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  1. Yeah I was considering, after "wait for it", to say...."that I was blinding off in the 100rb on Stars...." but f doj etc etc.
  2. My phone fell the other night and the screen cracked, so I finally had to deal with replacing it…. By some miracle I had phone insurance, so all I had to do was follow the guidelines and get a replacement. I went to Verizon Sunday and they told me all I had to do was file the claim online and they would send me a new one overnight (yeah sure). Normally I would put it off whatever but I got enterprising and first thing Monday I filled out the form, and they said a new phone was coming overnight for tues delivery, and that I had to send the old one back in a return envelope which they would provide. Miraculously, the phone actually arrived today. Now I just had to go to Verizon to get all the crap transferred etc…. The lady there was so nice, she transferred everything over, including 8100 texts etc…..it took about 2 hours for everything (gg chat btw), but I was on a mission. So the new phone is all set up and perfect….I just had to remember that sometime in the next week to return the old one or I would be charged $99. Well on my way out to dinner with my wife, she had to go to the post office to send some packages to the kids, so I went in with her and helped her with that, and then when we got back to the car I noticed that I actually had the box and label in there , and still had the old phone with me, so I completely became a genius and told her I was going to take care of it now. Unreal … So I went inside, and put the phone in the self sealing prepaid envelope, threw it in the out of town mailbox, and left….(woohoo!) Got in the car, was pulling away and noticed……wait for it….. That I kept the old phone and mailed the new one. BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM
  3. As you all know, Mike has been working his ass off all summer, not only grinding tourneys but handling infinite reSponsibilities there as well. He is 3 handed at the ft of the Venetian 2510, and despite being the short stack, he has 35 bbs, due to an incredible structure which allowed him to play his solid game throughout 3 days without ever really being in the danger zone. Root him home, either there or in spirit. He deserves this win. e
  4. All I remember is that the key hook was that the coach would yell at his players "where's the game?"....then point to his head.... and in the end the teams best player did the same thing to the opposing team, "where's the game?".....and pointed to his head.
  5. When David Duke ran for governor in Louisiana in 1990 he received 50% of the white male vote.
  7. Saw Jaws in the theatres.... Swam in ocean 13 years later.
  8. sheets

    Jennifer Tilly...

    Phil tells me she is scary brilliant.....like puts on headphones and a language learning cd and walks around the house learning chinese in a day.
  9. It is logically impossible to win megamillions.... The odds of your numbers coming in are the exact same as 1-2-3-4-5-6 coming in,,,, and obviously 1-2-3-4-5-6 is just never actually happening... so your numbers are just never actually happening.
  10. I hope it isnt an actual DJ pulling a stunt.....
  11. I hear Art Shell might be available again...
  12. In my opinion, the OP is a complete lush, but yet a complete genius who is trying to slowly detox. I have heard about this therapy and think this is a great exercise for alcoholics.... Rather than polish it off in a night as he usually does, this way he spreads it out over 2 months. If he doesnt finish it, then he loses $25 but wins his health back.
  13. After the sex scene I looked over at my wife..... sheets:"nothing? nothing at all?".............. mrssheets: "nope. sry" :( Real intense and well done as per usual for Darren A.
  14. My 8yo changed a zillion players to other teams, forgot where they came from, and wants to have them all reset to their original teams. Any help? nm his other 8yo friend figured it out hahahah. atari2600 tho
  15. Nah....all dreams were crushed years ago.
  16. The JFK Library in Dorchester is terrific. There are wonderful artifacts from his life on display and is worth a full day. Because the library is run by the Kennedy foundation, you will not see any of the gory details of his assasination. As I recall there is also an all-night bowling alley as well. Have a happy holiday season everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  17. this.. Keep in mind that it is not just the image of the 4 better that is relevant, but also your image as a 3 better (and thus the 4 better's perception of you)
  18. There are 35 bowl games. There is a pool where an entrant must pick 17 of these games to select, pick a team from those 17 games, and allocate 3 of those picks to count double. How many entrants are possible before there is a duplicate entry?
  19. speed of lightning, roar of thunder fighting all who rob or plunder Underdog. Underdog!

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