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  1. this thread was made to try and get people into a fun league for some degen betters but all i get is people complaining and bringing the community futher down then it already is, play at ur own risk and if u want in hit me up
  2. Brian, you need money to enter and by the looks of it you dont got any so get outta here fish
  3. Hey, im going to run a 250 dollar league for college bowl pickem on yahoo, you pick the winners of all 34 bowl games and rank them confidence wise and most points wins. I will try and get enough people to pay out 2-3 slots, if your interested you can PM me and i will give you the info for the league once money is received on stars (playaplz) .....feel free to ask anyone who might know me to vouch for me when it comes to holding the money....
  4. you guys are a bunch of idiots just say ty to the man for preventing you from getting hacked yourself and get better at poker and then u wont lose money and blame it on people cheating
  5. I would stop posting and go pick up both of them and play the matchups and look at slaton this whole year ever game has been up down up down and this one looks like a down according to that....
  6. its playaplz im decent ull prolly work me if ur good but ill play anyways what lobby
  7. any1 up for a ranked match just lost like a million dollars????? Tell me what room and invite me when i get there???? Ps3 ONLY
  8. These types of tournaments dont run too often so risking 1% 2 % of your a few times a year in a tournament you feel you are +EV in is perfectly fine.
  9. in the 5k triple shootout im playing him heads up and with the blinds of 300-600 he limps in the SB and i raise to 2100 in the big blind with QQ and he immediately announces allin for 24k with K8 of spades, and spikes a flush on the turn. Pretty solid play imo
  10. i got lots of rolls of toilet paper for tomorrow so watch out
  11. yea dude what a donk that henicee kid is
  12. What were you doing if he shoved the river and how does the hand change if he bets about 1000 on the turn instead of half pot?
  13. fold....pretty quickly too. Altho i would do a quick search on stars and full tilt and see how many tables hes on and have a better idea of it was a misclick :)
  14. blinds were 1500-3000 old guy from SB raises to 9k-10k preflop and lil shoves in 50k or so with 95o and the guy insta calls with 103 suited saying "in poker 1 person has to win the hand 1 person has to lose the hand" His wife on the rail was trying to explain why lil was so angry claiming it wasnt a normal call. Flop, Turn, River was as posted b4 allin preflop tho.
  15. Kirk Morrison and Daniel Alaei were by far the best 2 players i played with in the main event. Jeff Lisandro prolly would have a negative roi in 20 180 mans.

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