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  1. Wow, this guy can write some baseball. Must read for Brewer fans. (all 3 of us in OT) http://www.grantland.com/story/_/id/7239294/almost-winning-milwaukee
  2. You can pick your friends and you can pick your nose, but you can't pick your friend's nose. George Carlin
  3. Two years ago Aaron Rodgers was getting pounded weekly cuz the Oline couldn't pass block and Rodgers hadn't learned how to throw it away. MM took a alot of heat for not adjusting the offense to compensate for pass blocking problems. I think he learned a lot from that period. Now he seems to make the necessary in-game adjustments without so much hand-wringing.
  4. I don't have first hand knowledge unfortunately, but the boys at North Woods Distillery claim to remove the hangover toxins from their rum. Apparently only available in Northern WI. http://northwoodsdistillery.com/index.htm
  5. Gregrrr

    Burning Bridges

    If you can do a position that not many people could do, you should be proud to post it with detailed pics. Why would you find it humiliating to train..... oh, nm.
  6. It is sooo nice to have a qb that values the hell out of every possesion, a la Montana. I remember when Favre would throw countless INT's on those "read me" routes. Then I was thinking how the f#$% can you gamble the whole damn game / red zone possesion on a stinkin "read me" route?
  7. BINK!!! Fun to watch the Crew celebrate old school with beer and champagne. No grape juice in Miller Park.
  8. Jeffrey Hammonds 3 glorious years for 22M ring any bells? I just smashed another mouse thinkin about his lame ass.
  9. In Wisconsin it's Bear Week and this thread is far from premature. As usual, all that fat Chicago money is holding the line down. GB 21 Chi 13 Hysterical Lion fans already posting nonsense in random threads?
  10. SB XLV Winning 2010 NFC title game or winning SB XLV ?
  11. Helen Tony Esposito or Stan Makita
  12. Woke up today singing... dun dun duh na na na GO Pack GO ! GB 30 NO 28
  13. in before some ignorant local posts, in the link, about how much good this plunder is gonna do in the community
  14. Maybe FT should sell stock to their U.S. customers in exchange for the cash they owe. Then US players can profit from the corporation they patronized all these years, but can no longer play on.
  15. Hart is such a huge piece of the puzzle. If he can stay healthy and productive, and if Morgan can come back and replace that bonehead in CF, it's gonna be a fun summer at the Keg.
  16. Also from the link: Americans now owe $56 trillion in total debt, much of it held by foreign investors. We must spend $3.5 trillion each year on interest. That is already more than the federal government spends, in total. I do not exaggerate when I tell you: We cannot afford these debts. We will never be able to repay these debts – already equal to roughly four times our country's GDP. The largest components of the debts we owe are government debts... and they are growing rapidly and show no signs of stopping. It is nearly impossible to get your head around a number like $56 trillion. Or even $3.5 trillion. Numbers this large are meaningless... because we can't imagine them. You can think about it this way, though. Our total debts, if you divided them up equally among all U.S. families, would come to nearly $700,000 per household. If this is true, we are sooo fucked. Unfathomable.
  17. Clutch = OPS8OLwTOB<3 = OPS in 8th inning or later when tied or losing by less than 3 runs Not sure if Bill James is on this yet or not, but he's probably got a better measure anyway.
  18. Ummm unions aren't dead. They just need to stop dreaming up new reasons to exist.
  19. Toyota can use some good pub like this blog tho.

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