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  1. Just saw fanduel list super bowl lines with KC -130, TB +125, Bills +950
  2. Ill most likely be blasting away once the payouts from this game hits my account lol.
  3. When i first saw the play, i laughed at the absurd soccer dive. Dive was still absurd, but the shirt pull makes it a penalty. The fucking slowroll made it feel awful lol
  4. I still cant believe they kicked the FG. What in the absolute fuck
  5. Dont reallt see how the packer defense gets two stop in this game to give them a chnaces, but heres to hoping
  6. How in the fuck do you allow that. GB proving why they have like the worst D.
  7. Brady doesnt miss those TDs there. Pull it together Rodgers
  8. Lol is that really how its spelled? I always thought it was MO. If emmo is correct, my mind is gonna be blown.
  9. Yeah he looked like an outfielder who mosread a fly ball. That ball gets broken up a lot there. Fucker.
  10. I made a statement that had no lies or misinformation in it. Not sure wtf this post is about. Anyway, I used the word some... so your volunteer example would fall also into that category. If you can find my lie, please quote it.
  11. These two things are not the same. I never said anyone or everyone. You can stop trying to claim I did. There is someone that works for me who makes $45k and had to show his taxes before he could work, hence my statement. So again... where is the lie?
  12. Im literally just trying to figure out where i lied. It should take any of them 15 seconds to look at the posts yesterday and quote my lies.
  13. Theres more misinformation in this sentence than in my original post lol. Can you quote to where I said everyone with a normal job has to show their taxes? This would be a lot easier if you guys would just quote and highlight my misinformation so that we can all understand where I was lying.
  14. Can you quote my false claim or na? I thought we were having a normal conversation about taxes before. I didnt mean to hurt feelings.
  15. I made too much so i couldnt fold up both sides. Normally i would cut it. But with ine side sticking out, cutting it would have been a disaster eating the open side.
  16. lol im glad my typo got this story out of you. I meant Hanks hot sauce, not Franks.
  17. NBA TIME: 2020-2021

    Mr323 was absolutely just ripping parlays lol.
  18. jkob inspired me. Sadly forgot breakfast meat on my shopping list yesterday, so I went with red onion, tomato, goat cheese, provolone, and that green chili sauce. Not pictured is the frank hot sauce i dipped it in.

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