played with you twice and ive only seen you blow up on one donk. i think everyone has those days thou.
  20. Going through the same thing man. I'll post a link when I get home today that has helped me with this problem. Seems to be helping gather a bigger stack in the later stages.
  21. I love the rail. I see where you added to see your own finishes. I've selected it but nothing has came up in my rail feed about any of my cashes. Any ideas?
  22. 6 Man table with 18 people left if im not mistaken. Im in small blind with BB left. Here is the hand history. What should I have done this late in this tourney? Did I make the right move with the amount I had in my stack? Im not the best in the world but im trying to learn to make myself a better player. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. tenzink08 Posts Ante 1000.00 Pitaman1 Posts Ante 1000.00 declandunn Posts Ante 1000.00 eastofatlas3 Posts Ante 1000.00 GoTakeANap86 Posts Ante 1000.00 GoTakeANap86 Posts SB 5000.00 tenzink08 Posts BB 10000.00
  23. Jason. Was referring to seeing my info being posted on my rail page. How do I do it or is it still in the works?
  24. I dont see wackyjasons request for your updates. Is this not being done or still a work in progess?

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