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  1. So which of you dumbass pieces of shit on here actually still support Trump?
  2. Ok, quick before I disappear for another 3 years, someone fill me in on who all on here has passed away, and who turned out to be gay?
  3. Why the fuck is my "icon" a big blue "P"? That's fucking lame.
  4. COVID hasnt killed me yet. Incase anyone was wondering. Sup bitches.
  5. How much would you guys need to be paid to suck on WAR's head bump for 5 minutes?
  6. Not much. Bored on a Friday night at home so thought I would swing by P5s. Headed to Vegas next month for a week during NCAA Tournament 1st round if anyone wants to fuck around.
  7. Phi


    Can we edit our SN's now ourselves or does a mod have to do it?
  8. Holy shit, WAR is still alive? Watcha been up to bro?
  9. nahhhhh, i may not have been here in years, but i still know better than to ever post pics of anyone. that shit will come back and bite you in the ass quick.
  10. yea that undertitle made my chuckle when i logged back in. i still talk to her occasionally, she's on my FB.
  11. Phi


    Is OP still handing out money? I'll take some.
  12. 8th name change? Ive only been PhiAlphaMTSU/Phi have I not?
  13. Lots of hot pockets, hookers, and beer.
  14. The Vols are winning the National Championship this year or I'll let everyone in this thread blow a load on my face.
  15. lol what? i never had sex with her. though i would have.
  16. I'm here. Just chillin. Lickin my own dick.
  17. I haven't stopped masturbating to JLaw's nudes since they were released. I'm now out of vacation days at work and both my hands and pencil dick are raw.
  18. wait, people can play poker in the US again? damn ive been away a long time
  19. Been looking for somewhere to put this gif. This thread will do.
  20. thanks for the shipment, on waiting list
  21. sitting at a table by myself, you can searchme
  22. can someone xfer me enough play chips to sit? sn is phialphamtsu and i also can't chat, observer chat is turned off

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