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  1. Ya tho there was pretty much no shot of me ending up w/ the blinds twice the way it figured. I was actually crippled during the 25-50 level to this stack and time out folded every hand to try and make the add-on (felt bad for the table but in this big of a tourney I think it was what I had to do). I was fortunate to get a walk the orbit before to help me make it. I ended up running my 2,685 up to 30kish at one point only to bust 11 from the $ 88 BeL0W
  2. Full Tilt Poker Game #13878503762: FTOPS Event #4 (1r+1a) (96414929), Table 34 - 30/60 - No Limit Hold'em - 15:02:46 ET - 2009/08/07 Seat 1: Chancew (5,965) Seat 2: starwell (1,795) Seat 3: elitewrestla (4,420) Seat 4: jooph (2,362) Seat 5: GetPWN3D (175) Seat 6: mrvogt (3,425) Seat 7: KlimDA (2,885) Seat 8: iLLNuGWichee (3,478) Seat 9: PAAF2009 (6,013) starwell posts the small blind of 30 elitewrestla posts the big blind of 60 The button is in seat #1 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to GetPWN3D [Ad Ac] jooph folds GetPWN3D has 15 seconds left to act GetPWN3D has r
  3. badjojo FTW...it basically has the library of every site mentioned in this thread.
  4. Do it for the little people...pweeeeze.... Looks like hella fun
  5. The guy was a douche from hand 1....when he shoved and I looked down to KK i nearly creamed right there. I really wanted to be the guy to bust him. When the hands flipped over I just pretty much shrugged and was thankful the guy played so bad that he only had 75k and I'd still have almost 600k after losing. When the flop came down I shrugged and said to the guy next to him (as douche was crying) "I'm Kevin Saul, why wouldn't I hit a King?" ( Happened in PCA w/ like 75 people left for huge pot). After he banged out the river and went nutts I just sat silently and paid him. He was obv trying to
  6. So mad i missed u in vegas...sigh...228k going into day 3 one (more) time!!!!
  7. its actually EPT but was airing on GSN recently
  8. To find the current torrents of the 2009 PCA episodes that have been on GSN the last few weeks? Been in vegas and dont have GSN on our cable and kinda bored right now...
  9. I'd say a good 45 min for the 1st showings...until word got out
  10. TY guys very much, sorry been out all day having a great time with my family and friends before I head to Vegas Thursday. Was one of my favorite birthdays ever even though it rained on our BBQ =/
  11. tyty ditka...i obv misheard on radio that it was cena talkin shit (which obv didnt make sense bc i think cena is one of the good guys). Soriano doesn't so much look like hes gonna cry, but more so just looks like he dont understand wtf hes saying.
  12. Ya they werent actually gonna wrestle, Cena was just talking mad shit about the cubs being losers and what not. I found the whole idea of it pretty funny considering Soriano doesn't exactly speak/understand english that well and would love to see the clip. War- I will get you laid in vegas, whats your trip date this year?
  13. So I was driving in my car today listening to a chicago sports radio show and they had some clip where Cena was apparently talking shit to Soriano on a recent episode of the WWE that was here in Chicago. I'm not sure if it was MNR or FS but it sounded really funny. Any1 see this? Anyone know if its on youtube? I tried searching youtube but couldn't find it, but I admit I'm not the greatest searcher lol. Any help would be appreciated =)
  14. for the record, me wearing a costume or watching tv is NOT a favoir to her.. I owe her a favor, I don't have to do any one thing that she asks. wearing a costume @ wsop is NOT a favor to her

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