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  1. You don't have to guess. In my head, at 20 weeks (or prior to being viable), ~5 months to decide what direction one should take with their live is plenty. As with most things, their are acceptations and you've stated quite clearly several of them. Common ground is a good thing.
  2. Very nice of you to take statement out-of-context and manipulate it to fit your personal narrative. Is it acceptable to abort a "fetus" one day prior to birth if the mother, for ~270 days wanted a baby, decided.... eh, changed my mind and now I don't want my fetus?
  3. Comprehension is tough for some and clearly you're "thinking" to hard. I am not attempting to make any "point" at all but merely providing some medical information for other to take in and collate into their decision-making process. The decision can be "right or left" and not for me to decide. Further, I made no attempt at a "point" when I expressed MY opinion about aborting a "fetus" or unborn child or what clump of cells or any other label one might assign to a bunch of cells one day prior to becoming a human being. I hope that helps.
  4. And I would respect your acceptance, just never comprehend it.
  5. Abortion @ 20 weeks: Is the fetus viable? Among live births at 20–22 weeks gestation below 500 g (104/142), only 3% (3/104) were still alive at 4 hours of age. Of 59 countries allow abortion "without restriction" as to reason. Only 7 of the countries allow elective abortions AFTER 20 weeks, Canada, China, Netherlands, North Korea, Singapore, Vietnam and USA. How a rational human can think it's ok to abort a "fetus" a day before birth is not murder is beyond my scope of comprehension.
  6. Go! Pack! Go! I'm good for: 2 in the $50 4 in the $20 : 1st half, and 4 in the $20 : 2nd half Please pick for me, Thnx
  7. Shipped via venmo Ugot 4 = 80 Jack/Smart 1 = 20 (aja Donk) total 100
  8. Donkwood aka JackSmart.. who knew~ heehaww
  9. Yep. And yes, those are really their names. I told my wife that someone really "wise" named them. 🙂 YW for the SQ
  10. Give DONK another one... on me. That should give him 4. Oh, and say hi to the lastest members of the FAM. Jack & Smart.
  11. FORE!!!!!! (golf lingo) U pick~ Thanks, as always..
  12. I see the doom switch still works... aarrggghhh~~~~~~
  13. In for 5, u pick pls, shipped
  14. Then you're going to the wrong Chiropractor, find another. My neurologist advised me that it would take 6-8 months but would eventually heal on its own. Didn't believe in Chiropractic but went with the advise of a friend. 3 treatments... presto, chango... wasn't a complete recovery but made it WAY better. 2 months later... good-to-go.
  15. No kidding... as olde as my Coleco and Commodore 64 computers. Sidebar: I wonder what the most addictive arcade game is? For me: Tetris
  16. My gate-way machine to Missile Command...Asteroids...and then... PacMan. The only machine that bruised my fingers because of too much play. (look back, hard to believe I actually put quarters in this machine)
  17. keepin' the hope alive.... sheew~
  18. In for 4, please pick for me, thnx
  19. Check w/ county agencies. There are several programs available to assist people who find themselves in such dire circumstances. gl
  20. Wanna... as I recall your avatar looked like a Jiffy Pop popcorn maker. What was it really?

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