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  1. Stake dao. look at this list. Small marketcap too
  2. why would you sell when ren to ten is coming?
  3. Realized now I forgot to add badger to my list a few weeks ago. It’s done 6x since I bought But I think We still go another 10x
  4. Lot of FUD There was no double spend. Can’t be regulated. USA on wrong side as always this is what selerates the men from the boys....back the truck up and unload on this blood
  5. Side note weve had some losers too ceek, salt, fuzex (fxt), gems, experty, xbp all those shitcoin ico cost me about 300k or so all down like 95-99%
  6. Still super bullish on Hbar and tripled my position at 4-6c side note I did invest at 12c with an accredited friend so I’m holding a huge bag of hbars now. however they are here in dallas and super legit. Backing by Boeing, Google and IBM coin has never been through a bull cycle either. Expecting $1-3 during next mega bull cycle with a blow off top i think credible crypto did an hour long video on hbar recently. Worth a watch also got a bag of badger for a moonshot coin current holdings in order of $$$ btc ren dot hashgraph eth icx nano badger wan
  7. got four nodes running. Got $800ish each last epoch Also staking Icx and dot
  8. Nano up 150% since the call Cycle just beginning
  9. Hi everyone been a while tips to get rich buy bitcoin. Hodl. Use leverage. We are long. buy ren, dot, Icx, nano dot will challenge eth the rest are shitcoins that will pump so exit into btc when we peak see ya after this bull cycle
  10. Have a lot of hashgraph (hbars) if anyone wants to buy. No fees
  11. Nice call. I grabbed a bag last week! Only like 3x from IEO also
  12. Thanks. I have 1700 wax never even knew I had them (or totally forgot). Pretty worthless but I guess I’ll just stake them. Need to do the swap
  13. Are you sure that’s right? If so I might grab quite a bit. Does wax have unlimited inflation if this is happening though?
  14. Ren just warming up. RenVM testnet coming soon. Target in USD during next bull run $2
  15. You not watching the charts? Up 50% in a month and holding up against btc.
  16. Imagine not holding any btc lol. The beast is about to be unleashed. 35-50k by end of next bull run .

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