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  1. Thanks Tedstretch, I might be able to get away with it then as I deposit/cah out through my Debit Card. Bongfellow, Playing 10 handed live is a pain, as It's cramped, but online, it really makes very little difference. In a 100 hand period u are posting the blinds 1 more time 9 handed than you would at 10 handed. I'm sure someone can probably correct me and list a number of reasons why 9 handed is much better for players than 10 handed, but off the top of my head, I can't thin of any significant advantages. IMO its not all that different. And i don't think 'because other people think its so much worse, then i must do', is a valid argument.
  2. Shocking decisions from Party again: Schedule looks very poor for mid/high stakes MTT players Payouts have been severely flattened out, and as far as I can see they're paying far too many players. Lots more turbos/hypers (obv for more rake) 9 seated tables instead of 10 (again, for more rake) - people will say this is a good thing because other people say its a good thing, and therefore it must be, but I can't think how any slight advantage outweighs the disadvantages. (scew HUD, more rake at cash tables, etc etc.) The blinds are all 10 min levels too (even for the new $200 nightly) Add this to the pathetic laggy POS software and poor customer support, and it looks like the once great site is in a downwards spiral. Also.. do they still have hidden charges for cashouts? I haven't withdrawn for a while, but may have to find out the hard way, as I can't imagine I will be including them in my daily schedule if this demise continues. Sort it out
  3. Have $2k Stars (Spraggs) Need $2k 888 (TopBeaver69) will do smaller amounts ($500+ if need be)
  4. Better structure at the end of the 100rebuy, and other rebuts come to think of it. Starts great, middles good, end is a joke.
  5. gl, i'll be playing. tight is right for the first few levels of the tournament. Structure should allow for a lot of play, so dont go doing anything too stupid early on! (like i most likely will )
  6. Hi guys, anyone know if its possible to have Full Tilt backgrounds on Stars? Im sure i've seen it somewhere, but cant remember where.. would be nice to have all my tables the same. Thanks May need moving, forgot to put in Pokersites.
  7. Just seen on 2+2 its down for everyone. Crashed apparently. Shit site
  8. Anyone else having trouble logging in? Was in a tournament, it froze, now cant log in....
  9. Stars apparently making available 184 million to ROW players 150million to US players. Is this the full amount or are players being paid back %'s?
  10. Just had this happen in the Super Thursday ($99 1 rebuy 1 addon) I didn't try to rebuy, twice, i didnt want to rebuy twice, but i was rebought twice, and charged the $90 extra, as shown!! I mean... WTF Party??
  11. oh right, you work for Party Poker by any chance? jk :)
  12. Sigh, just spent a little while replying to your PM, and see you've been dissing me and my avatar! boo
  13. Just had a glitch on Stars that ive never come across before.. I didn't have a fold button!! (probably not thread-worthy, but whatever)
  14. Happens to everyone, all the time. Yet when you complain to their (pathetic excuse for) Cutomer Service, they blame the players connection for the problem. Hopefully if they keep seeing threads like this, they may pull their finger out their arses and actually do something about their awful software and incompetent CS. /Rant
  15. Alex has helped resolve this problem for me. I suggest anybody that has an issue contacts her through P5s PM. In my opinion, Party Poker has two major issues holding it back from being one of the best in the industry. Software and Customer service. Please improve them both, and you will have a great company. edit: may be a him. (Alexandre)
  16. I had a tournament table open up that i had previously registered for, blinds were at 500/1000, i had 180 chips. It's not the first time it has happened either. I spoke to the live chat host "Illina" and He/She has gave me the same bullshit that I was told, last time it happened. Apparently its my fault, i was dissconected, and i should have "restared the software" I had no problems in any other tournaments on Party Poker at the time, or any other sites. (SHOCK!) I am absolutely fuming at how bad their CR is. I have paid more rake than 99% of players that play on the site, yet they can't give me the benefit of the doubt and reinbure me the $80 i paid TO PLAY THE TOURNAMENT! their customer service is an absolute joke.
