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  1. Just looking for some info been out of the loop. How are Cash out going for US Players on Carbon poker?
  2. How about adding this to my latest live cash P5s.. I do not show any lives cash and where is the badge for winning a WSOP ring while we are at it. You got to keep users engaged
  3. Thanks Guys I appreciate it, Nice to some of the old school bauces in this thread. Wish you all the best.. Might not make sense, But I learned more about playing poker and my game, by not playing for awhile. I just see the game different. I am sure you will also. Go for it!! glgl to everyone
  4. You Need more Badges Jaxson...LOL JK Sucks I lost heads up in an old stars P5s open cost me a badge... How about a badge for a WSOP Ring win?
  5. Thanks Guys. Here is the WSOP Blog About it http://blog.wsop.com/2014/04/john-feore-jr-wins-first-gold-ring-in-event-6/ I Played good, Ran good and Got lucky when I needed to... The Three things you have to do to win win these... Feels Great to finish the job and get the hardware..
  6. On a Better Note... I just shipped event #6 $365 6 max for $29,492!!!!!! figure i would give a brag in the cherokee thread http://blog.wsop.com/2014/04/john-feore-jr-wins-first-gold-ring-in-event-6/
  7. I went through this a year ago. Make up some BS about your uncle being a southern District US attorney General and if you don't get your money you are gonna turn them in. I had a WU in 8 weeks. BR Savage gave the strategy and it worked.. glgl all
  8. Never folding, if i am beat on to the next one. but if you are right you might have the stack to get you going deep and make a run. Even if you lose you still have almost 90bbs.. You had the table scattered, smothered and covered...Not sure i could ever be big chip leader at my table early in a tourney at 20/40 and get away
  9. Never Folding just very UL. It Happens. Just Move on deal you in the next one..
  10. I once lost a $9000 pot all in at the 9 handed 25-50 table on Stars back in the day aces vs kings AIP insta king on the flop.. Or the time I got it in AJ vs A7 at the FT 750k FT 5 handed for Big Chip lead J7X flop 7 on the river our 5th 2 hands later for 32k when there was $120k + upfront. Do those count? If not my best others were being down to $88 in my account and 1 tabling a $10 stars tourney back in the day ash shipping it for $6800 and then winning the $20 Rebuy 2 days later on a single buy no add for $9200 But my Best ROI was a $20 FTOPS Mini ship for 37k pretty sure that counts as a brag. My best runs multi runs in same tourney is when I won the 3am EST Turbo Hundo on Tilt 4 times in 6 tries over a 8 day period ( Back when it was 5k-6k plus for first ) and Shipped the 6 max $20 rb 3 times and a 2nd in a 5 day period Best live brag was beating a local house man out of 15k in a 4 handed 5-10 $25 straddle game in a 17 hour session.. Played until he quit I mis poker.
  11. Yeah he won 600k playing poker in 2013 what a terrible year. My heart bleeds for him
  12. Good for him would be doing exactly the same thing ( Minus the guns) and loving it
  13. PS Thanks to Obamcare we added no new net full time jobs after full times jobs lost.. every new net job was part time!! AWESOME!! GREAT JOB IDIOT'S!
  14. Well at least, I got you talking.. 1 Year after the election Rand Paul 2016 glgl to all .. Enjoy your taxes… Vote Hillary 2016 to be a complete communist PS. 6 of my friends have had there hours cut from 40 hours to 26 hours to avoid Obamacare Now they work less, Make less and have to buy insurance that used to be included and pay more. Seems like a great move for the middle class.. Democrats are for the poor and the wealthy and want the middle class commoners to carry the load. SUCKERS!!! They might tax the rich a little more but only after fatting their pockets with free money the middle class can't afford to make. Great job voting a liberal elitist marxist socialist who loves nothing more then milking the middle class to pay for the poor and has lied to everyone and make you think he cares about anything more then making the rich richer, the middle class the poor and poor dependent.. True elitism Just appointed Janet Yellan That will keep the money train going to the rich, locking out the middle class and making them cary the poor as they cary the poorer.. GREAT JOB!!! Great Job Obama voters… Idiots
  15. Sickening you idiots fall for this socialist bullshit.. Demcocraps will say whatever it takes to get elected and then shove it up your ass. All they want is your money to expand their government. They could care less about your will. They only want to promote their agenda. America the land of the free my ass!! Obama for the middle class? HA!! He raised social security taxes earlier this year and in case you did not know. after 113k you pay no more social security.. all earnings over 113k are exempt from social security Obama is for the middle class. HA!!! Obama care is the single largest tax increase in the history of America and the middle class pay the highest price. You can keep you healthcare? Tell that to the 5 million Middle class Americans who got their insurance cancelled and will now pay an average of 40%-80& more for health care… So Obama got the middle class to pay for the poor's health care and the middle class to pay for elderly with the social security increase. How you suckers feel. This man is destroying America and what is built on The rich have never been richer and poor have never been poorer. This is Obamas elitist America.. You idiots that voted for this socialist fool fell for catch phrases and one liners and now Americans will pay… Government is never the solution it is the problem One bank induced finical collpase and everyone forgets how great america is.. SICKENING PEOPLE SICKENING! SHAME ON EVERYONE OF YOU BIG BROTHER LOVING SOCIALIST VOTING DEMOCRATS!! SHAME ON YOU!
  16. I am never ever folding. To you think he flopped a Boat or a bigger 4? Sometimes you just need to let the cards run and see what they have to say about it. He probably had Aces and put you a pair of Jacks. If you call with 10-4 flop trips on a 449 board and do not go with it. Why are you in the hand? You got your spot. Can't flop much better then that. Sucks but I think you made bad a bad fold. Beware of the great over think. Live and learn onto the next one. glgl
  17. I love them also. I just wish they were animated. That is the only way the could be better. It is like i do not even notice them. But they have a business to run. So whatev
  18. This example of how long payments have taken on how slow our government works and anyone hoping for interstate poker to become legal in all 50 states any time within the next 5-10 years is pissing in the wind
  19. Just bought a bad ass 27" iMac. Loving this now comp. SOOOO glad i switched to Apple. I just can't find a down load for stars to rail some of my friends playing overseas while I am in the US Anyone have a link so I can do this?

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