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  1. yeah go with your gut, refrain from playing buy gold or silver, not sure if it'd be wise to invest money in anything else in the US
  2. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-13114935 pretty much a joke the angle they report it from literally provides nothing about what actually happened
  3. im scared to say how fuckin gay badges bc this message is moderated

  4. where's the dislike button?
  5. people are just naturally rude sometimes and its very common for ppl to 'team up' bc it makes them feel like less of a piece of shit when someone does it along with them i find poker players on the west coast are the rudest ive come across the south is much more friendly from my experiences although not everyone(obv)
  6. most useful post on p5s ive come across.. ty very much op and that means a lot coming from an asshole like me
  7. Usually tournaments are the main focus as far as getting shit organized, but how is that an excuse for the problems they had in the cash rooms? The entire cash room was FULL of CASH tables after dinner, so how are the tournys the main focus overall? Pretty certain they make more money in the cash games.
  8. Any Oklahoma casino is an embarassment to poker. Every decision they make leaves you with a weird 'wtf, this can't be real' feeling. There were 32 people on the 5-10 waiting list and I was 2nd on the list for atleast 3 hours. My buddy gets there 2 hrs after I did and is #68 on the 1-2 list and gets in an hr before I did lol. The game then takes about 30 minutes to START since we have to wait for chips. After getting my own chips, I sit and wait some more for the game to start. The floor tells us it's a time pot game, which is fine, but that the time pot is $10 every 30 min, which is higher than pretty much anywhere in the south I've ever played at. They tell everyone that that's a standard time pot rake everywhere, basically telling people they don't know what they are talking about. Feeling like a withered reg asshole deep down, I decide to just play the damn game, but then the floor comes over about an hr and a half into our game telling us they are going to BREAK(not move) one of the 5-10 tables(there were 2) to open up a 10-25 PLO game LOL. There are still over 30 names on the 5-10 list and maybe 10-12 on the 10-25 PLO list. So everyone starts bitching since the rake is the exact same for both limits so what's the point of BREAKING a game to start a new game? Well we bitch obviously and they decide to break the 2-5 PLO game instead. It takes them 30 minutes just to get people seated and then these clowns run out of chips for the 10-25 PLO table. I hear dealers admit to being embarassed by how everything is run. One admited that atleast 10 dealers told them in a meeting to have chips ready because they might come up short. It's a god damn circus up there.
  9. I guess I better not get arrested for anything longer than 180 days
  10. what would be a good question to ask you in a podcast? and how would you respond?
  11. who cares? rankings are beyond irrelevant
  12. its the first one they have tried in oklahoma, but it will be full of the same mopes as winstar. play a couple and figure out for yourself, it's like 10-15 min farther than winstar for me from mesquite
  13. ive seen the card.. wayyy cooler
  14. poker is so bad for your mental health lol better off riding dirt bikes again
  15. put on about 150 lbs and wear an orange crush tshirt
  16. mintz holdin it down for the rebel black bears!
  17. yall fuck boys need to come out and stop hidin like a little bitchhh because someone is going to lift yall skirts and expose you for who you really are so better beat the heat before it burns your bitch ass
  18. damn, now I'm worried about my own worries, I'm done too
  19. touche fwiw, I do think cheating is wrong, but I also acknowledge what inclines people to actually follow through with cheating and have a feeling of understanding. Hell, anyone on this thread might do the same shit under certain circumstances. Can't knock the hustle.
  20. I'm sorry, I don't speak canadian, what does that actually mean?

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