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    Ok, you're not buying my premise that the helpless consumer needs gov't protection. And yet healthcare costs continue to rise faster than inflation. If government is really to blame for everything that's wrong with healthcare, I guess the best we can hope for is a new shade of lipstick. I better go get my free-ish colonoscopy before it's too late.
  2. Gregrrr


    Yeah "prey" was a bad word choice. And I didn't mean it personally. i'm just saying that sick and injured people are easy targets. And in a capitalist society that spells trouble. I think a competent government should be able to balance the scales and make healthcare affordable. If that requires some form of price control so be it. i have nothing against you making yours. I'm sure you worked hard to get where you are. But I have no doubt the entity that pays you is taking full advantage of the fact that people in enough pain will agree to pay practically anything for relief. I'll support anyone with the guts, brains and authority to dismantle the works and do it right.. But if you're just putting a new shade of lipstick on the pig GTFO.
  3. Gregrrr


    I didn't know that government has screwed up healthcare on so many levels. I understand why you don't believe socialized medicine can ever work here. But I don't believe a marketplace that preys on the sick can be left to uncontrolled market forces. Maybe i'm too cynical, but I think insurance companies exacerbate the problem. I'm old enough to remember when employer-based group health insurance was a good thing. It was affordable and offered families quality care. What happened? The scope of those policies are just a shell of what they were. Employers don't want any part of health insurance anymore. You can argue that they never should have, and you're probably right. But it used to work.
  4. Gregrrr


    Doesn't the fact that doctors can demand any salary they want make you think they have a little too much power? I'm saying that mentality is pervasive in medicine and healthcare. And if the government doesn't put its foot down, costs will continue to escalate far ahead of inflation. Insurance companies dgaf about costs. They just pass them on or try to wiggle out of paying. Nobody is watching out for the consumer. And there will be no affordable care until government holds up a stop sign.
  5. Gregrrr


    Thanks for extending my logic. Not what I said or meant, but you know that. Nice try. I meant that medicine is the one area where prices cannot be reasonably contained with out artificial measures. That much has to be obvious by now.
  6. Gregrrr


    sigh... medicare fee schedules are just a tool to keep costs from escalating. That's really not part of the problem. The problem is most doctors don't want to see medicare patients. I bet you can guess why. I can't honestly give you an example of successful price fixing. But I've never been in a more helpless negotiating position than when my daughter needed her appendix removed either. Salaries yes. Drug price collusion yes. Endless, exorbitant and unnecessary testing yes. Fraudulent billing yes. The list goes on and on. But if you think medicine is no different than any other marketplace, maybe the poor should just tough it out.
  7. Gregrrr


    I had high hopes that Trump was going to do this right, dunno why, I guess because I felt it was time we had an asshole for president. Now that I see he has everything figured out within a matter of weeks, I'm shaking my head. Aint happening. The problem isn't really about who is going to pay what for healthcare. The problem is that healthcare costs are OBSCENE. They are obscene because conventional market factors like fair competition and supply vs. demand don't apply. You can't get quotes on your bursting appendix. Your wife can't stand in line on Black Friday to get her pap smeared. And yet healthcare is a basic human (social) need. The real issue is...How much capitalism can we allow in a service that all of us need, but only some can pay for? The government has all the actuarial numbers it needs to parse medical costs out fairly. But the healthcare industry is just a big money-grab. I hoped Trump was serious about stripping out the fraud and profiteering because that's the only way it will ever be affordable. But it's going to take more than a few months and a lot more brains than any group of politicians can muster. It's gonna take seriously considered price-fixing. Good old fashioned socialism that takes the fun out of everything. And it's gonna take people with enough brains to figure out how to protect the consumer without stunting medical research. It's a tall task. Too much for Obama, Trump, Ryan or anybody with a magic wand.
  8. First let me say that I've been there. I know what you're doing and why you're doing it. But, seriously, just live a little. Make a deposit and start having some fun. You obviously have skills, but you are driving yourself nutso over pennies. You should be grinding sitngos til your eyes bleed. Then you'll have a little something to show for it.
  9. Federal and state gov'ts do such a wonderful job of doling out my money to worthy causes, that I feel a moral obligation to take what's left and support my family.
  10. Bo's injury is the only thing making this threadworthy.
  11. It's not having what you want, it's wanting what you've got. S.Crow
  12. Im requesting a withdrawal by check. Anyone have any experience with oddsmaker checks?
  13. You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose.
  14. Surprised "not leading a God-fearing life" didn't crack the top 5 deathbed regrets.
  15. So disappointed at Joes Crab Shack recently. The crab was meh ok and overpriced. Then they put 2 boiled reds in the bottom of the bucket. I love potatoes but really. What are u sposed to do, stab em and eat em like a caramel apple?
  16. Not enough love for Christina. That Superbowl fiasco must have ruined her in a lot of minds, but c'mon man. And Ella Fitzgerald was absolutely incredible. Anyone more powerful that Ann Wilson?
  17. Chisox fans over 50 remember Wilbur Wood's magical years in the early 70's. Averaged 45 starts over 5 years, going 106-89, starting both ends of DH's, etc.
  18. Just heard Steely Dan "Hey Nineteen" for the first time in a while and lmao. Any chance that song is about a hooker?
  19. Would seem to be universal Best game on the scoreboard, cool boxscore bra
  20. That's the best news I've heard in a while.
  21. lol we're not really counting imaginary friends
  22. I figured this would run about 50/50. But so far only 3 of us have taken it more times than we dished it out. Very interesting.
  23. Winning ftl? Treat 'em right OT. Thanks for the kind words.

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