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  1. were friends, so speakin for her i believe the goal is to more her benefit then me be humiliated...but she can clarify if necc
  2. like she cant be like...ok u lost, give me a thousand bux. she could how ever make the favor me takin her to dinner and paying.
  3. whats a sadist??? I'm too lazy to look it up
  4. Wretchy choppin the 100 rebuy again for those of you who would like to sweat the action. BeL0W
  5. We have our reasons and they don't need to be aired in a public forum. I just wanted to make sure he knew I wasn't taking a jab at him. BeL0W
  6. I left FullTilt to persue an opportunity to be a pro at Absolute Poker. I was not booted. -Matt Why the heck would you do this?? And did you fire the person who advised you to take this step?? BeL0W Note: We hate each other and that will probably never change but this question is 100% sincere
  7. It's the 1st event of the series...how do they expect to have any satties at all?? BeL0W
  8. Just called out Craig Sager's "bozo the clown lookin suit" during his 3rd quarter intermission interview....awesome
  9. It's true kind of...I wouldn't really call Brandon Cantu an internet player but deeb was the gift to Cantu's GF who is trying to learn tournies online. BeL0W
  10. i assume u mean 25 bbs not 2.5 bbs... I muck and take a 17 bb stack into next level BeL0W
  11. MCMATTO got OWNED in the deal chat by Zach and Jamers... BeL0W Edit: at least he knows it MCMATTO: lol at the forums right now MCMATTO: i agree
  12. All high NLH events should be 2 days...prolly the M NLH too High buy-ins were way to high... I understand and like the concept they went with, but there was no need to do 10x and 10x the buyins. nothing wrong with the H buyin being 5x the M buyin. so like for the 6m the buyins should/could be 50+5, 500+30, 2500+150 or whatever. Also for the main I think L of 100 or 200 is fine, mid shoulda been 2k and H 10k. The HU today only started 100 bbs deep? Structure would have been perfect if the blinds started at 15-30. Not enough 200-500 f/o satties to the high buyin tournies. BeL0W
  13. GL Josh!!! Also GL DrunkPPlaya whose going into tomorrow 4th in chips...Anthony Gargano. BeL0W
  14. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Congrats bro!! BeL0W
  15. TY all for the sweat...was SOOOOOOOOOOO card dead at the final table. This was the only hand I really regret..should prolly have jammed the turn, but this guy seemed like he might be a donk and be willin to call with a flush draw w/ 1 to come. And im pretty sure Scotty knows about the time bank issues...really fkd with the tourney imo. BeL0W
  16. GO DRINK BLEACH YOU PEICE OF FKING SH1T Not mad at moorman for this hand at all...image is everything and I live/die with my image...shrug BeL0W
  17. The fact that he will be playing tomorrow night like none of this ever happened is why he is a true inspiration. Sigh @ the good guys gettin shat on for like 70k+ eq in the mil or whatever it was. BeL0W
  18. Slugger I really think she would prefer some pics of womenz for her bday...please take care of this! Happy Birthday Woman!
  19. That's every saturday...tho I think they may have raised the guarantee from 100k previously BeL0W
  20. Do you cover in 1st hand?? Definitely the tougher spot of the 2 hands, not sure what I would do. Hand 2 I shove, like your c/c on flop and on turn blank I'm going with my set, even if it's bottom set on coordinated board. If I'm coolered g*d bless him. I might be wrong but if you are folding this 2nd hand in fear of being coolered perhaps you are under rolled for the game and shouldn't be playing? And as I've told you in the past Clay, when you want good feedback don't let people know what you did before you get some feedback. BeL0W
  21. I personally love the jam, but I would have taken an extra 4 seconds before doing so in order for the river to come up the 3 of diamonds. BeL0W
  22. Seat 1: LivesWithMommy (5,295)- you in c/o Seat 2: YoungSupremacy (11,654)- TIGHT Seat 3: Nordberg (7,104)- not exactly sure Seat 4: BUBBLESftt (11,330)-TIGHT Given the layout of table, I really dont hate raise/folding to Supremacy or bubbles since I know both players to be pretty tight, I'd probably lean to raise/call vs nordberg. Of course with my image I unfortunately have to raise/call all 3 of them bc I'll get played back at alot lighter. BeL0W

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