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  1. yea they emailed me sayin its good....thanks guys again
  2. thanks guys i appreciate that, after grinding for 2 weeks str8 i go to the ftops leaderboad and it says "promotion no longer available"
  3. lol middy is in also.....looks like we goin 3 way
  4. oh just so everyone knows, day 2s on ftp obviously do not count for this
  5. HEY crackerz---gonna do a $250 biggest cash bet starting from 11:00 am est (warmup) on stars, ftp, and 888. Will pay winner take all if there are under 7 ppl in, more than 15 we'll pay top 3. Send $250 to "shipp itt" on stars or dipthrong on tilt and please post in here saying you did. percosettes
  6. hi guys I am planning on grinding hella for the month of February online and was seeing if anyone would like to do some sort of PLB contest either team or individual...These were lots of fun in years past please post if ur interested....hyc
  7. who has asked u to make this well big guy? i want the list of these ppl and if u are 1 of those ppl ysscky
  8. post here if u think u have a winning score tinge
  9. yea also if u are in please post here tjhat u are
  10. HI ..doing a late sunday cash bet....u will be considered in if i receive the money by 4pm eastern standard time.. FTP, PS, and ub/AP count send 300$ to DIPTHRONG (W frankenstein) or "shipp itt" there will be 1 solo(homer) winner and 1pm trnys (109 on ps etc) last trny that counts is ftp super turbo at nite wow my ranking rapes
  11. i am, do u know how to talk to girls and possibly kiss them?
  12. what a stupid fucking thread, like seriously who thinks of this shit
  13. i never post on here but i guarantee u bigdog cages harder than every1 that breathes on this site plus there mcatdogs minus yevgeniys pussy divided by snowmans cock plus 4 square root of saul
  16. dipthrong


    and im like baby, baby, baby ohhhhhh
  17. dipthrong


    the sentence in bold just shows how withered of a person u are. ur saying u wud try to act like a good human being or sumthing because u are at the final table of a 1k "event"...so essentially ur saying ur changing the way ud conduct urself because theres a bunch of people watching u, but if say u were playing a fcuking 24$ u cud curse out every random person that sucks out on ur aj with kq?? cmon bro either grow the fcuk up or shut ur god damned beak oh and about his game, ive grinded online with a LOT of people and ive talked poker with many more and from watching this kid play i honestly think he is the most profitable mtt player out there

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