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  1. congrats!! always nice to see the original bodogers still raping hard!!
  2. I want to move to Canada because of the recent developments. I'm wondering if anyone has any info on this and do you think this is a good idea and am thinking about Vancouver or Toronto. Please help me with any advice that is relevant. Is it hard to get a bank account going? Can i get a photo ID? How long would all this take?
  3. what part of brroklyn are you and plzzzz teach me poker.....
  4. Bob2bob is the nicest guy imo. in all my previous dealings with him i always felt he was trustworthy and always got my money back on time. he may be going through tough times as we all do at some stage in our lives. He did pay you back 2k and im sure he will eventually pay it all back..
  5. Damn Son ranked 45th in the world WOW such a hero
  6. OMFG Kjules wins again this is sooo sickkkk congrats bro.. Rjules wtf have you created? these 2 brothers are the sickest players ever....
  7. what a sick ft domination, damn 22k not bad for his first tournament after a 2 week vacation. true beast
  8. zomg sickkkkkkkkkk Subiime is my hero glgl TID plzzzzzzzzz
  9. my original poker hero TID Bob Rank this kid #1 asap
  10. Congrats to both wow sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
  11. im in now we just need a baller to hold the money
  12. the funniest thing was when Antonio is laughing his brains out together with Phil Laak and saying "ladies and gentleman this is what blinding out looks like. while raising his blind for the 4664759959400 time..
  13. the J10 he calls the min raise with 4 blinds then just check folds i was sure he was stop an going LOL
  14. Phil Hellmuth literally blinds out is this real?? http://pokertube.com/free-poker-videos?movie=12938&title=Poker_after_Dark_S06_Ep12_Dir_Cut_2_2&player=1
  15. anyone hiring him for a lawyer needs a Doctor..
  16. i had the same thing happen to me last year i was final 3 tables in a tourny switched to my laptop to go outside an smoke and security locked my acct couldn't sign back in took 4 days just to get a response from support and 2 weeks to get my account back open very frustrating...
  17. im at 62k 250 500 (thelandlord=ari on ftp) glgl BOB

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