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  1. If Jaybone hadn’t of commented on my Concord 11 FB post I prolly would t have logged in haven’t barely come around. I’ll try and check in more than bi annually tho
  2. not BF BUT to my understanding SNKRS app is having a big restock on Monday and Nike I think is gonna be 25% off site wide
  3. Helluva game in Maui- Zags fan for a day
  4. He’s forgotten more about college basketball than you’ll ever know
  5. Also huge shoutout to Robbie the guy is a legend glad you could meet dolphin and help out in the process
  6. Duck Fuke but those guys got a solid team I seen them Play up here in August inevitable March choke looming though. RJ is a fucking stud Heels gonna be a sleeping giant just wait
  7. Caught up with whole thread some some stuff I missed being MIA from here for like 2 years You gents are fucking legends don’t ever forget it One question I may have glazed over it but I didn’t see dolphin doing much baller shit other than buying a snow globe (story almost made me cry) when u get to Indy at least have an expensive meal
  8. Canada doesn’t need the US to cop heat sneakers
  9. Orangeville Prep repping on the Hardwood at all levels. Great 1st game in The CC looking forward to game 2
  10. What's the champ got on his feet today ?
  11. You'd think busting before the $$ would make you wanna get blacked out. Are people still doing last level beers at the main ?
  12. http://www.wsop.com/pdfs/reports/15673/EV73-DAY2-AB-COUNTS-BY-SEAT.pdf Hero is on Table Gretzky with PLP
  13. Let's fucking Go Heels Hi to the Regs Miss y'all
  14. Haven't been around for a minute hope All you fuckers are doing well. I've made a few great friendships here and met a dozen certified beauticians. Just haven't had much internet/online time and am purely a poker fan as opposed to player. Raps are crushing Kentucky going down Saturday and I hope all my homeboys and girls have a great holiday season XOxo
  15. I'm not a huge fan of the Yeezys a couple pairs of 350/ aren't bad but the IMO reason the craze is so large is the supply is so limited AND it's obv kanye. But once resale comes down (supply goes up)the lines stop. See exhibit A Jordan 3 True blues. But when u can buy something for 300 and sell it for 1300 the items are highly sought after much like concert tickets
  16. NHL 17 beta is out anyone of you guys hitting the Ice? Also i just started getting decent at 2k after it came out for free in june who is a beast on the glass here andis tryin to fuck around in the park and run up some win streaks
  17. 2016 OT Golf

    Played my first rounds of the year this past weekend in Niagara and was happy with how I was hittin it. Roping my drives right down the centre 240-280 depending on hole and was striking it well and rolling pretty nice. I could be decent if I actually could play more but im happy firing mid 80s-mid 90s. Hope u guys are pureing it
  18. According to Michael Bratovich, he recently doubled up holding kings against his opponent's aces. A player in early position raised to 18,000, another player in middle position called the 18,000, and Bratovich raised to 52,000. The hijack shoved all in, the other two players folded, and Bratovich called for less. Bratovich turned over , and his opponent showed . Bratovich spiked a king on the river to double up, leaving his opponent with around ten big blinds. Michael Bratovich - 460,000 Was reported by WSOP
  19. Just a heads up to All PS+ members NBA 2k16 is free i think starting tuesday

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