  17. Is there a Party Poker Rep that uses the P5s forum? I need to speak about an issue i just had
  18. Yea going back levels probably isn't realistic, just an idea. I think Longer levels is though
  19. Everyone that likes playing poker has to agree that SM and SWU should play deeper in the latter stages. Ways to help this: -Add more levels -Make levels last longer from a certain point in the tournament Another idea is to perhaps go back 3 or 4 levels when the play is down to the Final table.
  20. http://www.pokerstarsblog.com/pca/2012/pca-2012-do-you-know-babak-malekain-089900.html Awful timing for a backdoor flush. Edit: posted it in PD by accident, please move Mod.
  21. It obviously crossed my mind on the turn. But i didn't think he was floating nearly enough to make it a viable option. It would fold out hands such as TT and JJ and could even fold out a Q. Also, with the draws out there i didn't want to give him the chance at a free card.
  22. My thinking on the river was: he might be more likely to raise a queen on the flop or turn to protect his hand, and the fact that the player said he folded one makes it a lot less likely that he has one. I wasn't too worried about a 9 because he shouldn't have many 9s in his range after flatting me pre. As Gags said there are 2 options: either jam or check/fold. I thought that because of how i felt his range to be weighted less to a 9 or Q and more to TT or JJ, if I jam with said chat he is unlikely to fold these hands. I jammed he had 99. And no he didn't get reported.
  23. This is the final table of the early $109 F/O on stars. I have no history with villain afaik, he was 15/15 thru 53 hands (lifetime history) 27/27 on the final table thru 22 hands, and I was 18/18 I had 3bet twice in the 22 hands of the final table, once folding to 4bet, and the other taking it down on the flop. Basically, this hand is weird because of the chat on the river from a Russian donk. He had not said anything prior to this, and believing him is probably not the best thing to do, but he has absolutely no reason to lie (you will know what i am on about when you see the HH). Taking this into account (or not if you would 100% ignore his chat) would you shove river? pokerstars Game #72434306720: Tournament #552010291, $100+$9 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XVI (1250/2500) - 2011/12/19 18:15:34 WET [2011/12/19 13:15:34 ET] Table '552010291 12' 9-max Seat #5 is the button Seat 1: valkyri3 (158744 in chips) Seat 2: brmorrison (100865 in chips) Seat 3: olrie (53728 in chips) Seat 4: M X 5 (48316 in chips) Seat 5: Gushido (45805 in chips) Seat 6: Spraggs (92097 in chips) Seat 7: rhettro09 (51964 in chips) Seat 8: psihovarvar (159481 in chips) valkyri3: posts the ante 250 brmorrison: posts the ante 250 olrie: posts the ante 250 M X 5: posts the ante 250 Gushido: posts the ante 250 Spraggs: posts the ante 250 rhettro09: posts the ante 250 psihovarvar: posts the ante 250 Spraggs: posts small blind 1250 rhettro09: posts big blind 2500 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to Spraggs [Kh Ks] psihovarvar: folds valkyri3: raises 3055 to 5555 brmorrison: folds olrie: folds M X 5: folds Gushido: folds Spraggs: raises 7220 to 12775 rhettro09: folds valkyri3: calls 7220 *** FLOP *** [9c Qc 7s] Spraggs: bets 15750 valkyri3: calls 15750 *** TURN *** [9c Qc 7s] [9d] Spraggs: bets 22340 valkyri3: calls 22340 *** RIVER *** [9c Qc 7s 9d] [Qs] psihovarvar said, "i had q" rhettro09 said, "you cant say that" rhettro09 said, "wtf" olrie said, "bollocks" psihovarvar said, "i can as you see" Spraggs:??
  24. It is because "Pantya" 4bets allin for only 345, over your 3bet to 300. For the action to be open for you to raise again there has to be a raise for at least what you made (100 to 300, so a raise of 200) As Pantya only raised 45 (all in) and nobody re opened the betting, you can only call. e.g. ~If he had gone all in for 500 or more, then you would have been able to make another raise.

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