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  1. Not gonna get too emo here. She said she's not cheating. Loves me like a friend now. "...it's run its course." Wish I knew what went wrong. Then again maybe I don't.
  2. ur right rambling back-story prob not necessary
  3. Wife announced she’s leaving after 20 years. Got me thinking about all sorts of shit obv. One of the things, I took stock of my lifetime relationships and how they ended. I’m talking about relationships that lasted >2 months going back to high school. Final score: Dumped 1 Got dumped 5 Mutual (not sure if real) 0 Small sample size I know, but the fail is pretty obvious. OT wug
  4. Gregrrr

    Jeopardy Fail

    pretty sure a rabbit punch is to the lower back/kidney area.
  5. Rodgers will convince even the few remaining doubters. Hello 9ers - come and get some! GB 34 NY 20
  6. Yeah Plax owned Al Harris all day. That game was so painful to watch.
  7. I'm already having nightmarish flashbacks of that bonehead Favre pick in OT 2008. Hopefully it won't be Ice Bowl conditions this time.
  8. How is Blackmon not on IR at this point in the season?
  9. Grilled filets and garlic crab legs. Went great with soosh and twice baked. Best NYE meal evar!
  10. NYE is not so much about what u drink as who u drink with. I partied with my kids (19 and 23)on NYE for the first time. We grilled filets and crab legs and played Rock Band. Doesn't get much better. Oh btw.... Happy New Years OT!
  11. You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose .....
  12. Not exactly. My friends will joke about having bought stock and how Murphy, Thompson and McCarthy should pay more attention to their suggestions. I'm more inclined to change the subject. Get it?
  13. People who notice i'm getting a hummer and gawk and laugh and point.
  14. If you have to ask about the ROI for this buy, you just don't get it. I have a few close friends who own Packer stock, and one with a Packer tat. I love the Pack. I get it. But I don't own stock. And sometimes I do feel like less of a fan when they joke about being "owners". It's a pride thing. Maybe if you walked once 5-6 blocks to Lambeau, with Packer legion, 45 min. before game time, you would understand.
  15. Really hope that bonehead kick doesn't bite Bucky in the ass
  16. looking for WI to outrebound NC, hit some 3's and make a game of it. Go Bucky!
  17. Raider Nation gonna be ready and waiting for Suh in 3 weeks.
  18. You were probably more productive.
  19. oh boy Sparty...gl in the Cobwebsinyertrophycase Bowl
  20. Umm did the bears go all out last year in a Packer game that meant absolutely nothing to their playoff position? Yes. Don't expect any gifts from the Pack on Christmas Day. If you haven't figured it out by then, you will know that the bears are going nowhere with Hanie.

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