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  1. Playing 20+ Events and tweeting updates Josh Brikis @JBrikis http://twitter.com/?lang=en&logged_out=1#!/JBrikis
  2. this is funny considering i boycotted the METs a long time ago and have played like 10 tournies total in the past month on ftp. horrible decision to ever start the MET with 1 thing in mind and thats make $ for themselves who cares about ur customers...well they took me broke when they started and im sure they have taken tons of others broke. there are only a few who have to love them because of huge scores. but this is an absolute joke what happened here. i would just absolutely love it if regs boycotted and jesse how did u not go win exactly .10 cents at a cash game before taking that pic
  3. quadruple cosign please god i hate the new shit
  4. just saw these..thank u!!
  5. also still in...6/25...
  6. brikdog24

    WSOP sold out?

    just registered a few hrs ago..saturday is sold out from what i was told and 500 or so left for sunday
  7. im pretty sure its near impossible to get huge scores without some sort of suckout $5k 6max Nl Event #56 WSOP last year 16 or so left...AQ>AK...aipf...w 3 clubs on board and he has the club..red queen on river..onto $619k for 2nd place Borgata Deepstack May 2009...aipf KK>AA and TT...K on flop for all the chips w like 25-30 left..on to chop for 90k (biggest score at the time) pretty sure there was one in the $150 rebuy on FTP in January this year..final table or final 2 tables..but my memory is pretty shitty regardless in tourneys its pretty much necessary at some point late to get the big score
  8. quite possibly the worst thread of all time
  9. theres alot of local games once u get to know people...however rivers in the city will have poker in july..legally..and meadows..and west va..an hour away has 2 casinos w poker rooms
  10. never have never will play on these sites but this is still sickening to even read about again
  11. brikdog24


    just adding my 2 cents to this thread.. BIGGEST POS SCUMBAG IN POKER..HANDS DOWN walks around like hes the shit..thinks hes above the law..smokes wherever he wants..then just throws his ciggarettes wherever he feels like it..i remember at harrahs in december he would just smoke in the hall next to the tourney area..which is non smoking..and the whole room smelled like smoke he used to rent the wheelchair thing at borgata and drive it around the poker room like he was the man ive seen him wearing batting gloves a few times hes in the bathroom constantly and the whole world knows hes a huge coke head..he sniffs his nose all day..worst habit ever doesnt tip waitresses..is extremely rude..yelling for water..then when they bring it over..no tip, no ty.. berates all dealers screwed over multiple people imo he should be banned from every casino..
  12. how the hell did u get this far u mise well of shove 38 off
  13. happened to me once in big pot, kept hitting it and nothing happened..never saw it before..was trying to vbet and ended up spazzing and clicking min bet of like 120 into like 3k
  14. i am definately getting another checking acct but have had this for my whole life and never an issue before..not sure if its the multiple premium wires recently or the lone stars check i cashed but something obviously thru a red flag up o well..just gotta sell more to friends
  15. and they tell me that they noticed with recent activity on my account that I am involved in online gambling which is illegal. If it continues they will shut down my account..nice wtf..all i have is a bunch of withdraws from FTP the premium wires and the 24 hr up to $950 wires..and a check from stars what am i sup to do now to get the rest out other than selling it
  16. stayin at borgata obv..but will b there 4-15 see ya there
  17. Last year there was a great post that had all the tournies from all the casinos in vegas during the summer does anyone have a schedule for venetian, ceasaras, binions etc. for may june july..ty

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