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  1. A) Figure out where you "belong". IMO you belong where the game is fun. If you become really agitated because of a bad beat or even a bad session, you don't belong there. The money is stressing you out and you can feel it. If you can go through a variance valley, and come out realizing that's exactly what it was, and not cripple your BR, you are where you belong. B) Discipline yourself to play where you belong. You must realize that playing anywhre else is -EV. As a poker player you surely know to avoid those situations when you're at the table. The next step is to avoid those -EV tables al
  2. You move up when you can look yourself in the eyes and say, "I'm playing this SNG with no regard for what coming in OTM will do to my bankroll. If I lose, I'll play again because I know I belong here. This game is +EV because I'm at least the 2nd best player here. I don't need much luck to finish ITM."
  3. Gregrrr

    $9 on FTP

    Congrats mega. I've been where you're at and it's a place to start. I think you should try a $5.50 sng and play it just like this: http://www.pocketfives.com/BCA6D444-A5E4-4839-9849-9D90D4AC7658.aspx If you don't cash you will have enuff to try a couple of $1.25 sng's. If you play like Adam, the odds are with you, believe me. GLGL
  4. I don't know why you want to look for trouble here. Take it down! You need to start winning some pots & changing your tight image. Don't let this opportunity slip by. V2 might give you a loose call anyway, but don't let them both outflop you.
  5. I found this forum which consists of a LOT of ex-jetset players: http://www.pokervoyeurs.com/ Very interesting. Seems that people are getting paid, SLOWLY. But I guess there is hope.
  6. 70% of 4.40 = 3.08 2900/3.08 = 942 sng's
  7. They've been down for 2 mos. now and I haven't heard anything recently. My son is still waiting on his $1200. They said 6-12 weeks. Has anyone actually gotten paid?
  8. Play 'em this way... http://www.pocketfives.com/BCA6D444-A5E4-4839-9849-9D90D4AC7658.aspx PERIOD
  9. I just cashed out of UB - 2 reasons: They blocked pokertracker from working properly and their chat interface flat out sux.
  10. The move just smells too desperate. If I am purrfict I think is this guy bluffing or is he protecting? Hmm protecting top pair? We wasn't interested in protecting it on the flop. Now the 6 hits and he has a hand not solid enough to value bet? I say show me a set & call.
  11. Just follow Adam's road map - you will crush the 10's & 20's http://www.pocketfives.com/BCA6D444-A5E4-4839-9849-9D90D4AC7658.aspx
  12. 1)May420 2) Ari 3) ActionJeff 4) Rizen 5) BelowAbove 6) Roothlus7) Johnnybax8) LilHOldem9) PhatCat10)TheTownHouse
  13. Dear Mr. Plastic, I suck at poker. I am a stone cold rock. I know it and so does everyone else. When I do raise preflop, everyone folds. When I don't raise a pot, everyone rivers me. When I get lucky and win some money, I move up a level & lose it all back and more. My biggest losses happen when I get all in on nut flushes vs. double paired boards. God I hate when that happens. If you don't pick me i will understand. I'm probably a little bigger challenge than you can handle at this point. But if you did help me become a winner, my testimony would probably be worth a lot more than so
  14. Let's face it, America could use a healthy dose of Libertarianism right now. Everyone knows that government is too big. Everyone knows that welfare programs are too inclusive. Unfortunately, America doesn't have the will too change that much. It scares people to go back to basic government services. Everyone wants programs, grants, Pork! It's just alot easier to bitch about taxes than get serious about cuts. You all WISH you could back a Libertarian movement. Maybe our kids will have the guts to do it.
  15. I've only been here a short time, but I rarely miss an article. I learn a little something from every one. But epicatc really struck a chord with me this week... Every loss needs to sting a little, just enough to motivate you to win the next time. The loss of money should never sting, because that means you're playing above your means, but without that emotional component – your competitive instinct – you wouldn't have the drive to improve. You also wouldn't remember, and make sure not to repeat, your mistakes. I know that my losses, lately, have stung way too much. I'm playing above my
  16. I remember the 1st time I made $75.00 in an hour of poker. I wanted to tell the world too.
  17. Not only don't I care where you are ranked (or if), I don't understand why you do. You are an impudent jerk with some talent and a fat wallet. What does your ranking mean beyond that? If there was no prize money involved and your ranking was the big reward, I could see it. But this seems like the Forbes 100 to me. Do you think the upper echelon on that list could care less if they were #1, #7 or #12? Do you think they make bullshit posts on some forum to debate the point? They have a little more class than that. If you had a little more class, it would only be a number to you too.
  18. I just hope the "villain" had the moxy to enjoy AJ's rant. I know it would make the pwnage that much sweeter for me.
  19. Thanks Mr. - I'll play "tight is right" til I get my legs.
  20. I've been doing pretty well at 5/10 lately and would like to take another stab at 10/20. However, my last attempt was a total disaster. Does anyone have useful insight on the differences in playing 10/20 vs. 5/10 limit?
  21. If you want a fail-safe way to build your bank, it's very simple. Buy "Small Stakes Hold Em" by Sklansky. Read it cover to cover. Grind your ass off at 1/2 limit games. Run your BR to $500. Reread SSHE. Grind away at 2/4 limit. You will never make another deposit. Guaranteed GL!
  22. I read the Deeb story in Cardplayer 3-4 months ago.
  23. I feel your pain mf. Had a similar experience recently. Went from 2k to 0 in about 2 weeks. I did the crappy freeroll thing for 3 weeks. Then I "found" $25 in my neteller that I had completely forgotten about. I opened a new acct. at UB, took the 100% and another 100% for a freind's referral. Then I grinded @ .50/1 limit tables til all bonus $ cleared. Now I'm half way back to where I was 9 weeks ago, so.... Pull out your old pre-flop sheet, adhere to it religiously, and you know you can't lose at that level. A good dose of ABC poker can't hurt ya anyway. (consider it penance) You'll be bac

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