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  1. In for expert ... hopefully we can get a few more in that. I can ask a few people if you'd like.
  2. I can do it whenever today. Will reach out to Bmount to confirm availability.
  3. I'm in for second chance. Will register now.
  4. Looking for an AL first baseman willing to deal from AL or NL roster
  5. R. Mcilroy S. Garcia B. Snedeker G. Deleat R. Moore G. Woodland B. Grace will ship as soon as I get paypal info
  6. I can draft as late as need be tues .. agree with kk have no prob waiting ... btw you should hit up the ferg for pre game. Good wings and decent beer specials.
  7. KK keep me in mind if you are looking to deal a 1B at any point. I can do next Tues night, pretty much any night outside of that Monday.
  8. it's going to be tough for me to make the NL draft Monday. I'll be in Detroit for opening day .. any chance we can move that?
  9. Tuesday @ 9 is fine by me. I have class Wednesday night, but should be back by 9. At the latest 9:30. As far as the rest of the week, Thursday I'd be able to draft as early as 6:30 on Thurs/Fri.
  10. I thought BIG from Rob & Big passed ... kinda fucked up my night for half a minute.
  11. If you have room i'll get in on the survivor series. And I have a friend who wants in on league 2, but only if it gets to 10 participants. I'll play if we get 8. If you'd like I can recruit a little harder for it, it'd be nice to get 10-12 owners.
  12. Do you think lowering the buyin to the auction league would get more people interested in trying it out? I have a friend interested in joining that league also.
  13. I have a feeling after this year everybody will want to auction the AL and NL next year. Allows you to get the guys you want and so much strategy involved from br mgmt to nominating players to roster construction.

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