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  1. There’s two genders, and they won’t pay for your transition. Deal with it
  2. How much blood will be on Joe’s hands today? O/u on deaths... ~350?
  3. Right, “muh Russia” was a dangerous narrative to our democracy. https://www.wsj.com/amp/articles/the-fbis-dossier-deceit-11595027626 So many billions wasted chasing farcicle fantasies of the libtards.
  4. Based Joe is Based https://coalregioncanary.com/2020/10/09/joe-biden-quotes-dunkin-donuts-7-11-delaware-indian-accent/amp/
  5. Same principles. Media shilling Unelectable Candidate Clear Fraud Know it all sheep slurping it all up as gospel no questions asked. Long story short, same handicapping principles.
  6. Spiked from 1.69 two weeks ago to 2.09 this morning at the locally non-Indian owned Gas n Go.
  7. With 20x the profit! Ps: this info graphic won’t be able to terminally insert sand in my liberal faux vag:
  8. Are we still allowed to talk about people itt that collectively lost 5 figures on “I’m with her”? Or no? TeddyKGB.gif
  9. Roughly 44k from this site and several other pokerlibs. Still have some payouts outstanding 4 years later.
  10. Oh wow. Tech censorship has arrived at the failing poker forum level. SAD
  11. He pardoned Lil Boozie and a bunch of Nitniyahu’s buddies, while Assange and a bunch of supreme loyalist hillbilly magas are on no bond holds in DC for going to his “Rally”. The base is evaporating quickly. He bent the knee. SAF

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