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  1. Of course. system. Culture. Players. Call the front office.
  2. #hatetomakebutiwillmAkeexcuses
  3. In before Bruins run ruff shot on the NHL and puss away the playoffs...
  4. This is newer shit. But y’all will dig it. New spirit adrift record is so good. Classic metal. Check it. http://youtu.be/LwY6JM4eDAM fuck don’t remember how to imbed. click the link
  5. Maybe it’s recent bias. but after life season 1 was brilliant
  6. Killing yourselve to live by Chuck klosterman
  7. Thanks! Was a ling time ago. I still draw and doodle now an then. Fun time
  8. TS was from jersey. Moved to Long Island later
  9. Support!!!! But online shows have been super boring.... but. But a ticket and watch football. Support the scene with tha monies! Yes
  10. NHL before NFL always but duck TB
  11. jhubb


    Cherry. Then I’ll wait for another cherry.
  12. jhubb

    black jogger

    Just gonna day a warrant does not equal death. But that’s me......
  13. Having not watched TB all year, cause ya know what they are. The Boston series showed that that are a physical force now. Blues out bruins the bruins and TB did the same. Point is really good. Palat gets it done. well done TB.
  14. Riley Gale of power trip died today. Really solid guy, power trip was one of the best live bands around. RIP
  15. Dave “cement head” Semenko /thread
  16. Yes for sure. Saw maiden last year would be great to see em again. But my choice will be $5-20 at a club anyway.
  17. This would work. But I HATE big venues. Bars and clubs for the win

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