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  1. I wonder how many teachers from the nearby Janesville area were bold enough to protest in the Capitol, given that a December GM plant-closing has ruined the families of so many kids that they teach.
  2. Gregrrr


    The Cards had their chance. Pujols had a number, but they wouldn't ante up. No way they get a hometown discount after the season.
  3. +2.5 looked pretty good til Pouncey went DL. Now that running game edge aint so edgy. Keep it in yer pocket.
  4. Saturday morning 14-15 years ago. Our daughter was 3 or 4 and walked into our bedroom while we were going at it. Suddenly, I felt her tapping my arm. We looked up and with a very concened look she said, "That doesn't make mumma feel better."
  5. My name is Gregrrr and I'm a homer. Aaron Rodgers looks like the 2nd coming of Joe Montana. That's why the Pack is -2.5 without a ground game. I'm not buying it. If the Steelers shut down Starks and make Rodgers throw 40 times forget it. The Steelers are much more likely to control the ball and the clock. I really like Starks because he runs like he's on fire, but he'll have to do a lot on his own to be a factor. I'm feeling a heartbreak coming on... Pitt 28 GB 24
  6. If a kick returner can keep a game close, this will be close. But this is the pivot... Who throws more INT's today, Rodgers or Cutler? I think we all know the answer. GO PACK!
  7. The WPT's books are on my Christmas wish list. Please Santa, ONE TIME!!!!!! Great post mister
  8. Ren's wife: Honey? Ren: fold-shove-fold-3b-fold-check-fold-fold-jam-fold-flat "Yes dear." Ren's wife: Can you take out the garbage? Ren: shove-fold-fold-2.5x-fold-flat-jam-fold-check-fold-fold "Just did." Ren's wife: What about the... Ren: "Cut ,raked, trimmed and edged." 3x-fold-fold-fold-jam-flat-fold-2.5x-fold-jam Ren's wife: Already? Ren: fold-fold-check-fold-check-2.5x-fold-fold-jam-check "Yeah, only took like a second."
  9. The river looks like valuetown to me.
  10. My question would be which training site to join.
  11. Gregrrr

    ICM question

    After removing the hands in the two ranges that are the same, these are the different hands... ... for pushing 5-handed UTG A2s, A3s, A4s, KTo, QTs, QJs, QJo, JTs ... for calling the SB shove A8o, A9o, 99, 88, 77, 66 Now, intuitively, why is one set of hands better for pushing and one set better for calling (according to ICM)?
  12. He's shoving because he knows u won't call often enuff to make him stop. Surprise, you read it right and snapped him off. Good play, bad result.
  13. Gregrrr

    ICM question

    Ok, I can't make the columns line up but it's like this... ICM has UTG shoving 5-handed with this range 15.2%, TT+ A2s+ ATo+ K9s+ KTo+ QTs+ QJo JTs and it has the BB calling a SB shove with this 15.2%, 66+ A5s+ A8o+ K9s+ KJo+ both are 15.2% of possible hands but contain a different mix of hands. Why are some hands better to shove and some better to call with?
  14. Gregrrr

    ICM question

    Been playing around with ICM scenarios and I'm confused by the results when a certain range (in this case 15%) contains two different sets of cards. Level: 100.0/200.0/0.0 Structure: 0.5/0.3/0.2 Players: 5 Runtime: 57ms [300 Iterations] Player Stack Push% EQPre EQPost EQDiff UTG 2700.0 15.2% 0.20 .2031 0.00307 CO 2700.0 18.1% 0.20 .2031 0.00305 BU 2700.0 31.2% 0.20 .2032 0.00318 SB 2700.0 71.9% 0.20 .1971 -0.00289 BB 2700.0 0.20. 1936 -0.00641 PU CA OC Range UTG 15.2%, TT+ A2s+ ATo+ K9s+ KTo+ QTs+ QJo JTs CO 2.6%, TT+ AKs BU 0.5%, AA SB 0.5%, AA BB 0.5%, AA
  15. Maybe Apple should make an app for the Ipad. Be unexploitable anywhere!
  16. He might look you up with something like 98, o/w he had to pair that J to call 300
  17. Recently, I 've been using charts that I refer to when playing sng's online. They keep me focused on eff stacks and ICM push/fold ranges etc. I also play in a monthly bar FO that plays like a 4 table turbo. How sick would it be to pull my charts out at bubble time? I can't imagine really doing it. Has anyone ever seen somebody with crib notes at a live game? Is it legal? Would it look like I'm an idiot or a cheater? Do you think people would get upset?
  18. It's pretty easy to figure out who wants to gamble it up in micro rebuys. This huge overbet is either a blunderous semibluff, scared money protecting a made hand, or a made hand dressed up like a big bluff. If villain is always looking to rumble you gotta call this. If he hasn't been very active let it go. But this is exactly why you shouldn't play rebuys on a shoestring. You end up talking yourself out of +ev situations during the critical stack-building stage of the game.
  19. It was a $20 turb and I see a lot of bubble MR's at this level. It throws me off because ICM doesn't really deal with MR's. The first time someone does it, it's tuff to put him on a range. I usually read it almost as strong as a shove. In this case I would have folded to a shove, but the MR just looked like a weak steal attempt.
  20. (My first post in Hand Advice) This is an obv shove in my book, and MR's are never in my arsenal on the bubble. So what am I missing here? BigAl is never RF this, so why the MR? Is it +ev to MR the middle of your pushing range to entice a light 3bet? Seat 1 - GREGRRR (3,849 in chips) Seat 3 - XJKPOKERX (3,550 in chips) Seat 4 - KIDPOKER1012 (2,730 in chips) Seat 9 - BIGAL2265 (3,371 in chips) GREGRRR - Ante 25 XJKPOKERX - Ante 25 KIDPOKER1012 - Ante 25 BIGAL2265 - Ante 25 GREGRRR - Posts small blind 150 XJKPOKERX - Posts big blind 300 *** POCKET CARDS *** Dealt to
  21. Aint gonna happen until online poker is regulated and taxed. Then maybe we can file a class action suit against this ridiculous, discriminatory policy.
  22. So if it's the last hand before a dinner break, and everybody leaves the table except 2 guys still in the hand, one guy could hold the other hostage for 90 minutes?

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