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  1. So you sit in MP with AK. 8 players left and blinds are 75/150. Pretty tight table and nobody has really chipped up yet. You have t1700. Should you bet 3x for value or just jam?
  2. imo their $30-100 STT traffic really needs a boost. If they paid at step 7, I think people would rather shoot for that than grind 11's and 20's. btw, what's the deal with having $20 and $22 turbos? It really makes both levels slower to fill.
  3. Do yourself a favor and join PXF or Cardrunners. You can afford the investment and won't regret it.
  4. I could get sooo addicted to steps that payout at $90-100 level. Step 7?
  5. I think you invite alot of trouble flatting in EP. I'd raise to 7500 and see if he's serious. You can still fold if he shoves.
  6. If I broke even on my account and won a mill on my wife's account, I'd still have nothing.
  7. Gregrrr

    UB Checks

    Received mine on 12th business day thru the NY branch of a Canadian bank. New processor for sure.
  8. Adrienne, How about cutting thru all the BS and just making the whole thing right? Sounds like you guys are doing a great job of dancing around the solution. There's not much to consider here. Read chat, Enforce chat, Send scammer on his way. Sheesh!
  9. Pretty sure bwin got (will get) plenty of mileage out of this guy as it is. Only way they could have done better is if he FT'd it.
  10. Gregrrr

    UB Checks

    3 checks by mail this year: shortest 5 days longest 7 days
  11. So what would be an effective bet size for a probe like that? 1/2 pot? How deep into your stack would you go with a probe?
  12. Remember, there are only 2 reasons to bet: A) make weaker hand call B) make a stronger hand fold Ask yourself what you're trying to accomplish, and size according. People sometimes fool themselves into thinking they're betting for information. The truth is they're trying to make a stronger hand fold without getting pot committed.
  13. Have you asked them to close your account and ship funds? Sounds like they might agree to that. They obviously don't value your business anyway. They're just using you to put some heat on the scammer. They probably figure it's the only way they'll ever get paid.
  14. I'm curious to know if P5's had any discussion with the major sites before opening the thread. Did any sites strongly encourage or discourage the idea?
  15. Too bad they can't just let the ladies have their game. You don't need to poll the ladies. Why would they approve? They put up serious money to see how they do against ladies. Some clowns just need to put on a show no matter who they piss off.
  16. Of course there is more than a little truth to what she's saying. Too bad she had to say it.
  17. Slowrolling is a slap in the face. If that's funny, I don't get it. But then some people laugh themselves silly watching the 3 Stooges.
  18. gboro's morning dump > Lebron's elbow
  19. bzzzzzzzz bzzzzzzz "You have reached gboro780's voice mail. He already knows what you want and will contact you at the appropriate time. There is no need to leave a message."
  20. Do you have any plans to bring the 10x36 sng's back to the regular tourney lobby? They were filling up pretty quickly and holding alot of fish. I guess you took it away to promote the $10 leaderboard challenge. Now that that's over please put my game back up there. Thank you
  21. Approximately...How many victims were reimbursed totaling how much $? How many victims have yet to be reimbursed?
  22. A question for all who started with a modest deposit (<$200) for playing mtts. Which happened for you 1st, a $1000 bankroll or a $1000 score? Sadly, I'm still working on the score.
  23. Obv +EV to put POSSIBLE COLLUSION in the subject line of any emails to FTP support.
  24. You raised pre with a playable hand. You hit the flop. You got it all in good. You got sucked out on. You played it right and got the action you wanted. Nothing more to say, so fire up another one.
  25. I think you really want to double up before blinds hit 50/100. If you don't give yourself enuff time to make that happen, you just bought in to play shortstack poker.

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