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  1. ...and the cherry on top of a marvelous thread.
  2. Would you rather min cash or bust out early and play a freeroll. Both suck. NIT/freerolls swallow.
  3. Ironically, most of us who started smoking did it as a way to fit in socially. Some of us even grew up in a time when smoking was, practically, an inalienable right. Non-smokers will never understand the way smokers seem to exist in a different reality. The smell doesn't stink. The taste is fine. It staves off hunger, eases tension and picks you up a little if you're tired. If that's your reality, and you enjoy smoking without littering or ruining air quality around non-smokers, it sucks getting pushed around. The excessive taxation is unfair, simply because minorities are easy targets. Rat
  4. I smoke and ..... haven't taken a sick day since a knee surgery 10 years ago. take more breaks than non-smokers, but work longer hours as well. stink. give my employer more than an honest day's work every day. Point is that employers who discriminate against smokers will miss out on some great employees in the process. Everybody has their faults. Good help is hard to find. Give me a nose-to-the-grindstone smoker over a non-smoking slacker any day. I am trying to quit for all the reasons mentioned itt. But if I fail, it won't cost me my job, nor should it. I don't smoke around any
  5. I hate these conference tourneys more every year. Teams that are already "in" are only playing for higher seeding. At the same time, they risk devastating injuries and fatigue going into the NCAA tourney. In basketball they can run playoffs to allow crap teams a chance to get into the playoffs. In football they can't even run playoffs to determine a national champion.
  6. You should know that no good deed goes unpunished. When your blood test comes back positive, at least you have an excuse to hand the wife.
  7. Move to "blind squirrell finds a nut" thread?
  8. I have no reason to believe that Americans buying more American made products would create more American jobs? That might be a little simplistic but I'm sure it holds true no matter how you slice it. You're kidding yourself if you think those dollars are flying back here greasing our economy. Our trade deficit with China for 2010 was -273,065,500,000. So they're not really buying US goods with our dollars. And that's the freaking problem. Do you really think they are investing in the US economy or investing capital in their own economy and infrastructure. I would guess their own. In the
  9. We'll see net job growth when we buy domestic products instead of imports. That is all I'm saying. If domestic products can't compete on price because of factors relating to sweat shop wages, production costs affected by EPA and OSHA mandates, and unfair currency valuation, then I think our manufacturing base might need a little help to balance the playing field. I am not talking about tariffs to protect products or industries that can't compete because of technological or engineering inferiority. I am talking about products that are made with an hourly labor factor that is below our fed
  10. You and everyone that shops at Walmart are putting America out of work by buying imported products that are made with sweat shop labor. You're right. I meant that most Americans would probably accept a certain level of inflation if it meant that our manufacturing base would return.
  11. I'm a little slow, so help me comprehend this. If protectionism is done right, meaning foreign goods cost the same as domestic, inflation will rise. In turn, we will have net job growth. Retaliatory protectionism seems like a small price when our trade balance is so out of wack. Who is importing US goods they don't REALLY need anyway? But how would foreign companies with US operations react? Are you saying they would bail out? Why? They're only here because they need to be near the marketplace anyway, right?
  12. I believe the context encompasses a trade policy that ruined our trade balance and shipped our manufacturing base off-shore. Although you may personally be benefitting from this dysfunction, I'm sure that Americans like you are far outnumbered by jobless schlubs across the country. While it may be true that a retooling of the American workforce is the long-term fix, I wonder if a little dose of protectionism would bring some jobs back.
  13. The next presidential candidate with a good sound plan to correct this will win in a landslide.
  14. Been a Brewer fan since '70, but this is horrible news. I hate whenever one these studs goes down like this. It just makes me appreciate even more the rubber-armed old timers that routinely started 40 games / year with 300+ IP. I guess there were also a ton of guys, before TJ surgery, who blew out and never came back.
  15. Move somewhere you would never see snow again unless u were visiting.
  16. "He thought these flavoured horse semen shots would be something different," Keenan said. "He's working on a number of flavours, from vanilla, right through to strawberry and chocolate." I'll take the same meds they gave the horses to make that happen. The wife said make mine pineapple.
  17. Not a computer geek, but if your desktop won't upload either, it's router/modem related.
  18. Replace wireless router ftw
  19. How crazy would it be to see some GB Packers in Madison supporting their union brothers? Too bad they would alienate the majority of their fans in the process. Just the thought of comparing the NFLPA to a real labor union puts the football lockout into perspective.
  20. +1 Packer fan nec to the best Bill to carry the ball
  21. Wait, this is legal? Gettin chubby right now just thinkin about wrestlng young virgins. What if she says no? Does it mean get off me or ride me harder?
  22. 1. Balancing might be over-rated but being in the neighborhood should be mandatory. 2. Because they get better bennies than the people paying for their bennies.
  23. I have always had the belief that teachers and school admins are, generally, the most pompous and self-important people on earth. They spend so much of their time bossing and talking down to the kids, that they find it difficult to ease up outside the classroom. Relax, just mho. So now I think it's hilarious that Walker is about to take their collective voices away and say, "Shush! You pay for a little health care now and you contribute to your own retirement. Don't like it? Go sit out in the hall." Outfreakinstanding!

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