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  1. done with this thread and this site
  2. or the 70k I've won this week. dipshit
  3. I had to man. I couldn't live with myself if I didn't. I tried so hard and it finally paid off. I tried so fucking hard. I'm super happy right now that people have their money. Don't have to live with this weight over my head anymore. Finally it's done. Well tomorrow it will be done when I ship you money. Btw zien50 never contacted me. I sent him a PM so hopefully he contacts me. SlippinJimmy is just as bad as I was taking that extra 600.
  4. I need to give money to my gf to send to you. I might have to wait for tomorrow when my bank is open so I can give her cash to send money to you. You will get paid
  5. btw, I used Ugot2bkiddin's numbers. So if it's wrong, let me know. I sent an extra 600 to slippinjimmy but he's not going to pay me back. He needs a scammer under title if he doesn't pay me back. That digs in to the other 3 people I still need to pay. Now I cant pay one of them because SlippinJimmy wont send back
  6. update I have shipped to everyone except zien50. ZIEN50 I NEED YOUR PAYPAL Thank fucking god. Most of you should be paid back right now
  7. I have received the funds on blockchain and verified my identity so I can cash out up to 10k. I just cashed out the full amount and it said I will receive it on Monday. Remember everyone to PM me your paypal so I can send it via paypal. I can also zelle it.
  8. I have just withdrew the money. It will take 1-3 days to get in my btc wallet. Then from there, the highest I can cashout in one day is $2000. That will be to my bankaccount. It will take 3 to 5 days to get in my bankaccount. Once I start getting cash in my bankaccount then I'll be sending via paypal. Unless you want btc I can get that to you sooner. BTC will be in 1-3 days and payapl will be a week or week and a half PM me your paypal account or your btc wallet and I will send once I have the cashout
  9. Guys I've been sent the 6k on acr and am cashing out tonight through bitcoin. I'll update when I've cashed out. It won't be until after the session tonight. Im cashing it out to blockchain and from there i'll have to withdraw to my bank account 2k at a time which will each take 3 to 5 days. That's when I'll send ur money. If everyone can please send me their paypal information I can then send it to you guys when it's cashed out.
  10. after I pay everyone can you please take that ugly awful undertitle off. thanks
  11. Talked to my backer and he said "yea we'll sort it out tomorrow." That's good news. I should have you guys paid back within a week
  12. Thanks guys. I messed up with the Q10 hand for sure. That was bad and im not happy about that. But I kinda ran like shit at the end. that QJ hand where the board came AK10 turn A river K... really sucked. I have mixed emotions about it, I really wanted to win. But im happy I finally get to pay you guys back. Usually I get paid at the end of the month but im gonna ask for 6k early so I can pay you guys back. Hopefully by the end of the week I will have you all paid. Yes Im so happy about that. YESSSSSSSSSSSS FUCKING FINALLY. im gonna watch my bears that I recorded and enjoy this score. <3 you all
  13. I got 7th in the 500 for 7k. That should be within a few k from makeup. Fuck those guys who is trying to My dad already fucking knows I owe you guys money and he aint gonna help so stop bothering him. He wont give you the time of day. About the money I'm sending donk.... I literally can only send that amount a week because I actually have to fucking live. People saying that Im not doing anything: I HAVE FUCKING GRINDED FOR A MONTH STRAIGHT. I WILL PROFIT SOON, IT WILL HAPPEN. I don't post in this thread because you guys make me feel like shit and then I'm angry for the rest of the night. Those of you trying to bring legal issues on me. Go fucking ahead you scum of the earth.
  14. Yo finally got my account back. I got close to 0 in makeup and then I ran like shit for the last week. Two outered on the bubble of a tourney sunday. Just can't seem to run well when it matters. Thought my backers said a while ago that I'd be receiving payment at the end of the month but turns out he had no idea what he was talking about and said that he miss spoked and I only get money if I profit. I'm sorry guys. I'm trying really hard. I grinded for a month straight with literally no days off. I got really burnt out so I was going to take a week off but one day was enough. Then today I busted all my tournaments in like an hour. AA<33 in the 1k. Flips lost in the $500 and just the same in the rest of the tournaments. I have one tournament left with a double stack but it is early. I have a late appointment tomorrow so I prob won't be able to play but I plan to play 5 to 6 days a week this month and hopefully we'll bink something and profit before the end of the month.
  15. shut up man. I'm so sick of all this bull shit. I'm playing like shit because I'm not in the right frame of mind. You all suck for bringing me down so fucking low. Analyzing my life. Haven't I had enough. I'm grinding every day. I'm sending money to people. Just please fucking stop. I literally can't take it anymore. None of you have actual fucking hearts man. You are all are so fucking cold. It hurts man and I have to take a small dose of klonopin every fucking day just to get through the day. Cuz when I come on here and post I see all these hateful messages analyzing my life and pretty much calling me a retard. It fucking hurts man. If you have a heart just stop and leave this thread because I'm really fucking hurting right now and I can't play well when I'm like this. I just cant ever enter this thread again and not even post in it because it is tearing me apart. Peace
  16. I don't read this thread but I was thinking I could split up the payments to 6 payments of $50 to 6 different people. Or it could be 12 payments of $25. I need participants to PM me
  17. surprisingly this does not affect me in the least. Like at all. Buckets go back to your hole you climbed out of.
  18. donk already received his $100 for the week because last week I sent $75 to pickle which pickle was then going to send $100 to donk for my payment. I have been unable to send any more this week because of my two day travel for my final court date. Fights were paid for but I had to pay for uber rides everywhere which was extrememly expensive and it wiped me out for the week
  19. im going to focus on playing now peace
  20. midmodguy I also have spoken to and said I would send him $100 per week too. That's $100 to donk, $100 to hawgfarmer, and $100 to midmodguy. Midmodguy hasn't pmed me back. Do to my final court date this week has been more difficult to send money. But this next week $300 of that will be sent and $300 I need to live on for the week. I need the $300 for copays for dr appointments, my meds, and food. I cant send more than 300
  21. don't tell me im not trying please

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