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  1. We're featuring Kevin "BeL0WaB0Ve" Saul's blog throughout this year's World Series of Poker. For full coverage of what's going on out in Vegas, visitwww.pocketfives.com/live2. The week leading up to event 25 was filled with a lot early busts and frustrations, due in part to shallow structure, a few bad beats, and of course some bad play on both my opponents' and my end. Normally this could be a confidence killer, but my confidence could not have been higher going into this event, the 2k NLHE. I'd been busting early enough to make it back to my hotel and play online
  2. We're featuring Kevin "BeL0WaB0Ve" Saul's blog throughout this year's World Series of Poker. For full coverage of what's going on out in Vegas, visit www.pocketfives.com/live2. So I got into Vegas last Monday afternoon, tired as hell from playin online all weekend and not getting a good night's sleep the night before. Once I got my luggage, I waited about 5 minutes for a cab and headed to the strip to check into my hotel. I was really lazy with my preparations this year and at the last minute booked a room online at the Tropicana. I got there and waited in a li
  3. We're featuring Kevin "BeL0WaB0Ve" Saul's blog throughout this year's World Series of Poker. For full coverage of what's going on out in Vegas, visit www.pocketfives.com/live2. It's time to play my 1st WSOP event of the year, the $1,000 NLHE with rebuys. Most would probably think that the rebuy is my favorite preliminary event of the series, but actually it is my 2nd favorite right behind the $5,000 NLHE. To say that the rebuy tournament did not go as well as I would have liked would be an understatement. I got to my table and was greeted by the man himself
  4. We're featuring Kevin "BeL0WaB0Ve" Saul's blog throughout this year's World Series of Poker. For full coverage of what's going on out in Vegas, visitwww.pocketfives.com/live2. I was excited for the 1,500 NL 6-handed event. Short-handed tournaments suit my aggressive style very well, as aggression has more of a reward in short-handed tournaments than when playing at a normal 9 or 10 handed table. Since it is a 6-handed table, a drawback is that players must accumulate chips early to survive because they will blind out waiting for a hand much more quickly than in a n
  5. Wir präsentieren Ihnen hier den Blog von Kevin Saul, alias "BeL0WaB0Ve", der Teil für Teil während der diesjährigen WSOP herausgegeben wird. Um auch wirklich alles zu erfahren, was sich in Las Vegas tut, besuchen Sie:www.poketfives.com/live2 Ich bin also letzten Montagnachmittag in Vegas angekommen, total übermüdet, da ich das ganze Wochenende über Onlinepoker gespielt hatte und die Nacht davor nicht genug geschlafen habe. Als ich dann mein Gepäck erhalten hatte, wartete ich 5 Minuten auf ein Taxi und führ dann direkt in mein Hotel am „Strip". Dieses Jahr war ich m
  6. Ya I guess your right...tho I dvr it so I can skip the BS...was looking forward to Jamie Foxx b4 he started that LOL song...skipped all of fantasia minus the last line of song where she said she been eating cornbread or something...and from the looks of it she's been eating ALOT of cornbread Ummmm ya..right...I normally love a girl in a dress but a girl with that much ass should always be wearing jeans. And yes I do feel like a dirty old man right now siiiiiigh Ya apparently it's Haley and Casey dating
  7. I caught the very end of this story on the radio today flipping stations but didn't hear names tho they were named. My sister seemed to think Haley was involved and my 1st thought was Stefano or Casey but I really have no clue. IDk about Scotty/Lauren, would make sense age wise but Scotty doesnt strike me as the type to appreciate all that thickness.
