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  1. Live cash game limits .25/.50 right call?? (5 handed)

    This is close. Probably a marginal call. - mcc
  2. Hilarious Forum Post....

  3. Hilarious Forum Post....

    Hey, This is a forum post entitled "online poker is rigged" that I saw posted on a football forum I read. It is absolutely golden.... Man i just cant win anytime lately. my home games with mates etc i always crush them and win, they hav been playing for loads longer than me too. online is a different animal and im fed up of it every few weekends or so if im not going out i deposit like 3/400$ and almost always its gone inside an hour or two, its crazy. i think those guys playing the 200 buyin tables are onto something, they dont seem that good but yet are always the ones calling me like fishes with their flush draws and crack my pocket rockets Everytime i have pocket aces someone else always has the flush or something. but if i raise preflop they just fold and i just get the blinds. so mainly i just raise the minimum to try and get them in. i play sometimes on that pokerstars website, it seems that the best way to win ont here is not to play your cards or even other players, but mor the software. i alwys know whats gonna come out next. so frustrating, just had to let it out lol. im gonna take out my last $50 i think and delete pokerstars and ladbrokes off my computer to resist the temptation! replies are golden too - mcc
  4. Pstars makes mockery of the word guaranteed.

    I think the point the OP is trying to make is that stars guarantees are too far away from the prizepools they actually get. I haven't played mtt's on there properly for a while but stuff like the 3r used to have a 35k GPP and regularly got almost 70k. That said, stars ftw :) - mcc
  5. ********Hacked please read*********

    This is going to sound pretty harsh but this is such a big reminder to everyone not to keep excessive amounts of money in your poker accounts. I mean, if you're playing 1/2 NLHE, you probably don't need to keep 32k in your account. Apologies if you feel like you do. Sorry to hear about your situation, gl with getting through this. - mcc
  6. help, top pair 18 left in the 10cubed

    I would fold. Also, lol @ those that are saying fold pre.

    Lawrence is awesome. Really nice guy aswell, no ego despite being one of the best in the world, or so i've heard.... :))
  8. Holdem Manager or Poker Tracker?

    I have both and prefer HM. Both have flaws but HM is more reliable/stable and I find it easier to use. - mcc
  9. flopped flush early in 10k on stars help me!!!!

    +1 never fold and like gags said, ul he obv had better flush :(
  10. Foxwoods

  11. Did you min raise JT w/ a 10 bb stack from UTG+1?
  12. onemoortime

    If he's not the best, then he's pretty close... ENGGGGG-GERRRRRRRR-LANDDDDDDD.... etc etc - mcc
  13. How to play this spot...

    This is the nightly 100k $150 BI on stars, would appreciate input on all streets of this hand. PokerStars Game #21658796376: Tournament #116148226, $150+$12 Hold'em No Limit - Level IX (200/400) - 2008/10/31 23:14:28 ET Table '116148226 23' 9-max Seat #7 is the button Seat 1: EyeGougerMan (8038 in chips) Seat 2: mcc3991 (5875 in chips) Seat 3: fboy17 (12283 in chips) Seat 4: parachuting (7918 in chips) Seat 5: tinkanz (3835 in chips) Seat 6: MiamiMikeS (25378 in chips) Seat 7: jrokluvx (2452 in chips) Seat 8: LZZZ (2796 in chips) Seat 9: freudionline (13529 in chips) EyeGougerMan: posts the ante 50 mcc3991: posts the ante 50 fboy17: posts the ante 50 parachuting: posts the ante 50 tinkanz: posts the ante 50 MiamiMikeS: posts the ante 50 jrokluvx: posts the ante 50 LZZZ: posts the ante 50 freudionline: posts the ante 50 LZZZ: posts small blind 200 freudionline: posts big blind 400 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to mcc3991 [9h 9s] EyeGougerMan: folds mcc3991: raises 675 to 1075 fboy17: calls 1075 parachuting: folds tinkanz: folds MiamiMikeS: folds jrokluvx: folds LZZZ: folds freudionline: calls 675 *** FLOP *** [Js 8s 2h] freudionline: checks mcc3991: ??? I have 4800 in my stack and there is 3825 in the pot. I ended up checking here, no idea whether thats most profitable and then was faced with this. *** FLOP *** [Js 8s 2h] freudionline: checks mcc3991: checks fboy17: bets 11158 and is all-in freudionline: folds mcc3991: ??? No info on fboy, except that he not very solid and I looked his stars results up when he shoved and they are not good. Not really sure how much that helps. Would appreciate any input, was def hating life during this hand... - mcc
  14. Tiffany Michelle...

  15. what do u do when....

    How about when you're 6+ tabling and bust a couple of torns in a manner that might tilt you. You know you're registered for a bunch of torns over the next few hours, do you guys ever unreg from them knowing you might be really frustrated by then or kinda hang in there for the night and play them all out....
  16. Tiffany Michelle...

    What evidence do you have to back that statement up?
  17. Tiffany Michelle...

    QFT I am seriously completely baffled as to why she thinks she is even a mediocre mtt player?? I mean.... one deep ME run... seriously?? Stuff she says like "keep doing that", its like "yeah I will thanks?" esp if you keep floating low co-ordinated boards w/ KJ high. The "nice set" comment was hilarious. Errrr I don't a set, I have J high.... - mcc
  18. Tiffany Michelle...

    Anyone that hasn't already viewed the 2+2 thread should do so. It's pretty hilarious.
  19. Tiffany Michelle...

    In general, most of my friends would say i'm a pretty soft spoken guy, but the ESPN ME broadcast reminded me that if I am ever unfortunate enough to meet Tiffany Michelle I'll tell her what an arrogant, over-hyped, classless, money grabbing piece of trash I really think she is. - mcc
  20. Full Tilt Tables Forcing to the Front?

    If you untick the "Display table on action" button in the options menu it should make it better for you.
  21. FTP seat preference

    You were never able to pick your seat on full tilt, the only thing you are able to do is always position yourself to be in the centre as your table appears to you. You can do this by clicking on the options tab and ticking the "Auto Center" line.
  22. FTP DOWN ??????????????????????????????

    Can't log on. In England fwiw.
  23. Anybody play from Dubai?

    Just got back from 3 weeks there visiting my uncle. You won't be playing online over there at all, and gl even accessing stuff like P5's, everything is completely censored over there. Like another poster said aswell, its really not even worth the risk because it does carry a penalty. Great place to live though, cheap cost of living aswell, you'll love it, I know I do. You know what part you'll be living in yet? Gl with the job anyways, sounds great, hope you don't miss poker too much :) - mcc

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