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  1. The unluckiest guy I know just won FTOPS #15, the biggest lucksackin needin major on the net the $216 turbo for 120k!!!! Congratz Tazmaniapwnsyou AKA Inissint!!! BeL0W
  2. Co-Sign It tilts me to have to deal with Bax's tilt... BeL0W
  3. I probably played the super tuesday 10 times in the last year, and the major reasons were bc the payouts SUCK and 3k starting chips are B.S. BeL0W
  4. prolly not true...and exactly what it is...a rumor
  5. anyone who is friends with Jon Eaton (sketchy1) on facebook go to his page and like every status update/new friendship/ wall post you can... gogogogooooooooooo
  6. Wretchy has requested TIME Wretchy: i donno if ican fold Wretchy: u have AA Wretchy: sighhhhh *** SHOW DOWN *** mordovorotishe shows [Ah Ad] a full house, Queens full of Aces Wretchy shows [Jd Qd] four of a kind, Queens Wretchy wins the pot (25,064) with four of a kind, Queens sick read tho... BeL0W
  7. would love to know what the exact trades were..I definitely like the pre-trade roster better then your current roster, especially if brees is getting 6 points per passing TD
  8. And who did she go on this trip to canada trip with?
  9. If I had to guess I would say she was breaking up with you (even before I read your lying post). I personally am a glutten for punishment even when I know the obv is coming, so I say drive the 3 hours, pick her up, let her get mad at you/fake a real fight and use the fact that you don't listen to what she wants as an excuse for breaking up with you. This is 95% what is going to happen and what she wants to happen (I'm guessing she knows you are very stubborn and will prolly drive 3 hours despite what she says). At least by Monday you can start the recovery process since you seem to care alot f
  10. This is a really dumb statement. Don't you guys realize that some players act the way they do for reasons other then they suck at life (Phil and the old matusow come to mind). Tyson does this for a reason and it works for him. I've never had problems with him but I'm like 1 of 4 people in the poker world Tyson has yet to tool out on (tho come to think of it, he may have back in the day). He's a hilarious guy if you actually learn to appreciate him for who he is. BeL0W P.S. I also like Jamers fwiw
  11. Lebron went #1 Scoring is pts, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks, FG %, FT%, and 3-pt made
  12. For the heck of it tonight I decided to join an espn league, standard? 8 category scoring with standard limeup of SG,PG,SF,PF,C,G,F, and 3 utillity then 3 on bench. I also have no idea how to manage my team so any tips would be great, it's head to head and u get 6 line-up changes per week (i think). Had the 2nd pick overall... #2 Chris Paul PG #19 Steve Nash PG #22 Chauncey Billups PG (any big here I felt would be a reach so I decided to corner the market on PG's and assists) #39 Josh Smith PF/SF #42 Caron Butler SF #59 Eric Gordon SG #62 Tyrus Thomas PF #79 Luis Sco
  13. Sheeeeeeet that was supposed to be a PM =/
  14. Thx for not calling me out in the FB thread
  15. really wondering what you guys think are my best option on turn...FYI I have just about 10k behind after his turn bet... Full Tilt Poker Game #15273773193: $200,000 Guarantee (Rebuy) (108515156), Table 41 - 80/160 - No Limit Hold'em - 17:53:08 ET - 2009/10/11 Seat 1: FU_15 (7,584) Seat 2: nicky nutjob (15,890) Seat 3: uRuGwa1 (28,651) Seat 4: Cappuccio816 (8,490) Seat 5: No_DP (9,624) Seat 6: rjinnj (8,896) Seat 7: MichaelTureniec (2,510) Seat 8: Grippolio (5,190) Seat 9: GetPWN3D (15,290) Grippolio posts the small blind of 80 GetPWN3D posts the big blind of 160 The
  16. Bryan- You have smaller buy-in tournies that are turbo paying just the final table (I know there is a 9+.90 @ 5:35 ct), what are the chances of getting a $50-$200 buy-in version of these where just the FT is paid? Turbo or regular would be fine. Thx BeL0W
  17. BeL0WaB0Ve


    How is your mother gonna feel about seeing you post on other guys' pages that u want want their penixes??
  18. def agrii on 2:03>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> overhyped girl @ 1:16
  19. Akenhead is really good at poker imo. BeL0W

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