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  1. what is the site? and wab do you send info? ...nm im slow
  2. they don't have an authenticator?
  3. nice i dealt one for 100k its was on a noob 1/2 table and i got 1600. dude that won the 25750 part gave me 200 cuz wanna be thug
  4. they get alot of money from the beast, so i doubt it
  5. i deal, we dont pool. So if i deal mush faster and much smoother, help a brother out. Now if i suck, i dont deserve as much as others. Thats how i tip when i play
  6. idk but once when i was dealing a guy got pocket QQ 3 out of 4 hands, in the 3 out of 4 hands he floped a set all 3 times, crazyness
  7. fantesy land is more complex then that also
  8. you deal out one at a time and lay them down one at a time, allowing others to see what you are going for and how many outs are left. i didnt read the rest cuz im drunk, hope i helped a little lol
  9. i mean im all down for more sluts in the world, i mean its getting close to all 14-18year olds are preggo
  10. no sir those are hood rats that dont go to college.
  11. his fans are cute, they think there hard till real life happens.
  12. i hit a royal once then fouled 4 times in a row..lost that night lol
  13. no brag dawg.. i like him more, f the other kid
  14. no popcorn, i work with her. dealt to him the other day.

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