  8. In the beginning they flashed on the screen "you will never guess who's going home". I figured for sure that meant Haley or Paul and hoped it was Paul. I guess they felt Thia was a shocker? I was a lil surprised Paul wasn't sent home, but glad bc Naimi is turrible and Thia has a decent voice but bores me. I definitely think Jacob is the most talented vocally of the 9 remaining, but I hope he goes home soon bc he bores me and while I can appreciate his talent he has no shot of winning bc he is completely wrong for Idol. I'm really starting to pull for Haley, and I think she is a dark hor
  9. couldn't agree more with this...him and Thia put me to sleep, sorry not a fan of Opera or whatever. Bottom 3 imo Naimi, Stefano (both going home) and either Paul or Thia
  10. im in for 1 of each, sent 250 on stars. I think I did it right, BeL0WaB0Ve1 should be in $50 and BeL0WaB0Ve2 should be in 200 league
  11. CBS often gets jammed on Thursday like a fulltilt on a sunday mini-ftops, so I wouldn't wait to long. I'm in for at least 1, maybe 2 depending on what I find to enter grip, contact me on aim when u get a chance. BeL0W
  12. Not to hate on zackattack and his game, bc he has been a winner in HSMTTS, but kind of scary amak when reading this I felt like you were describing myself and my game.
  13. prettys tupid tbl w 18 left in the nightly hundred grand tonight...... PokerStars Game #55390066508: Tournament #401011042, $150+$12 USD Hold'em No Limit - Level XIX (2500/5000) - 2011/01/05 1:07:43 CT [2011/01/05 2:07:43 ET] Table '401011042 59' 9-max Seat #8 is the button Seat 1: Virgil Hilts (127801 in chips) Seat 2: Allingomes (154592 in chips) Seat 3: HighNetWorth (164744 in chips) Seat 4: roosterbill (281920 in chips) Seat 5: Urlastchance (87851 in chips) Seat 6: bbbbb33 (151928 in chips) Seat 7: JohnnyBax (155817 in chips) Seat 8: pokerjamers (167099 in chips
  14. It doesnt have to be a knockout, but I thought that would be a cool twist (just like ante from start is debatable) BeL0W
  15. You guys moved the 750k up an hour to 5pm, great move but now we have a little void every Sunday at 6pm. Here's my idea.... 1k knockout, 800 to prize pool, 200 for knockout 6,000 chips with antes from the start (optional) with the blind structure like the ftops 2k 2-day tourney and the blind length level like the monday 1k (12min to start escalating to 15 and eventually 20 min) 400k guarantee should be easily attainable, but I would understand a more conservative guarantee to start like 300k Let's do this!!!!!! BeL0W
  16. from the Monday 1k...didn't take to long for him to call all-in!! Seat 3: YesImaHick (28,231) Seat 4: monkeyboyTX (17,722) Seat 5: SirWatts (7,907) Seat 6: aonsa (9,531) Seat 7: Zackattak1327 (28,253) Seat 8: SCTrojans08 (23,525) Seat 9: Anna Rexic (4,345) elanor antes 50 tedsfishfry antes 50 YesImaHick antes 50 monkeyboyTX antes 50 SirWatts antes 50 aonsa antes 50 Zackattak1327 antes 50 SCTrojans08 antes 50 Anna Rexic antes 50 SCTrojans08 posts the small blind of 200 Anna Rexic posts the b
  17. I flat turn and call any bet up to a shove unless spade, Jack, or board pairing card hits BeL0W
  18. his call looks pretty easy, your hand tells zero story here BeL0W
  19. I thought the show was pretty cool, a very honest look into the life of a poker player. I couldn't tell you how many times I've felt like Nick, like I just wanted more in life, wanted complete happyness, which is still yet to be found. I've had many nights lying in bed contemplating a change, but in the end my love for the game always wins out. It was the main event, and I am pretty shocked the Rio let them film given the ESPN contract. Although I liked the episode, I don't think it represented poker very well, which is unfortunate since it represented truth. BeL0W
  20. Congrats Dwyte...super chill guy and hard worker at the game. His style maybe unorthodox but it clearly works for him. As far as being a douche at this FT, pretty sure Dwyte was (rightfully) angry and or bitter about not being selected as 1 of 2 players allowed to wear a fulltilt patch and of course get extra money. BeL0W
  21. Thanks guy....was really starting to think I was going to brick off this entire series adding heaps of makeup going into the WSOP. Hopefully this is the momentum I need to finally get that "other" bracelet I've been chasing. BeL0W
  22. lol @ Kara Scott being only #26.........

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