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  1. WALT!!!!!! holdin it down for the 68 and over club. cograts pops
  2. ya i was relieved to finally have a normal sunday to look forward to, then come to find out ftp switched it up on me again. if mets continue to be a part of every week, im looking forward to seeing how 300k mu would feel lol
  3. idk if i posted in this b4 or not and im far to lazy to check, but can i get an update? mines pretty dated.
  4. thats so stupid. full tilt is getting pretty withered with this crap
  5. is it gone now? seen it earlier on my laptop, got on the desktop and now its just the normal one.
  6. not yet.....prolly round 5:10pm give or take 30mins
  7. and i wasnt invited y??????????????? god if i didnt love u both i would b so pissed right now.
  8. welcome to the club man, i signed u up to bring the donuts for the next meeting, dont mess this up. seriously tho, congrats, ily man
  9. jshark4

    Double Deuce

    FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!! o, and ya no DD bc of mFTOPS.
  10. i think they have something similar to this already in place....its called other tourneys.
  11. GL JEFFREY!!!!! on a side note, i really like ur first name just so u know
  12. mine could use an update if u have time david. thank you
  13. roughly how old is player x? the older the player is the more im folding. if the player is 35+ im always folding. 99% of live players over 35 r retarded
  14. idk what OP considers busted or not, but i think im living ok. despite popular belief i dont pop open a fresh bottle of dom every morning, bath in only fiji water ala J.C. Alverado, or roll blunts with $100 bills like Matt Stout but maybe one must do these things inorder to not b busto....then again we are all arguing with a $2 mtt grinder so i might be over thinking it all.
  15. no, i wouldnt think there would b good play in a $10 mtt actually
  16. if ur looking for some1 to tell u its ok to just fold ur not going to find it. sorry u lost but considering folding is out of the question.
  17. thanks, impressive response time might i add.

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