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  1. I agree. I have a problem w/ catch and shoot jumpers. But if I take one dribble and rise as high as I can or just rise as high as i can after the catch my % goes up dramatically. I cant explain it. If Im just shooting by myself I can make shots w/o the dribble or jump fine. But for some reason I need that dribble and or jump on catch and shoots.
  2. TBH,black friday was a blessing in disguise. Found a great girl, working on finally getting my foot in the door w/ Fidelity to launch what i hope is a great career and being around people a lot more. I would like it back for additional income but it was a nice kick in the ass. Sucks having thousands left on FTP but everything ive gained since makes that loss seem like nothing. But I realized different goals in life and am glad to not have poker be one of them.
  3. Its 1st and third and less than 2 outs. Why don't teams look to steal 2nd every time? If the catcher decides to throw the runner out attempting to steal second the runner on third (who should already be on a lead off) could dash towards home every time. Or the catcher just holds the ball and to not allow an attempted steal of home and the runner has a stolen base of second everytime
  4. I just miss it all. FTP was my main site. I miss everything on FTP and PS :( I want it all back.
  5. alot of these weird events are just lucky to have the opportunity to occur. unassisted triple play, 2 GS one inning. 20k game, PG, 4hrs are real feats of greatness, hit streaks, HR streaks.
  6. for mom i was considering sharis berries. Dad I never know what to get.
  7. i kind of have the same question. I am currently working at PNC bank and I am a financial sales consultant. I am in the interview process w/ Chase for the same position. My only truthful reason for leaving is money. How do you go about explaining a lateral move? In the phone interview I just said I got a recommendations from people that worked at Chase that it would be a good career move for me financially and the company promotes career growth better than PNC. Then the interviewer said so you applied for this job just on other pples recommendations? And then I just said yes and it would be beneficial for me financially. Then I didnt know what to think after that. Whatever I wouldnt stop interviewing till you find the position you want.
  8. according to adam shefter rose out for year. Im rooting for the heat but that sucks. Im sure he will be fine surprised how much problems he has had w/ injuries considering how much of a physical specimen he is.
  9. idgo w/ kfc grilled chicken and popeyes for everything else.
  10. i did marketing would go w/ finance/business analytics double major.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHBxYzK7iZc
  12. i mean its not like the Pats have been unsuccessful since spygate, they have been to 2 SBs, one of which was w/ an undefeated team and the other w/ a poor defense. Making the SB and losing isnt really a negative but for the standards Bill and Tom have set for themselves its not a positive either, its just a 2nd missed opportunity. Well the 18-1 team was definitly a negative but my point stands they have been extremely successful since spygate and they have more years to do some damage ahead of them. It is really hard to win SBs its not like any team can just go out there and do it as they please, you need to be really good and some breaks as well, the Pats havent played their best and have had some ill timed errors.
  13. and this would make it more popular everywhere else? I never was really into tennis until a few years ago but i must say it is the most compelling individual athlete sport there is. This was like watching a heavy weight championship fight. I think it was the Roddick vs Federer final at Wimbledon that did for me. Probably the timing of a lot of these events is why it isnt more popular. 3 of the majors are overseas so the time difference makes it hard to follow live. there seems to be a lot of patriotism involved in each event and there really arent any american contenders.
  14. well one NFL defenses in his soft spread system and did you see his coaching in the USC game.
  15. Lebron vs jordan the rest is irrelevant.
  16. i dont think he will be successful at nfl head coach.
  17. i heard brent musberger describe Joes lack of reporting pedolphilia as a "lack of judgement". Yea just conveniently not reporting this for 9 years was just lack of judgement. NO he was an enabler, his life should not be celebrated. I dont want to hear anymore about the positive impact he had on PSU and its players. Lets not forget the negative impact he had on so many families and friends b/c he enabled a child molester in his locker room. AND PLEASE stop calling him a man of integrity, hes not. He did not die of a broken heart, hes ****ing 85 and had cancer. a child molester enabler died today its a good day.
  18. i like my coffee hot and black and my tea cold and green.
  19. not to difficult cut or trade manning if you can and draft Luck. Also hire a better scouting dept that can surround him w/ proper talent.

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