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  1. Yooper

    Vegas OTers

    Thanks fam, appreciate it. I've heard about Kabuto from a number of people now, probably my next stop. Don't need the credit card, scooped 102k my first week here!
  2. Yooper

    Vegas OTers

    Can always count on OT to give a full spectrum of responses. Thanks everyone
  3. Yooper

    Vegas OTers

    Just moved to Vegas on Monday, anyone got some recommendations for good sushi spots?
  4. Not on TV here in DR. Any links to live stream?
  5. Don't think this is possible. It says max withdrawal once every 7 days.
  6. For the 29th straight cops gonna cop thread I keep praying the cops will shoot NCJ. You are such a moron it makes me want to point a towel at police and get shot in the head.
  7. Requested 5/10 via Fast Funds Approved 5/10 Money in acct 5/16
  8. $5 and $6 on a credit card? Both ya'll niggas is broke.
  9. Stay away from Bovada. I'm on a 3-day heater from $300 deposit to 22k. No one can win but me.
  10. Requested 4/24 Via Visa Fast Funds Approved 4/26 Available in account 4/29
  11. Sucks that Fast Funds has a $2500 per 7 days cap.
  12. Wings squeaked that one out. Not going to win many games getting outshot 46-14. Good call on starting Mrazek tho.
  13. So glad I dropped $200 on Wings for this game. Can't believe how many people had the Lightning picked to win in 5. Edit: then they score. Prob jinxed myself.
  14. In Dominican Republic with no fucking hockey channels. Anyone know of any good apps to watch the games? Or any good websites? Vipbox.tv has been fucked lately for me. I'm dying down here not being able to watch playoff hockey.
  15. Requested 4/6 Received 4/15 via Visa Fast Funds
  16. Would be irony if you died in the states from being sober.
  17. Joey. He used to school everyone in basketball on our local court. Damn him and his fade away jumper.
  18. I wish it was legal to shoot NCJ while falling down.
  19. Yooper

    Mini brag post

    Thanks for the serious responses. For the other 24 responses, take your shine box and buff out those clown shoes.
  20. Yooper

    Mini brag post

    Lol, I won't be living in some shack. I'm sure I'll be put up at a resort, also I think I'll be working on or close to a resort. As far as the water goes, I've read they have Cholera down there.
  21. Yooper

    Mini brag post

    Thanks for all the info Cooker, do you have HIV or full blown aids by now?
  22. Yooper

    Mini brag post

    Yeah, aids on that side. Gotcha.
  23. Yooper

    Mini brag post

    Yeah, so besides the whole Ebola thing. Anybody got some things to check out? Places to go? Places to eat at?

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