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  1. I'm interested...but i'm sure Waco will get the spot over me =(
  2. go go gooooooooooooooooooooooo!! shortstack FTW
  3. I heard Charder30 is busto EPT Dortmund =( BeL0W
  4. you are 20 and you live where the strip clubs SUCK... you can't drink, or touch the girls?!!? loooooolllzzz only went to a strip club in LA once... it was fkn lame but the girl I got a private dance from gave me her number, and I banged her out a few times at her place in W hollywood after a morning party at Avalon... and a few times in Vegas... she used to date Steve-O lolz, so obv wrapped it up err time wait til ur 21 and have money to burn in Vegas... then you go the back room and it's gg Was that like 3 years ago when you actually would go out when invited instead of staying i
  5. Feels SOOOOOOOOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD =) Especially since I called this win 5 hrs ago... Kevin is going to win the stars 2nd chance today... 1/249 ATM. 8:18pm (facebook status obv) TY all for the rail...maybe I ship the 200r now? These are my worst 2 tournies on stars. BeL0W
  6. Oh I'm winning this thing.... Inspite of your jinx post ;) BeL0W
  7. Kachuka- what you say to someone after they cough. An ex and I created it back in high school bc we thought it was weird that people say g*d bless you after you sneeze but when you cough they say nothing and just let you cough.
  8. Goooooo Tracey and ROOOOOOOOOOOOK!!!!! GLGL BeL0W
  9. Ya..player 1 only has $100, so the pot would only be like $230. Player 1 is also in the 9 seat, right next to the dealer and the muck. It's also safe to say he doesn't speak the greatest english. BeL0W
  10. OK, this is from a 1-2NL live home game, the players' buy-ins range from $100-$1,000 depending on the player, and it is played with an option mississippi straddle, the button gets the 1st option, then c/o, etc etc, and when the straddle is out the action starts to its left, so when the button straddles the SB is 1st to act to start the hand. 3 players involved in hand, a little background on them. Player 1: Small blind, older philipino man who everyone in the game calls "Dad". Really bad, always buys in for the minimum $100, and will often call off 25-50% of his stack pre-flop despite od
  11. cosign anything moorman wants. BeL0W
  12. I did it to give you all something to talk about. Your welcome. I'm obv so balla that i piss on 10k let alone like 50k in eq in the biggest best structured WPT tourney of the year. BeL0W
  13. Right now I think it has to be peachymer BeL0W
  14. I think u took that the wrong way Andy..Thayer was just presenting proof to everyone that u had 500 chips left with that HH. He's up to 30k now....sickkkkkkkkkk BeL0W
  15. They never have this the day before the FTOPS Main, instead they choose to run a super payin roughly 1/5. BeL0W
  16. With all the $$ you got you should look for a more understanding girlfriend IMO. ;) BeL0W
  17. BeL0WaB0Ve

    LOL FTOPS 19

    Just was talking to JCarver about this...SO RETARDED!! BeL0W
  18. Get better soon bro...look forward to seeing you back @ the tables in no time. My prayers go out to you. BeL0W
  19. Talk about 2 major disapointments :( Thx for the rails all BeL0W

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